Sunday, February 25, 2007

Helen Brenna GuestBlog: Matchmaker For A Day

Contest!!! One LCB wins a copy of "Treasure," courtesy of Helen!
Helen Brenna saved me from near ruin (in the form of a mojito) at last year's RWA national conference. I'll always be grateful for that, and for the fact that she sent me an advance of her Feb H'Quin Superromance, "Treasure," this week's Feature at RBtheBook. Please join Helen in a GuestBlog fitting for the morning after -- the Oscars, that is. Buongiorno, Bellas, buongiorno, Helen...

We all know there are many heartfelt and important factors that go into making a relationship work. Common values and interests, sexual spark, the ability to communicate, along with so many other things. Friends, lovers, soulmates, you know the drill. All that aside, have you ever noticed how couples sometimes look alike?

Gee, I’m not shallow at all. LOL!

Honestly, though, when I was a kid I used to believe that not only did fate and destiny play a huge role in getting two people together, but somehow if you looked alike, you belonged with each other. I’m guessing on a subconscious level that’s part of what’s going on with the whole love at first sight blast. We recognize something in that other person that reminds us of ourselves.

If you’re skeptical, think of the opposite then, the biggest mismatches of faces ever made. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, for example. She was way too classy for him. Uma Thurman and Gary Oldman, what’s up with that? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Any guesses as to whether that one’s gonna last?

So let’s take it one step further.

I know we’d ideally like to keep our favorite eligible bachelors all to ourselves, but, for the heck of it, let’s play matchmaker today and come up with mates for some of these guys. We can’t do much worse than most celebrities manage to do on their own.

What do you think of Orlando Bloom and …

Jessica Biel or

Blake Lively

How ‘bout Matthew McConaughey and …

Scarlet Johansson or …

Heidi Klum


an interesting one. Colin Farrell and …

Penelope Cruz or …

Elisha Cuthbert

Who fits with Jake Gyllenhaal …


McAdams or …

Anne Hathaway

I’d take George Clooney all for myself, but if I had to sh

are him …

Kate Beckinsale or …


Which one of the two ladies offered as options would you pick for each guy?
Or do you have better ideas?
I’d love to hear them!

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Encore! OK. I know the stars aren't quite matched up with their names, but at least I got them all in the blog.
Encore due! Love on the High Seas Tuesday, as "My Wicked Pirate," by Rona Sharon is new Feature.


tetewa said...

These are my picks: Orlando Bloom and Jessica Biel Matthew McConaughey and Scarlet Johansson Colin Farrell and Elisha Cuthbert Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathaway George Clooney and Kate Beckinsale. One couple that was married that was complete opposites was Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett, I knew that marriage wouldn't last.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Welcome, Helen! I just loved 'Treasure,' and wish I'd have hung around the docks trying to meet hot treasure hunters when I was younger. Ok, Bellas, no comments from you about whether I hung around the docks anyway.

So, I'm not much help today, cause I don't recognize most of these folks, though I do love the gowns. Ah, to be able to wear the punging neckline. I do have to say, that Orlando's choices do look kinda natural and sweet, though. Didn't one used to date Andy Roddick?

So, I'm looking forward to reading your choices today, and to chatting with Helen, who's a total hot ticket, pretty, and has, frankly, a great pair of gams.

Glad you're here, Helen!

Kati said...

Hi Helen! Welcome to RBtB! I love this topic.

I have to say, that I'm a fan of Brad and Angelina. Recently I watched Angelina on "Inside the Actors Studio" and found myself really liking her. She definitely comes from a troubled space, but she came off as very genuine and honest. I admire her drive to leave the world a better place than the one she came into. I respect that very much.

Michelle - Thanks for the plug for my guest blog at Stacy's Spot. Hope everyone comes by for a visit. Although, nothing I say is going to come as a shock to the Bellas!

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Helen!!

Is this anything like a person's dog which begins to look like their owner? :o)

I liked George with Kate and Anne with Jake but Orlando is mine... :o)

Playground Monitor said...

And Matthew is mine! All mine. Mine, mine, mine.

I, too, don't really know these actresses (I'm guessing they're all actresses) so it's hard for me to say. But what about George Clooney and Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives? Didn't he look handsome at the Academy Awards last night?


Helen Brenna said...

Morning Bellas!

Michelle, You know the guys in this post, right? What else matter? LOL! I *think* Jessica Biel may have dated Andy Roddick, but I'm not sure. And thanks so much for inviting me. You guys are a great!

Teresa, yes!! Julia and Lyle, that's a good one!

MaryKate, I hear you about Angelina. She's amazing from a humanitarian standpoint.

Julie, yes this is exactly like the dog thing, and I had a feeling this post my stir the pot of possessiveness.

Helen Brenna said...

Marilyn, when doesn't George look handsome! I know it's silly, but I tried to come up with single women. Teri Hatcher's married, isn't she?

amy kennedy said...

Helen, this is so weird...we were just looking at a book at the library about couples who look alike and how they make the best pairs.

They had them in separate groups, couples who could be the other one's half--and couples whose looks complemented each other, etc.--and the book was called Love At First Sight.

It was written awhile ago and they actually used Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston--who(m), except for the nose, look like brother and sister--maybe that was the problem.

Well, I do go on...

Cool subject, and your book sounds marvy.

amy kennedy said...

Oh, and I believe I look the most like George Clooney...d'oh, except I'm married.


Playground Monitor said...

Teri Hatcher's married, isn't she? Nope. She's single. Divorced, actually, with a young daughter. Eight years old I believe.

And yeah... when doesn't George look handsome. I told the DH last night that he could be the Cary Grant of this generation. George, that is. Not the DH. *g*


Helen Brenna said...

Amy, that is weird. And here I thought I made all this up!

I always thought Brad and Jenn would be together forever. Maybe divorce was a mistake and there's some cosmic mix-up, a tear in the time space continuum.

Hmm, Teri is divorced. Shoulda had her up there.

amy kennedy said...

But you did, Helen--if you thought of it, you did.

It's one of those things, I constantly think I've invented some new thing or come up with a premise that's never been thought of before and then, bam, I see eight other books etc. with the same thing.

Synchronicity. Love that word.

The Brad and Jen thing, maybe they were suppose to be related and not married.

amy kennedy said...

And Marylin, George is definately the Cary Grant of our time--but he's more than that--he's the George Clooney of our time.

And he's mine--I mean, he's so talented.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You know, normally I'd be all, "can't you feel the love on this blog," an all. But today, it's more like, "sheesh, can't you feel the George Clooney glomming goin on?" Not pretty, Bellas. Not pretty. :)

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

I would love to see Colin Farrell with someone really refined like Anna Hathaway or Scarlett Johannson. I would love to see a mixed race romance like Halle Berry with the younger Jake Gyllenhal

Helen Brenna said...

Amy, on the Brad and Jenn being related, sorry, but ... ew!

My bad, Michelle, I'm a George nut.

Scarlett Johansson could give Colin Farrell a run for his money, Maria. I thought about Halle for a couple of these guys, but she's married. Isn't she? I'm second guessing myself here.

Maureen said...

I loved your post. It's definitely true that some couples end up looking alike. My picks would be Orlando Bloom and Jessica Biel, Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Penelope Cruz and George Clooney and Katie Couric.

Julie in Ohio said...

Helen- Even if she's married today, she'll be divorced tomorrow, so that should make her fair game. :p

I really do wonder why celebs get married in the first place. Their staying together power isn't very strong. The exception would be Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

I like Maureen's choice of Matthew and Jennifer, they'd be cute

katie said...

George is mine! LOL. I am married. Did you see him on the Oprah special? He and Julia were so cute. I think he is a perpetual bachelor.

Halle is dating a male bimbo (er model) right now. I think he is younger than her.

Anonymous said...

Put George Clooney with Rachel McAdams, unusually sweet, dontcha think?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Penelpe and Matthew back on, they were good together And what about Britney and Jake, he'd sort her out

Helen Brenna said...

I was going to use some examples of couples that have been together forever to prove my point, but there aren't any! I had this beautiful picture of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, but they don't look alike at all. LOL Shoots my hypothesis to h*&@.

George and Rachel, cute. Look at those high cheeks and great smiles.

catslady said...

If we're just going by looks anyone of them could match up - they're all gorgeous. Now whether they'd get along is another matter lol.

kerri1973 said...

Ugg! I just typed a whole blog entry and it didn't go through. One of those days folks! Basically just saying to Helen that I had a blast reading your blog topic today. I've often sat around and looked at these celebrity guys with celebrity girls and wondered, "what were they thinking?" LOL If only the guys would take our advice!

Rach said...

George. The man only improves with age. Definitely the Cary Grant, Marilyn.

Helen, interesting topic! My theory has always been equally attractive couples make it work, but ones that are unequals (BIG time example, Lyle and Julia) attractively speaking don't make it. What do you think? Can any of you Bellas come up with other famous couples that didn't make it based on that theory?

Playground Monitor said...

You have to go way back to find long marriages in Hollywood -- Frankie Avalon and his wife Kay; Kirk and Anne Douglas; Dame Judi Dench and her husband Michael (and they didn't marry until they were nearly 40) They were married 30 years when he died in 2001; Michael J. Fox and his wife have been married almost 20 years, which is long -- especially when you factor in the 55 hour marriages like Brit's first *g*; Tom and Rita Hanks about 20 years.

If anyone remembers Mike Douglas who had the afternoon variety show -- he and his wife were married 62 years when he died last year.

Walter Cronkite's wife died a few years ago just a few weeks shy of their 65th anniversary.

Trivia over *g*


Julie in Ohio said...

WOO HOO! Thanks, Marilyn. I knew there had to be some that make it but Paul and Joanne were to only ones I could come up with.
Maybe there's hope for Hollywood yet...

principessa said...

Looks don't last forever and most of these actors are not in for the long haul. They are too superficial and self indulgent.

Stacy~ said...

Okay I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that George is just "okay". I guess I want him to be man enough to fall in love instead of play the perpetual bachelor. So until he does, he's "eh" to me.

And I'm in the Brad/Jen camp, though Angelina is my forbidden girl crush LOL. If I swung that way, she would be, that is. Instead I just think "wow I wish I looked that hot". And I love her humanitarian efforts if not her relationship tactics.

Maria, I love the idea of seeing Colin with someone like Anne - the rake with the proper lady. Very swoon-worthy.

Marilyn, I love your examples. Thanx for sharing :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Rachd! :) Your theory kinda shoots the whole "Beauty and the Beast" thing to heck, doesn't it? :) Glad you dropped by.

Marilyn! Mike Douglas. You slay me. I loved his show. I'm not sure those marriages didn't have problems, the individuals involved just had the fortitude to work through the rough stuff.

Dave waxes BS -- gets really crazed -- when he hears some star/let go on about their newest romance. He says they act like they invented love. I think that gets kinda sickening too. I mean, remember when Angelina was wearing Billy Bob's blood in an ampule around her neck?

Dave also thinks the reason stars don't stay married is they can afford not to.

Can I also say, that, like Jules, i'm not a huge George fan? I know, I know. I do have this feeling that if I met him I'd be totally star-blinded by his male beauty and never be sane again.

But, I do like the Colin Farrel with the sweet girl pairing. Shawkah, I know.

Mona said...

Hi Helen,

Just like Michelle, don't know all the ladies but I like their gowns. About the looking alike and the matching matter. Last week I was with a friend at a photographer's studio and while waiting, there were these photos of newly-wedded couples all over the place. I've always thought when looking at these kind of photos that the bride is bad or the groom is. But it just hit me suddenly this time that it's none of them. They just don't look good together. That’ all, they don't match. And when that happen you sometimes think one of them is bad looking.

Helen Brenna said...

Sorry, I was out with my critique partners getting raked over the coals on my newest book. They'll whip me into shape!

This is exactly what I'm talking about, Mona. And principessa, totally agree with you too.

You guys have been great today. Michelle, thanks so much for having me!

Night, night!

ev said...

I missed out on all the fun today. poops. Maybe tomorrow. sigh.

My pick- George Clooney and me!!

Janice Lynn said...

Ya know, I think that Matthew McConaughey fellow looks better with that romance author Janice Lynn. Yes, now that I've mentioned it I know you're wondering how you could possibly have missed that one, but I luv ya anyway. ;)