Thursday, January 11, 2007

We're Goin To Graceland

Look. Even Elvis had some issues with middle age. But that's not gonna stop the King from officiating

Dave's and my Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony with Elvis
Next Friday, Jan 19 during

Viva BlogVegas!
Jan 16-19

That's right, Bellas. Live from the Las Vegas' famous Graceland Chapel, you'll be able to see Dave and I renew our wedding vows, and hear the King sing some of his greatest hits.

Now, don't think we don't take seriously this idea of renewing our vows. I mean, we've been married 15 years. And it ain't been all happy, happy, joyjoyjoy. But we've laughed through most of it, and I thought this would be a great way to celebrate those 15 years and step off toward many more.

Of course, we'll be stepping off into what will soon be for me the "menopause" years, which many of you were talking about yesterday.

And I started to think that many women get bitch-slapped by the MP, because the years leading up to it can feel so good. So today I thought you who are going through it, and you vets out there, might want to share:
What's it like? What's good about it?
Do you have any funny stories to tell?
Can you think of any romances with menopausal or post-menopausal heroines?
Robin Schone's newest, "Scandalous Lovers" has a PMP heroine.
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Kati said...

Oh Michelle - What a terrific idea! I had no idea that was why you were off to Vegas. Where are you guys staying? I always stay at Caesar's. I love that you guys are taking some time for yourselves and really celebrating 15 years, that's awesome.

I'm thinking that LaVyrle Spencer wrote a romance about a woman who thought she as in menopause and then had a relationship with a high school flame and got pregnant inadvertantly. I want to say it was called Hummingbird?! Does anyone remember that one?

Well, I'm still a few years off from menopause but I remember my dad telling this story about waking up one night and about jumping out of his skin because my mom had leapt out of bed and pulled her nightgown up over her head (not off -- just kind of arms spread, holding up her nightgown) and was standing there naked, suffering through a hot flash. LOL! He said he let out a "manfull" little yelp.

amy kennedy said...

I love it! If you're gonna renew your vows, why not do it with Elvis?

Marykate, LOL! Especially the "manfull" yelp.

I haven't started on menopause yet--but evrytime I see my family doc or my gyno--they always say, "Are you on hormones yet?" "NO." I scream back. I guess I'm now 'of an age'--but I still have my period evry 28 days for cryin' out loud. Every tooowenty eight days...

I like Marilyn's idea for the metabolism thing (that I do have) doing the cha-cha by herself to the Pussycat dolls. That would make a good video as well.

Kati said...

Bellas - Totally OT, but did we all see that the US is getting HAWTER?! Yes, it's true, Becks (David Beckham) is moving here. BIG. SWOONY. SIGH.

He's totally metrosexual and a little diiiirty, but still YUMMY!

I'm about to become a big ole soccer fan!

Unknown said...

Major congrats on the vow renewal! That's just good fun. As more the MP, I'm not yet of the age, but my mom swears it was the best thing that ever happened to her!

Wolfy said...

Congratulations, on renewing your vows. It should be great fun.

Weighing in on the MP I was like amy*skf my cycle was 28 days so regular you could count it on the calendar. Then it missed a couple of months, came back just a little, missed a couple more, came back with what I would say was a last big showing and disappeared altogether. I didn't have any hormones, supplements or anything - nothing - a few hot flashes, but I was one of the lucky ones who breezed through this with no hardships......So there is hope out there for you. And I lost some weight to boot, so I can't complain about MP...

Playground Monitor said...

Since I had a hysterectomy at age 35 for medical reasons, I didn't even get to enjoy menopause as the end of worrying aout getting pregnant. Overall it was pretty easy. I do take hormones and start a new plant-based one tomorrow. Because of my particular health circumstances and family history, hormone replacement therapy was a good option for me. I'll be on it two more years and then stop. The doc and I discussed all this back in October at my physcial.

Don't have any funny stories. Of course, I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday either so...

When my mom went through the change, I was off at college but my sister swore she had to keep several blankets on the bed that summer cause Mom was freezing her out of the house.

I used to laugh at women who said "Is it hot in here or is it just me?" but then came the day I uttered those words myself.

Have oodles o' fun in Vegas and have a great time with Elvis! What a cool idea! Our 35th anniversary is next year and we're thinking about delaying any big celebration from May until July cause RWA will be in San Francisco that year and I've never been. I'm hoping the DH will take a week off after conference and we can have us a nice anniversary trip.


LizbethSelvig said...

Wow, it's always amazing how this blogsite meets ALL our emotional needs!! Menopause - the subject that used to be so taboo. Now we can talk about hot flashes like badges of honor - ain't it grand?

My doc told me the medical community now knows "The Vapors" were hot flashes. Sheesh, what our sisters went through.

Cryna - you LOST weight? What gene pool do you swim in? Does it have open swim hours?

Marykate - Hummingbird wasn't the book - it was either Family Blessings or "the one about the woman who married her dead son's friend" I'm totally embarrassed not to remember the title because LaVyrle was my writer-heroine.

Anyhoo, I now wear my own PM badge fairly proudly (if a little whining-ly). I had six months of every other Peri-menopause symptom in the world: memory fuzziness, irritability, changing periods, irritability, weight gain, irritability, bloating, irritability ... and I was pretty sanctimonious that I never had a hot flash. HAH. Now they're here and I'm lucky only because they literally only last a minute or so. I actually laugh when I get one - they feel ha-ha funny.

I think this is all proof positive that the feminists were wrong - God is NOT a woman. She would never do something like this to her beloved female creatures.


LizbethSelvig said...

Yikes - Michelle. I forgot to say how great an idea it is to renew your vows with Elvis. Have a ball!!

catslady said...

The renewals sound like fun!!

After a few years of my body not knowing if it was coming or going all is well now with just occasional flashes and I do not miss the horrible migraines and severe cramping and love that I can wear white whenever I want and never have to always think about being prepared lol.

Anonymous said...

I don't have hot flashes. I just have brief vacations in the tropics!

Kati said...

Thanks Lizees, it's Bittersweet.

Love that one!

ev said...

I wrote this as the very last comment on yesterdays blog. It still stands.

I hate this MEN-o-pause thing. Leave it to them to name it. Does it mean we are supposed to take a pause from men???? My poor hubby had to deal with it with his late wife and now me. He is so good about it too. Especially with having the window open (my side of the bed) in the middle of winter. He just turns his side of the electric blanket up. Is it safe to use and electric blanket while having hot flashes and mad sweats? Should I worry about electrocuting one of us??? LOL And now my period has decided it is time to do the "wonder when the heck it will show up" game.

I need to go shoe shopping.

ev said...

As for books there are at least 2 series out there, one by Haywood Smith and of course the Red hat Society stuff. I love Haywoods books. Very funny and god can I understand it more now than ever.

My best friend is 5 years older than I and because of health problems has already hit it and gone past the barrier. I make her keep tampons at her place for me, cause sure as s&it if i am visiting, I get a "visitor". damn thing used to be regular too- now it's every 3 weeks.

I can't drink alcohol anymore without having a frickin hot flash. Chocolate sticks to my hips and multiplies. And we won't get into being irritable. I have written the book on it. And being half Sicilian it makes it even worse. I think. Well, there's the memory loss part of it. Some of it I am just as glad to forget too.

Thank god it's not men, they couldn't handle this.

LizbethSelvig said...

You guys are fabulous - hilarious and make me feel so much better.

Ah Marykate - Bittersweet. That's the book.

Ev - chocolate and hips; man, that's the most depressing part. And as for irritability - can I have a footnote in your book?

Seriously, anyone else really trying (seriously trying) to keep the weight off and it's like your body cells are possessed? I work out my 5-6 times a week and I truly don't super overeat. I should be easily maintaining but nope. And I swear when I've outgrown my (two sizes bigger than six months ago) baggie pants you'll hear the wail from here.

On the other hand - a very wise BF of mine said - I hate menopause but I wouldn't trade the wisdom for anything.

Here here. What's a female lama (the dali kind) called?

Stacy~ said...

Hi kids, I've missed you guys! This is just a drive-by to say "hey" and Michelle, how cool you're doing the re-newing of your vows with the King.

Hope everyone is doing great. Oh, btw, Josh Bernstein is my new love. Nathan will always have a special place in my, uh, heart, but Josh, WOW. I will be posting more on his booksigning within the next week, after I kick my computer to the curb.

Bye Bellas!

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker on this site and so enjoy reading everyone's comments. On the MP subject though, I just had to share. Hysterectomy induced MP for me -- and with the hormone scare a few years ago my doc yanked them from me. Hot flashes, OMG!!! As a result, my house stays at a cool 65 degrees pretty much all year round. I hadn't noticed that this was bothering anyone until my daughter came to me one day, wrapped in a blanket and said: "Please,oh great menopausal one, could we have some heat!!" Needless to say, it has become the family joke - I still haven't turned up the heat, however. hehe

ev said...

Dear lurker- we keep the heat up because ever since hubby had a heart attack he is very, very cold. So I spend the winter in shorts and t-shirts. I drive the neighbors nuts since I go out barefoot in the snow to get the mail. The old men in the nursing home across the street just don't get it. No hormones for me although i was back on the pill for a bit to see if it worked. Couldn't remember to take the dang things.

Lizees- Just let me know what you want that foot note to read!!!

HI STACY!!!! whoosh....

Melissa McClone said...

Renewing your vows in Las Vegas will be so much fun! I hope you and your hubby have a great time!

No idea about menopause yet. I thought I was starting perimenopause early a few years ago and turned out I was pregnant!

amy kennedy said...

I love this. Lainie--vaca in the tropics? Now that's the way to think of it. And Anon, a nice constant 65 degrees sounds perfect.

Ev you're probably the gentlemen's day brightener.

Hi Stacy! Who's Josh?

Lizee, I used to not do anything AND eat everything and look great. Now I have to shake it up--treadmill, pilates, yoga, weights--all different things, I'm hoping to confuse my body into staying in shape.

Anonymous said...

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