Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Viva BlogVegas: O, What Big Hands You Have

Erin McCarthy GuestBlogs Tomorrow, Jan 18!

Erin's new series of vamp comedies is set in Sin City, and Erin -- who just turned in Monday the manny for her next installment -- will be here to tell us more.

I'm off this morning to find some fun stuff to report back on, but tonight it's the Bellagio and "O," the Cirque du Soleil water, dance, performance art show.

More G-eye Candy for you, Bellas, as we continue with our salute to Josh Duhamel. Someone said yesterday that he was on daytime TV, right? Which got me thinking about bubble gum crushes.

Especially cause Justin Timberlake plays here along with Pink Friday night. I'd love to see the show, but I don't think Dave has much interest. He doesn't know that JTs got one of the best R/B voices going, even if he did belong to that boy band back in the day.

Did you crush on Justin?
Who was your Boy Band or Pretty Boy Celeb crush?

Davy Jones? Leif Garett? Benjamin McKenzie?

Canta, Bellas!

Encore! If you haven't searched for them yet, you should look for more photos of Duhamel. He really has the most marvelous hands and forearms.


Kati said...

Mornin' Michelle - Hope you're enjoying your stay in Sin City!

I loved Josh Duhamel in "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton", although Topher Grace does it WAY more for me than Josh. But Josh is certainly easy on the eyes!

Oh, Boy Band crushes? You betcha. I was absolutely, positively going to marry John Taylor from Duran Duran from the time I was 12 until 14. I loved them so much (and still listen to them, Decade is in my car CD player right now). I saw them in concert twice as a kid, and recently went to see them again FWIW, they do a terrific live show.

These days, I look at most of the kids singing and think that they're pretty, but I contain most of my impure thoughts to TV and movie stars.

I am addicted to Justin's Future Love/Sex Sounds. Such an awesome album! He's really come into his own. He's very good at collaborating with the best out there and does a great urban sound for a scrawny white kid! He cleans up really well too. But he's not really my type. I like 'em bigger and burlier. But he could date one of my college aged nieces, that would be OK. LOL!

Melissa McClone said...

In chronological order, my crushes (at least those that I remember): Donny Osmond, Tony DiFranco, Mark Hamill, Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb, Rex Smith, John Taylor, Brad Pitt, Hayden Christensen.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Gosh, Melissa! So many of those names bring back so many Tiger Beat memories! Tony DiFranco! OMG.

Hmmm, yes, I seem to remember your betrothal to John Taylor, MK...

How bout the Duke boys, Bellas? Gopher from Love Boat? Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies? Joey from Blosssom?

Kati said...

Well, I had a thing for Danny Zuko from Grease. I thought he was dreamy. I distinctly remember standing on our fireplace hearth singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You" into a hairbrush. LOL!

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, MK! Hairbrush microphones were the thing in my house, too. Although, I had a thing for Captain Von Trapp. What can I say? I like my men older... :o)

My heart originally belonged to the Duke boys. I was the only girl in my kindergarten class that carried them to school every day. That lunch box was my prized treasure. Once they were cancelled I switched to Michael J Fox and Kirk Cameron. New Kids on the Block came into play around the same time. I would have married any one of them. I didn't care that I was only 14 at the time. :o)

Michelle-- Sounds like you are having a great time. I would go and see JT and Pink, too. That would be a great concert. :o)

Jennifer Y. said...

As a kid I had crushes on: Christian Bale (from the movies Newsies and Little Women...still good looking to me and crush-worthy),
Leonardo Dicaprio (when he was on Growing Pains...not so much anymore),
The New Kids on the Block (atill have their lunchbox in the I look at them and think, "Huh? What was I on?"),
Justin Whalin (from Child's Play clue where he is now)
Kirk Cameron (from Growing Pains..still nice-looking)

Vivi Anna said...

Hmm, crushes....let's see yup JT from Duran Duran was a big one for me. Billy Idol was my longest crush. From ages 11-16. Saw him in concert and he so rocked. I slept on the sidewalk during a snowstorm to get tickets on the floor to see him. It was well worth it. Anyway, I made a bonfire out of my stuff in my huge bag I used to carry, so me and my friends stayed warm! LOL

I didn't watch a lot of TV then. I was way into music.

My TV crushes now are Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica, William Petersen, and George Eads from CSI.

Monica Burns said...

Crushes...well I didn't really get one until way late in the game. I was just convinced Harrison Ford was meant for me. I always seemed to have crushes on movie stars that were long dead. Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and a couple of others who died either before I was born or shortly after. I think it was the characters they played that I really fell in love with though. Although I understand Flynn was one hot bad boy. I would have fallen hard for the man. Gives new meaning to the phrase "in like Flynn." *grin*

Tiger Beat, Michelle?? LOL That's a rag of memories.

No crush on Justin though, but I loved N'Sync and 98 Degrees. The music is what I loved. Now if you want a hottie, you might want to check out the Canadian band Tea Party. The lead singer is one of those dark, tortured looking souls. Sorta has that look in the eyes like James Dean had.

I'm still a Sawyer fan when it comes to bad boys, but I'm fast becoming a Danny fan on Without a Trace, he's got that hot Latino passion running beneath that sexy smile of his. Ooohhh baby!

Playground Monitor said...

Guess I shouldn't mention that Elvis hit the scene when I was a kid. Never was a big Elvis fan though. Guess my first pretty boy crush was David McCallum on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Loved that Russian spy thing he had going.

Hairbrush microphones! Oh gosh, I'd forgotten about those. And how about taking a half-slip and putting it on your head so you had "long" hair?

Boy bands? Nope, cause I was busy at the time raising my own little band of hellions. *g*


Kati said...

And how about taking a half-slip and putting it on your head so you had "long" hair?

I had a brown turtleneck that I used, Marilyn! LOL! My cousin Rhyssa and I used to run around with them on! Ah, good times.

Melissa McClone said...

Yep, Tiger Beat, Michelle. I lived for that mag. I'd tear out the pictures and put them on my walls. I'm sure crushing is a lot different now with the Internet. Then we had to wait for the magazines to come out and get news on our latest luv.

So you've heard of Tony DiFranco! I think they were one of those one hit wonder family bands, but I thought he was so cute in his blue leisure suit doing that pop up dance step.

Monica Burns said...

Marilyn, I was in love with Robert Vaughan, still am, the man's voice does it for me. Ok, so call me weird. LOL

Monica <---whose toes curl when she hears James Earl Jones' voice!

catslady said...

JT is my daughter's favorite. She's been to one or two of his concerts and has tickets in March for his newest. I'm afraid I go back as far as Elvis and even got to see him but I saw the "old" Elvis.

Julie in Ohio said...

I forgot to mention that I love Erin McCarthy. Her books are sexy funny, which, IMHO, is a winning combo... :O)

ev said...

I just did a whole thing and when it went to transmit it was lost, so if it shows up sorry for the repeat. Let's hope I can remember what I said!!

Melissa- OMG!! I thought I was the only one left on the planet who even knew who Tony DiFranco was!! I still have the album- the vinyl one!!

I also still crush on Donny Osmond (have all his albums, including the new releases). And then there was David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman.

I am not a JT fan. I had to listen to all the Back Street Boys stuff. Heather crushed big time on AJ- she always did gravitate towards those rebel bad boys, and still does.

Give me Bon Jovi, Toby Keith or Garth Brooks any day. Preferably naked.

I also loved the "old" stars- John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Errol Flynn, & Gene Kelly. These days, there are so many it is like a big buffet to choose from!!

Playground Monitor said...

Now if we're gonna talk "old" stars -- I was (and still am) totally in love with Cary Grant. The man just oozed charm and sophistication. He played drama as well as he played comedy.

Yep, Monica, James Earl Jones has one of the most gorgeous voices on earth. Kinda like Maya Angelou -- very distinctive. You don't have to see the face; you automatically recognize the voice.


Stacy~ said...

You girls are bringing me back. I adored John Taylor, but Jon Bon Jovi was my future hubby. Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, Johnny Depp, during his cleancut 21 Jump Street Days.

Ewww on the whole JT thing. He's such a boy.

Okay, I finally posted my Josh Bernstein booksigning at the blog. I'll try to post some more pix later in the week. The computer is stil possessed...

ev said...

How in the HELL did I forget Cary Grant????

kim h said...

so hot guyrs

Lenora Bell said...

Stacy--I just watched the entire first two seasons of 21 Jump Street. Johnny Depp is so hot in the episode where he goes undercover as a punk rocker.

And if we're talking 80's, we can't forget the guy from Sixteen Candles. What was his name? Damn he was cute.

amy kennedy said...

lenora, People mag (I think) did a"where are they now" he's on a ranch--looking even better...I loved that guy.

Marilyn--half slip on my head--my God, I thought I was the only one.