Friday, January 19, 2007

Viva BlogVegas: Hunka Hunka

Tuesday nite, Dave and I renewed our vows with Elvis, and it couldn't have been more fun.

I mean, we expected a good time, but the folks at Graceland Chapel take weddings seriously. And Elvis aka Jeff Stanulis? Totally nice man who, I think, looks at his job the same way we do romance: a little tongue-in-cheek, all in good fun, but with an eye toward the fact that what he does means a lot to a lot of folks.

It was perfect. And since I think I promised, you can see the ceremony by clicking on our photo with Elvis and entering the following info into the boxes in this order w/out slashes: Buonfiglio/ David/ Buonfiglio/ Michelle/ 01/ 16/ 2007

Our son's been telling everyone we got "remarried."
What are some good romances in which the h/hn get remarried, or are a married couple who get back together after years of separation?

Grazie mille Erin McCarthy for visiting along with your friends from Vegas. We're looking forward to Brittany and Corbin's story. Please come back soon!
Encore! Erin sent me this lovely pic of the boy with the pretty grey eyes, but I couldn't download it yesterday. So, happy Friday! And I tossed in this shot I found of a hot, wet Alessandro G-eye Candy for your TGIediFication.
Encore due! PamK, you've won a copy of Erin's "Bit the Jackpot!" Send me your snail mail addy at, Bella. Congratulazione!


amy kennedy said...

If that isn't THE greatest picture inthe history of weddings--I don't know what is.

You guys rock. And so does Elvis.

I love Eloisa James' Your Wicked Ways--the couple are still married, but have not lived together for years--he's living with his mistress--because he loves her singing voice. Both he and his wife are composers.

I'm gonna watch the vid, when I get back to work--my dial-up is too slow.

Julie in Ohio said...


YAY, YOU! I'm so happy for you guys. I'm not able to watch the video here at work but I'm gonna watch it when I get home.

I love reconnection stories. I think love is all the sweeter when it's renewed.
New love is great and fresh but the true test comes after it's been had for a while and you get into a pattern. To keep the love alive is pivotal to any marriage and also the most challenging. I love seeing how couples do that.

Kati said...

I was wondering when you were going to put up Alessandro. He's delicious, and was in the Transporter movies (for anyone focusing on his face and wondering where you know him from). That's a dayum good set of abs, ladies!

Michelle, I'm so happy for you and Dave, what a terrific thing to do, to renew your vows, and I love even more that you guys chose to do it in such a fun way!

Let's see, reconnection tales, two stick out at me: "Bygones" by LaVyrle Spencer. I re-read it last year, and it's showing its age a bit, but I enjoyed it. Also "Ties That Bind" by Kathryn Shay. She writes great books and I enjoy the fact that the connection between the hero and heroine is almost spiritual. She also writes great secondaries.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Michelle, being a true romantic at heart, I cried watching your wedding video. And I laughed too. What a blast! Thanks for sharing your love, and congratulations on your first fifteen years. Many more to go, even if Elvis is not around to provide his blessing. You all looked adorable.

About the reunited couple? Since that was the premise of the Avon FanLit contest, that's the first thing that comes to mind for me. Darn Damien and Patience, I hoped to never think of them again. :)

Ann Christopher said...

Oh, how sweet! You two are having entirely too much fun for my tastes!

Best wishes on the next fifteen!

Ann :)

Eve Silver said...

Huge congrats Michelle and Dave!!!!

Michelle, you look gorgeous and so happy.

Unknown said...

Ok, you finally put up a pic that broke me. Yowza that's HAWT!

For rekindled married folks I love the afore mentioned James book, and Pam Rosenthal's The Slightest Provocation.

Congrats on the Elvis blessing!

Vivi Anna said...

Oh my, the two of you are so cute!! I even had tears watching the video.

Congrats on your second marriage ceremony. I wish you 35 more wonderul years!

Tessa Dare said...

Congratulations, Michelle! I gotta think the best part of renewing marriage vows would be the second honeymoon. Enjoy!

Maggie, LOL at Damien and Patience!

I think I've worn the binding through in my copy of Voyager at the spot where Jamie and Claire reunite after 20 years, give or take 200.

Melissa McClone said...

Congrats Michelle and David! Awesome pic!

Erin O'Brien said...

Wow. Elvis is alive.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Sing along with me, Bellas: Michelle, Dave's belle (Bella doesn't rhyme) sont les mots qui vent tres bien ensemble...she's got a hunka hunka burnin' luv....

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thank you! Thankyouverymuch, Bellas! We're having a great time today because business is over and it's time to enjoy!

I'm dying to talk more about these romances, but I have to go. See you tomorrow, and thanks for visiting Viva BlogVegas this week. Talk to you tomorrow!

ev said...

Congrats Guys!!! What a great video. You two looked so cute!!

Heahter has always threatened that she is eloping to Vegas and having Elvis marry her. She has changed her mind. LOLOL What a wimp.

Was Dave trying not to crack up through Elvis' performances??

pjpuppymom said...

Oh wow, what an awesome video. I'm sitting here laughing my a$$ off and wiping away the tears at the same time. You and Dave both radiated such joy and fun and love for one another. It's easy to see how you've gotten to this point where you can celebrate 15 years of marriage. Wishing you many, many more years of love and laughter.

Btw, Michelle, you looked fabulous! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Vegas.

I'm sure there are many books out there but the only one that comes to mind right now is Eloisa's YOUR WICKED WAYS.

MsFlexie said...

Congratulations Michelle! Enjoy Vegas! It's my playground once a year, as my girlfriends and I meet there every March/April.

Oh and my hubby and I eloped in Vegas almost 10 years ago (5 months shy).

Playground Monitor said...

What a hoot! I loved it. I am, however, sitting here and realizing I've been married more than twice as long as you. Gosh I'm getting old *g*

I'm also finally getting all the anesthesia out of my system from my little "roto rooter" procedure yesterday. All's well down in the lower digestive system thank goodness.

Good remarried story? It comes out the end of this month from the new Harlequin Everlasting line and is called Fall From Grace by Kristi Gold. It's about a divorced transplant surgeon who has a stroke and must depend on his ex-wife to help him recover. During the course of his recovery, they begin to re-build their relationship. But once he recovers, she risks losing him again to the same drive to succeed that tore their marriage apart in the first place.

Thanks for posting the link to your video. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas, huh?


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ooops. Marykate sent me the shot of Alessandro. I meant that I came across the pic in my keeper file and tossed it in to the blog. MK is one of our street sources for the g-eye candy here at RBtheBlog. :)

Hey, Bellas! Thanks foryour warm re-wedding wishes. It really was fun, even more than I expected. And just getting away is always wonderful, so we were lucky all around. And to save you from TMI, I won't go into the second honeymoon aspect (that will stay in Vegas, Marilyn. But it did differ from our original in that we slept in the same bed this time. Story for another blog...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Em, pay for a book? What iz this pay for a book of which you speak?

OK, Thursday, MK, I'm interviewing La Nora in a Satellite gig from her bookstore in Maryland. How cool is that? Then, it'll run in print and/or download at

Whadda youz want me to ask her

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