Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So Shoe Me - Or - A Great Month Of GuestBloggers

This works out great cause I'm buried and can't think of a fab topic worthy of my Bellas. But I thought you'd like to know that we've got a great month of GuestBloggers coming up!

MaryJanice Davidson

GuestBlogs Monday, February 5

to celebrate the launch of
Romance: B(u)y the Book at

where I'll feature MJD's "Doing it Right."

Plus, Wed, Jan 7, Susan Elizabeth Phillips is here! You'll be able to read an excerpt from "Natural Born Charmer," plus my NBCharmer feature.

February GuestBloggers:

2 The TiVo DiVa
5 MaryJanice Davidson -- Doing it Right
7 Susan Elizabeth Phillips -- Natural Born Charmer

8 Samara O'Shea -- For the Love of Letters
9 Kris Waldherr -- The Lover's Path
12 Lori Foster -- Causing Havod
13 Marianne Mancusi -- A Hoboken Hipster In Sherwood Forest
14 Anna DeStefano -- The Perfect Daughter
16 Karen Hawkins -- How to Abduct a Highland Lord

21 Ann Christopher -- Risk
26 Helen Brenna -- Treasure
28 Megan Hart -- Dirty

How much do you love a great pair of shoes? How do you feel about shoe/accessory references in romances? Any of these GuestBloggers your faves?
What are you dying to talk to the TiVo DiVa about?


Julie in Ohio said...

Good Morning, All!!!

I do love a pair of good shoes but I'm not obsessed with them. That goes along with belts, jewerly, etc, I'm pretty much a plain jane. I don't even have my ears pierced. *shrug*

I'm lovin' the list of guest bloggers. I haven't read four of them but I'm always looking for newbie reads. :o)
My fav would have to be Anna but Karen is hilarious and Lori is fun and SEP is great and MJD's books are so much fun... :o)

My show for the season is American Idol. I know ya'll don't like the reality shows but Idol always has some side drama that is usually fun. The only part I don't watch are the auditions. I hate to watch people make a fool of themselves. I'm too much a softy and get embarrassed for them.

Adriana said...

Wow, what a fabulous line up for Valentine's month (it can go on all month, right? Seems like a better idea than frigid-drive-through-white-out month, anyway).

Shoes: it's about the cycle of life. When I was in grade school/high school my mom insisted on what I called "clunkers" that properly supported my foot, so I used to sneak my dress shoes into my lunch bag (really!) and wear them all day at school.

So of course once I was grown and on my own I loved wearing whatever was in fashion - platforms, spike heels, pointed toes, square toes, thong sandals -

and now, sad to say, I'm back into substantial shoes with orthotic inserts, though at least a few (expensive and usually foreign!!) makers create flattering styles. Guess my mom knew something after all, shoulda listened!


Eve Silver said...

I love the authors on this list. Michelle, you do know some of the coolest people!

Don't forget to ask Marianne about her August/07 book, MOONGAZER. It's part of the new SHOMI line from Dorchester, and I have a feeling it is going to be amazing.

Kati said...

Well let's see, the thing I like best about shoes is that I stay the same size, no matter how much weight I gain or lose.

As far as brand "shout outs," I'm generally not a fan. Unless it's an actual plot point, for example, in Nora Roberts' KEY OF VALOR, it was a big deal to the heroine that the hero had so much money, and she obsessed specifically about his watch and how she could be with someone who owned a watch that expensive.

But generally, I find the shout outs distracting. For example, JR Ward spends quite a bit of time "brand dropping" in the BDB books: cadiallac Escalade, Prada shoes, Gucci watches, Armani suits, etc. That would be about the sole nit I'd have to pick with the books. But I generally find brand dropping to be distracting.

amy kennedy said...

Julie, I hear you about getting embarressed for them--that's why I can't watch any reality shows...usually.

I love the list of guest bloggers--can't wait and I can't wait for the launch of the new site.

I love shoes--this coming from the girl who in high school only wore Dr. Shole's slip on sandals--I was almost a hippie. Now, if I had loads of money I'd be dropping it on designer shoes--they're just so darn pretty.

Love boots too--cause slender ankles I don't have--if the name dropping in a book is for a reason it doesn't bother me--and I find Betsy's (MJD's Undead series) love of all designer shoes hilarious.

Vivi Anna said...

I love shoes. Unfortunately, when I was pregnant my arch fell and I went up a half shoe size. So I have six big boxes of shoes that I can't wear, but at the same time I can't part with...that was nine years ago and I still can't give them away. I guess I'm hoping one day my arch will come back. :-)

I"m not as obsessed as I used to be. I used to have A LOT of shoes, purses, and jackets. I was big into fashion and the trends. Now, I just wear clothes that look good on me and be damned if they are in style.

But I am slowly replacing my shoe collection.... :-) I don't smoke or drink, so a girl has to have at least one vice...

amy kennedy said...

One vice Vivi? LOL.

My shoe size went up with pregnancy too Vivi--each time--I used to be an 8, now I'm a 9. D'oh. Luckily I stopped having babies. So remember that MK--you might not always be the same shoe size.

Adriana--I probably should go back to the Dr. Sholes, but no.

Melissa McClone said...

I love shoes, but referenced in a book it depends on the story and whether it's used as a character detail or plot point or just a name brand dropped in.

Sometimes the drop ins work and provide something new about the character, but other times it's really annoying. Especially when a heroine will buy Prada or (insert other $ brand here) yet can't cover her bills. A shopping addiction is one thing, but unless it's really motivated, I don't like irresponsiblity in heroines. Guess I'm getting old!

As for my fave shows: Heroes and The Office.

katie said...

I do love a good pair of shoes...I love the art of them. Nothing like a good pair of Choos...wish I had the cash for them!

PatriciaW said...

Nothing like a great pair of shoes! Another woman whose feet grew with pregnancy. (Luckily this last time they also decreased following delivery so I'm up net one size overall.)

Like shoe references if they add something about the character. Like just don't tell me she likes Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blaniks. Where/when did her fascination begin and why?

Maybe she always wears slingbacks because she wants to feel only slightly racy, revealing just the heel, and keeping her toes hidden for...later. Maybe she's taken to wearing comfortable shoes. She's knows they're ugly but hiding her feet is a metaphor for hiding her heart. Harder to get stomped on and not quite as painful as when someone steps on toes that already challenged by pointy toed stilletos.

Lois said...

Ooooh, I loooooove Karen Hawkins!!!! :) Can't wait for that. And me and shoes, alas, they don't go together. I have two pairs of sneakers and just three pairs of shoes, two black and one brown. When I actually do see a pair I like, I usually can't get it because I fit anywhere between a 10, 10.5 or 11, and there isn't a whole lot of those out there. But I'm not really a shoe shopper though -- I live in bookstores and Best Buys. LOL :)


Playground Monitor said...

So, Vivi, pregnancy was your arch villain?

I want comfort in a pair of shoes, which is why my closet is filled with Birkenstocks, Clark's leather clogs, New Balance running shoes, Teva sandals and a few pairs of heels that are stylish but by no means have a stiletto heel or pointy toe.

Fashion shout outs bother the heck out of me unless they are a real plot point or really define the character. But you can define a heroine with one mention of Manolos, not mentioning it on every page.

I'm an AI junkie. I swore I wasn't going to watch the try-outs this year but I have. Remember Darwin AKA Misha who co-wrote a novella with her mother? And Ian from the Bronx. OMG! Last night was Birmingham try-outs. I saw an interview on Larry King and it seems there's a clause in the audition contract that if they find you funny or strange, they have the right to capitalize on it. So if they didn't read the contract, they have no room to complain.

I've also been watching the Grease try-outs on Sunday night. They've moved this along much more quickly than AI.

And tonight a new ballroom dance competiton starts on PBS. Can't wait!


Manda Collins said...

Hey Bellas,

Michelle, that's some February lineup! I admit I'm excited about MJD because her Betsy Taylor books make me LOL every time. They're my favorite print mood booster. Karen Hawkins is lots of fun, too!

I have to admit, though, I am sooo not a shoe gal. Super narrow feet so I've never been able to wear anything fun. I like to look at them as object d'art though. As for brand names, they mean nothing to me. If it weren't for Sex and the City I'd have gone my whole life without knowing Manola Blahnik or Jimmy Choo at all.

TV wise, this season I'm flitting around. Tuesday night is currently making me long for TiVo. I watch Gilmore Girls and L&O Criminal Intent, both of which come on at 7 central, then I watch both House and Veronica Mars, both of which come on at 8 central. But since I got no Tivo, I've dropped Criminal Intent (it'll rerun on Bravo or USA at some point) and Veronica Mars because it's been getting on my nerves this season.

I just recently got hooked on 30 Rock with Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. It's a funny show. And I can't help but love Alec Baldwin.

ev said...

DH calls me Imelda. Nuff said.

For those hard to find sizes, try They ship free and returns are too.

Boston Legal is the one show none of us miss on tuesday nights- we all stop what we are doing to see the latest antics of denny and co. that said, I am a tvaholic. I love my tv. i have all of ugly betty, brothers and sisters and heroes to watch yet. they are on my dvr just waiting for a day i have nothing to do.

i love the february lineup-what a birthday present!! and MJD will be here!!! and SEP!!! this is better than a box of chocolates!!

Lis said...

I love shoes. Don't have that big of a collection (or least I don't think so lol)

Looking forward to Marianne, loved her last two books.

As for tv shows, Gilmore Girls (its finally getting good again); hockey; how i met your mother and las vegas

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I'm not a huge shoe fan. One of the women I used to work with once told me that as a woman I would (obviously?) love one of the following: shoes, jewellery, clothes, handbags or girly stuff (I think she meant, makeup, moisturizers, accessories, etc.) I caused a furor when I said what I actually loved....BOOKS!

However, saying that, I did actually buy a pair of shoes on the weekend - dance shoes :) They're lovely!

Michelle - you spoil us! So many exciting guest bloggers! I keep discovering such wonderful authors here - three cheers for Michelle!


PS Did I read right? I won? WOW! I'm emailing you right now Michelle - Bethany's book sounds amazing!

Vivi Anna said...

I want to talk Battlestar Galactica and Dresden Files. I LOVE BSG...the writing on that show is outstanding as well as the acting. Plus it's filmed in Canada and has a host of Canadian I like it even more!

And there are a couple of HAWT dudes on it, Apollo and Helo...and some kick-ass chicks....Number Six the cylon, and Starbuck!!! Woot!

ev said...

Vivi- I have Dresden on dvr, but have yet to be able to sit and watch uninterrupted. Please tell me the wait is worth it!! I love the books and hope they are doing them justice!

Billie said...

Here's another shoe lover. I have a closet full of shoes I don't wear, but that's mainly because of a lack of places to wear them. I live in a small college town and so I have about 5 pairs of Crocs that I switch between. If I had the money or somewhere to wear them, I'd probably forego food, even chocolate, to buy a pretty pair of heels.

As for reading about the shoes in the stories, it doesn't bother me a bit, except that I'd like to see the shoes. I get a kick out of Betsy's obsession over her shoes.

amy kennedy said...

Patricia-- in The Monkey Wrench books a character (Grace) only wears expensive handmade boots--but for such a good reason...

Vivi, Ev--I lurve BSG, and the Dresden Files are so worth it, right Vivs? Oh and Boston Legal is the one show my husband and I watch together--or at the same time. It kills me.

Manda? Is that you? Formerly known as Mandacoll?

Manda Collins said...
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