Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kathleen Eagle GuestBlog: Before And After

Contest!!! One lucky commenting Bella wins an autographed copy of "The Last Good Man" courtesy of Kathleen! I don't even have one of these babies.

Kathleen Eagle is my friend. But you know that already, especially if you've read this week's feature of her new novel, "Ride a Painted Pony" at Romance: B(u)y the Book. She's hung with us before, and she's invited me to hang at her group blog, Riding with the Top Down, on Valentine's Day.

Today, Kathleen decided to share a very real, kinda triumphant experience she's had in the last year or so, one lots of us relate to. So, Bellas, you know the drill: Buongiorno, Kathleen...

Having checked off the last must-see movie on our holiday list, DH turned to me a few nights ago and said, “You know what we could do tonight that I would really enjoy?”

I could tell by his tone that my first guess would be off the mark. A year ago the second choice would have been going out to eat, but that’s because a year ago wining and dining were near the top of our recreation list. To paraphrase one of our favorite Eastwood movie lines: “[We] ain’t like that no more.”

So I bit. “What?”

“I’d like to watch you try on some clothes that actually fit you. And not your usual T.J.Maxx clearance rack clothes. Let’s go to Ridgedale. A nice store like Dayton’s.”

Which shows you, it’s been a while.

“You can’t go to Dayton’s anymore,” I remind him. “It’s like Constantinople.”

Dayton’s was two buyouts ago. I start to launch an antitrust tirade, but he cuts me off with an all-purpose, “Whatever,” letting me know that I have two minutes to take him up on his offer or he’s going to spend the evening watching bullriding on TV. So off we go to Macy’s, which used to
be Dayton’s in the good ol’ days before it became Marshall Fields. They still sell nice women’s clothes, and a guy can still find a comfortable chair from which to watch his sweetheart try an array of fresh apparel.

Photo: Me and Michelle, before.

Our focus was jeans. Much to my horror—which I tried to pass off as a bearable but rather silly annoyance—my guy insisted on taking along a digital camera and snapping front and back photos of every pair I tried on. His point—and after a few pictures he finally convinced me he had one—was that I needed to see myself from a different perspective. Namely his. Okay, anyone else’s but mine.

Now, here’s the deal: after living most of my life as a tall, fairly slender (not skinny) person who never really thought about weight, I hit menopause. Over the course of about 5 years, I chubbed up. I figured it was just part of the process and I could live with it. But I began to realize that my high blood pressure, achy joints, lack of energy and the like were indications that life with the extra pounds might be considerably less enjoyable than life without them. I made a resolution t
o lose some weight in 2006. The upshot: I’m about 50 pounds lighter in 2007. (The secret is eating less and exercising more, but you knew that.) It’s made a huge difference in the way I feel. Achy knees? Gone. Blood pressure? Still higher than it should be, but much better. Energy? I have some, thank you.

Photo: Me in jeans, After.

But I’ve been hesitant to shop for clothes. I don’t go out that much, and the old clothes are sloppy but comfortable. All I need is a couple of pieces to wear when I leave the house, and I’m set. Sure, I’ve lost a few pounds, but I’m still me, whether it’s more or less. And I can get two pairs of jeans on clearance at Land’s Endlet for the price of one at Macy’s.

But DH warned that if I wasn’t going to pay attention to how the stuff looked on me, he wasn’t going to be a party to this shopping thing. And after 36 years, it’s just not a party without him.

So I give you a few before and after photos here, along with courageously unretouched proof that my photoshopping tale really happened, and I invite questions, comments, discussion of making peace with our own bodies or the all-purpose “whatever.”

Encore from Kathleen! Even as we speak today on “Romance By the Blog” I’m hosting an interview on my own multi-author blog Riding with the Top Down
with my longtime editor, Leslie Wainger of Harlequin/Mira, so I hope you’ll bop over there and, ahem, weight in. And, of course, my latest book, RIDE A PAINTED PONY is always up for discussion. Visit for excerpts and other fun stuff. Now have at me, Bellas!

Photo: Riding with the Top Down friends: After.


Cherie said...

Thanks for sharing the weight loss story and pictures. That was gutsy. You gave me hope. I just had a baby girl in October and I need to lose some weight so your story is encouraging me.

Cherie Japp

amy kennedy said...

Hi Kathleen, I think it's absolutely wonderful that your husband wanted to see you try on clothes--nice clothes--and that he took pictures. Adorable.

Can't wait to read Ride A Painted Pony--and I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and I don't, 'cause I have Michelle for that--but what a glorious cover.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Hi, Cherie!
Ah, those babies. I had three, and the third one left me with some extra pounds. But chasing the other two around helped a lot. Give yourself time. Pregnancy and childbirth changes our bodies in so many way. That's the way we're made.

Lara Adrian said...

::occasional lurker decloaks::

Bella Kathleen! Congratulations on getting healthier (need to do that myself), and on the release of your new book.

dd03 said...

Kathleen, it's very nice to meet you, and in such a spectacular way!

I need to lose weight too. Nothing has helped to motivate me, not achy joints, not looking at pictures of me, not even developing diabetes. @.@ However, I recently hurt my back and I'm seriously thinking of joining weight watchers and exercising. I'm still in PT so I can't start an all out workout (which I'd normally quit in the 1st week anyway). *deep sigh* I just hate exercising...

To a different topic...I have not read your books yet, you are a new author for me! I see my TBR List getting longer! I will definitely check out your website!

Have a great day, and congrats on your weight loss! I think it's great that your dh wanted to take you shopping and took pics! He's a keeper! ^_~

Unknown said...

Okay, this is my moment to harass Kathy. Yay! See, here's the story: She and I made a trip to Lincoln Nebraska for a book event about 18 months ago, and she was mouthing off about me being too skinny. (like there's any such thing) "Women are hard-wired to put on weight as they get older," she said, or some such rot. And now here she is weighing about five pounds and looking like a million zillion dollars. And after I gained that twenty pounds just to make you happy, Kathy. :)

Congrats! Not only do you look fantastic, you're a fabulous writer and deserve that top romance award from Library Journal.

Monica Burns said...


HUGE congrats on your successful weight loss. I can completely relate to your reasons for losing and the effort involved doing so. What a great success story to share.

But I'm with you on the big, loose, sloppy clothes. SOOOOO much more comfortable. *grin*


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen - can't wait to read Ride A Painted Pony. I have a space ready for it on my keeper shelf.

And I might show my husband the story about yours wanting to go shopping with you and for you to buy the good stuff!

Helen Brenna said...

Holy Cow, Kathy, you are one brave woman. Listening to a person talk about how much weight they've lost is one thing. Seeing it in pictures is amazing. Congrats, you look awesome!

This kind of thing is hard to do alone. Did DH jump on the bandwagon too?

Unknown said...

Kathleen, I have all your books and I love them all!
Congrats on losing the weight-you look fabulous!
And I have a website to share for finding the perfect jeans...
type in your measurements and your preferences and it gives you a list of best fit jeans in all price ranges and where you can buy them. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kathleen on the weight loss, the new book, and for just being a fabulous person!

this is case blogger f*&^% me up again.

LizbethSelvig said...

Good morning Kathleen!
Or, I guess, afternoon where you are. What a great blog! First of all, let me say that I have read Ride A Painted Pony and it's wonderful - simply wonderful. But you write my kind of romance anyhow and when you add a horse to the mix (which you have done before, of course)well, handsome guy, handsome equine - wowa! We've also owned a paint horse, so there's a soft spot for that breed anyhow! Congrats on the gorgeous book - all you other bellas run on out - it's a feel-good read all the way around.

As for your weight loss story I super-congratulate you! In 2001 I, too, lost 40 pounds and there is no feeling like it in the world. Unfortunately now I've hit menopause (and live in a place with very extreme light cycles - 5 1/2 hours of sun in the winter - which they tell me plays havoc with your metabolism, oh, I LOVE a good excuse) and, girl do I hear you about that sad story. Twenty insidious pounds have crept back on and it's hmmmm, shall we say somewhat depressing! Despite workouts 5-6 times a week and watching the food intake the body-function changes are tough. BUT - you did it; you loosened the grip of time, gravity and lunatic hormones!! You renew my resolve to regain control. PLUS - you look fabulous. So -- big applause for you. Enjoy yourself AND the clothes! I know just how great you feel!!!

And - thanks again for a great hero and heroine and a fab horse!

Liz S.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Kathleen and Bellas! When Kathleen asked whether I thought she should blog about her weight loss, I have to say I was a little ambivalent.

See, I think our desire, etc., to lose weight, obsession/concern with how we look rarely has anything to do with the pounds. I think it generally has something to do with what we're feeling.

Like, when we say, "oh, I feel SO fat." Well, how can one feel fat? One feels disappointed, unhappy, afraid, etc., and sometimes we transfer that onto how we think we look.

Kathleen's husband was genius in his thinking: take pictures so she can see how she pretty much looks, not how she thinks she looks.

I'm guessing he wanted Kathleen to see her body the way he sees it: as something worth seein. And something he'd like to see a little more often outlined by her clothing, not buried under the ol Land's Ends. Which is a compliment after 36 years and not, I think, sexist at all.

In the book I talked about yesterday, "She's the One," the author says guys like to see their women lookin good, no matter their size or age. (the author also points out that men never apply that to themselves and need to be reminded that they're goin to pot). Dave read it and reminded me that guys like to see their women lookin naked, too, and don't compare their chicks to magazine models, etc. They'd like it, though, if we could get more comfortable with ourselves when they;re looking at us nakkers so we could enjoy their admiration, as well.

Hmmmm, how'd I get on this...

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Weigh to go! I have lost about 30 pounds over the past year and when I bought a pair of size 10 jeans (okay, they're from Wal-Mart and they have an elastic waist), I was pretty darned excited. I'd really like to weigh what it says I do on my driver's license, I've still got a ways to go! Lying is so wrong.

Your husband sounds like a sweetheart...he must be a real-life hero. Thanks for sharing your personal story.I'm looking forward to reading your books.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Yes, DH has been working on his weight at the same time, which really helps. It's hard to change eating habits when others in the house are eating all the stuff you can't have. I stopped cooking the kind of meals I used to make and stopped buying sweets and snacks. Lately the stuff has started creeping back into the house--holidays, you know--and I find myself munching again. The munching in front of the TV is a major downfall for me. That and sweets. But I proved to myself that if I stay completely off sweets for a couple of weeks--even less--the craving goes away. It's an addiction! Slip it back into your bloodstream, and you're back to craving again. The other thing I proved to myself--it's all about portions and balance.

Anonymous said...

HI Kathy,

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I think the photos are gorgeous and (if you don't mind me saying) your husband very sweet :) You've inspired me!

Oh, and I picked up Ride A Painted Pony from the library yesterday - I can't wait to read it. It is my first book of yours :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kathleen.

I loved this article!

When I met you over the summer, I had you pegged as one of those always-lean-and-fit writers. Thanks for the inspiration--


LizbethSelvig said...

Michelle I think you're so right about Kathleen's DH - not sexist, just very complimentary. Let's not lie - we love the compliments! (And rightfully so.) They really do want us to accept ourselves as they see us. And bless Dave's heart, too, for saying so outloud!!

And a thoughtful partner can go a long way in upping self-esteem. My DH uses the same sappy-but-wonderful compliment whenever I go off about my self-image -- and I fall for it every time: "I wish I could change how you feel, but it doesn't matter anyway because you were still the prettiest woman in the room."

Yuk yuk yuk - but I loves him!

Hey and BTW, 36 years - Kathleen you and DH get huge kudos for that, too! We've got 32 and ain't it the greatest?

Wolfy said...

Kathleen - thank you for the story and the pictures, I find that during the winter months I seem to bulk up a couple of pounds, which is discouraging, but you give us all courage........As for your DH - I think it is sweet that he is supportive and wanted to go shopping with you.


LizbethSelvig said...

Oh yeah, a romance readers' question!

In contemporary books today I really notice a trend toward presenting the heroine as not-quite-perfect or even, to put it bluntly, less than slender and willowy! Maybe this flows over from chick lit (where, sorry, whining is sort of required) but I want to know what everyone thinks. I still have sort of a sick need for my heroines to be physically beautiful (and look a way I'd like to look), yet I want them to feel real too. What do the bellas think? Does a chubbier heroine help your self-esteem when you read?


Playground Monitor said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

And to answer Michelle's question "How can one feel fat?" I answer: When one's clothes no longer fit and the waistband is threatening to constrict your intestines. When the underwire in your bra feels like a garotte under your bosom. When your thighs rub together when you walk. When the thought of buying a bathing suit gives you the shakes.

Menopause was wicked on my metabolism. I've added 10 pounds to a 5'3" frame and that equates to a dress size (two sizes in jeans cause for some reason the sizes run differently). I'm not asking to look like some anorexic Brazilian model. I'd just like to look in the middle and see space between my thighs, the return of my waistline and not see a belly that resembles the four-month-pregnant stage. I have an elliptical trainer upstairs but it's rough on my knees. I use it, though, even if only for 5 minutes. When the weather is warmer, I can start walking again. The DH declared carbs off-limits at supper.

Writing doesn't help cause long spells in the computer chair aid and abet the spread of the gluteous maximus.

And that's a gawgeous crown! Is that yours, Michelle?


Kathleen Eagle said...

I don't focus on physical descriptions except insofar as it relates to character and story. As a reader I lose patience with that kind of description done merely for its own sake. In THE LAST GOOD MAN the heroine's (a Victoria's Secret-type model who had a mastectomy) self-esteem is all tied up in her physical self. Physical description from different viewpoints was important.

Maybe I'm too old for chicklit. Bridget Jones was fun, but I got tired of her clones.

Adriana said...

Wow, you go, Girl!! kudos to you (and DH, too) for getting healthy and enjoying the results! Bask in the glory! and you are so right about that sugar thing -- that's what makes it so hard to get back on the wagon after we've fallen off; sugar craves more sugar. Two weeks'll do it, tho. (the craving, not necessarily the pounds, but it's in the right direction, anyway)

Way looking forward to my very own hard copy of RAPP this weekend!!!


LizbethSelvig said...

Here here on the Bridget Jones clones.

Here here on the sugar. It is addictive.

I'm old enough to remember the book "Sugar Blues" - I hated it back in the 70s but maybe I ought to exhume it and scare myself straight again!

ev said...

Ah, Marilyn, you put it soooo well. I haven't decided which is worse- the weight gain or the damn hot flashes. And add to that the fact that occassionally I have to go on rounds of steroids, which are a guaranteed 5-10 pound weight gain- the fact that I lost 15 last year was something to celebrate. (if you have never had to do steroids, be very grateful!)

DH doesn't go shopping with me, thank god, although I am jealous that yours does Kathleen. On the other hand, I have free use of the credit card and he never says a word. He was the same way, according to his kids, with his late wife. As long as I go out looking good he doesn't care what I spend, what I weigh or what size I wear. (I care, but then that is a whole nother thing.) Guess that is the old Army training kicking in- always be prepared to run into someone important no matter what you are doing or where you are going. Which, of course, means I get to go shopping!!! I love to shop. His nickname for me is Imelda. Gee, I wonder why? I should own stock in DSW.

And as for going nekked- both of us are comfortable in our own skin around each other, so it's probably a good thing we have the whole upstairs to ourselves while the kid lives on the first floor!!

Kathleen Eagle said...

Michelle, feeling fat is more than feeling bloated. It's feeling tired after relatively (relative to your own norm) little exertion. It's feeling the stress in your joints. I was convinced that I was getting older and this was just the way it was going to be. Well, I am getting older. I have been getting older since day 1. But having lost the weight and recovered some stamina and flexibility--man, the difference in the joints is incredible--I'm here to tell you, Boomers, we ain't ready to be put out to pasture quite yet!

Eve Silver said...

Kathleen, what an amazing accomplishment. Kudos!! You got healthy (and you look great!)

BTW, love, love, love the cover of Ride a Painted Pony.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathleen for your courage in "exposing" yourself with this story and pictures. Like us your are just a woman,a real woman dealing with things of life -but you are a so wonderful one! I am sure your DH and all your family are all proud of you. No need to say that you are my favorite author, and I can't wait to read RAPP!!
NB: You look so great in your blue jeans!Kathleen Eagle, a grand-mother? Yes, but a beautiful one!

Thank you for sharing,

A faithful reader

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Kathleen, they like you ,they really like you!

Vive le Boomers! I am totally psyched for you that you've acheived this; it was very important to you for many reasons. And you look marvelous, although I think you could eat a pizza or something now, which I've told you before. Enough already. We Italians think women should be a little meaty.

But you have understand, though, that my feelings about women feeling fat come from my concern about women being too hard on themselves about the way they look. Do I fall prey to it? Absolutely, but I'm always surprised when I talk to someone who's never thought that she just might be pretty no matter what size.

Eve and AMyskf, the cover is gorgeous, isn't it? I know Lizee S was talking before about the horse think in RAPP, cause she's big into horsies.

BTW, was I the only person who was 40 before she found out a pony isn't just a baby horsie?

Anyway, I like how Kathleen and certain other writers can interest someone like me in horses w/out thumping me over the head w/tech stuff. I really enjoyed Nick's enthusiasm for his beasts.

Oh, and man, is he a great hero.

Play, I've been lots of weights in my lifetime for many reasons, so I get you on the restricting clothes thing. I lost a bunch of weight a couple years ago when I was weaned off some meds that made me gain weight. Does my body feel a little better? Yeah. But do I feel like I know more about me, or have it more together? I'm not so sure. We can loose a lot of weight and our problems are still there. Sometimes women think about their weight instead of solving their problems is all's I'm saying. And, please, I'm saying it all in a nice, supportive, "I love my friends and want them to be happy" way.

traveler said...

I can understand the obsession with weight loss since it is an important issue. Health and flexibilty are the two things that allow us to move and be productive. Love your books and am looking forward to reading more of them. Congrats on the new you.

LizbethSelvig said...

Is there anyone who "cares" about her bellas' happiness more than Michelle? You rock, chickee because there's always a fundamental truth in what you say. Here's to learning to deal with all our personal issues in a healthy way.

Kathleen - all of us who've benefitted today from a renewed sense of "I can" salute you!

And, the details in RAPP are lovely. I, too, love learning about new things in a book in a natural, progressive way. By the same token, if I know a lot about a subject, I hate when it's clear the author didn't research the subject fully. Obviously, no such case with this book. Kathleen knows horses and writes with authority, but, also, things like the racing details and the off track stuff - even the way Lauren/Joey goes about taking over True Colors' training rang perfectly true and so reading was a complete joy. And "Big Indian" hero Nick - Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!


alissa said...

I commend you highly for taking charge and losing the necessary weight and becoming healthy and active. That is wonderful and so inspiring to hear. Love your pics since they are real and give us the entire story.

sharon said...

Thanks for the look. It is great that your husband was so supportive and helpful. With a fan like that it takes half the effort. Glad to hear that your health has improved as well. Such great news!

pearl said...

You certainly have transformed yourself with hard work and determination. You deserve high marks for that. Love your wonderful novels. All the best for health and happines for 2007.

joelle said...

Congrats on your new persona. looks absolutely fabulous. Your books are great. Love them.

principessa said...

Your appearance has altered but you are the same kind, and wonderful person. Glad that you were motivated to achieve this goal. It makes you feel so good and that is important. I am crazy about your novels and enjoy them greatly. Best wishes for health and happiness in 2007.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I highly recommend everyone check out Leslie Wainger of Harlequin/Mira now at

It's a rare treat to interact with one of the best editors in the biz, especially when she's talking not only how she chooses manuscripts, but vamps, weres, and Spike.

There's a link w/in Kathleen's blog, and one on the toolbar to the right.

KimW said...

Congratulations on your weight loss success. It's so tough to eat less when there are so many temptations out there. I do know that when I weigh less, I feel better. Exercising helps a lot.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Michelle said: " feelings about women feeling fat come from my concern about women being too hard on themselves about the way they look."

I absolutely understand. The world we live in is crazy over women's looks. Either they want to cover us head to toe so no one sees us or they want to display us in thongs by the checkout counter. What's a 13-year old girl to think when she looks in the mirror? Somehow we have to separate mind health from body health. Because being too heavy is hard on the body, but it doesn't have anything to do with who you are as a woman or with the value of your personhood. Does that make sense? Probably not--I have to zip over to a B&N for an hour to give a little talk, so I'm trying to say something sensible while my feet are revving up to get me out the door. But you know what I mean. Back before the night is over. Blog on, Bellas!

robynl said...

What a man you have there; kind and considerate. Congrats on the weight loss-send the vibes this way.

amy kennedy said...

Michelle, I think you make perfect sense--the cause needs to be dealt with and then the symptoms.

I love it when I find out interresting tid-bits--like Ev loves, or rather, lurves to shop.
Or that Lizee has been married for 32 years. I love it.

Kathleen, hope B&N goes well--or is going well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your success story. I was also blindsided by menopause and am now coming out of the fog and realize I don't have to have those extra lumps and legs are still long and I am determined to find them again.

I love your books and your Indian heroes....and your DH is a wonderful man to encourage you to make you feel good about yourself again and to support you in your writing thanks to him also.

Julie in Ohio said...

Hello, Bellas. I've missed you the last few days. I think I told you all about my going to college for the first time *ever* at the tender age of...we don't need to go there. Well, first day was Monday and I haven't come up for air since...

Kathy-- Welcome back. I'm so glad I picked the right time for a snack. As with the rest of the Bellas, I love the cover of RAPP. The purple misty fog is so mysterious. I've put it on my wish list for my next Amazon spree.

Congrats on the weight loss. I've been working on losing some baby fat for the past four years. I commend any and all who are able to pull it off...

Deb's Book Nook said...

Kathleen, Thanks for the great blog and your inspiring story!

Adore your books and hope to read the newest one soon.

I lost over 30 pounds a couple of years ago. I had started helping shelve books at a friends ubs and due to some family worries, I had little to no appetite. I was amazed at the differnce in the way I felt as the pounds came off. I have asthma and defintely don't need those extra pounds. Unfortunately I've changed jobs and don't get the exercise I did so over 10 of those pounds have snuck back on. Ugh! It is my goal to get back to Curves or at least walk more and try to lose these very unwanted pounds.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!

Playground Monitor said...

Ain't menopause a pip? I didn't have the hot flashes that would melt asphalt or night sweats that wake you up soaking wet. No mood swings. I just sorta had some warm spells and a general feeling that something wasn't quite right, and some other health problems started going haywire when they'd been under control for a while. My doc and I worked out a program to deal with it but we haven't conquered that old metabolism thing -- yet. I sat down tonight and wrote down my daily activity goals (I hate to call it exercise) -- 5 mins on the elliptical, 5 minutes dancing the cha-cha by myself to the Pussycat Dolls singing "Sway" and 5 minutes dancing the triple swing by myself to Jim Croce's "Roller Derby Queen." That's 15 minutes of activity that will use muscles and get my heart pumping. It's a start. I also have little sticky notes all over that read DRINK WATER! And that damn leftover fudge from Christmas is going down the disposal -- tonight!

I can't wait for warm weather. I can walk for 30 minutes with no problem and love to put the headphones on with brisk music and walk around my neighborhood perusing the different landscaping for ideas for my own yard.


Kathleen Eagle said...

I'm convinced it's all in the metabolism and that I was blessed with it for a lot of years. Then it flew the coop. Little humorous moment today--my b-i-l and his wife were here today. Hadn't seen them in a while, but nobody seemed to notice my accomplishment. DH said,"Yeah, Kathy's lost quite a bit of weight lately." S-I-L looked at me sympathetically. "Diabetes?" I said "No, just a little dieting." B-i-l and DH looked at each other and burst out laughing. "This ain't the rez," they say. And then they go into character. "That one's really lost weight." "Yeah, must be serious." This is what you call Indian Humor. I'm their Scandinavian straight man.

Cathy M said...

Well, I did it the review, watched the trailer and peeked at the excerpt. The story sounds like one that might hurt my heart, but I really would love to read it.

tetewa said...

Thanks for the inspiration and great interview. Congratulations on the weight loss! Many successes in 2007.

ReadingAddict1 said...

Congratulations on getting healthier. That's one of my resolutions but it's hard to get moving. I hate exercise of any kind. Your story is an inspiration. It's great that your DH suggested the shopping trip. Most men that I know try to avoid shopping if they can. He is definitely a keeper!

ev said...

Play- I hate this MEN-o-pause thing. Leave it to them to name it. Does it mean we are supposed to take a pause from men???? My poor hubby had to deal with it with his late wife and now me. He is so good about it too. Especially with having the window open (my side of the bed) in the middle of winter. He just turns his side of the electric blanket up. Is it safe to use and electric blanket while having hot flashes and mad sweats? Should I worry about electrocuting one of us??? LOL And now my period has decided it is time to do the "wonder when the heck it will show up" game.

I need to go shoe shopping.

Rogers Place said...

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