Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Julie Leto PlotMonkeyBlog: The King Of My Jungle

Contest!!! One lucky commenting Bella wins copies of "Up to No Good," "I'll Be Home for Christmas," and "Private Lessons," courtesy of Julie!

Welcome to PlotMonkeys.com 'King of the Jungle' Week! For the next quartet of days, the cheeky PlotMonkeys are here to entertain with tales from the jungle, most likely some that would leave ol' Tarzan blushing down to his, um, loincloth.

The very first moment I met our first PlotMonkey, Julie Leto, she put a plate in my hand and started feeding me. Clearly, I liked her immediately. Julie did what we try to do here with newcomers, Bellas, she made me feel not only welcome, but as if she were happy to meet me. I'm very happy you're getting to meet her today, and I know you'll wish her your warmest buongiorno, 'specially once you check out her topic.

I guess it’s appropriate that I kick off this week of guest blogs by the Plotmonkeys! Thanks, Michelle, for letting us hang around your jungle for a while. It’s also appropriate that the kind of guy I’m going to kick off our discussion with is best compared to the King of the Jungle (okay, savannah...let’s not get technical!) He’s a lion in the boardroom and the bedroom. He’s the master of his domain (snickers to Seinfeld!) and his beauty is unsurpassed. He’s better know in archetypal parlance as the Chief.
You know him--wealthy, keenly intelligent, powerful. He’s the CEO of the Fortune 500 company. He’s the self-made man. He’s the bossy boss. It’s hard to turn this guy into a lovable lover, but when the combination works, he can be irresistible because he’s a man who knows what he wants.

Coming up with examples from TV and film wasn’t as easy as I’d thought I’d be, but here are a few of my favorites--Harrison Ford in Sabrina. John Forsyth on Dynasty. Nathan Petrelli on Heroes (my new favorite show.) Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street--evil in this case, but sexy. Jasper Jax on General Hospital (or even Sonny Corinthos, for those of you who are big GH fans!)

He’s the guy who immediately takes over the room when he walks in, knows what he wants and goes after it. Many romance readers associate this character with the male protagonists from series books like Harlequin Presents and they are not wrong, but I’ve found that softening those guys a bit with some vulnerability makes them work better for me. Well, making them WRONG works best for me, an
d who better than a strong heroine to bring the lion to his knees?

In my Marisela series (Dirty Little Secrets and Dirty Little Lies, both published by Pocket), Ian Blake, Marisela’s boss, is a classic “chief” hero, even if he’s not the undisputed hero of the series. He’s ruthless and clever, but looks mighty hot in his tailored tuxedo or arriving at crime scenes in a sleek limousine. I also embraced this character type in my 2004 Blaze, Up to No Good. Se
bastian Stone (who was inspired by the Stefan Cassadine character on General Hospital, another hottie Presents-potential hero) had more money than God, flew from Paris to Prague in a night just to get a good shot of vodka and entertained high society women in his posh penthouse suites. Took a street girl like Micki Carmichael to tame him, and oooh, what fun that was!

My first Chief hero was Grant Riordan, an uptight investment ban
ker in my second book, Private Lessons, which is being re-released by Harlequin this month with a cute new cover. The woman who tames him is Harley, a woman who’s hit rock bottom and turns to stripping to up her personal ante. When she’s knocked unconscious in Grant’s livingroom, well, let’s just say let the taming begin!

I think I like this character type so much because I love to write strong women and the wom
en I write need to have met their match. Right now, I’m working on the first book in a paranormal series I’m writing for NAL/Signet. The hero, Damon Forsyth (yes, that’s on purpose) is the epitome of the Chief. The book is a contemporary, but Damon lived and died, sort of, in 1747. I get to pit his old world arrogance, intelligence and passion against a heroine who not only runs her own hotel conglomerate, but who isn’t a shrinking violet in the bedroom, either. Chief vs. Chief.

What a rush!

Can you think of any other hot, powerful heroes out there in film and books and television? What is appealing about them to you?
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Encore! Julie forgot to mention one of her hottest Chiefs, Simon (shiver) of "Meltdown," from "I'll Be Home for Christmas." (Pocket) I, of course, haven't forgotten him yet.


ev said...

OH, GOODY!!!! I get to be first.

Good Morning Julie!!! Have you recovered from Nashville yet??

How can we not add JR Ewing to that list?? And Susan Lucci's Erica Kane?? They popped into my mind even at this hour of the morning, so I would have to say they are both strong characters.

As for books, well Roarke was the first one I thought of. But then I usually manage too. And it will be nice to finally meet Grant.

Haven't fully met Ian yet. Still waiting.

See you at PlotMonkeys.

Stacy~ said...

Morning Julie! It's great to have you here :) Yeah how was Nashville? Sounds like you guys had fun.

Ev mentioned some great Kings. I'll add CC Capwell (Huge "Santa Barbara" fan) and Victor Kiriakis (Days of Our Lives). In books, Roarke IS king. There are a few others that come to mind: James Douglas Mahoney III from Jaid Black's "Sins of the Father"; Ranger from the Plum series in a sense because he is rich and hot and definitely commands a room and pretty much takes what he wants. Yummy.

Probably the closest thing in real life is the Donald, though I wouldn't say his beauty is unsurpassed by a long-shot.

Fun topic :) I'll have to think about it more.

JulieLeto said...

I can't believe I didn't think of Rourke! He's the epitome. And how Robb paired a chief like Rourke with a chief like Eve is a perfect example of a woman/man meeting their match! They're the same...though vastly different. (Eve Dallas is probably more of a loner, but she's a chief in other ways.)

Nashville was awesome. I'm missing my pals so much. The worst part of going is coming home and not being able to turn to Carly, Leslie or Janelle and having them right there. Now I have to dial a phone or email. Bummer!

Thanks, again, Michelle, for inviting us!

JulieLeto said...

ev...ack! You're so sly with your reminder that I haven't sent your book! I'll do it today, I promise!

JR Ewing is definitely a chief...but not so sexy. At least not to me. I always assumed women slept with him because of money and power only...me, I need some eye-candy, too!

ev said...

Julie- I have to agree, he isn't physically sexy. It was definately the power and money. I would take his little brother anytime. LOL

I knew you were busy with the trip, so I didn't worry about the book. But I had to get that sneaky comment in there. 0;)

Kati said...

Hi Julie, Mornin' Bellas! Julie, welcome to RBtB! We're so glad you're here.

As I was reading your blog all I could think was "Matthew Farrell" from Judith McNaught's incredible PARADISE. Here's a self-made man who is vindictive enough to ruin the woman who he had a passionate relationship with in his youth, and yet strong enough to realize how wrong he was when she confesses the situation to him. SIGH. I love so much about this book, and Matt and Meredith remain one of my all time favorite couples.

Roarke is the second name that comes to mind. Another self-made man. I wonder if that has to be an element of it?! Huh. I hadn't thought about it.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Julie and Bellas all! It's been forever since I even thought about this kind of character because the captain of industry hero was frowned on for a while. I mean, everyone started thinking he was just a big ol sexual harrasser, and not sexy at all.

But like Julie says, polish him up, toss him into the wrong, and you've got yourself a hero.

What about Bond (and not the chick-slapping incarnation, which we've already discussed here)? I mean, he'd make a great Cheif if he were a romance hero. My son's just getting into him, and we were discussing why Bond was married in the first novel (well, the wife was offed, of course, just like Bambi's mom and most wife/mother figures, but that's a blog for another day). We were thinking maybe that gave him some heart, rather than just making him a dog going from conquest to conquest.

But he's certainly masterful, and would be a great hero for just the right woman.

So, welcome, Julie, and thanks for joining us today!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

um, strike one of those Rs in harrasser, please. And pathetic speller here says: it's a word if I say it is. :)

JulieLeto said...

Marykate, I do think the "self-made" part plays a role. I know that Simon, in "Meltdown," my story in I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS was entirely self-made. So was Sebastian Stone from UP TO NO GOOD. Ian Blake, however, inherited his money...so I gave him a contentious relationship with his father to balance it out. That silver spoon came with a steep price, you know?

I think this hero appeals to me in part because of my father. He's not the least bit arrogant, but he's self-made. He and his father started a business when my father was only 17 and now it's a multi-million dollar corporation that my brothers run, though Dad is still there each and every day. No retirement for him! (And yeah, my mother is most definitely his match!)

Now THAT'S something I didn't think about until right now!

Ev, I think you're brilliant! Can you email me your address? Julie@julieleto.com. Then I don't have to try and sift through the hundreds of emails still unread from before Nashville. :-)

JulieLeto said...

Michelle, I've never read a Bond book...can you believe it? He's such a playboy, I wonder if that overshadows what a control-freak he is. :-) He's definitely got the sauve going on, though.

I know this type of hero mostly exists in Presents books and I think the reason those books GENERALLY don't work for me...I've read a few that rocked...is because of the heroine. They simply are too victimized by the man and don't get revenge in the end. Not my kind of story. I want a heroine who can hold her own and kick it up a notch. But then, I like that type of heroine no matter what the hero is like, LOL!

Kati said...

Julie - On the other hand, I love me some heroes who inherit their money and all the nonsense that goes along with it. Tucker from CARNAL INNOCENCE comes to mind. It's that small town, deep, dark secrets, rich family thing. Also Gray Rouillard from Linda Howard's AFTER THE NIGHT or Webb Tallant from LH's SHADES OF TWILIGHT. Both rich men tasked with managing their family's money. They all seem to have a meddling matriarch in their family.

Anyway, SHADES OF TWILIGHT is another favorite of mine -- but for that it's all about h/h chemistry.

Anonymous said...

How about Michael Valente from Judith McNaught's "Someone to Watch Over Me" - self made, tougher than nails to everyone except the heroine! Loved it! And though he inherited his money, I still love the original, hot, powerful hero - Darcy from P&P!

JulieLeto said...

Nina, I thought about Darcy! I wasn't sure if he fit entirely because he was so laid back about his power, but when he wielded it, wow! Like the Colonel in Sense and Sensibility (so deliciously played on screen by Alan Rickman!)

Cherie said...

Hi Julie! Great to see you here. How about Carrera from Diana Palmer's Carrera's Bride? Just finished reading it recently and so it was the first that came to mind besides some of the men already mentioned.

Cherie Japp

Playground Monitor said...

Ranger. Yum. But I secretly hope Stephanie will end up with Morelli.

I read a bunch of the Bond novels way back in my teens and y'all know that was back in the last century when girls wore go-go boots and we watched Bobby Sherman on TV, so I honestly can't remember much about them.

Can't think of any Chiefs y'all haven't named already. I read "Meltdown" and loved it. Kinda warmed up our cold December if ya get my drift.

Welcome, Julie. I still remember talking with you in the snack room at the Dallas Adams Mark 3 years ago. I was totally new to RWA and it was my first conference and I was all by myself and you were just so nice.

And hey Michelle! Thanks for popping by the Playground blog today.


ev said...

Play- if Stephanie ends up with Morrelli, does that mean Ranger goes to Lulu???

Julie- anything Alan Rickman plays in is delicious. Men in Tights, Die hard, lol.
I am emailing you now.

Of course almost any successful Vamp who has built his/her fortune and kept it for centuries would be considered a chief wouldn't they? Then their is always Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. oh, yummy.

Kati said...

Of course almost any successful Vamp who has built his/her fortune and kept it for centuries would be considered a chief wouldn't they?

Oh ev, I hadn't even thought of that. IMO, Nora Roberts' latest hero, Cian, from Valley of Death was quite alot like this, although he was very definitely a cynical, reluctant hero. But his actions were heroic, even if his words weren't always.

Then we didn't even talk about historicals, but I guess part of being a duke or an earl is the idea that you manage your family's estates and holdings, so maybe it's not such a big element in those stories.

Playground Monitor said...

Play- if Stephanie ends up with Morrelli, does that mean Ranger goes to Lulu???

Can you hear me laughing hysterically?

Uh... I think Ranger will find himself another Babe to love. One that's not quite so... how shall we say... Rubenesque?

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Julie!!!
Sabrina is my favorite movie and whether it's Harrison Ford or Humphrey Bogart, Linus Larrabee is absolutely the King of his castle. :o)

Lucas Hunter from Slave to Sensation is rich, powerful and utterly delicious. MK, back me up on this... :o)

Lisa Kleypas's Derek Craven was a self made man. Not always pleasant to be around but always yummy... :o)

Kimberly Raye said...

If Stephanie ends up with Morelli, I think Ranger will be split three ways--between Connie, Lulu and Vinnie!

Kati said...

Lucas Hunter from Slave to Sensation is rich, powerful and utterly delicious. MK, back me up on this... :o)

Sing it, sister!

JulieLeto said...

Uh, Ranger can go to me, thanks. :-) Stephanie belongs with Morelli. I've always thought so.

Yeah, there are a lot Vamp chiefs--I'm thinking Armand in INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE. Of course, Antonio Banderas is another actor who is simply slurpy in anything he does--I have a very good friend, Diana, who has a theory that I think is EIBWAR--Everything Is Better With Alan Richman. I agree!

Slave to Sensation is on my TBR pile...I must read it!

ev said...

(If Stephanie ends up with Morelli, I think Ranger will be split three ways--between Connie, Lulu and Vinnie!)

Poor, poor Ranger. I will volunteer for the duty of helping him get over it. No need to sic Vinnie on him. Besides, I don't think Ranger does ducks.

MK- I loved the new series, and really liked Cian.

ev said...

Julie, my daughter and your friend Diana would get along great. She is of the same opinion. She loves the harry potter series and even more so with him it it. I will have to tell her about EIBWAR!!

Are you getting any writing done today at all???? :snigger:

Kati said...

Julie - JulieO and I have been nagging and nagging at Michelle to read Slave to Sensation, which in my opinion was among the best *new* paranormals that came out this year (I say *new* cause I'm a JR Ward fangrrl and can't slight the Brothers!;oP).

In my opinion Singh builds an interesting and dynamic world that is wholly unexpected. And seriously, Lucas is just delicious. Really...like a Krispy Kreme.

You should definitely push it to top of your TBR stack!

Julie in Ohio said...

Ditto to everything Mary Kate just said.

Mmmm, Krispy Kreme...

katie said...

Julie...isn't that a picture of Jax from GH?

traveler said...

The Financier by Theodore Dreiser depicts the consummate hard driven executive. Meaningful and powerful with depth.

alissa said...

In The COmpany of Men is a movie that has plenty of nasties and shows us what some men are like.

Julie in Ohio said...

Does Jack Bauer count? I think saving the world in 24 hours would classify him as powerful and he is well travelled. He may not be rich but have you seen his hands? WOWZA!!!

joelle said...

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn rand is a classic and a great book.

Maureen said...

I would pick Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, Mornin' Bellas!

I completely agree with everything julie_in_Ohio and marykate said about Slave to Sensation (and I'm a huge fan of the Brothers too :) Plus it is so nice to read a book by a New Zealand author!

Unfortunately I never watched Dallas or Dynasty (I'm still smarting over not being allowed to watch the royal wedding episode), but what about Martin Sheen's character in The West Wing? Or am I completely on the wrong tangent?


ev said...

I loved the west wing orannia, and I do agree with you on that. thank god I have Studio 60 to watch.

Jennifer Y. said...

I adore Harrison Ford in Sabrina!! The character Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Batman movies is another that I though of...Val Kilmer's version was the first Batman movie I saw so he sticks in my head...him and Clooney.

Lisa Kleypas's Derek Craven is a fave in books.

There are also a lot of powerful men in category romances...specifically in the Desire and Presents lines. I recently read my first Sheikh book (The Nanny and the Sheikh by Barbara McMahon) and the hero was definitely powerful.

I think it is the strength that appeals to me...that I feel they can take care of me in every way...emotionally, financially, physically, etc.

Anonymous said...

Love ya Julie. Great strong Sexy men.

catslady said...

Other than ones already mentioned, I'm drawing a blank lol. I don't think I've read about any others that really fit the topic. I can come up with the powerful and rich (which to some people are sexy to them) but not anyone that I consider hot.

jeannie said...

Well I have no idea wgy I couldn't post before.

Julie I love your books. Great stories with wonderful characters. I think your strong men are terrific. Keep up the wonderful work. Hope you had fun in Nashville. Romance and suspence too!
Great choice.

As for Ranger he is my choice for Steph. Morelli is nice but I feel Steph would get bored. Plus she needs someone exciting and capable of saving her butt. That gal has trouble tacked to her back. {{{{Smile}}}}

New here nice to be here for plotmonkey week.

JulieLeto said...

Yes, that's Jax! (le pant, le heave, as Pepe Le Pew would say!) We plotmonkeys debated whether or not Jax was a Chief or a Charmer...he's a bit of both, just as Sonny is both a Chief and a Bad Boy. But it's their desire to control all the women around them that make them Chiefs. Most great heroes are combinations of different archetypes.

I read the first JR Ward book and have the next two on my TBR. JR Ward definitely has something amazing going with her series. I was fascinated by how she reeled me in...normally there are SO many things in her books I wouldn't like, but somehow, she got me to forget all of them and it was a rip-roaring great read. Kudos to the lady, because I'm a hard sell when it comes to vampires who aren't written by Anne Rice or Bram Stoker. Call me a classicist, LOL!

I'm NOT getting any writing done today...I have a horrible headache...it's been 8 hours now with little relief. That said, I avoid medication and only took something an hour ago.

As for Drieser...when I quit teaching 10 years ago, I swore off reading anything that was good for me or that might be taught in a class. I haven't broken that vow yet. :-) However, I will say that his book, SISTER CARRIE, was one of my favorites back when I was a student and as a teacher.

I've never read Ayn Rand, either. Too late now unless I decide to break my vow. Isn't it awful? :-)

And the ONLY Bruce Wayne is Michael Keaton! This is a non-classically good looking man that took that role and made it sizzling. If only Kim Basinger hadn't ruined everything. :-p

And Bruce Wayne is a GREAT chief!

The plotmonkey readers know that I'm a HUGE Justice League fan...that cartoon Batman...yowza. But again, he's a combination of Chief and Loner. Sexy, too...and not even 3-d.

katie said...

Julie...holy cow, that man is eye candy and has a sexy voice. I don't watch GH, but I have seen the actor interviewed and he seemed sincere, which puts him at the top of my list....as far as any other guy, I think you all mentioned the ones I can think of.

I still have a thing for a character in one of Janelle's books....I can't even remember the title of the book (I could tell you all about it, though). Gosh, that man was HOT! WHEW. I had to hide in the covers for that one. LOL!

sharon said...

Scent of danger by Andrea Kane depicts a wealthy businessman very well who has a dilemma involving his health.

Lois said...

I want to put the Phantom of the Opera, but I don't think he can be classified exactly as a hero. . . but there is Fox Mulder from the X-Files. :) Loooooved his look in season 4, 5, he's cute, smart, geeky and he always goes after anyone who hurts Scully! :)


Anonymous said...

I thought Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne was divine! And I had a kind of think for Caleb in The OC.

I'm trying to think of that type of character in a book but I'm drawing a blank.

pearl said...

A movie that fits this category completely and fully is Other People's money.

ev said...

Jenn y.- Clooney can stick in my head, and anywhere he wants too.

::zips over to Plotmonkeys to see what is going on::

Unknown said...

Rhett Butler?

ev said...

jenn- Clooney can stick anywhere he wants to as far as I am concerned. Preferably on me.

----> zips over to plotmonkeys to see what Julie is doing over there. (I am stalking her today. heheheh)

Elisa said...

Hi Julie,

It's nice to see you outside of Plotmonkeys... I can't wait to read your upcoming book and to see if you will be writing a 3rd Marisela book. I'm trying to get some of your past Blaze books, but its hard because there not in Barnes N Noble or Waldenbooks.

Yes i agree with you about Jax and Sonny from GH. And I never thought about Ranger and Morelli from the Plum series until playground and ev mentioned it.

What about the men from Susan Andersen's books, for example, here's one from Baby Im Yours, Sam Mckade is a big sexy bounty hunter, who turns up the heat with the twin sister that he mistaked for as a fugitive. I love Susan Andersen books. =o)

Have a great week Julie! And this is my first time on Romance by the blog so i just want to say hi to all, and thank you for letting me be here.

principessa said...

rich Man, Poor Man is a striking example of the power of the rich and their influence and strength.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Julie, first, can we add EIBWAR to the RBtheBlog Lexicon of Love? You and your girlfriend can have full credit. The Lexicon's got stuff like Rachd's snaxy (sexy w/ an edible quality. Or is that mk?), UATW, EMD, etc. And since we've discussed our suburban mom-lust for Snape, it only seems fittin.

Welcome, welcome, Elisa and new Bellas. As you see, nobody really needs me to put in my two cents once they get revved. And, as they know also, I probably don't have a penny's worth of input in today.

Every day I'm floored by how much you all know about romance. I'm so proud of my Bellas. [sniff. As in, I verklepmt, not, what smells?]

OK, here's my Chief input: I think there's a difference between the alpha and the Chief, which is why I'm so diggin Julie's subject today. And the idea that historicals don't have so many Chiefs, excepting Derek Craven and the McNaught ones is interesting. Does fighting on the field or in the lists to make one's fortune make one only alpha? Or is he a Chief, too? And once the money's inherited, whether the peer works the land w/ his vassals, etc., can he ever be a Chief?

ev said...

I think it depends, Michelle, on whether or not he handles the money in a way that helps it grow as opposed to losing it at the gambling tables. But then they would all be losers wouldn't they??/

Hi Monkeys!!!

Kati said...

SNAXY is definitely RachD. I wish it were me, but it wasn't.

Michelle, I think your question harkens back to what I asked earlier, if one is a Duke or Earl, one already has responsibility for their family's holdings. Therefore, do they count as chief, as they're not (generally) self-made men.

I don't know the answer.

JulieLeto said...

marykate, I don't think it's the presence of money and power that counts--it's what the man does with it? Is he charming and happy-go-lucky, free-spending and fun? Then maybe he's a charmer or a playboy? Does he hide himself in his estate, seeing no one except his manservant? Then he's a loner. Does he use his money to pursue art and literature? Then he's a professor. Does he have myriad mistresses and treat his title as a ticket to behave like a cad? Then he's a bad boy. I'm basing all this on Tami Cowden's archetypes for heroes. They aren't mutually exclusive.

Someone above mentioned a warrior, which is a different archetype from a chief. A chief is in charge and gives orders...but a warrior might be the one to carry out those orders. Or he could be the one in charge himself.

I'm writing both types in my NAL series. The first hero, Damon, is clearly the Chief. He respects his brother, the warrior (Aiden), and would fight side by side with him on the battlefield. But as the eldest son, it is his job to organize. He's cunning, but practical. He's also a great student, so he has shades of the Professor archetype, too.

Aiden will be more physical in my mind...more earthy. His education will be more battle-oriented and he's scarred from fighting in a war, so he'll have shades of the loner. I can't wait to get to him!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ooooo. Can I just say, Julie, that the scarred, war-weary mercenary/soldier is one of my favorite heroes?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ah, Bruce Wayne, JennY,Maria. He's a chief whose good isn't buried. Did he need to be rescued by a heroine? I don't remember enough about the comics to know fer sure.

And, Jen, the Sheik, Italian husband category heroes, etc., are SO chiefs, and I never made that connection! Cause they're more than alpha, no? I, too, dig the whole money/power thing, and pffft to anyone who says I can't be a feminist and love the idea of Prince Charming's money making my life easier and more fun.

Jeanette J said...

I've always liked the character Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. He has all the right qualities that appeal to me

Unknown said...

Roarke is still my favorite hero!

Jennifer Y. said...

Clooney can stick anywhere he wants to as far as I am concerned. Preferably on me.

LOL ev!

And, Jen, the Sheik, Italian husband category heroes, etc., are SO chiefs, and I never made that connection! Cause they're more than alpha, no? I, too, dig the whole money/power thing, and pffft to anyone who says I can't be a feminist and love the idea of Prince Charming's money making my life easier and more fun.

I am now a fan of Sheikhs...I need to find some more books with them as heroes.

And I am right there with you. I am all for standing on your own and being your own woman, but every now and then it would be nice to know that someone is there for you to lean on...someone to care for you, take care of your needs, and let you have fun without worries...someone with a take-charge attitude who takes some of the difficulty out of life.

Who says you can't have it both ways?

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh, and as far as the category romances go (as I mentioned above)...on Harlequin's website...the Desires' tagline is "Always Powerful, Passionate, and Provocative." Lately their heroes have been more powerful, CEOs, Doctors, millionaires, etc. The Presents feature "sophisticated men of the world" according to their description...I have not read many Presents, but I have yet to read one with a Beta hero...all of have been men in some type of position of power.

Those were just the two lines I immediately thought of when I read the question.

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh, and Stacy's man Nathan Kamp is making the Category Romance cover rounds this month...saw him on at least 4 covers while cruising the site.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!

Julie, thanks to the ploymonkeys I'm going to order some Colt's chocolates to try! Those brownies you guys featured look awesome!

One of my favorite movies is the Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosman and Rene Russo! I like to think he fits the role.

ReadingAddict1 said...

I can't think of any that the other's haven't mentioned already.

Anonymous said...

The characters Max in Wildfire by Susan Lewis and Francois in Darkest Longings by Susan Lewis definitely fit the description. They are divine!

Minna said...

Agent Booth from Bones comes to mind. :)

JulieLeto said...

Michelle, I haven't written a war-weary soldier like this before and I'm chomping at the bit. Other heroes of mine have had that element (Frankie in the Marisela books, for instance, since he'd been a gang-banger and served time in prison) but it wasn't their focus. I'm really looking forward to giving old Aiden a whirl!

But first, his brother...(she says as she goes to work!)

Thanks everyone for participating in this blog...my TBR pile has had a little shifting done and I'm also going to have to add to it. What fun the Bellas are! Thanks, again, Michelle, for having the Monkeys here this week!

Jennifer Y. said...

Thanks for visiting Julie!

flip said...

I have yet to find a strong man who is intimidated by a strong women. However, I have plenty of weak men who are intimidated by strong women.

A strong woman needs a strong man in her life.

Anonymous said...

Oh, definitely Booth from Bones, I am with you on that Minna!

Anonymous said...

I love all of them, any man in uniform I will fall at the feet of!

Anonymous said...

I love soldiers, I love the idea of taking care of a man who is taking care of his country.Yum!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, That comment was for the uniform post.

Jeanette mentioned Aragorn above and I agree. He was very sexy.

Anonymous said...

Great conversation! I happen to think Rhett Butler is something other than a chief (more on that tomorrow...lolol!) But if you do look at the classics, especially the romance classics, you'll see the chief turn up. Jane Eyre's Mr. Rochester is a loner-chief, I think.

I absolutely adored Victoria Holt books growing up and I think just about every one of them starred a Chief. One of my all-time favorites was the Australian hero in Pride of the Peacock...I developed a fascination with opals by a young age because of that book. Also loved the French count hero in Devil On Horseback.

Mmmm...wish I could get at all my hardback books that are packed up and in storage, I'd love a VH glom!

Jennifer Y. said...

Those sound interesting Leslie...I don't think I have ever read a VH book.

robynl said...

Have to agree with most of the ones already mentioned seeing I'm late.

Laurie said...

My all time hero is Mel Gibson's William Wallace in "Braveheart". His protrayal was so moving! The loyalty that he inspired among his fellow Scotsman. WOW!!
In a similar vein ,I loved Pamela Clare's "Surrender's" Iain MacKinnon. Another inspiration with numerous loyal followers!

Cherylann said...

Hi Julie

HMM Ranger from Stephanie Plum books

plotmonkeys rule

Kathleen said...

My vote is for RangeMan too :)

plotmonkeys definitely rule!