Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's All About Me...

...Tomorrow, Jan. 3!

Celebrate with me My Birthday and win some of my favorite novels during:

"'Show Me The Love' Day!"

Scavenger for clues throughout RBtheBlog while you fawn and flatter me with praise: faint, forced, or flat out fictional.

You could win: "Lord of Scoundrels," "The Last Arrow," "Witch of Blackbird Pond, "By Possession,"Whitney, My Love," or the romance that inspired Romance: B(u)y the Book, "The Nerd Who Loved Me."

Friday nite, Dave is throwing a little "Show Shell the Love" cocktail party for me. My closest girlfriends are coming for cocktails and -- my favorite -- hors d'oeuvres. In place of gifts? Each friend has to make up a poem, tell a story, sing a song, etc., that describes how wonderful I am, and why they love me. Si. I have no shame and can hardly wait.

What what your friends say about you at a "Show [YOU] the Love" party?


Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Michelle!!

You know we'll show the love. And it will all (cough, cough) be completely (cough,cough) true and unrehearsed. (clearing throat)

(off to put together a limerick fit for a queen)

Kati said...

Oh yeah, and COMPLETELY genuine and not contrived in order to win the prize. No really. I'm not kidding.

Where are you going???

Julie in Ohio said...

My friends would say that I am the most beautiful bestest friend they've ever had. I always have a kind word to say about anything and everyone. I'm never wrong about anything and am always gracious with my "I told you so".

(The speaking the truth began tomorrow, right?)

OT- I just began "Whitney, My Love" and although I'm not as far as I'd like to be, I am loving Whitney. She definitely makes my list of favorite heroines.

angelina said...

Michelle, I love, LOVE, that you're completely unabashed about your affection for your birthday. It is a great trait for a woman to have. My husband once asked me what my favorite holiday was and I said, without a blink, "My birthday." I honestly didn't understand why some people might consider that a little self-centered.

Embrace it, adore it, and I'll be around tomorrow to give you more compliments.

Julie in Ohio said...

Sarcasm aside- I would like to think my friends would call me loyal and kind. I can always find a positive to any negative situation and tries like mad to make everyone smile...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You guys SO get me! Really, like angelina says, if we have to have birthdays, let's treat em like holidays. I try to wring as much out of as mine as possible, and, frankly, refer to January as my "birthmonth." At least til nobody around here looks interested, let alone amused. Then it's back to me showin everybody else the lerve for the rest of the year.

Jules and mk, I'm interested to see how your fawning can get more deliberate. Is that possible? I mean, it's not like there are Lover Revealed secrets up for grabs or anything.

Even so, I'm nothing if not able to convince myself of a little perceived reality, so have at it, Bellas.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Those are fine qualities, jules, and probably why you ended up here. We'd say that about you, too.

Oh, gosh, the treacly lovefest folks will have to maneuver through tomorrow just to score a free book.

tee hee.

Kati said...

I once had a guy friend, who is 8 years younger than me introduce me to his girlfriend at the time as "This is Kati, she's older and really hilarious." SNORT.

I like to think most of the rest of my friends would describe me as loyal and also, probably one of my strongest suits is that I'm a straight shooter. I'm generally not afraid to tell someone I think they're acting like a lunatic, or that I don't think their boyfriend is treating them like they deserve, or that yes, those pants don't do anything for your a$$. Wait, that doesn't sound very good. I'm really a nice person, no really. It's just, I'd want someone to tell me if I had something hanging out of my nose, so I do the same. Wait, that doesn't sound very nice either. SIGH.


Seriously Michelle, I tell you all the time. Those "treacly lovefest" folks can kiss it as far as I'm concerned. You've created a wonderful, warm place to hang out, and we love ya for it. Even if you ARE selfish about the LR spoilers.

See? Telling it like it is. ;oP

Melissa McClone said...

What a great idea for a birthday celebration! Birthdays are huge in my house. We plan a year in advance. As soon as one is over! I believe in multiple day celebrations, not single day ones, so I'm right with you on the whole "birthmonth" thing! Enjoy!

As for my friends, I'm guessing (hoping) they'd say I prefer the glass half full, like happy endings, love pretty boys, need to learn to say no more often and am just a phone call away.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Good on you, melissa! You make a great friend, and I love the description. Best we notforget the pretty boys, Bella.

Michele said...

In my life, birthdays are ghostly here.
They only exist if you believe.

I'm glad you are looking forward to yours, Michelle. From the feedback and your explanation, you are one of the lucky ones. Birthdays look good on you.

What would friends say about me?
I'm nice.
That's about it because no one knows me truly. A bog part of who I am is the books I enjoy and the yearning to discuss them. No such luck with the friends I do have, so there'a a huge part of me unknown to them. They only know a partial "me".
Guess they're stuck with Mini-me.
And they seem OK with that.
I'm. .. nice. LIke cotton candy.

Have a wonderful, special and pampered day for your birthday, Michelle, just in case I miss the big bash. Know I'll be thinking of you.

ev said...

oh goody!!! A Birthday Party!! And no calories in the treats either, cause, it is a celebration and those are all calorie free. Right?

I celbrate the hell out of my 29th birthday every year. And it's not that I don't want anyone to know how old I am (almost 47) but because I only feel 29. And some would say almost look it too. No gray hair, no wrinkles. See what living the good life gets ya? snigger

And don't worry Michelle, we can all suck up with the best of them. Pun basically intended.

Michele said...

*sigh*, guess I'm "bogged down" abit, eh?
I'm bog ....sounds like a hyper ADHD mind combined the words Book and Hog and came out bog.
I'm a bog.
OK, I can live with that typo.

Julie in Ohio said...

MK said "Seriously Michelle, I tell you all the time. Those "treacly lovefest" folks can kiss it as far as I'm concerned. You've created a wonderful, warm place to hang out, and we love ya for it. Even if you ARE selfish about the LR spoilers."


-Julie, not afraid to use somebody elses eloquent dialogue as her own.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

yeah, jules. One girls plagiarism is another girl's repurposed eloquence... but, really, the prizes aren't being awarded til tomorrow.

And, I think I'm adding a Grand Prize for the most wicked insane fawn job of the day tomorrow.

michele! You need a treacle intervention, don't you?! Geez Louise, Bellas. We love having Michele around, and I, for one, miss you when you're not here for a while. We get you, michele, in all your bog-y glory. And, since we'll be doing more intense, intellectual discussion about romance fiction -- and pretty boys -- in the new year, we'll need all the yearning discussion we can get. (It keeps me on track with the mission, rather than scanning sites for hot guy picks all day).

ev, someone told me her girlfriend is having her 15th Annual 39th Birthday party this year, and does that theme yearly!

I'll be 42, am and diggin me now more than ever (I can say that because it is, in fact, all about me).Not that I'm happy with every aspect of aging, but there are very few -- ok, 1 or 2 maybe -- things I'd trade to be younger.

Can I tell you what part of this happiness with me is?

TREACLE ALERT. The info below may be considered treacly by some, and may not be appropriate for folks who've lost the map to their Happy Places:

I'm happier because I began reading romance novels, and started hanging out with people who love them, too, especially here at RBtheBlog.

Anonymous said...

It's my husband's birthday tomorrow too, although he is not quite as into it as you are. The poor guy just remembers growing up when all the money ran out at Christmas and he got pretty much a pat on the head and a cake if he was lucky. Speaking of which, I must make him a chocolate cake w/ cream cheese frosting right now while he's off at a b-ball game.

My friends would say I'm warm-hearted, dependable and occasionally funny. I've had some of the same friends for decades so I can't be that bad (but maybe if we all lived in the same state...). Maggie Robinson

Wolfy said...

As just having had my birthday a week ago, I will have to come back tomorrow and help you celebrate your birthday......Wonder if Stacy will send you the cake that was sent to me by the girls that she wanted me to be gentle with..........ROFLOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Was this cake made of beef by any chance, cryna? Ooooh, my favorite! Happy belated! Glad you're coming back tomorrow.

maggie, that's so funny! It's so hard to keep up out-of-state friendships sometimes. Happy b/d to your husband, too.

ev said...

My friends refer to me as a pit bull- I don't give up and if you do something to one of them, I am just as likely to take your leg off. Just don't f^&* with me, otherwise, all bets are off. I have no problem opening my door to someone in need, just don't steal from the hand that gave you help.

Michelle- I find that funny, every year I do the same so this year it will be the 18th anniversary of my 29th birthday. lol

Michele said...

Aw, Michelle, you are so sweet!

Sweeter than Treacle and smoother than honey,
your blog is amazing,
your humor is funny,
intense discussions, hunky guys and guest bloggers sublime,
romance readers flock to you,
guaranteed to have a great time,
Michelle, ma belle
your grace and beauty,
of which you share
are raiments that adorn you and show us your care.
May your birthday be filled with romance and fun,
Because dear, Michelle,
you are our # 1 !!!

Thank you for your heartwarming words.
Hugs and Happy early Birthday!

Stacy~ said...

Me? Oooooh love me the birthdays! October 11th for anyone who's keeping track. My favorite day of the year, or week (I have a tendency to drag things out) ;)

Me, let's see, my true friends would say I'm spoiled, conceited, love to give people crap, have a slight obsession with the hottie population and love to tease mercilessly - and they wouldn't have me any other way. Probably. Plus, I think they know I love 'em cuz I let them know how much they mean to me and support them when life sucks, and just in general think they rock and deserve the best. That would be me *g*

Kidding, just kidding. It's a complete addiction, not just an obsession.

I'm a lot like Michele - the Mini Me version is easier to take.

Ooooh Cryna, now that's a great idea! Early happy b-day queen Bella! Smooches!

Kati said...

GASP! Michele - Excellent SUCKING UP Bella! Yowza! I'm pea green with envy.

MK, who can't rhyme a d*mn thing!

Playground Monitor said...

I'm heading toward the 26th anniversary of my 29th birthday. In many ways it just gets better. However, my lower back is disagreeing right this minute. *g*

LOVE the birthday photo! And what a clever idea for a party. Flattery -- the gift that makes you feel oh so wonderful!

My friends would say I'm dependable and loyal -- I hope. I try to be those things. And they always say that I know everybody (at least at RWA they said that). Not true! I don't know a lot of people but I sure know Michelle! And what a super, duper person to know.


Michele said...

Stacy~ a Mini-me? No! No way! You are too vibrant and enthusiastic to be classified as mini -
you are Snaxi-Maxi -
and NK would adore you!

MK, ooh, you think I did OK? Did I do her justice?
And don't knock yourself. I bet you are going to blow us baby bellas away with your Tribute to Queen Bella.
Can't wait to see!

Stacy~ said...

Rhyme? Rhyme! Who's got time?
Gotta go to work but Michelle's online.
Tryin' to make a buck but d*mn that Canna's fine!
Beggin' for LR dirt, come on QB don't make me whine.
Snaxy men, sexy books, man, Michelle's divine!
Gerry Butler, Johnny Depp - Vivi says it's time to dine!
Cover models, back off Bellas, Nathan's mine!
Fun and games, fans and pals, let's sit back and have some wine.
Friends, hotties, books and movies - yeah the good things in life...
wait a second, wait a minute, hey that's MY line!

Stacy~ said...

Michele you are too kind, and I just loved your poetry. You inspired me...though mine's more the Dr. Suess version.

Seriously in real life, I'm a total wallflower. Unrecognizable. I am the gray paint on the walls, the white noise, if you will LOL. That's why I can so relate to what you said. Being here is one place I can let loose and act out my inner juvenile delinquent. And dang, I am havin' a blast!

Jules, so glad you're enjoying Whitney. JM rocks my world.

Rach said...

Well, I found a moment to come and play, ready with some handy wit, and Michele, you totally kicked what I was gonna say outta my head! You ROCK Bella! That was *awesome*!

Michelle, I have no idea if I'll be able to come around tomorrow--I hope to!--so early Happy Birthday, Queen Bella. Thank you so very much for starting this wonderful blog, a safe and happy place for me to be my Pollyanna self and to hang with some sincerely sweet and wonderful,witty women. (I know, treacle heavy, I apologize.) Oh, yeah, the half naked wet guys are pretty spectacular too...;o). Because of this blog, I began my own. It's all *your* fault, Queenie!

Now, what would my friends say about me? They would say I'm loud, exuberant, an empathetic listener who just wants everyone to be happy and get along. I am always waaaayyyyy to bubbly and happy and only see the best in most people (that Pollyanna syndrome I mentioned above). I'm quick to laugh and have a great sense of humor (I hope...) and really try to make the best out of what life throws at me.

They would also say I talk WAY too much! :oP

(MK, and Jules, if ya'll manage to wrangle any LR info outta the Queen, you'll share, right? RIGHT?? ;o))

Rach said...

Stacy, you inspire me too ;o). I wish I were more poetic. =)

Michele said...

You're welcome Stacy~!!
LOL @ Dr. Suess. Too fun - hey, no sharing of NK? pooh, I guess I'll get Johnny, as long as he dresses up as Cpt Jack. (with better teeth and a bath)

I like your version, covers all the highlights. Very clever!

And you're white noise? I'm a Charlie Brown Halloween - "I got a rock" - and in crowds, I like to crawl under it. Super quiet that's me. Except here and our blogs.
There's too much inspiration here on RBtheblog to stay quiet for long. It starts in the toes, shivers up the spine to explode through our fingers on the keyboard.
Oooh, feel the power!
You feel NK, same thing.
teehee and snicker

Julie in Ohio said...

We've got your back, Rach. I'm hoping she'll be in such a good mood tomorrow she'll let some really good stuff slip... :o)

Stacy/Michele-- You both ROCK! How am I suppose to compete with wit like that? I guess I'll just have to bring an extra tube of chapstick for some serious kissing up...

Michele said...

Julie in Ohio, what flavor? *grin*

Oh, Rachd! Thank you! But you'll come up with something cool, I just know it. Then I'll be striving to catch up. *wink*

bet tomorrow is going to be schmooze city around here. With everyone's input, somehow I expect that Godiva Chocolates, Sees candies and and ALL of Hershey PA. wont' come close to the sweetness that will be this blog tomorrow.

Who's going to put the trick candles on Michelle's cake? LOL
Remember, they have to be shaped like her favorite Soccer players .... *giggle*

Vivi Anna said...

Stacy!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, loved it!!

Stacy~ said...

Cake with trick "candle"? Check - got it, uh, covered. It's been delivered. (Thanx Cryna!)

LOL Vivi. I couldn't not include you in on that poem, especially where eating is concerned (God I'm going to h-double-hockey-sticks....but I bet I won't be alone). You're infamous, kid ;)

Speaking of which, I gotta get my suck-up posts in while I can cuz I'll be at work slaving away while the rest of you are in sugar shock. Have fun tomorrow, bellas!

Captain Jack said...

I took me a bath, brushed me teeth and hair and am ready for the party. Are ye ready, Signora? ;-)

J. Sparrow

Michele said...

SQUEEE!!! Board me mate!
(as I swing from a rope into your arms)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, my, celebrities! Oh, yes, yes, YES, Cap'n! Savvy, indeed!

I can't wait til tomorrow. Sheesh, it's not even my birthday and already my teeth ache from the sweets. And, um, the (beef)cake arrived, Stacy. Grazie, Bella! As I mentioned, I may have to switch from merely licking the icing off my fingers to...

Gotta go clean up the place and get things ready. You know, fluff up my party dress, count the noise-makers, cue the pretty dancing boys.

Oooh, I can hardly wait! Thanks for making it exciting already, Bellas!

Playground Monitor said...

Pretty dancing boys? Did someone say pretty dancing boys?

√Člodie said...

Happy Birthday to you, Michelle!

I hope the day is a fabulous one for you!

(another Cap)

ev said...

Michele- (you are Snaxi-Maxi) sounds like something you would find in the feminine produts isle. Just kidding!! Maybe.

I am jealous, I can't rhyme a thing.

Stacy- our anniversary is Oct 11. What a great day that seems to be.

Play- nice dancing boys. I will have to go dig up the pics of the guys I used to design costumes for way back when I was in college. Now THOSE were some parties!!

Rach said...

Marilyn, THANK YOU!!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Michelle!

I hope you had a wonderful day!

Dannyfiredragon said...

Happy belated birthday Michele!

May all your dreams and wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

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