Monday, January 22, 2007

Hey, Hey, It's PlotMonkey Week!

Oh, how could I have forgotten? Thursday, I'm interviewing La Nora about her Lifetime Television novels-to-movies! What do you think I should ask her?

He's the King of the Jungle, and they ain't talkin' Elvis in a loincloth.

Nope, this week the cheeky monkeys from -- Carly Phillips, Julie Leto, Leslie Kelly, and Janelle Denison -- are here

Tues. Jan 23 -- Fri. Jan 26

and they're talkin' Heroes, those Kings of the Jungle of Romance!

Julie Leto, Tues 23

Janelle Denison, Wed 24

Leslie Kelly, Thrs 25

Carly Phillips, Fri 26

I've met only Carly and Julie, but Janelle and Leslie are warm and welcoming as anything over at, this group's group blog, where they talk about family, life, writing, and eating lots of chocolate. And they give away lots of chocolate, too. Know your audience, I say.

So join us this week as the PlotMonkeys teach us the Law of the (Romance) Jungle!

How much do you love chocolate? Read any romances with chocolate-y good themes? Howza bout some romances with chocolate-y good love scenes?


Playground Monitor said...

I like chocolate, but not en masse. I buy Hershey kisses -- the dark chocolate ones -- and a couple of those are usually enough to satisfy the chocolate hunger. And ya know, dark chocolate has antioxidants so it's good for ya. ;-)

Don't know any chocolate-y romances but I'll be checking in to see what the others write about, cause I'm sure the other folks here at RBtB WILL know.

Marilyn - who has 6 bars of Godiva chocolate in her office that've been there for 6 months. I really should just give them away before it rots.

Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas!

One scene sticks out to me. It's the first time Sam Starett and Alyssa Locke make love from, I think it's THE DEFIANT HERO by Suzanne Brockmann. There's chocolate syrup involved and it's combustable! Stace - correct me if I'm wrong. I think I've got the right book, but since Sam and Alyssa's story carries over several books, I can't remember if I'm correct or not.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It actually snowed here in DC, and of course, we all reacted with appropriate hysteria! LOL! Most of the schools are closed.

I went and saw NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM on Friday. What a great kids film! Very funny and full of both kinds of humor, kid and adult. Really cute.

I also re-read SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS by Mary Balogh and WARPRIZE by Elizabeth Vaughan. Really enjoyed both re-reads, although for completely different reasons.

Hey Vivi - did you see that Inferno is in the running in the AAR Annual Readers Poll for most erotic romance? I voted for you, Bella!

OK, that's all I can think of. Looking forward to lots of fun hero-talk this week with the Plot-Monkeys!

Melissa McClone said...

I cannot survive without chocolate! Romance and chocolate just seem like a natural pairing to me.

Vivi Anna said...

I love me some chocolate! I'm on a big choco covered raisin kick right now...

MK - THANK YOU so much. That's so awesome. I did see that I was in the running. It's very cool. I've never been on the AAR list before, I almost feel like I've arrived!!! LOL

Wolfy said...

I am not a big chocolate fan, I like some but not in vast amounts. Looking forward to the PlotMonkeys visit this week.

LizbethSelvig said...

I am the saddest of sad choco-holics. DH tells everyone that if there isn't some form of chocolate somewhere in the house, he doesn't really dare come home. I have been known to settle for cupfuls of Cocoa Puffs if nothing stronger is available. But dark chocoate? I'm so anti-oxidized I should live to be a very very old woman! An open bag of chocolate chips is an empty bag. I also make a mean French Silk pie with an oreo cookie crust. And nothing goes on chocolate-based ice cream like dark fudge syrup (and we make our own - with evaporated milk and lots of butter). See what I mean? Don't let anyone tell you that life on the dark (chocolate)side of The Force isn't a very sick addiction!!

As for chocolate reads - I'm sadly on the opposite end of the spectrum and can't think of one I've read. I'll write down all the titles suggested here today, though (thanks MK) because they'd certainly be less detrimental to the hips ....

Happy New Week!

Julie in Ohio said...

Mornin', Bellas!!!



Yes, MK, it is THE DEFIANT HERO that has that delectable syrup scene. It was a wonderful example of what happens when you mix alcohol, a stocked refridgerator and a perfect couple. *dreamy sigh*

I think it is Jennifer Crusie's BET ME that has a tame bondage scene with chocolate donuts. I don't normally care for chocolate donuts but I could be reformed...

I feel a cavity coming on....

robynl said...

I also heard that dark chocolate is better for you so when buying groceries this weekend I bought 2 dark chocolate bars. This, of course, is only for research purposes!!!

Lois said...

Ooh, love chocolate. . . I mean, it's a health food for crying out loud. ;) I remember reading two Blazes with a chocolate theme of some sort. If the titles were coming to me, I'd post it, but they're on the tip of the brain cells and just not coming. LOL :)


ev said...

OOhhh MK, I had forgotten about The Defiant Hero and the chocolate syrup scene!! Thanks for reminding me.

The only other book I can think of is one of LKH's Anita Blake books, but for the life of me I can't remember which one. Or if it was chocolate syrup. Or who- or what- it involved. eek.

I am still recovering from the Rock Star:Supernova concert last night. I don't know if I would want to "own" one myself, but there is something about a half naked man with pierced nipples and a guitar, or drums, depending on which half naked man I was talking about.

I can't wait to have the Plotmonkeys here. That means I get them twice a day this week.

Vivi- I will have to head over to the new AAR poll and vote!!!

ev said...

hopefully by Thursday Leslie's finger will be better. She seems to have cut it while on vacation with the other Monkeys and is having problems typing.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Woo hoo! Vivs wrote: I almost feel like I've arrived!!!

Bella, you arrived loooong ago, and now you're just gettin the VIP treatment you deserve. Here's some cyber-Raisinettes for you. I luvs em, too!

MK, jules, ev, gotta read that Brockman. I'm feeling SB deficient, cause I haven't read one of hers in ages. And chocolate only makes it better.

there is something about a half naked man with pierced nipples and a guitar, or drums, depending on which half naked man I was talking about. Oh, ev, there is simply nothing to add to that, assuming he's a very dirty boy.

lois, go eat some chocolate. It'll get those cells firin', and the books'll come to you.

robinl, dark chocolate, erotica, lovely websites with beautiful young men: it's alllll reasearch, Bella. Humanity owes you for your selflessness.

Melissa, you're so right. Chocolate and romance, me and Cannavaro. So perfect together. Humor me, please?

Jules, I'm guessin you feel more than a cavity comin on...

Hmmm, I didn't know any of that about you, Lizeee. Interesting.

Marilyn, how dare you tease us with those Godivas? Actually, I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but it's all in the delivery system for me. Peanut butter on a spoon dipped in semi-sweet morsels? Yes. Dark-choco covered strawberries? Check.

Wait! This is in honor of Vivi Anna's listing at AAR(cause we've done the sammich thing recently):

Who would you most like to drench in chocolate and yum on up?

catslady said...

Leonardo DiCaprio - he's my latest favorite actor :)

I too am not a huge chocolate eater. A little goes a long way. A piece with a nice cup of coffee or wine is how I like it.

Kati said...

David Beckham, dipped in chocolate. Possibly with some whipped cream. Definitely.

I think we should form a club that says something like: "ViviAnna, we coulda told you a long time ago."

Vivi - What Michelle said. I was thrilled to cast my vote for you, it was justifiably deserved. But I have to say, I had a wOOt! moment for you when I got a load of who else was nominated. You're in the running with some giants in the industry! How cool is that?!

It'll come as no surprise to anyone that J.R. Ward came up several times in my votes. LOL! Also Nalini Singh. Michelle, I swear to you, I'm gonna buy you a copy of SLAVE TO SENSATION and ship it to you. I know you have an aversion to actually paying for books like we lesser mortals (BIGGRIN). You gotta, gotta, gotta read her, and then, get her to come blog. Right Jules?!?!

I was on La Nora's website today and saw that she has a link to the Lifetime stuff about her movies (the first of which airs on Jan. 29th). I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am about this! I mean, really. And they're making MONTANA SKY, which is one of my all time favorite books of hers! Now, if they'd just make TRUE BETRAYALS and possibly HONEST ILLUSIONS, I'd be beside myself!

LizbethSelvig said...

Ah, I forgot about Jenny Crusie's "mild doughnut" scene. Sweet - literally. Also I have one that's probably stupid to mention because it's unavailable to the public yet - a fellow Alaskan who's about to have her first e-book out with Triskelion in May, has a WIP that has the hottest chocoloate cake scene I can imagine. She has a real gift for the erotic love scene and this one includes chocolate cake, coffee and kissing in a way that leaves your eyes bugging. Sorry it's not "real" yet - but you can watch for her : Shea McMaster.

Anyhow - maybe it'll be a new trend in our books, chocolate.

As for dipping in chocolate - hmmm, a little Adrian Paul, a little in the cleft of Viggo Mortenson's chin, even a little Hugh Laurie. Then there was Tim in 11th grade - the closest I ever had to a "bad boy" boyfriend. We passed lemon drops and Hershey's kisses back and forth. TMI, but nice to remember after all these years.


Playground Monitor said...

Daniel Craig, dipped in chocolate, shaken not stirred. ;-)


Stacy~ said...

Oh, my ears were burning - Sam and chocolate, yep, the ultimate experience ;) As Julie mentioned MK, you are so right. I can't even recall any other chocolate experience in a book, though Erin McCarthy has a fun and sexy scene with pixie stix and other sweet treats in "Mouth to Mouth".

I think I'm finally back, the exorcism is complete and so far, 100% successful. My computer is back to its original self.

Hmmm, as to whom I'd like dipped in chocolate, other than my new love, Josh Bernstein, I am going to go with...Denzil Washington. I won't know where the chocolate ends and he begins ;)

Julie in Ohio said...

You guys are KILLING me!! :o)

Vivi-- Let me add my voice to what MK and Michelle have already said. I threw my vote Kat's way, too. :o)

Let me see...choco dipped hottie...hmmm...I'm with the Leos and the Viggos and the Joshes (Stacy's right, he his a hottie) but let me add a Johnny Depp. He has that dirty side to him that begs to be choco-fide. I just saw Pirates 2 so I wouldn't mind a little Orlando, also. :oP

kim h said...

any winners for janelle and julie post?