Monday, January 08, 2007

Eve Ortega GuestBlog: Wicked Games With Mr. Darcy

2 Contests!!! One lucky commenting Bella wins a prize from Eve -- scrumptious Fair Trade chocolate. And two others each win a download of Avon's FanLit e-novella, "These Wicked Games."

Meet Eve Ortega, Chapter Grand Prize winner of Avon's ingenious FanLit competition. She won a trip to NY for a day spent with the gang at HarperCollings. Eve, did you meet my fave HC/Avon publicist, Buzzy? We have to get him here to say hi.

I've only just e-met Eve, and already I think she's great: funny and very professional, a couple things that help folks go far in any biz, but especially the Romance biz.

Eve is a part-time librarian (shhhh!), full-time mommy, and a swing-shift writer living in So Cal. She digs anything Regency and entered FanLit under the alias TessaD (for Darcy?) A warm buongiorno as we learn More About Eve...

In my house, we’re always pleading amnesia.
“Oh, is Tuesday our trash day?”
“I can’t remember the last time I watered that plant.”
“We have two kids? When did that happen?”

So it wasn’t much of a stretch, spinning fake amnesia into a winning storyline for the Avon FanLit romance-writing event. Aspiring romance authors around the country came together for 6 weeks to guide Damien, the Earl of Coulter, and his bride-of-convenience, Patience, on the path to love.
My chapter won round 4 of 6 in the online contest, as well as a place in the resulting e-novella, "These Wicked Games."

Amnesia was the least of our couple’s problems. Assumed identities, missing letters, ghastly redecorating, and more – just in the six winning chapters! In the 1,000+ entries, Damien and his lady survived hundreds of boring balls, traveled through time, faced down zombies, and performed an exorcism. And each week, the writers still managed to incorporate a zany collection of required elements – items such as feathers and lightning and pots of chocolate. Wicked games, indeed.

But speaking of wicked games, I just love to see a well-matched hero and heroine square off. When the game is seduction, everyone wins – especially the reader. I’m thinking of books like Eloisa James’ "
Kiss Me, Annabel," where Ewan and Annabel trade secrets for kisses. Or Loretta Chase’s "Lord of Scoundrels," where Dain and Jessica keep upping the ante with those delicious words, “I should like to see you try.”

What are your favorite “wicked games” in romance? Or in real life?

And any FanLitters out there – what’s new with you since the end of that wicked game called FanLit?

Oh, and I hear that HOT and WET are the words for 2007 on this blog.

So, because I never would have found FanLit without my Jane Austen obsession…
And because (let’s face it) my Austen admiration would never have bloomed into obsession without Colin Firth …

And because Colin champions the cause of fair trade and looks both HOT and WET drenched in fair-trade coffee …

I will reward one lucky commenter with a pot (okay, a hand-woven basket) of fair-trade chocolate from Global Exchange.

You can learn more about Eve and her novel-in-progress at her website,, and her blog "TessaD - A Study in Sleep Deprivation."
FanLit Winner Sara Dennis GuestBlogs Fri, Jan 12!


Lenora Bell said...

You gotta love Eve. Even when she was racking up the wins and raves during the contest, there was no way I could find it in my heart to be jealous of her, and I'm sure other FanLitters will agree--she deserved it all! So thanks for featuring her (and thanks to Eve for showing me this fun site that I will now frequent daily for lots of hot, wet action).

As for wicked games, I liked Leda Swann's novella in the Parlor Games anthology from Avon Red, about a newcomer to a rowdy Victorian brothel who gets initiated into the delights of naughty stereoscopes, games of "strip Ecarte" and "Blindman's Buff," and erotic shadow plays. Awww yeah.

But that's just me. I'm a sucker for all things Victorian, wet and hot... Now where can I get a picture of a soaking wet Rupert Everett as Sherlock Holmes?

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Congratulations, E/T! I just checked out your new website...before you know it, you'll be incorporated and copyrighted. Love your excerpt (and I have all the time in the world to reread it since it's finally a snow day here in Maine--no shushing in the library for me today).

My favorite game? The inadvertent warm-up of a frosty, supercilious man by a frosty, determined woman. Sounds like P & P to me!

Post Fanlit, I'm finally back to my WIP. Only 25,000 words to go. And you know I have a baby blog, which you so graciously visit. Next up: reworking my queries and synopses so they don't sound so wretched. Hi to the Fanlit survivors!

And I want the chocolate. I already lived the novella. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello there Eve (and all the rest of the FanLitters)! I'm glad you're doing well.

Since FanLit, I've revised (again) The Manuscript That Will Not Die. Okay, I love the dang thing. And it keeps getting better, at least in my opinion (and that of my critique partners). Now I'm doing a much bigger revision to another WIP (paranormal romance). It needs some work, and I think I have figured out what that is. Again, I love the dang thing.

Congratulations on winning the big prize, Eve! Like Lenora Bell, I can't be jealous. You deserved it!

Anonymous said...

Love your website and excerpt TessaD!

My favorite Wicked Games in Romance? That’s a tough one because I love them all! So I’ll post about a recent novel… it’s from Pleasure for Pleasure by Eloisa James. I loved how Josie allowed Mayne to believe a certain thing to get what she wanted… now THAT’S a wicked game. Vague, I know, but I don’t want to give it away ;)

What have I done lately since Avon Fanlit? I entered a novel in The Golden Heart, continued writing in the drafts for two Scottish Historicals, and committed to many exciting goals for my New Year. This is the year I submit!

Mary aka Tweety on Avon Fanlit

Unknown said...

Congrats on winning the Fanlit competition!

critters said...

Loved your website and your FanLit chapter.

FanLit was my first experience writing and now I am hooked. Since FanLit I have joined two groups that were organized by FanLit writers. I wrote a nano novel. I plan on joining one of the Houston chapters of RWA.

As for wicked games....I can't decide....

Gladys aka crittersanon on Avon FanLit

ev said...

mary- thanks for not giving it away!! I have PFP sitting in my TBR pile.I have jury duty this week, so will be bringing something with me if I get called. That may be it. I have soooo many to read.

I don't write, so I can't be jealous of anyone who does. Daughter on the other hand, wrote a play last semester (more than one Act and everything!). Her prof told her to fix a couple things and then he has someone he wants her to send it to!! I hope she doesn't chicken out.

Vivi- I believe it is something right up your alley. She was researching sex toys while she was doing it!! Hubby wondered why she was looking up porn. LOL

I think it is fantastic that the web has opened up so many opportunities for people to be able to write and get their stuff out there. I have read more stuff because of the web than I ever would of without it.

Oh, and HOT and WET are not the only words of 2007 here. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Colin. You should read some of our old stuff, right Bellas???? Love the pic of him. Can I lick the caffeine off??????? please??????

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Eve, Bellas, FanLitters -- new friends, all!

I'm so glad you're here, Eve, especially cause you share our adoration for Colin and P&P, as ev said. Congratulazione on your FanLit win.

The thing I loved so much about the FanLit idea was it took into consideration the power of this medium, the Inet, which is the most significant one for readers and writers of romance.

Some disparage the fact that romance readers want to write it, too. Foo-tah-tha (that's phonetic Italian for what basically means -- well, you can guess what that means). If you can't feel what your readers feel, if you can't understand what it's like to cough up 8 or 15 or 24 bucks for a novel? I think you end up out of touch with them.

And I love the fact that Avon calls a fan a fan. Some folks hate calling their readers fans, but lemmee tell you that I'm a fan of the woman who writes the book, I want to know more about her because she speaks to me through her work. And I bank on that, because it's why "fans" show up here and places like it to make connections with their favorite authors.

We're women. We love romance. We're all about connections.

Oh. And hot, wet guys.

My favorite wicked game? Well, it's old hat for anyone who knows me, but it's the ingenue flummoxing the hardened rake by using his own methods of seduction.

And I've enjoyed the Leda Swan, too, lenora. :) That's a husband/wife team, right?

Manda Collins said...

Eeeeeeeve! Great blog! And great Darcy pic. Any friend of Darcy's is a friend of mine;)

Almost as soon as fanlit ended, my immune system went kaput and I suffered through not one, but two colds over the month of November. That's what happens when you work on a college campus, I guess. But in the meantime some fellow Bon Bons and I got together and created our own blog

Romance Vagabonds

in the hopes that we could bully one another into finishing our WIPS. No one has done it so far, but we've given ourselves until the end of 2007 so like a true English major I plan to wait until the last minute:)

Hey Bellas be sweet to Eve! She's good people!

Tessa Dare said...

Good morning, bellas and Fanlitters! Just waking up here in Cali.

Lenora - I have a feeling one of my new favorite wicked games will take place in a certain Victorian erotic novella featuring one sinful spinster. But I haven't read it yet. (shameless hint) And thanks for lettimg me know my website - within *hours* of launch - is already blocked in China!! I must be doing something right. :)

Maggie - Oh, snow. I remember snow. We're taking our children to visit some in a few weeks. Yes, I so "graciously" visit your blog. What a *chore* it is to rub elbows with your celebrity commenters such as Mary Jo Putney. thank you for so graciously humoring me ever since I started stalking you for invites in the second week of Fanlit.

Cheryel - It's so good to hear from you! Don't let that manuscript die! A paranormal, hmm? Wow - that's so much work. Coming up with your whole alternate world and all. I'm awe of people who do that. That's why I like Regency England - one country, about 10 years time span, that's all I can manage.

Tweety! - Ladies, this woman writes some smokin' hot romance. I still remember your Round 6 entry. (Um, can't remember the exact title, but I remember it was some steamy stuff!) Good luck with the GH and submissions!

Gladys - I am so glad to hear that you are still writing, and doing NANO! You were so brave to dive into writing with Fanlit, of all things. It wasn't a contest for the faint of heart. Good luck!

AmyS - Thanks!

ev - I am so glad you enjoyed your wakeup cuppa Colin! I figured I would not be alone in the adoration of ODB (our dear boy). I mean, really, who can resist? Yum.

And thanks for making a great point about the Internet opening up new opportunities for writers. Aside from contests and online publishing, the big thing that helped me go from a person who wanted to write to a person who actually writes was just connecting with other writers online. And FanLit was amazing for that. I don't know if I'd be doing much writing at all without the Internet. I might, however, be doing more housecleaning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eve/Tessa!

Avon's FanLit was such an incredible experience! I've been writing for a LONG time, but never encountered anything like it. It was so intense! When you only had from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon in which to write the chapter, and then a couple of days in which to promote it and do all the voting you could, then the final vote for the winner of the round, then it was Friday again and time to write the next chapter! I couldn't make my friends or family understand what I was going through.

But my fellow FanLitters understood.

The sense of camaraderie and discovery were a little too good to give up. So I didn't. A bunch of us found a home [URL=]here[/URL]. We don't try to do it as fast as Avon did, but we have built ourselves a nice community and challenged each other to write on demand. It's a lot of fun.

Outside of that I have submitted to the Golden Heart, revised one of my manuscripts, and gotten used to blogging. I can't wait to get over to your new web site to see what you've written!


Tessa Dare said...

Michelle - Thanks so much for such a warm welcome! And yep, I have no problem with the label "fan." Any would-be writer has be a fan. Or to put it in a more high-falutin' way, as Saul Bellow said, "A writer is a reader moved to emulation."

Maaaaanda! Way to plug the blog, Vagabond girl. It's a great blog, bellas. These ladies bring up some thought-provoking topics. They are all good people. Manda being one of the best kinds of people - library people!!

Tessa Dare said...

Hi, Alice!

I know - it's pretty tough to explain to "others" how FanLit took over 6 weeks of my life. It was just so addictive! I was online ALL the time. The challenge of writing on a short turnaround forced my creativity into overdrive, and then getting the instant feedback in the form of ratings and comments was a real high. Or a real low, depending. It's so cool that you guys have extended the experience at Fanlit Forever. Maybe you pick up some new players here!

Sarah Palmero said...

Eve! Here you are! What a great post! And I offer you my congratulations on your win, again. :) The word's still circulating about it, so don't be surprised if you hear about it for another little while.

As far as wicked games go, I like having the hero's plans for seduction turned around on him as well. It's a great tactic. I don't have specifics, unfortunately, but I like the general idea.

Pam Skochinski said...

Good morning Eve! Great blog. I'll be visiting your website as soon as I finish typing.

Wow -- lets see, what have I been doing since fanlit? Like everyone else -- writing. I finished a short novella, sent it off, got rejected (BUT it was with comments and directions to revise and resubmit! So, I'm encouraged). While it was out, I started another novella (no 100K for me yet) and the first draft of it is almost done!

Since I normally write mystery (, I've adopted a pseudonym for my romance stuff. I now have a blog at so you can see what romance has done to me!

Lindsey said...

Wicked blog, Eve!! FanLit was such a fun and memorable experience thanks to all the great people who participated. Props to CF and JA for getting you there!

So, has These Wicked Games hit the bestseller list yet? Or don't ebooks qualify? ;)

Oh, and my most anticipated wicked game of 2007: EJ's strip dominoes!

Lenora Bell said...

Michelle- Yes, Leda Swann is a husband/wife writing team. Isn't that sweet? It must be nice to have twice the research power when you're writing Victorians. BTW, I love your blog! I want to go back and comment on all the old entries, but I must restrain myself. I owe my crit partners a rough draft of my WIP by today. And I'm already burning the midnight oil here in China. But expect to see me around in the future. How exactly does one earn bellahood, anyway?

Eve- OK, OK. But the games are more rough than wicked right now, and *not* in a kinky s&m way.

Fanlitters- So good to see you online again! I can't wait to buy your books...

amy said...

Good morning Eve. Great blog. As for wicked games...hmm...I'd like to read a book that incorporated a wicked game of hide and seek.
Cacth ya later.

amy said...

Me again. I've been thinking about those wicked games. about a wicked geometry problem?

Tessa Dare said...

Oh, amy, you sly girl. My WIP does feature a game of hide-and-seek that goes all kinds of wicked. But how about a wicked game of survival taking place on a tropical island? That's what I *really* want to read.

Lenora - well let's just say I'm very intrigued! Can't wait.

Lindsey - thanks for stopping by! Um, I haven't seen TWG on any bestseller lists yet - it *must* be because e-books don't qualify. :)

Pamsko - That's so great that you had a request for revisions! I can't wait to check out your alter ego's blog.

Sara - Thanks, and congratulations right back atcha! Sara Dennis is the other grand prize winner, for those who might not know - I think she's blogging here Friday, right?

Beverley Kendall said...

Hi Eve,

Love your website and the excerpt from Goddess of the Hunt.

Wasn't Avon Fanlit a wonderful kick in the butt to get a lot of people writing? I know that's what it did for me (and Nano).

What have I done since? Well I've joined FanLit Forever (run by Chris and Alice) and although I haven't contributed one entry, I still participate in the forum. I envy anyone who can write more than one story at a time because I can't. I also completed a manuscript.

Hot and wet definitely works for me. Those words can really spice up a love scene.

Do you know when you're taking that trip to the big Apple?

traveler said...

Congrats on your wonderful win! What a coup that was. I enjoy wicked games that definitely stress the intellect. Conversations that can lead somewhere interesting and never end since they have the most scope and meaning.

amy kennedy said...

Hello Eve, I think it's great what wonderful things came out of Fanlit--all these new communities of writers. Yay.

When FanLit started I voted on the genre, once it was decided on Regency, I knew I wouldn't be writing anything, but since I love reading it I did vote.

I think anytime a short timeline is set weird creativity takes over. I need someone to just arbitrarily give me a short time frame to get something written.

amy kennedy said...

Oh, and thanks for the Colin Firth pics. We love us some Colin Firth.

Lenora, you already are a Bella.

Wasn't that easy?

CM said...

Hm. I'd like to read a novel where a girl fell in a stream. That would be delightful. Especially if she did so while carrying a tea-tray and working geometry problems.

Maureen said...

Congratulations on your win Eve. I'm enjoying the wicked games going on between Blair and Wyatt in Linda Howard's latest book.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

cm, I cannot tell you the many times I've lamented the dearth of exactly the same scenario in romance.

alissa said...

Congratulations. It is great to read about FanLit and your creativity. Keep it up. Love your website and the excerpt. Awesome. Wicked game that would be fun are using the talents that you have and exploiting them for the best benefit for you.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

lenora asks: How exactly does one earn bellahood, anyway?

Others may have differing opinions, but I'd say, um, you, like,

Show up. Play nice. Regularly offer TMI. And share everything you know and think about romance fiction as we go along.

Did I miss anything, Bellas?

BTW, I love how you FanLitters formed these bonds while you were competing. Do you think the fact that you weren't in the same room while doing so helped that along, nurtured it?

CM said...

Michelle, I have to say--no! I've met some FanLitters in real life afterwards, and that only made it better. At some point, FanLit stopped being a competition. I also won a round, but I have to say that every round I lost, I was delighted for the winner. It stopped being a competition, and started being a chance to make good friends who were interested in writing.

The biggest reward for FanLit for me wasn't the win--it was the having done it at all. I'm sure others agree.

amy said...

I second what CM said. At some point fanlit stopped being a competition and started being a community. One with genuine bonds of friendship. We're still supporting one another, and I expect that will continue.

Tessa Dare said...

TMI, Michelle? Oh, I can do the TMI. I just got back from cheating on Colin. That's right - the Mommytaxi had to stop for a non-fair-trade latte, because Tessa is in LUV with her barista. He looks like Chris O'Donnell mixed with Donny Osmond, and he calls me princess. OK, he calls my daughter princess. But he winks at me. *sigh*

TMI yet?

CM is so right. (As fanlitters know, CM is always right) Fanlit really brought us together, even though we were competing with one another. I, too, was so thrilled for the other chapter winners and Sara Dennis - and there were a host of others who deserved to win something, too. (This comment thread is full of 'em.) The quality and creativity only went up each round.

Beverley is the star FanLit graduate - she's already completed the 100K-word manuscript she started Nov. 1st!

pearl said...

Congrats. All the best for your future success. Love wicked game that feature maid/parlor games with the landowner. Cute.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'm very interested in this, FanLitters, because I've been lucky that the Bellas have directed the tone of RBtheBlog to be very supportive and positive.

How do you think that happened with FanLit? Was there someone at the helm? Did you "monitor" yourselves?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Now, if you really loved us, Eve, you'd share one of your favorite fantasies about barista boy...then we could start talkin TMI. :)

Beverley Kendall said...

Can I say that I think when you write romance (or read), you have developed a thickish kind of skin because readers and writers frequently get bashed. That means IMO, that we have to band together. I will not apologize to a single person for a genre I love to read and write and I think when you feel this way, you band much tighter with others who are in the same boat.

And Eve, can I say the only reason I was able to finish that manuscript so quickly was because I stopped self-editing. I'm sure your first draft will be much more polished than mine and we'll end up finishing our novels at the same time.


CM said...

How did it happen with FanLit? There wasn't really anyone at the helm, I don't think, although there were a few moderators. They mostly stayed out of things though.

I don't know. The first round--or two, maybe three--was competitive, I think. But you put so much of yourself on the line, every week, with every entry. You just can't show people that much of yourself and not become friends.

It just happened. One day, it was about everyone as individuals. The next thing we knew, Zombie Patience was eating the world.

Sarah Palmero said...

I agree with CM and Amy and Eve. FanLitters really did come together to hold hands, offer shoulders and lend other kinds of support. Had it not been for an odd holiday, I would have gotten to meet a few people too. It will happen, oh yes.

And yep, I'm here on Friday, Eve. I've already started chewing my nails.

Beverley Kendall said...

And Michelle, I have to chime in too with what Courtney said and say that I met two of my fellow Fanlitters (Tweety and Chrisjournal) at our GRW meeting and it was even better being able to sit down face to face and chat about the experience. It was even more bonding.


Tessa Dare said...

Well, Michelle - let's just say that when he asks me, "would you like whipped cream on that?" And I say, "Oh, yes." It's quite tempting to imagine - for just the tiniest second - that we're not discussing a cinnamon latte.

Mr. Dare, if you read this - you know I love you!!!

I wanted to say a big "thanks" to amy*skf up there for voting and reading even though she didn't write. Besides the hundreds of writers involved, there were thousands of voters - and, we all owe a huge thanks to the published authors who served as panelists, blogged, and contributed their advice to the forum:

Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Teresa Medeiros, Victoria Alexander, and Cathy Maxwell were the five panelists who read the final 10 entries each week, left comments, and awarded "roses" to their favorites. But a bunch more hung out on the forum and gave great advice - Jenna Petersen, Mary Castillo, Toni Blake, Anna Campbell .. who am I forgetting, fanlitters?

pearl said...

Tessa, your website is wonderful and loved the excerpt. Congrats Ev and Tessa. I enjoy wicked Victoria salon games that are between the help and the upstairs.

sharon said...

Congrats Ev/Tessa. Great to hear about your success. I enjoy the Victorian games that are always played. The ones out riding together especially hiding out in the tract of land that surrounds that wonderful countryside.

robynl said...

congrats Eve; sounds like a wonderful experience.
I like the willy ways that one can use to play games with a partner; e.g. 'I'll give you this if you do this' thing.

Tessa Dare said...

Thanks, Robynl and pearl! Love the "you show me yours" and parlor games. Can't go wrong with a wicked game of "tit-for-tat." Because you know the hero always gives good tat. ;)

And Sharon, I'm with you. I'm all for the h/h getting back to nature. The woods, the beach, a cave - it's all good.

principessa said...

Congrats Ev and Tessa. Best of luck on your writing endeavors. Wicked games of the type that are held in a huge house and involve reading passages with great animation and creativity that involve playing the part as well.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Laura lee Guhrke (oh, dear, spelling?) came in at the end of FanLit, too. For finalists, there was nothing so thrilling like the author FISHBOWL HEAD (as Eve, I think, dubbed it) commenting on your work, even if she pointed out a flaw in your precious 1500 words (8500 characters...we lived by those numbers).

In terms of the bonding, I think all of us who stuck with it just got crazy, committed and confident together. I know my family thought I was possessed (by Ervin's zombies, no doubt). We all united against the Zero Bandits, had the same plot restrictions, and came to loathe Damien and Patience equally, so it was a very leveling experience.

I actually think if Avon does it again, so will I. Don't tell my husband. He'll pitch the computer.

And Eve, you ARE the Goddess of the Hunt. What a fabulous excerpt.

santasmbslt said...

Hey Tessa!! Great blog! This is like old home week. I love hearing about what everyone else is up to. And thank you for the Colin fix! I adore a drenched Colin whether it be in coffee or lake water or pots of chocolate (cooled down of course!

As I've told you I loved your excerpt and cannot wait for more! I'll pop over to your brand spankin' new site in a bit.

FanLit was quite an experience. Though I voted in all the rounds, I only entered three and when all was said and done was proud of where my pieces fell.

What I came away with from FanLit was a heightened sense of my potential as a writer. It took a while but I've dived back into my WIP with a renewed vigor.

As others have said here, the contest was intense but as a rabid reader or romance (that was for you Tessa!), the opportunity to see new writers emerge was fabulous. Writers who are going to be names to watch out for in the romance industry. Friends, I can hardly wait!

Wicked games in romance? I, too, adore "Lord of Scoundrels" and the delicious games Jessica and Dain played. Who can forget the cafe' scene? Sigh.....

Wolfy said...

Loved the website, and excerpt that I read. Wishing you all the success in the coming year.......and future endeavours.

Cherie said...

I agree! Colin Firth is HOT!!! I remember reading a scene in a book where the hero and heroine were playing cards and each time one of them lost a round they also lost a piece of clothing. This resulted in some serious hanky panky. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the book but I remember thinking it was all rather wicked at the time.

Cherie Japp

Lindsey said...

I credit FanLit frienship at least partly to the invite system - everyone was allowed 25 email invites per round to get friends to vote and without using each and every one of them there was little chance you'd get your entry read enough times to make the finals (as JQ's entry proves!). Since RL friends and family can be so unreliable, everyone started networking to get their invites used - and for me that started a lot of outside discussions, critiques, and friendships.

Vivi Anna said...

Congrats Eve. Good luck with your book!

Tessa Dare said...

Grazie for the gratuitous yet greatly appreciated alliteration, Santa! You know I'm a fool for that.

Maggie, thanks for mentioning LLG - she joined the game late, but she left such great comments. That WAS the best prize - having those authors read and comment on your stories.

Lindsey, you're so right about the invites giving us a way to bond. And Maggie makes a good point that we all united against common foes. But really, I think most of us just realized it was more fun to be nice. I find that to be true in life, generally.

Cryna - thanks so much for visiting my website!

cherie - if you remember the name of that book, let me know! Sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Eve on the Avon win! Love your website and the excerpt from Goddess of the Hunt. I want more!

I'm another fanlitter who joined up with Chris and Alice at Fanlit Forever. I just can't get enough! I started NaNo but I need a much slower pace so I am plugging along with my WIP.

It is great to see you and all the other survivors of FanLit! A wonderful community did develop!

Laurie (laurieire from Avon FanLit)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I am not a coffee lover but I could learn!


Anonymous said...


Love your writing! Your humor is endearing whether it’s the Damien incidents in your Forget Me Not chapter in These Wicked Games or your WIP, work-in-progress aka novel-in-progress The Goddess of the Hunt with the bumbling Lucy and Jeremy’s romantic entanglement. Clear, concise prose is the big plus.

The FanLit experience was wonderful – the budding camaraderie, the sheer magnitude of writers, and the ambient atmosphere for fostering the quill. It spurred me on to write more and enter NaNoWritMo (National Novel Writing Month) achieving the 50,000 word quest. The result stirred the creative juices (no, not cranberry juice) to the point my characters pursued their own desires!

Thank-you, Eve, for your input during the FanLit experience. Thank-you for your endearing, encouraging comments to your fellow writers.


Sue A. said...

Congratulations Eve/Tessa Dare! I'm a little slow today, it took me a little while to figure out that you were one and same person. LOL But I won't make that mistake again.

Colin Firth caught my eye first in the TV mini-series Pride & Prejudice and he has never left my heart since. Lucky for all of us he went on to become a big star so we can all get our fix of Colin.

The wicked game I enjoy is the use of deception as in false identities. They always get found out and need to do some fancy moves to redeem themselves.

Cynthia Falcon said...

The Avon FanLit Contest was a great experience. I have not met a more supportive, fun, and friendly group of people. If given the chance, I would do it over again and again.

There isn't a more deserving person to win the contest than you. You have to be one of the kindest and thoughtful person I have had the good fortune to get acquainted with. Good luck with everything.

As for my favorite wicked game in romance, that's a tough one. There are so many. One of my WIP's involves a Duke that disguises himself as a privateer to teach his betrothed a lesson. So I am partial to that right now.

Take care everyone! Don't be strangers!

Tessa Dare said...

Geez - Midnight, Cindy - you do realize the chocolate is being awarded at random, right? Seriously, you both are too sweet. This was the greatest thing about Fanlit - meeting so many wonderful people. *sniff* I miss it!

Cindy, your duke/privateer sounds *very* intriguing, btw! I'd love to read that!

Sue - I'm sorry for being so confusing. I signed up for FanLit with the username TessaD, which I pretty much chose at random. So for four weeks, everyone called me Tessa. Then I won - and suddenly all the Avon PR said Eve. And it's been confusing ever since. I enjoy having an alter ego, though, so I keep Tessa around. When my mother was a kid, she convinced her teacher that she was quintuplets, and only one of her came to school each day. So I assume I have inherited the genetic capability to juggle at least 2-1/2 identities.

But let's talk more Colin. P&P the mini ... mmmmmmm. CF had me at "You." As in, "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." My other favorite Firth fixes are Love, Actually (just in cases!) and The Importance of Being Ernest (which has Rupert for you, Lenore!).

And if a yummy period miniseries like P&P is your cup of tea, you *must* get thee to Netflix and put "North and South" in your queue. No, not that 1980s Patrick Swayze thing. The new BBC mini based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. Richard Armitage as John Thornton runs a close second to CF's Darcy on my list of stuffy-hot Brits whose cravats need loosening.

Here's the mini's website:

Beverley Kendall said...

Dare I mention Jude Law, who came to my attention in the talented Mr. Ripley and the yummy Clive Owen. I believe these are Brits worth a mention. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Eve. It was a pleasure reading each of your entries.

Jason Statham :)


amy kennedy said...

I'm still laughing about the whipped cream. Do you blush when you say that? Does he?

Tessa Dare said...

amy*skf -

I blush like a girl. And when he winks, I look over my shoulder to figure out who he's winking at. And this is all rather sad, because I'm at the drive-thru.

Seriously, it's a completely one-sided relationship. He treats all the girls that way. He's a rake. I see it now - my new novel - "The Italian-Roast Rake" The hero will be Venti La Tey, the Duke of Torani.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL! I would SO be all over that book! Oh, the myriad puns to be made about heroes who can keep a girl up all night long, etc....

Kelly said...

I know I'm echoing the sentiments that everyone has expressed all day, but Avon Fanlit was an incredibly inspiring experience. I submitted every round, but only lurked on the forum. During Round 5, I decided to throw out a request to send out invites, and suddenly was bombarded by offers and requests from my fellow Fanlitters. In fact, I think you, Eve, were the first to offer to read (so, thank you!). Suddenly, I had dozens of new friends who offered support and encouragement without knowing me at all. And that was Avon's greatest prize to us - creating that community of writers and friends.

Post-Avon, I decided Alice and Chris were on to something, and now I spend most of my time bouncing between Fanlit Forever and my WIP, which I need to get crackin' on!

I love the site, Eve, and the yummy pics of CF. And even though coffee makes me ill, I might be tempted to risk an upset tummy if I had a cute Chris O'Donnell look-alike barista to flirt with!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I finally had a moment to jaunt over to Eve's new site and read "Goddess of the Hunt." All I have to say is: How flippin fast can you write, Eve? Some of us -- I'm guessing most of us -- will not be able to wait for the novel to be published. I'll be looking forward to the complete manuscript you're going to send me when it's written.

If nothing, I am subtle.

Truly, the excerpt is fab, and I feel such a sense of excitement in and about your writing.

Having you FanLitters here is quite a treat! I think most of us are hanging back a bit today, reading what you have to say about your experiences. I hope you'll come back often so we can entertain you. Of course, it's not all just hot and wet guys around here, you know. Sometimes we talk about romance novels.

Anonymous said...

Hi y'all! Just wanted to drop by after a crazy hectic day! Avon Fan Lit was a terrific experience! There is nothing more motivating than having a supportive group to give advice about something we love like writing romance! Those deadlines kept my butt in the chair and all the comments helped me grow as a writer. Others have mentioned Fanlit Forever. It's been a blast continuing the friendships we developed during Avon and continuing our growth on this writer's journey.

Eve--I have to give a shout out to you especially. Your kindness and encouragement during Avon Fan Lit helped make it such a great experience for me. More than just a great writer, you are truly an exceptional person. I wish only the best for you in 2007 and beyond.

--Kellye (aka pollyanna)

Tessa Dare said...

Eeks, Michelle and Bellas -

I'm sorry we hijacked your blog for a day! And I swear, I did not pay these people to write this stuff! I just dangled chocolate in front of them.

But thanks so much for giving us a chance to have a mini-reunion. I guess it's pretty obvious that the true love story of Fanlit was that we all fell in love with each other! Even if your regular bellas were keeping quiet, I hope we've convinced them to participate if there's ever a Fanlit II. And I bet you've gained more than a few bellas today. I know I'm converted! And not just because "Bella and the Barista" is a waaaay better title than "The Italian-Roast Rogue."

And Michelle - thanks so much for visiting my website. I'm so excited that you're excited about my book, I can't even tell you.

catslady said...

Congratulations on the win. I enjoyed your web site and the excerpt!

Cathy M said...

Congratulations. The story sounds very fun. Let's hear it for Colin...

Liz said...

Awesome Tessa
The story sounds great
And as for HOT & WET my kind of fun
I love Wicked Games and play hard, but I'm not gonna share what kinds

amy kennedy said...

Well I wasn't quiet today and I am nothing if not a regular Bella--actually a fabulous Bella. But enough about me.

Michelle, I was just at Eve/Tessa's blog asking her the same thing: when's it gonna be done?

Mary Danielson said...

Oh, I am so late coming to the blog today, but: Hello from another fanlitter! After reading comments, everyone has repeated my sentiments exactly - AFL was just a truly amazing contest...mostly because of all the talented (not to mention hilarious and welcoming) writers!

I think the biggest thing I got out of AFL was a confidence boost in my writing. Considering most people's reactions to the fact that I write, it was exhilarating to find a community of people in exactly the same boat as me. As one of the younger writers, I was a bit hesitant going in, but over the six weeks my writing definitely was kicked up a few (million) notches thanks to the other contestants. In fact, I was so Fanlit addicted by the end that I even participated in the Harper Teen event! Just a really wonderful experience all around!

And, Eve, I just read the Goddess of the Hunt excerpt - Wow. Of course, we all knew you were going to write something amazing, but you definitely are shining with that story. I can't wait till you finish!

-Mary (MerryDay from AFL)

ev said...

I want to know who made me sick by blog??????

Chrisjournal said...

Oh Tessa! You offer chocolate *and* Colin Firth? You truly are a goddess.

FanLit was an amazing experience for me, as well. I signed on to find out if I could do it, and to learn something. I achieved both of those goals to a degree I never could have imagined, but I'm with everyone else: the real benefit was finding this incredible, supportive community.

It's great seeing how so many people who were energized by the experience are traveling fast and furious along the path to publication, too. Inspirational, even.

And speaking of inspirational...since we're sort of overrunning the poor Bellas, I thought I'd bring a gift of the HOT and WET sort:

Filed in bookmarks under "inspiration."

Tessa Dare said...

Merry and Chris - So good to hear from you both!

Thanks again, Michelle and bellas! It was so much fun blogging with you!

JaneFan said...

hello! I just found your blog and simply must share my appreciation for the lovely colin firth photos - that coffee series is one of my faves

thanks for the, uh, hotness and wetness ;)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hiya, and welcome Janefan! I'm really glad you found us! You clearly have excellent taste and judgement of men in various states of temperature and moisture.

Please come back soon!

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes, Colin Farrell, oh damn yes. That man is so hot. Thanks for the pics and congratulations Eve, that sounds really cool. And I like any wicked games to do with boss and employee. Read Entertaining Mr.Stone by Portia Da Costa


Anonymous said...

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