Friday, January 05, 2007

Alo, Salut

There's this aural phenomenon called audiation. It's, like, when you hear a song, it kinda gets "imprinted" in your brain, and stays there bouncing around overandoverandover.

Apparently, audiation is running rampant among fourth graders in my 9-year-old's school, cause they can't get enough of "Dragostea Din Tei," better know to those who've audiated the hell out of it as, "The Numa Numa Song."

I'm going to do you the favor of not linking you to it. But suffice it to say, it's a lot like those Barney and Wiggles songs we couldn't get out of our heads when our kids were toddlers. Maybe you're still there, or maybe you have it to look forward to.

Here's what I think of when I look at the video on U-Tube, or the photo I found: Flock of Seagulls. 'nuff said.

Want some Friday Candy little Bellas?

Meet Ignacio Casano, beautiful man of Argentina. Remember I told you a while back how gorgeous the people are there? I liked these photos cause he doesn't seem to take himself too terribly seriously. Who can say?

Debbie Merideth is this really lovely woman I met at Squawk Radio, and later at RWA nationals last July. She gave me a beautiful little Chinese there so I could play Southern Bella (and not pass out). Deb loves -- and knows -- romance fiction, and you may want to check out her blog,

And don't forget our Bella with a romance blog, the always entertaining, Stacy. Visit Stacy's Place on Earth.

Oh, yeah. Speaking of Romance Novels.
What are you reading this weekend?
Do you have a blog? Tell us about it.


Jennifer Y. said...

Thank you for the Eye Candy!

I am in between books at the moment...not sure what I'll dive in to next.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, you never disappoint. If I were a teen again (which I never want to be), I would have him plastered all over my wall of fame (better known as my bedroom)...

I don't know that song you mentioned but I know the feeling. It happens to be any time I hear the Umpa Lumpa song from Willy Wonka...

I am currently in the middle of "Whitney, My Love". A very satisfying read, so far.
I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend and next up will be either "His Dark Desire" or "Slave to Sensation". We'll see what kind of mood I'm in... :o)

LizbethSelvig said...

Wow, he is lovely isn't he?

If you're "into" inane tunes and lyrics that pound your brain into mush check out "Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs." It's an oldie (probably early 90s) but definitely one of the most hilarious reads ever.

I'm working on two books that couldn't be more opposite: Carly Phillips' "Hot Item" and the non-fiction "Cesar's Way" by Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer. BTW, Cesar fits my definition of the non-traditional hero. He's not hunky like our eye-candy of today, he's a small, round-faced, very cute Mexican man but (if you watch his National Geographic Channel Show you know this term) his "calm-assertive" personality most definitely grows on you! I think he's adorable and his personality would make a fantastic romance lead. (I'm already working on one for a future book!) So it's Riley Nash and Cesar Millan for me this weekend.


dd03 said...

Hi, Michelle!

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Have been offline for almost a week, so I missed your day! o.O Best wishes and dreams to you!!

I believe I know what song you're talking about, and gets stuck in your head!@.@

I'm trying to decide on what to read! I have Love at First Bite (4 novellas, with S.Kenyon's as the one that drew me to it...I still need to collect the DH series); Maggie Shayne's Prince of Twilight & T. Medeiros' The Vampire Who Loved Me (*big a** grin* wonder why I bought that! *wink*)...except I'm missing the stories that come before them.

...why oh why am I drawn to series???? GAH!!! my BTR List keeps growing!!!
*deep sarcastic sigh* Such trials and tribulations! ^o^

Playground Monitor said...

Ohhhhhhhh! Eye candy! I loves me some Argentinians. Have you seen Nacho Figueras? He's a polo player who does ads for Ralph Lauren Black cologne. Totally hot!!!

I'm reading SON OF THE MORNING by Linda Howard. It's a story in the same vein as THE DA VINCI CODE or ANGELS & DEMONS. I just finished A&D two days ago and started SOTM yesterday. I can't put it down.

Do I have a blog? Yep! You can find it here. It's a group blog actually. It's lots easier only having to blog one day a week. Today we're commiserating with a fellow playfriend who got a big ole nasty "R" from Nocturne this week. She's blue and sad and we're letting her wallow in the funk cause you need to wallow and grieve after a big old nasty "R" and get it all out of your system.

Kati said...

Hi Bellas! I've been carrying around for the last couple of days "Minion" by LA Banks. I just...haven't started it yet. I'm off to Toronto next week for a meeting, and will probably take Water for Elephants (not romance) and Sizzling by Susan Mallory.

I treated myself for Christmas to a new iPod, and I've become addicted to Heroes. I can't seem to stop watching. Shocker!

dd03 said...

Hey, marykate! I got an ipod too! It took me fffffffoooorrreeevvveeerrr to transfer my music from wmp to itunes! @.@ still haven't bought anything from the store though! and Heroes is totally I feel ya on that one!!

as for Nacho, playground monitor....yum! He's our Vishous on the BDB boards! ggggrrr!

Billie said...

I just finished Julie Garwood's "Shadow Dance" this morning so now I'm reading Kinley MacGregor's "Knight of Darkness" from my TBR pile.

Where can I get poster size copies of those 2 pictures? Yum!!!!

Vivi Anna said...

I'm finally reading Lover Awakened. It took me four tries to get into the book. It was like that for me for the other books. Don't what it is about her writing, but I don't get engaged right away, it takes me four or five chapters before I'm really enjoying it.

Anyone have that happen to them?

Anonymous said...

I'm currently reading "The Raven Prince" by Elizabeth Hoyt and "Hot Legs" by Susan Johnson. I like historicals and contemporaries, so I keep switching back and forth between the two.

I particularly like that "The Raven Prince" is set in 1760, not the Regency period. Not that it makes that much difference to the story, but it's nice to read a book that's set a bit earlier in English history.

Happy weekend reading everyone!

Kati said...

Vivi - Just the opposite for me. I can't start reading until I can inhale in one big breath. I tend to go cover to cover with her books. I read LA until almost 4AM the night I got it, I couldn't put it down.

But she does have a very vernacular style of writing. Maybe that's why it doesn't work as well for you?

Kati said...

Bellas - I'm wondering if anyone has heard from Manda? I realized today that unless I'm missing it, we haven't heard from her in a while. Anyone know if she's OK?

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

I'm going to finish Victoria Alexander's A Little Bit Wicked and then take a break from romance (the horror!!) with Kill All the Lawyers by Paul Levine.

And I have a blog that's just a baby---less than a week old. If you click onto my name here you can find it at the bottom of my profile. And don't hate me because the name is stupid. I was fooling around and bailed out before the whole thing was set up (I thought). So "Maggie Robinson Means Romance" is pretty megalomaniacal and I assure you I'm quite a humble person! I hope to figure out how to change and add things this weekend. My question today asks for your favorite romance blogs, so go on over and praise Michelle!

Monica Burns said...

Ok, you bellas are slipping here. Am I the ONLY one who noted the phallic symbol this gorgeous hunk of man made with his T-shirt??? and he's laughing about it too!! ROFL

Gawd! He is totally hot, Michelle. I'm gonna have to save his pic to the hard drive for hero inspiration!

Books reading, no time, trying to finish the new book. Blogs? Got's my personal blog ( which I've let slide for the past couple of weeks. I figure readers are more interested in the fact that I'm writing a book, not my personal stuff.

I do participate weekly on an author blog called The GabWagon ( I'm the one with the biggest mouth in the group. No surprise there to some people, I'm sure.


Playground Monitor said...

I should finish Son of the Morning tonight or tomorrow and well... y'all have been yakking about P2P and some guy names Mayne and well... I bought the book today. I figured I might as well dip my toe in the historical pool and see what you were all jazzed up about.

On a decidedly different note, my DH just won a big prize package from the local radio station -- tickets to see a touring company of THE PRODUCERS on January 12 and on the next night, he gets a walk-on role and 6 tickets so he can invite friends and family to see him. AND we get Friday night at the Embassy Suites, dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and a couples massage at the spa. I still can't believe it!


Julie in Ohio said...

OMG! Marilyn, that's fantastic!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Holy Cow, Marylin! Just the dinner out would be awesome; that's a great place. I hear the Producers is great. How bout you! You deserve a great big nite out like that! We'll want all the details!

I've got my birthday party tonight, Bellas. I wish you could all be here, cause the more the merrier, an all. I'll check in tomorrow cause I really wanna talk about what you all've been writing! Cool to see some folks back we've not seen in a while. I'll check on manda.

Ciao for now,


Kati said...

Thanks Michelle! Have a great time tonight!

Marilyn- I'm pea green with envy. Write us and let us know what you think of SOTM. There are lots who love it, but it didn't work for me, so I'd love to chat about it.

Julie in Ohio said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Estella said...

Just finished Gone by Lisa Gardner and am now reading Point Blank by Catherine Coulter.

Playground Monitor said...

I found that song on and my God! Isn't that what they play in your cell 24/7 when they're trying to drive you out of your mind?

I'd rather audiate Il Divo.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Marilyn!! You piqued my interest and I really with you hadn't. But I believe your description is correct...

Michelle- Have fun tonight. We want details tomorrow... :o)

Unknown said...

I recently finished Julia Ross's "Clandestine" which was wonderful and I'm almost finished "Lover Eternal" also fantastic!

As well as belonging to the Lust bites blog, I have my own blog at

ev said...

Vivi- the very first Anita Blake book was like that for some reason.

Play- How awesome!! Take pics for us and enjoy!! Springtime for Hitler in Germany...
(anyone who read the end of thrusdays post knows what I am talking about...what can I say, I quote Mel Brooks.)

I just finished the newest LKH, Mistral's Kiss, am waiting patiently for hubby to finish the new Griffin book, and I brought the first Dixie Carter with me but haven't started it yet.

As for songs----IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL. IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL. IT'S A SMALL SMALL WORLD. Since it was, thanks to the blog, running thru my head, I thought I would share it with everyone.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

ooooh. Evil ev. And, yes, Springtime for Hitler always comes to mind for me to. It's genius funny w/in the context of the play.

Hey, Bellas! Heard from Manda, who's been really under the weather for a while. Nothing life-threatening, but we still wish her get well. She says, "Ciao, Bellas," and hopes to be back very soon. :)

My "Show Shell the Love" party was so much fun last night. There were songs, one sung to the tune of "Jose Cuervo, You are a Friend of Mine," which had to do with my fondness for mercenaries, orgasm,contrary English lords, and bastard heroes.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Here's part of another:

There once was a fair maiden named Michelle,
Whose personality, I admit, was swell.

And this haiku by a friend of mine who's a total pissah:

"Michelle: A Haiku"

Talented, brilliant,
wicked funny, beauty queen.
Don't you just hate her?

Remember, the idea was to lay. it. on. thiiiiiiiick.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

One friend sang the Beatles tune, "Michelle," which came out the year I was born. yikers.

One pal riffed on Byron. Another praised me in Italian and gave me "Bella" mints and a Tower of Pisa ornament.

Each girlfriend got a lovely spangled tiara from me after she paid me tribute. And most just were, like, hey, I want to have a party like this for my birthday, where everybody comes to say nice things about me.

I want to thank Dave publicly, well, digitally at least (hmmm, you wenches and Vivi Anna know that I mean in cyberspace) for throwing me such a fun to=do. :)

Wolfy said...

I have no great plans for the weekend. As for what I am reading at the moment, I picked up Erin McCarthy's A Date With The Other Side which has just been re-released only in Mass Market, so since I missed it when it came out in trade size, I am going to read it this weekend. It looks to be good.

I just love the hotties that you posted on your blog......they certainly are drool worthy.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle-- Glad you got an extended birthday. Sounds like all had a blast.

Manda, Bella-- Hope you get to feeling better. We've missed you!!!

amy kennedy said...

D'oh, Ev--Now I have that frickin song in my head.

I just got back from B&N--but I bought all non-fiction reference type books, some things for my youngest, and magnetic poetry! I had a gift card from Christmas and still had to shell out fifty bucks!

I was asking about Manda a couple weeks ago--glad to hear she contacted you.

Glad you had fun last night, Michelle.

Michele said...

Oh wow....Just.... oh!
**swoons onto keyboardgrtu3490tut.....

ev said...

Which song Amy????

Yes Michelle, Evil Ev(elyn) is my nickname. How did you know????

Deb's Book Nook said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for the blog mention! I've just updated mine, new look, new post so check it out if you get time.

Kati said...

Bellas - I'm off to Toronto this week for a meeting. Wishing you fun and great discussions!


Rogers Place said...

Nice pages here. Great information. Will visit again and recommend.

Anonymous said...

Well you are right about Ignacio, he does not take him self seriously! If you go to his myspace, you can read more about him, He is an absolute doll and has a genuine love for people.

To dreams and wishes,
Rose Warner

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle - my mother sent me the link to this entry today, due to my fascination with "Dragostea Din Tei" and everything surrounding it. Since you like to post yummy man-meat pics, you did yourself a disservice by not finding a pic of the guy who made that song. His name is Dan Balan, from Chisinau, Moldova: