Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lover Revealed, Or, Tohr: All's I Can Tell Is I Can't Tell U Much

Just like some of the best hooks in Country & Western, Dixie Cash always comes through with the good titles. "I Gave You My Heart, but You Sold It Online" is this week's feature on RBtheBook! Hop on over and read Dixie's AuthorView, too, as sisters Jefferey McClanahan ("Sweet Water," "Salvation, Texas") and her sister Pamela Cumbie teach us the genteel art of the non-put-down put-down.

Brenda Joyce's "The Prize" is the Old Flame, packed with that "oh, no, he didn't do that again" heartache.

OK. I just don't know how much is too much, OK?
Same quest as yest: what books are you looking forward to in the
New Year, ex-specially in January and February?
Or, just keep talkin smack, Bellas...

Encore! Azzuri, from Bella marykate, who's trying to bribe me any way she knows to spill dish about "Lover Revealed." She said it was to help me w/ my NY rezzie to show more pix of hot, wet guys, but I'm not so sure her motives were that pure. I mean, does sweat count as wet?
Encore due! Read my guest blog Tomorrow, Thursday, Dec 28, at


Julie in Ohio said...


You can't blame a girl for trying...

Rach said...

Sweat does indeed equal wet--within the right context of course. ;o)

Two, there is no such thing as TMI when it comes to anything you might wish to share about LR. =)

As for smack talkin', I think we've got that covered. *g*

Hm, what other books am I looking forward to in Jan and Feb? I'm afraid to mention any others for fear you've read them, I'll jog your memory, you will tell me you've read them and then you won't dish the deets!

Kati said...

Hey Michelle - Three things occur to me:

#1 - You realize that tomorrow is December 28th, right? I can't go back to the 17th, that would mean my parents are coming and my house isn't clean. LOL!

#2 - Do you see how I send you pictures of your favorite team, and your favorite man holding a large golden phallic symbol and STILL no love with my Tohr?!

#3 - We'll let you know when you've told us too much about LR. Don't worry Bella, we've got your back!

Big Smoochies!

Kati said...

I mean, does sweat count as wet?

Totally depends on the man! WINK!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Holy God, as Don Imus says. Where did I come up with the 17th?

Julie in Ohio said...

MK-- I agree!!
Viggo Morgenstern (sp?) can be as sweaty as he likes.
Orlando Bloom I prefer squeaky clean or in the process of. Any shower pics of him, Michelle? *g*

Michelle-- You know that we wouldn't let you ramble on about Butch/V/Tohr/John/Z/Phury/Wrath/Rhage/any of the shellans/any of the recruits/certain circumstances that may be HOT/etc. Trust us. Gees, you'd think you didn't know us at all...

Rach said...

I was wondering about that 17th thing, but I wasn't going to mention it...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, ok. I will say that one recruit does change over, and Ward serves up some really titillating(but in context) imagery over it.


Plus, please call me on mistakes, just do it nicely.

Hey, my birthday's coming up, and I'm trying to come up with some fun contest. :)

Julie in Ohio said...
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Julie in Ohio said...

I enjoyed the scavenger hunt you did with the Playground. Maybe do something similar to that with RBTBook and RBTBlog...

Thanks for the tibit. I told MK and Rach you wouldn't let us down. They never listen to me... :P

Julie in Ohio said...

BTW, when's your birthday?

Kati said...

Jules - I think she just wanted us to shut up with the nagging! LOL!

Yeah, Michelle when is the day? We'll need to do something special!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. It's Jan 3, and I have to say I LOVE my birthday. It's, like, the only day of the year I can justify forcing people to say nice things about me.

Dave is having a little "all hors d'oeuvres" party for me with my girlfriends a cpl days later, and he's asked them all in lieu of gifts to "show me the love." So, they have to come prepared with a poem, song, list, story about why they love me, even if it's total fiction. :)

I like the idea of another scavenger hunt, Jules.

Kati said...

I LOVE the show you the love idea! That's so fabulous! I think we should do it here.

Weren't you at some point going to offer a Bella guest blog one day as a prize to the scavenger hunt? Did I miss that? You should do that! LOL! Says, MK who never hesitates to email Michelle with whatever crazy-a** idea she comes up with for a blog topic. SNORT.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yeah, MK, I have that on my List of Things I Said I'd Do and Never Got Around To (like remembering not to put preps at the ends of sentences).

1. Write Michelle's Blog Contest
2. CinemaBella (French Kiss or Dangerous Liaisons. I think it was FK, but only by a nose).
3. Post more photos of hot guys.
4. Get a mixed martial arts wrestler to co-GuestBlog with Lori Foster in February.
5. Remember all those things I forgot.

Kati said...

Well Bella - I just shot you three more yummies for the blog. Do you see how I am? Give, give, give.

Did you get the LR arc with the cover on it? Because the one you've posted is very orange, but the one on BN's site is bronzy colored (and just gorgeous), I'm just wondering because the LA cover was nothing like I thought it was going to be.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

As far as I know, this is the cover, but it'll be foiled like the last three. I think the Ward covers are gorgeous for a number of reasons. It's interesting to see the copycatting since hers came out. I hope they stay the same.

Kati said...

IMO, the best part of the LR cover is Marissa's fangs!

Rach said...

Ah, so you go to work where there is no blog access and you miss all the good stuff. A scavenger hunt??

Oh, and Michelle, thanks for the little tidbit. I'll worry it for a while and then be hungering for more ;o).

I love your hubby's b-day idea--how fabulous! Everyone wants to know why and how they are loved. You lucky Bella you! =)

Jessica Inclan said...

Well, howdy all!! I love reading through all the comments on this blog. always so interesting.

I received an email from Mary Kate about my novel Reason to Believe, and being the numb skull that I am, I'm not sure where it is--however, I have been told it exists somewhere on the site.

IN any case, it's about why I didn't include a French glossary in the book, as there are so many French expressions in the novel. My true hope was that all the words were understandable "in context." Meaning, of course, that as you read, you don't need to really know what is being said because the actions of the characters would explain the sentence. A few reviewers have commented on that fact, that it works. Some have complained about the French, though the happy folk seem to out number those who aren't.

the other thing is that I hate a gloassary. I mean, hate. I am an English literature major, and you can only imagine how many glossaries I have endured (Chaucer!!). So I tried to make it flow without one.

And now that the trilogy is almost over, my French wielding characters are about over.

Hope that makes sense--even though the conversation is out of order here. Merry holidays and happy new year to all. And thanks MaryKate for writing to me.

I will be interested to know (if you read it) if my final in the triology works better.

Jessica Inclan

Kati said...

Jessica - Thank you SO SO much for answering. As I said in my note to you, I actually speak french, so I didn't have a hard time with it, but the french you used was more advanced than the usual "ma petite" that many authors use when they have french speaking characters. I just didn't know if you'd had feedback from other readers about it.

Your reasoning about the glossary makes sense to me. Since I read the language, I didn't have any issues, but it occured to me that some of your french verb tenses and phrasiology was pretty advanced, and some might not understand it.

I really, really enjoyed the book. You've created an incredibly imaginative world.

Anonymous said...

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