Friday, December 08, 2006

Emma Holly GuestBlog: Eye Of The Beholder

Contest!!! Emma's giving 3 lucky commenting Bellas a signed copy of either "Prince of Ice," "Hot Spell," or "Midnight Desire."
Without a doubt, Emma Holly's inspired more women than I'd ever imagined to say, "who knew sex with two gay guys could be so hot?" Well, Emma just plain knows what turns chicks on: romance, romance, romance. And beautifully created scenes filled with raw sexual imagery, supported by intense, nuanced emotion.

I like Emma because she tells it like it is, and cause she was so excited about her new novel, "Prince of Ice," and the nifty little way she starts the piece hot out of the gate. I like when writer's are still thrilled they get to do what they do. So please, a warm buongiorno to one of the best writers of romanceroticromancerotica...

When Michelle invited me to blog, she suggested that since I write both erotica and romance, I might discuss my take on the difference between them. So here it is.

The difference between erotica and romance is in the eye of the beholder.

And that's exactly where it belongs.

To me, every erotic novel I've written qualifies as a romance, and every romance I've written qualifies as erotica. Do I need people to agree with my assessment? I hope not, because if I do, I'm saying any disapproving person who comes to my awareness has the power to make me feel badly about what I write, and that is simply not acceptable to me.

Labels like "erotica" or "romance" so often imply value judgments--though the judgment definitely varies. Some will think it's okay to read what they think of as erotica, but God forbid they should pick up a romance. Some will parse it even further and say, "Well, it's fine to read erotic romance, but that erotica--feh! That's all soulless, exploitive stuff." Which conveniently lumps what they don't like under the label they don't approve of, thus allowing them to feel good about what they read.

But I don't really disapprove of this. Whatever mental gymnastics it takes, I think people ought to feel good about what they read. I think they ought to allow themselves the life-giving pleasure of reading stories that arouse them. And if over time they open themselves to more potentially pleasurable reading options, I'll be clapping silently in the corner. To take more joy in reading is a benefit I'd like to see everyone enjoy.

Most of all, though, I'm a firm believer that our outer world mirrors our inner one. What I think is what I attract. If I get all uptight about how other people view erotica and romance, I'll never escape the debate. I'll see opinions that annoy me everywhere I turn. I'll get sucked in to the argument and I'll waste a lot of energy that I could better spend reading a steamy novel.

The freedom that matters most is in the mind--freedom to think what we think, to feel what we feel, to apply or not apply whatever labels we please. When the only opinion that matters to me is my own, I'm free to think well of myself, I'm free to enjoy what brings me pleasure with no sense of defensiveness, I'm free to be happy.

And that, dear readers, makes me much more likely to live and let live when others choose differently.

What does it matter anyway, whether we define
erotica v romantic erotica v romance?
Visit Emma! And for God's sake, go read her books.
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Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Emma!!

I don't really care how books are classified as long as it's a romance. Para, contemp, historical, erotic, whatever. If the story is good and it has the ever important HEA, I'll read it.

MaryKate said...

GASP! It's Emma Holly! OK, I'm gonna go a little fangrrl here. Emma, I'm a huge, huge fan of your work. Erotica, romance or erotic romance, I recommend your work as some of the hottest and most enjoyable books I know.

Menage was the first Black Lace book I bought. Why? Well, the m/f/m dynamic. I then proceeded to buy your entire backlist and now you are an absolute autobuy for me.

I am an unabashed reader of all things romantic. I'm drawn particularly to sensual romance, and I find your love (or not love) scenes to be among the hottest I've ever read. One of my favorite scenes in All U Can Eat is the scene in the wine cellar. SWOON. So freakin' hot!

Anyway, I'm thrilled you're here, and you're preaching Michelle's exact message here today, which is the "I'm OK, You're OK" stance that if you think it's hot and enjoy it, it's all good.

Welcome, I'm so glad you've joined us!

Unknown said...

Emma Holly is my new Queen. All that stuff about value judgements is spot on, IMO.

Anonymous said...

First time poster here, but I just had to de-lurk to add how much I love Emma Holly!

As a recent convert to the romance genre who jumped right in with erotic romance, I did not realize there was such a debate about the erotica/erotic romance issue until visiting romance-related sites online and reading about the disagreements. I’m definitely in the “to each his own” camp in terms of this debate.

I loved "The Demon’s Daughter," and I am currently reading "Prince of Ice" – the yama world you have created in these two books is fascinating! Are you planning to write any more yama-themed books?

Playground Monitor said...

IMHO the definitions are needed not for the sake of judging a book's worth, but so books can be appropriately categorized and I can know up front what I'm buying. If there's no HEA, I'll more than likely pass it up. I can handle hot. But I want my HEA too.

Make sense?


Nikki Magennis said...

Yes, Marilyn, I get you. I'd hate for someone to buy a book of mine and be disappointed. It's hard though, because as Emma says, it depends on the reader. Some people would call the erotic content in my work smut (I'm quite proud of the label!) and hardcore erotica fans might not like the fact it's got a fairly trad ending. (Yes, a happy one!)

I wonder though, If you knew absolutely for sure, that a book had a HEA, wouldn't it spoil your enjoyment of it? Can an author be blamed for not giving away the ending on the back cover?!

Nikki Magennis said...

Oops, I meant to say - Hi Emma! Bit over awed here...(shuffles about, looks at feet, blushes...)

Emma Holly said...

Hey, thanks for coming everyone. Julie and Marilyn, I admit the HEA is a necessity for me, too! I am notorious last-page reader when I'm in bookstores!

Hi, Mary Kate! That cellar scene in All U Can eat seems to have caught a few people's eyes. Who knew? *g* And "I'm okay, you're okay" never really goes out of style, does it?

Kalen, it's good to be the queen. You can be the queen, too, if you like *g*

Thank you, packbacker! I'm glad you enjoyed The Demon's Daughter. I've just started writing PRINCE OF FIRE, which will feature Prince Pahndir from Prince of Ice. I'm really liking playing in the yama's world so far. I've got a couple novellas set there, too--"The Countess's Pleasure" from HOT SPELL and "The Demon's Angel" from DEMON'S DELIGHT (which is out in March.)

Emma Holly said...

Hi Nikki! Is that the name you write under?

Jennifer Y. said...

To me it doesn't really matter...I will read just about anything and don't care what you label it or define it as. I don't think that defining a genre or labeling a book should have anything to do with judging a book's worth. I rarely look at a book's label when making a is the story that counts for me.

I do confess to being a huge fan of romance and the HEA, but if a book doesn't necessarily have a HEA, then that's okay.

Like I said, I don't buy books because of their labeled genre...I buy because of the story itself.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and reading choices and should not be judged by them.

Jennifer Y. said...

Emma: I am a last page reader as well. I get made fun of by my mother because of it.

Sabrina Luna said...

I'm delurking today to say "Hi!" to one of my favorite peoples ...Emma Holly! :)

I've been reading Emma's books since her Black Lace days wayyy back in the 90's (MENAGE is a personal fave of mine). :)

I'm very happy to see you 'breakthrough' into erotic romance, but no matter what you write, I *know* I'm getting a great read. Keep it up, Emma! ;)

As far as labels, "live happy and let others live happily too", IMHO. :)

Hugs to Emma & Thx Michele for an awesome blog week!!! :D

Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Emma

I meant to be here sooner, but guess what? I was actually doing some writing for a change... :) I recently read All U Can Eat and I thought it was... delicious! Do you think that m/f/m and m/m are the new 'big thing'? I know you've been writing those styles for quite some time, and so have I, in little dribs and drabs in various books... but now everybody seems to be talking about the boy on boy action, don't they?

HEA matters to me too. Even in the wildest sex book, I want the hero and heroine together forever emotionally at the end, even if they're in an open relationship.

Lovely to 'meet' you here... and I hope you'll pop by our group blog soon... Lust Bites



MaryKate said...

Emma - I know you write HEA's, but not always traditional ones. I loved the ending of Menage, where it was kind of a three-way HEA. Everyone ended up happy, but it was an great twist on a traditional HEA. Did you always plan it that way? I was worried about Sean as I read the book thinking, "wait, how's this going to end well?"

Also, do you have any erotica titles coming out soon? I enjoy your others, but I love the erotica titles best. Plus, I always get a kick out of learning stuff. I actually learned stuff (not erotic stuff!) while reading Strange Attractions. I just recently reread it, and found myself going, "huh, I didn't know that." I like that you use unusual settings and twist around more traditional story lines.

Also (jeez, I'm just full of questions), how do you feel that your work has evolved since you started? I've enjoyed all of the titles, but feel like some of your heroines are more sophisticated now than they were in earlier work. Do you agree with that assessment? That's in no way meant to be an insult or criticism, just that some of your earlier heroines seemed more naive than your more recent ones.

Nikki Magennis said...

You guys read the last page of a book first!!!! That is the most shocking thing I've heard in ages!

jennifer y, that's the best way to look for a book, I'm sure. I think I look for certain words on the back cover that tickle my fancy - whether it's murder mystery or a nerotica or whatever. And a nice picture on the front...I'm a sucker!

And yes, Emma, this is my nom de plume. Quite like having an alter ego - it comes in handy sometimes ; )

Unknown said...

Hi Emma! As long as the book is good I'll read it, it doesn't matter if it is labeled romance, erotica or erotic romance. Loved All U Can Eat. It was a very good book.

pearl said...

I will read any romance and love the chance to read Emma Holly's books. Just super. The story is the priority with me and then the characters so I love general romance and all of it.

ellie said...

Emma, your books are the best. Love them. As far as romance is concerned I love all romance and the different labels don't change my preference at all. The way they are written and the story is important.

alissa said...

hi, Emma! Your books rock! Great romance and especially addictive. I am a romance lover and can't get enough of the romance genre. It dones't matter what type.

joelle said...

Welcome, Emma! Have been enjoying this blog and just adore your fabulous books. Romance makes it for me and it is a must in my daily reading. perfer HEA but if not then I will still read and enjoy.

Tiffany Clare said...

I love your sensual scenes Emma Holly! You have a great intense way to show off your characters, and these scenes are not easy to write! I've tried heck many have tried! It takes class despite what some think...

My fav is definitely the Demon's Daughter! I was on the edge of my seat for the whole book! I cannot wait to get to t. prince of ice...which is infact on my ever growing tbr pile. And now you tell us there is poor tbr will never shrink, I look forward to picking them up and reading them!

I love erotic romance and well I read romance, erotic romance and there is a difference to me...and the thing I look for is that HEA! it's not often I'll read a book without one now....

Unknown said...

Hi Emma!

Great comments! I absolutely love your writing!

You said: "The difference between erotica and romance is in the eye of the beholder." I totally agree with that. If there is one thing I have realized this week, it is how varied the opinions are on this subject. To me, there is no right or wrong answer, just many equally valid opinions. Everyone has their own perception. A book that I find enchanting may be repellent to another reader. That's okay. To each his or her own. There are plenty of books to go around!

CrystalGB said...

Hi Emma. I love your novels.
I don't think it matters how a book is classified as long as it is a good read.

MsFlexie said...

Hi EMMA!!!!

Just wanted to stop by and show some luv! In case I haven't told you lately I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books! You rock lady!

To all the readers - if you haven't read PRINCE OF ICE yet, I think you should RUN and get a copy ASAP or you'll be missing out on reading the BEST Emma Holly book EVER!!!

Lina (from RBL)

Anonymous said...

I find the older I get the more adventurous I feel in my reading I look forward to lying down in bed with an Emma Holly! So many writers are branching out into different genres, which just means more fun for the rest of us. Continued success, Maggie Robinson

Anonymous said...

As a reader of both erotica and romance, the titles don't mean much to me. But, if I wasn't a reader of both, I think that perhaps that label might help me choose whether or not to get a specific book.

OK. Now it's confession time. Emma, I've not read any of your books. But, I do have All U Can Eat in my TBR pile. After hearing about this wine cellar scene, I think I'm going to have to pull the book out and start reading. :)

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hi Emma,

I've wanted to say hi ever since I first read Menage way back on its first release. Great book, fantastic ending.

I am shocked to learn you read the back pages first - eek! Doesn't that ruin the fun?

BTW, just finished re-reading your historicals, and I enjoyed them just as much the second time around. Which is always the sign of a great read.

I'm going to stop gushing now. LOL!

Michele said...

HI and Welcome, Emma!
Just popped over from the RBL board. .. man - all that BOTY voting was tough *wink*

I miss your CosmoChix blog. Any hope of revival for special occasions?

As far as romance vs. erotica etc. As long as I get a believeable HEA then I'm good to go.

As long as the sex scenes move the story along and enhance the emotional attachment between the lead characters -then I'm perfectly fine.

My only complaint with ANY of the genres is when it, being violence or sex, is only for the shock factor or word count and not for any true purpose of the story. It makes me hesitate to read books by the same author again.

Those that tend to the gratuitous over use of said subject, need to take lessons from you.
You always deliver, Emma. You always have made me care about your characters and I'm satisfactorily thrilled and excited when the leads connect on the skin level. Whether it be m/m, m/f/m or m/f - you have the emotional connection I'm always searching for.
Thanks for that.

krissyinva said...

I am one of those who need my HEA's. I read every romance genre. Reading a book without a HEA is a huge letdown to me, I need to know that the H/H finally got it right. I know many people read the last page first, which I find odd. I mean, I know or hope in some cases they will get their happily ever after, but I don't want to read about it until I've gone on the journey with the H/H.

Shuck Ying said...

I've read several of Emma's, hot, hot, stuff.


I think one of there first erotic romance book I read were Emma's books! Got me hooked.

Deborah Chan said...

Welcome Emma! This is a hot topic that you write so well about. Love your books.

Emma Holly said...

Hear, hear, Jennifer Y!

Thx, Sabrina. Good to "see" you again!

Hi Wendy/Portia! I find it hard to predict trends. I just know I like the m/m, m/f/m stuff *g*

MaryKate, Menage's ending was less planned than some. As I got to know the characters, I made up my mind about what "should" happen. My next erotic contemp will be out in Sept 07. It's called FAIRYVILLE, and features a "Medium"-like heroine. I'm not sure I could sort out "how" my work has evolved over the years, but everybody changes and grows, so it's probably natural that our books would, too!

Nikki, nom de plumes are good! A bit like having a secret identity *g*

Thank you, AmyS, Pearl, Ellie, Alissa, and Joelle!

Tiffinac, I'm glad you liked The Demon's Daughter. I hope you like PRINCE OF ICE, too.

Yes, there are plenty of books to go around, Bamabelle, and thank goodness for that!

Thank you, Crystal G! Thank you, "Ms. Flexie." You are the contest queen!

Anonymous! Lying down in bed with an Emma Holly . . . my, oh my!

jen in wa, it isn't a crime not to have read me yet. I just hope you enjoy me when you do *g*.

Madelynne, I read the back pages when it's not a romance. I like to know what I'm getting into before I invest my time. Glad you liked the historicals - both times around!

Michele, welcome! Those RBL ladies know how to party. (And if anyone doesn't know what RBL Romantica is, you can check the links page on my site - Re: the CosmoChix blog, never say never, I guess, but we don't have any plans. Thanks for your kind words about my writing. The emotional connection is what I try to create.

Phew! Think I've got you all answered for now!

Portia Da Costa said...

"The emotional connection is what I try to create"... That's perfect, just perfect! *Exactly* how I feel...

And I think I'm going to scoot across and follow that link to RBL Romantica now...



Emma Holly said...

Hi Shuck Ying, and thank you!

Lisa, I feel privileged to have gotten many folks started reading erotica.

deborah, thanks! I'm glad people let me not take sides *g*

Playground Monitor said...

I wonder though, If you knew absolutely for sure, that a book had a HEA, wouldn't it spoil your enjoyment of it?

Heck no! I've been reading category romance for years, the hallmark of which is a HEA. My enjoyment isn't spoiled because even though I know the HEA is there, it's the hero and heroine's journey to the HEA that's the treat.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ciao, Bellas and Emma! It's funny hearing talk of CosmoChix again! I still have those little CosmoChix mirrors we gave away at RT, and should probably give some away here, too, just to get them out of my closet.

I'm glad you've joined us again, Emma. It's always fun to look forward to the realeases of your novels, then just as much when you visit to chat about them.

Welcome, all. I like this idea of not judging what anyone digs, or as Marykate always says: I'm not gonna be the one to yuk nobody's yum.

And I was so hoping someone would come up with a blog like Emma's this week, just to muddy the water.

But as my may know, in spite of our "I'm OK, You're OK" mantra, we does hafta have categories so the readers can find the books with which they're comfy. When they can do that, books sell, authors and publisher make moolah, and we get to read more of the novels we want to read.

Repeat it with me, Bellas, "Then everybody wins!"

That said, I've got some big agita over publishers not being consistent w/in their houses, among their imprints. If only monag couples having great explicit hot sex during the romance make for erom in your imprint, call it erom every time. Ad that third person into the mix, and make it erotica, but be consistent. If readers like what they read in either, they'll buy more if they can count on the labeling.

Labeling in this case = delineation for clarification of content. It doesn't mean pejorative or bigoted ways of looking at that content.

Boy on boy action is hot right now, but very soon I think it'll go the way of the historical romance, as well as the current upswing in the hot romance market.


So, you've got us past our fear of admitting we like imagining two hot boys having at it. Brava, and thanks for freeing us on that one.

But how 'bout anal sex? I mean, for years Howard Stern's been obsessed with "a little anal," as he calls it, and folks are distressed and disgusted. ( I happen to enjoy him because he never keeps a single thought to himself. No hypocrite, he.)

Anywayz, readers are loving it in your novels and other erom/erotica, etc., but nobody's talking about why. Maybe anal sex in erotic fiction deserves it's own blog. But I'm thinkin if nobody wanted to comment yesterday on fantasy, a blog on anal sex would be accompanied by the proverbial crickets chirping in the wilderness soundtrack...

Emma Holly said...

Hey, Michelle! Thanks for having me to your house. I'm sure you didn't mean for me to answer all those questions. No, no, no. On many topics, I like being vague *g*

Leiha said...

Hey Emma, you knew I would stop in, sorry if I'm a little late. I don't really need anything to be defined by genre because the lines are blurring. I think the most important thing for me is the quality of the writing and I know when I see your name on a book that the quality is there whether it's erotica, erotic romance, historicals, contemps or paranormals (you do write it all, LOL). Of course, your fabulous sex scenes don't hurt but if the romance wasn't there I wouldn't enjoy it quite as much.

Unknown said...

I love your books, Emma! Menage was a real eye opener to me and helped to realize that I could write what I wanted and not worry that nobody else had done it before.
And I've found it true that a lot of literary people think its ok if I write erotica but not ok if I write erotic romance. I think the lines are so blurred that you are right and that people do put their own value judgment on it.
Please keep writing!

Cathy M said...

Hi Emma, I totally agree with you. I know what stories I like and it doesn't matter what anyone calls it. Just make it a sinfully hot, and very sexy romance with a HEA.

KimW said...

Nice to see you, Holly! Love your stories.

I think what makes it all so confusing is that you can buy a book labeled erotica and find romance and a HEA. That really makes it confusing. I don't really pay attention to what it's called. I try to find a blurb or excerpt and just decide from that.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

That's exactly my point, kimw. It makes me kinda cranky to know that readers may be spending money expecting one thing, then are being disappointed when it turns out being something else. Talk about shocker in either direction depending how hot one expected it to be based on the imprint's label.

Emma, you've never been vague a day in your life, you coy vixen, you. :)

It's very cool to see not only your readers praising you, but other authors who've dropped in to do the same. Can't you just feel the love on this blog today?

I agree with leiha, and I think most of us do -- or am I wrong -- that we really enjoy the HEA no matter what the sensuality level the novel. That rush of coarse emotion-driven erotica can be invigorating or depressing or energy-sapping -- and marvelously so on each count -- but more often than not, I'm reading for the romance wrapped in luscious, wild sex. It's usually about the romance for me, I just prefer the sensuality to be as important as the love.

Emma Holly said...

Hey, Leiha! Thanks for stopping by. What a glam pic you have!

Thanks, Kate. Most creative authors get to be the first at something. That's part of the fun!

Okeydoke, Cathy, I will *g*

Hey, Kim, nice to see you, too! It's true that finding whatever *you* want in an erotic romance can be a treasure hunt, but it sounds like you've got a strategy *g*

Emma Holly said...

I feel the luv, Michelle, and it's good :-)

Jolene said...

Hi Emma!

I had to pop over and weigh in on the discussion. I totally agree that a lot of people classify books "erotica" just because they didn't like it/were uncomfortable with it. It really is a moral judgment. I really wasn't sure what to expect when I read my first "erotica/erotic romance" (as classified by the publisher). I thought erotica was something dirty old men read (I know! That's horrible, so politically incorrect, but it's what I thought!!). I was sure pleasantly surprised.

"Strange Attractions" was the first erotic romance I read- totally by accident! I have to admit, I was pretty shocked within the first few minutes! Totally unexpected. I put the book down and contemplated what I'd just read (OMG!! The shortening scene of BG & Eric's first time- Wow!!). I wasn't sure I should continue because it was much more daring than anything else I'd read. Well, that uncertainty lasted all of two minutes! It was the hottest thing I've ever read, and I definitely loved it. "Strange Attractions" remains my favourite book, of any genre. Because of it I kept an open mind and was able to discover many other amazing authors. I picked up an Angela Knight book because you endorsed it on the cover. Another wow! I've yet to read an erotic(a)/romance that made me uncomfortable. They've all been done very tastefully. They're not gratuitous at all. The romance isn't diminished in any way, it just has a different twist to it. And they're so well written! I'm so glad that I didn't let a label curb my reading. So thanks Emma!!

And if anyone here hasn't read Emma's books, you sure are missing out! I think Strange Atrractions, All U can Eat (still in awe over that book weeks later), and Prince of Ice are my favorites. There's just something about Emma's characters. They're so wonderfully flawed. But that's great! The characters become real to me. They're not sickenly perfect. I love your writing, Emma (but I'm still sad I have to wait so long for Fairyville *pouting*). LOL. Thanks for the wonderful reads!

Robin L. Rotham said...

Emma, I LOVED the excerpt from Prince of Ice on your website -- can't wait, can't wait, can't WAIT to read it!!!

There are so many things I used to think of as taboo, menage and m/m among them, and now I can't seem to write a romance without at least a smidge of both. This is due, in part, to your envelope-pushing influence, and I'm trying to decide whether or not to thank you... ;)

Okay, thank you! It's very freeing to write about romantic relationships that, not too many years ago, I would have died before admitting I fantasized about.

Liz said...

Emma Your on my auto buy list
Keep up the good work

Jennifer Y. said...

I understand what you mean Michelle about labels sometimes causing confusion for readers because of inconsistency. I think there is often a lack of consistency among and even within publishers/imprints...what is erotica for one may be erotic romance to another and what is erotic romance to one may be considered romance for another. They don't seem to have one shared definition for each genre.

It is hard for readers to know exactly what they are getting from a book based on a label when each publisher has a different idea about how to define that genre. Readers may even have their own definitions which can differ from that of publishers. Sometimes it may even be difficult to figure out how a publisher defines a genre when there is a lack of consistency from book to book within that publishing house.

That is one reason I gave up on reading labels when picking books...I read the back cover and look online to find out more about the story rather than the genre/label. However, not everyone does it can be disappointing for readers who don't know what to expect.

I have noticed that some e-book publishers rate the hotness level in a book and tell exactly how hot or risque it can be...that can cut down on some surprises. But most print books do not have these type of labels or ratings.

Of course all of this is just my opinion.

So sorry for rambling.

Emma Holly said...

Thanks, Jolene! Your words are much appreciated.

Glad to hear it, Robin. I hope you get to read POI pretty soon :-) And no thanks necessary. Whatever my books may have sparked, the real inspiration came from inside you.

Thanks, Liz! Will do my best :-)

Giving up on reading labels is probably wise, jennifer y. I wish I had a full-proof method to find only the books I like in bookstores, but until I find one, I'll have to keep on enjoying the adventure!

Dannyfiredragon said...

Welcome Emma,

I loved Prince of Ice and your story in Hot Spell. Midnight Desire sounds like another great story.

For me it doesn't matter how it is classified, it just has to have a HEA.

Kris said...

Thank you very much for blogging today. I love your books and and I hate the labels that people sometmes put on books. Everyone feels that they have to be able to classify a book so they can put it in a cubby hole and then leave it. I read everything, I try not to pay attention to what it is classified as, I just want to read good writing.

Emma Holly said...

Thanks, everyone, for coming! Thanks, Michelle, for inviting me! I had a lovely time!

catslady said...

I guess it only matters if a person feels there's a difference between the two and if they do not want to read one or the other. Erotic and erotica are close but I have to assume erotica goes a little further. As to Erotica and romantic erotica - once again, I would assume that romantic erotica has more story to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I absolutely adore Emma Holly!

Adriana said...

Emma, great posts, all day, so happy to have finally found this blogspot! Just bought All U Can Eat and am eagerly devouring it!

I agree with several posts that lines between genres are blurring, and I sure celebrate freedom -- to choose, to read what we like, to have wild reactions and come back for more, to follow our characters where they take us and explore new dimensions. It's a great ride!