Monday, December 18, 2006

Connie Brockway SquawkBlog: Connie Explains The Gentle Art Of Accepting An Obvious Regift

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What can I say about Connie Brockway that I haven't whispered behind my hand at an RWA meeting followed by the words, "But she'll kill me if she knows I told you."
Just kidding, cause I know that kind of thing makes her laugh. It's evident in her writing -- especially in her new contemporary debut, HOT DISH -- but you must know that Connie Brockway has a wicked smart, and at times evil, sense of humor. It's part of the reason I love her novels -- well, that and her heroes like Harry and Kit. Bellas, please offer Connie a warm buongiorno, as she's visiting us from frozen Minnesota...

I have some experience with accepting regifts. Lisa Klepas is notorious for re-gifting “gently used” lipsticks; Christina Dodd sends me underwear so old the shredded elastic looks like lace ; After transferring them to her Ipod, Elizabeth Bevarly sends out her latest CD acquisitions. I’m not sure that Teresa Medeiros’s annual “gift” counts as a “regift” as it’s a CD screen saver of her current year’s favorite Russell Crowe pictures but I am sure that Eloisa James counts because she has confessed outright to buying shrink-wrap to spruce up the decades old Pepperidge Farm Holiday Gift Paks she seems to collect.

As an expert, I’ve compiled a few pointers on the art of regift getting.

1>If you are receiving back the gift that you gave the giver last year, say something like, “Wow! This is the same Pepperidge Farm gift box I gave you last year! You must love this stuff as much as we do!” At once you will have gained important moral high ground which you can use to your advantage for the rest of the year.

2>If the box is dusty, blow off the dust, if the lipstick has, say, a little auburn hair in it, pluck it off and exclaim about how much you love vintage. See earlier comment regarding higher moral ground.

3> A friend of mine regifted a bottle of wine. When we turned it over, we saw a label on the back that said, “Chuck and Alice, June 12th, 2002.” As we were alone with our friends we did not hesitate to loudly and exhaustively decry their attempted deception, it being not only our right but our duty to protect the higher moral ground we spoke of earlier.

Had this exchange taken place in a crowd, we would have had to decided whether the amusement factor in making a public scene would have outstripped the higher moral ground we would have climbed to by staying discreetly mum. While of course we would have pointed out our discretion later, we opted to go for the amusement factor. But that’s us.

4>If you receive clothing items that are not only worn out but two sizes too small, thank the giver for being shrewd enough to realize no one can have too many cleaning rags. Screw the moral high ground. You’re tired of her ratty underwear.

5>Should you get the gift of music, transfer the CD to your computer, and buy some shrink wrap. Yes, if you get caught next year you’ll have slipped down the moral slope, but you’ll have saved a few bucks and let’s face it, if it’s not taking the high road to let someone else claim the higher ground at Christmas, what is?

How about you? Do you have any tips on how to react upon opening
that giant HOT DISH casserole you thought you’d gotten rid of last year?

Happy Holidays!
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flip said...

I would take regifts over the Rush Limbaugh book that my dad gave me one year. Since I am very liberal, the gift hurt my feelings in a very big way. I bawled all the way home. I am a little on the sensitive side.

BTW, I loved Hot Dish.

Kati said...

Hi Connie! Welcome to RBTB! I enjoyed Hot Dish very much, although I'll always be sad that you've decided to stop writing historicals. All Through The Night is one of my all time favorites!

So, first, how cute are the shoes the model is wearing on the cover of Hot Dish? I couldn't even stand up in those, but they're very cute!

I don't have any regifting stories, but I love all of your suggestions.

So tell us Connie, what are you working on now?

BTW, my word ver is "pudjh." Um, pudge? Clearly blogger knows it's the holidays.

Eloisa James said...

You know, Connie, while I never engage in these things myself, it occurred to me while I was reading your blog that if people are giving you back the Pepperidge Farm baskets you gave them the year before...maybe IT WAS A DELICATE STATEMENT ABOUT YOUR CHOICE OF PRESENT IN THE FIRST PLACE???

Eloisa, who always gives silk, with a smug smile

Gram said...

So far my friends have not regifted unless I overly admired it at the party
the year before. LOL
Do love your suggestions for the moral high ground.

Anonymous said...

If I have ever received a regift, I have remained blissfully ignorant of it. I don't count all the stuff my brother passes on that his subcontractors and various business contacts give him because he doesn't give them disguised as a Christmas gift. He just says, "Here. You want this stuff?"

On the other hand, I have selectively regifted. For example, a friend gave me an "architectural detail" several years ago. It was quite spectacular, but nothing I could use. I gave it to my brother since he had just moved into a new house and had a great bare wall crying out for something. He loved it, it looks great in his house, and since my friend is the let's-meet-for-lunch variety rather than the coming-over-for-dinner variety, she will never know. Everybody's happy.

And, Connie, I too loved Hot Dish. I take back every mean, skeptical thought I ever had about your switching to contemporary. BUT I have not given up hope for Giles's story!

Tiffany Clare said...

Used lipstick???? can I say weeeee.....

I've never regifted an actual and chapagne I have, cause well I don't drink white so I figure it's been regifted to me, and it makes my holidays a little cheaper.

I did one year from my boss receive one of the worst gifts ever, and it was so bad that I ddin't have the nerve to regift it!

It was one of those shot glass chess sets...I was like...uh...thank god you are away for the holidays 'cause I'd be scowling at you! Everyone got one, didn't matter if they were 25 or 55 we all got the shot glass chess set!

I gave it away to a big kid....

Anonymous said...

Tiff, was he promoting drinking on the job? haha

I've given away things that were given to me and never used. Say the nail dryer that the in-law got me. I don't paint my nails, have no use of it. So I gave it to my sister, who is overly girlie and does paint her nails. She loves it!

A good rule in regifting is never give the gift back to the person you gave it to. And if at all possible, give it that year, so at least its...umm fresh haha.

Now I must admit that I've only done this a few times, because truth be told, I'm really easy to buy for and don't complain too much (except to my husband, who hears it all lol).

And Eloisa you buy silk for holiday I wanna get on your holiday list hehe. I've never owned silk but heard its really nice.

Helen Brenna said...

Picky, picky, picky. Any you wonder why I never give you gifts.

krissyinva said...

I have never regifted. My mom has though many times. She loves to have Christmas parties and feels that she has to have a gift for everyone who attends whether or not they were invited. She always bought extra gifts for those people, but sometimes more uninvited people would show up. My mom is a nurse and growing up we had Christmas anywhere from the 21st to the 27th, depending on her schedule. One particular year we opened our presents on Christmas Eve morning and had our party that evening. I had bought her one of those huge Bath and Body works bags that said Goddess on it and was filled with all her favorite stuff. When the uninvited showed up(people I didn't like anyways) she proceeded to split the gift I bought her up and put in gift bags with candy. I was pissed, I spent so much time into picking out the perfect things and she gave it all away. She told me she couldn't give presents out unless she had something for everyone.

Tiffany Clare said...

Oh that wasn't wee.....hehe I seem to type in engrish when online...that weee is actually

ewwwww to the used mater how gently

Teresa Medeiros said...

Now Connie, you KNOW you love that screen saver because it gave you a chance to look at a real man instead of Tobey McGuire or any of your other boy toys ;)

robynl said...

I have re-gifted but to one other than the one that gave it to me. I do this if I can not use it at all, such as
wine(don't drink), perfume(gives me headaches, honestly). I think if I got something back I would want to say to the person that I have sure seen that before and wonder where(just a subtle hint) but then maybe not so they would not be embarrassed.

Cherie said...

I can't believe anyone would regift a used lipstick. How tacky! I have regifted items that I have received more than one of. I don't need three brand new cookie dough scoops but someone else who is a baker or a newlywed asking for baking items could probably use it. I try and be thoughtful about it and I would never regift something I have used.When I have received regifts I try to be considerate of the person's feelings. The people I have received regifts from were people on limitted incomes who still wanted to show the spirit of generosity so I take it in that spirit, thank them, and then I will donate anything I really can't use to a needy charity.

Cherie Japp

ashefrog said...

My Mother taught me that it is the thought that counts. So I have had many useless gifts over the years. I usually put them away and years later get rid of them.

Once my Grandmother gave the a toilet brush as an apartment warming gift. I loved it cause I didn't have one. My Mother was furious. I had to remind her it was the thought that counted.

Getting older and wiser, I have regifted a couple of times over the last few years.

With these wonderful suggestions, I imagine I will be a pro in no time.

Happy Holidays to All.

alissa said...

I never regift unless it is an item that I know I will never use and then I give it to a friend who can really make good use of it and it is still a new present anyway. She has no idea and it is better than letting it sit on the shelf and gather dust. I do not really appreciate receiving a gift that had no thought given to my personal tastes etc.

Christina Dodd said...

:: smugly :: Connie just gets cranky because she can't wear my panties. They're too small for her.

ellie said...

Regifting is fine as long as the gift suits that individual and is in good shape, in other words brand new. Otherwise it is not at all kind to bestow upon someone what you would not want bestowed upon you.

Maureen said...

When I suspect a re-gift I just smile and say thank you. I then take the ultimate moral high road and donate it to the annual church yard sale.

Wolfy said...

I have regifted a time or two. It is usually something that is so totally not me, and something that would just sit around and never be used. If I regift, I always make sure that it is to someone who will be able to use whatever it is and that it is appropriate for them

joelle said...

I have been totally unaware of being regifted. but if it should happen, then I hope that the person would have the sense to make sure the gift was right for me. But then if they do regift why would they even care about that small issue.

pearl said...

Regifting has such a bad connotation but most of the time if the person is careful no one is the wiser. Basically take your chances and be sure to whom it goes has no idea of the depth of your deceit.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hiya, Bellas! Where is Miss Thang? Is Ms. Brockway busy, tucked away with her husband and his Kum-Duck in some cozy fish house on lake Whozeewhatzit?

You'll just have to go to Squawk Radio (or move on out here to MN, land of the Walleye taco) to figure that one out. BTW, Eloise James, RBtheBlog GuestBlogger laureat, has just posted a new novella at her site absolutely gratis.

Now back to Connie. Connie Connie Connie, As She Desires, and As It Should Be.

krissyinva: ouchie. I'm pretty sure I can guess where your mom was coming from, but even folks w/ the best intentions have to realize they can hurt others by those very same instincts. You're a great daughter for spending that time to choose just the right gift.

Tonight, my husband's regional managers are coming here for a holiday party. Guess what I'm giving for Lovely Parting Gifts? You guessed it. Romance novels -- the gifts that keep on giving. So, in a way, you could say I'm regifting, too. :)

gram, I love the idea of friends giving you something of theirs you admire greatly! Does anybody have a friend with a Jag who wants a new pal?

Oooo, maybe Daniel Craig needs a new friend. There are so many things of his I admire, and if he's anything like gram's friends...

ev said...

I have regifted. When I get something I know I will not use, I keep the tag with it, and have a box I put them into, the same way I do Christmas presents. Then I know who NOT to give it to. But I do pass it on to someone who will like it. And if I can't find someone, I donate it.

connie- tell them to stop giving you icky stuff, at least regift with something nice. LOL

and I can't regift a Hot Dish casserole, since, like I haven't gotten one yet. hint, hint. LOL I am just kidding, so don't go find something to regift to me.

BTW, I did finish the book and loved it. Now to find time to read the Uncorrected, Autographed proof and find all the boo-boos will be a chore. ::sighh:: too much to do, so little time to whine about it.

Sally said...

Last year I received a crock pot sans box and instructions from my mother-in-law. Obviously a re-gift if I ever saw one, I complained somewhat ungratefully to my husband. Since I already owned a crock pot, I donated it to one of those charities that comes by your house to pick up your donations (aka gently used discards.) But then this past October, my inlaws came to visit and because I was working, I decided to use the crock pot (my own) to make dinner for their arrival. But, it didn't work! Boy, I sure could have used the re-gifted crock pot I'd given away! After my mother-in-law arrived, she learned that my crock pot didn't work (she was kept ignorant as to WHICH crock pot broke and that I'd given HERS away.) She decided to buy me a new one. Well, karma and the angry crock pot Gods were against me again. My MIL bought me a HUGE crock pot. It will not fit into any of my cabinets and there it sits on my kitchen counter, hogging up 2 cubic feet of space. I give it dirty looks at least once a day but I'm too frightened of karmic revenge to give it away.

Connie Brockway said...

Just got back from the post office! I had some lipstick and panties to send off to various parts of the country...INCOMING. It was a mad house!

And I've given up trying to get good gifts out of the squawkers. I count myself lucky Liz has packaged back up those chocolates with the bite out of them and sent hem here. Mostly because I would have eaten them.

Just for kicks, on the way home I stopped at one of the most exepnsive jewelry stores in town and pretended I was thinking of getting my husband a Rolex. Of course, I had no intention of spending nine thousand on a watch but it was fun to look.

Am I the only one who does this sort of thing?

Thank you all you kind HOT DISH readers! Happy Holidays!

ashefrog said...



I love "window" shopping for really expensive gifts. Usually for me though. Shoes, purses and outfits I can't afford but want to see what the big deal is.

They really do hang better and feel better. I guess for that kind of money they should do "something" better.

One time I made the mistake of telling my husband I liked a pair of Cole Hahn sandals. He bought me two different sandals. I almost died, but friends said he wants you to have them keep them. I returned one pair and keep the other, but they really didn't hold up that well. Probably cause I wore them pretty much daily.

He knows not to spend the money. I am hard on shoes and purses.

But jewelry is another story. I love jewelry and have some very nice pieces. I have also discovered shopping for jewelry in the Caribbean. DH knows if we go south he is adding to my collection.

But like the slogan goes "I'm worth it." Besides they are heirlooms and investments (like I care about that).

traveler said...

I have been regifted and I did not appreciate it one bit. It was in such poor taste that I just bit my tongue, held it in and never had any communication with the villain ever again. It was so obvious and tasteless to do. I felt really badly about it. I had more respect and consideration for this person but that went down the tubes immediately after that episode. My mother-in-law used to me give old items all the time, tablecloths, silverware and once threw a glass becklace in my face for my birthday. That really clinched it for me. To this day I cannot overlook her propensity for never buying me a new gift.

Tiffany Clare said...


9K? wow...on lunch a friend an I went to a really really expensive store for shoes just to droll, and have the sales people ignore us cause we did not look rich enough, LOL!!!!! These shoes were like $1500 that's just so......such....a waste...

Nah we all pretend to shop at some point! My favorite is tiffany's of course I won't be buying anything there anytime soon...though I hope my husband thinks of it one of these days...

Kim from IN said...

Christina gives underpants for Christmas?!?!?! Woot! I need on her list *g* And who cares about the elastic, I can put new in *g*

I seriously hope this was a regift. I'd hate to think my sil actually spent money on it. A horrid foot tall gargoyle! I kid you not. Since I'm the nice person I am I used to hide it at work for people to find in their desks.

Window shopping, Connie. OH yeah. I visit my KitchenAid mixer everytime I go into Kohl's. As soon as that baby goes on sale for $49.99 down from $299.99 I'm buying it!

Estella said...

I don't have any regifting stories, but want to tell you how much I enjoy your books.

Playground Monitor said...

I had a "Pretty Woman" moment today at the mall. Sure I wasn't all dolled up like all the yuppie socialites and I only had on mascara cuz I had a 9AM chiropractor appointment and when you lay face down on that table, all your makeup comes off on the little paper cover anyway. But I was clean, hair combed and more decent than a lot of folks.

I went into an unnamed anchor store at the mall, planning to treat myself to some new makeup. No stinking one would wait on me. Could they not see the $250 watch I wear? The expensive purse I carried (even though I got it for a mere fraction of its retail value at a discount store)? Did my $5K engagement ring not flash enough? If they'd waited on me, they could have seen my gold AMEX card.

They made a mistake. A big, huge mistake cause hades will freeze solid before I go back in there.

Okay... got that off my chest.

I take regifts on a case-by-case basis. Some are okay; some are tacky. And I've been known to re-gift but I'm careful how I do it -- only something that's nice but I have no use for and only in original packaging and never, ever back to the person who gave it to me or to any of their first or second degree relatives.


Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Connie!! I'm a little late to welcome you but I'm a big fan of your historicals. I'm hoping for Hot Dish for Xmas...

LOL! I am cracking up at these comments...

I think having short term memory loss has made it possible for me not to know if I've received any regifts. Makes for a happier holiday. :o)

I don't have the guts to regift. Again the sucky memory. I would feel horrid if I gave someone back their gift to me.

ashefrog said...


Have been there and done that!!!

I am notorious in my circle for bad mouthing and boycotting stores and businesses for poor customer service.

You deserve to be waited on no matter what you look like, are wearing or whatever.

Have a good laugh at their expensive cause most of them work on commission.

Now if we could just get Richard Gere to walk back in there flashing his money and gorgeous smile we would really have the last laugh.

principessa said...

regifting is a practial idea as long as it is handled with finesse and tact. It can make it a happy holiday experience for all if done properly. I have been the victim of regifted items for years. The culprit is my sister. I will never regift because of the trauma I have suffered due to terrible regift inflicted upon me. I had given her a beautiful set of glasses which she appreciated and had used. The next year she sent me these same glasses as a gift to me. She gave me back my own gift and said that she had just bought them. Everyone was mortified. Sometimes regifting does backfire.

Jeanette J said...

I've never had a regift before but I'd like to think I would be gracious and just say thank you to the regifter

pjpuppymom said...

Hi Connie! Loved HOT DISH!

Every year for Christmas my boss gives everyone a box of Russell Stover chocolates and a box of candy canes - EVERY year. He knows I make about 50 pounds worth of chocolate goodies every Christmas because he anxiously awaits his box yet he goes out and buys me a box of chocolates. So, the day after I get the "gift" I put the box of chocolates and candy canes out on the counter at work and encourage the customers to help themselves. Would that be considered regifting? (evil grin)

Anonymous said...

My family has solved the whole regifting thing---we just buy gift cards and everybody gets exactly what they want. My mother-in-law was notorious for giving people half-used, beat-up things (and she always would squeeze the chocolates to see the filling, then try to make you eat them). When she died I found lots of presents I carefully shopped for stuck in a cedar chest..I guess she didn't think they were good enough to give away! Now I'm concentrating on being a GOOD mother-in-law, even gave my daughter-in-law my "starter" engagement ring---that's not a bad regift, right?

Connie, I loved Hot Dish. I live in Maine and your characters seemed awfully familiar. It must be all the trees and cold weather that warps the poor souls! Maggie Robinson

Nancy J said...

Years ago I received a beautiful Tiffany(!) silver pen from my then boss. I loved it. Too bad it was engraved with the initials of the organization that gave the pen to him.

I actually like re-gifting and re-gifts. Unless it is done in a thoughtless way. Obviously Lisa knows the shade of lipstick that will look good on Connie, and Christina has a way-too-small butt.

santasmbslt said...

Can I first say that I LOVED 'Hot Dish'? I LOVED 'Hot Dish'!!

As to re-gifting, I don't think I've ever received a re-gift. I have given re-gifted some of my wedding gifts to others but I feel that I can stand firmly on my moral higher ground because everything that I have re-gifted has gone to homes that will give them all the love and affection I could not.

Isn't that better than letting collect dust in the closet?

amy kennedy said...

These are such funny (and a few sad) stories. My mom is a funny gift giver for specific holidays or birthdays--used things , etc. but then she'll buy you a gorgeous purse you were admiring that's way too expensive for no reason at all.

Ev, you are the most organized re-gifter of all.

Michelle, good luck tonight, or now...

Connie--I love your books.

J Perry Stone said...

Well I was putzing around K'mart and this man asked if I wanted to be entered in a raffle. Of course I said yes, and while me and the crowd were milling around while he did his pre-raffle winner shtick, I just KNEW I'd win the prize because my intention was to give it away.

I don't need a genuine gold-plated herringbone (sp?, and also I thought herringbone was a material print) bracelet.

2 seconds later, I won, and gave the bracelet to my son's bus driver, along with a towering confection-filled snow man thingy.

I thought she reacted well.

Plus, you know, I love cheesy gifts so I don't care if anyone regifts me...but I don't think I could take hair stuck to them (ew, Connie).

And as you know, I ADORE your writing, adored HotDish, and pretty much think you set the standard for cool!

Ya huh!

catslady said...

I have regifted NEW or UNUSED gifts but NEVER something that wasn't new. yuk.

Sue A. said...

Well I have been the recipient of re-gifting, but I was told in advance, probably to keep my expectations low. Ugh! I'd re-gift the stuff myself if I didn't have a conscience and the memory of the experience. I hate throwing things out so the stuff just sits in the house.

froggie said...

I've receive quite a lot of questionable gifts over the years, but I can't say they were 'regifts'. My sister-in-law likes to buy her stuff at church bazaars. That's where little old ladies get rid of the half-broken crap they don't have room for in their overstuffed houses. The stuff my s-i-l evidently feels is good enough for me!

I admit to regifting myself, although what I give has never been used or even opened. My husband's boss always throws this great Christmas bash for his employees and their families. He's extremely generous to all, except I can't bring myself to tell him that I really, really, really dislike scented candles, soaps, body cream, bath salts, etc. My nose is so sensitive that I don't even have to open up the package in order to smell the products. It makes me sad that he spends so much money on me!

Over the past several years, I've been giving away all that I've received from him. Luckily, my sisters know of my dilema and are happy to take the stuff off my hands...

This year I've also received "An Inconvenient Truth" DVD and was asked to regift it by the person who gave it to me. I haven't even watched it yet and Christmas is 6 days away. I've got so much baking, wrapping, errands to do before I'm ready for the Fat Guy to drop by our house that I doubt I'll get to watch it at all. What do you think I should do?

Froggie *desperately seeking answers*!

ev said...

ashefrog- I love jewerlly too. It helps that hubby's nephew manages one of the nicest ones in the area!! last year I discovered the Caribbean shopping too- oh boy did I do damage!!

Amy- actual I am ADD and have found that to just survive the holidays, I have to be organized. Of course it is the only thing that is organized, but hey, it's a start.

My uncle in Fl just sent me his annual card, complete with a Christian Cd (not music either). I don't have the heart to tell him that's not me, so I immediately regifted that to the garbage pile. oops.

Stacy~ said...

I've only done this once or twice, but I have regifted if it's a new item (unopened package) where it's something I can't use or a scent I don't care for. For example, one year someone got me a pear-scented lotion set, and I don't like the smell at all, so I gave it to a coworker because she loves it. I felt a little guilty, but I also felt glad it went to a good home LOL.

Connie, your Scottish trilogy was awesome, and I'm sorry to see you moving away from historicals, but I also think any author worth their salt is worth following into a new genre. I personally wouldn't want to be in a rut or stuck doing something I felt I'd "completed" and needed to move on from, so I couldn't expect the same from a fave writer....with the thought that one day you'll return to your roots (hopeful sigh) LOL

ReadingAddict1 said...

I've never got a regift that I'm aware of, but I don't think regifting is all that bad, if you put a little thought into it.

I have to admit I have regifted myself, but only to those I know who would like it. The useless things, to those, who I don't care if they like it or not *evil grin* and I always make sure that I don't give it back to the one who gave it to me.

I would never give a used item (btw eeeewwwwww) as a gift. I might just give it to someone if they comment on it and I don't use it anymore or I'd ask them if they wanted it before I get rid of it.

How I would react to a regift would depend on if it was used and if it was something that I could use or not.

*If I got something back that I had given to them, I would say I think I've seen this somewhere before... just a subtle hint to give the regifter that I know :D.

*If it was used I would tell the regifter in private I think they made a mistake and gave me the wrong box. Let them decide how to handle that, LOL.

*If it was something that was useless, I'd probably just accept it and regift it to someone else, :D.

*If it was something that I could use, I would say thank you and leave it at that :).

santasmbslt said...

Froggie - it sounds like you got a chain DVD! Did it start as a re-gift to you? Um, to add further deception to the whole affair how would the person you got the DVD from know whether or not you re-gifted it and to whom you re-gifted it to...does that make sense? Also, traditionally the Christmas season lasts until the Epiphany or Little Christmas or Twelfth (sp) Night, you really have a good TEN (?) more days before Christmas is over and you have to re-gift your gift!

Wait, ten more days would make it sixteen days of Christmas....hmmm. Is there anyone out there better at math than me?

ReadingAddict1 said...

Since I give excellent gifts... *grin* another thing you could say to someone who has regifted something you had given them, would be to say, "Wow, you have excellent taste" and just grin.

krissyinva, that would have upset me too!

Connie, I do that all of the time with things that I know I can't afford but can only dream about having :D.

kim from in, let me know when the mixer does go on sale for that price, I'm there too :D.

Maggie, you have to be careful of giving gift cards because there is a scam going on with those.

froggie, was there a time limit on the regifting request? Regift it later, after you've had time to watch it, for say a B-day.

ev said...

i will admit that my best friend and I, when we get something we don't like, will ask the other one if she wants it. We have done that for years, but at least we are aware of the re-gift. However, I think we both have said yes knowing someone else that we can pass it on too. Always new stuff, just that our families always get us stuff that they likem not what we would like. My family just have no taste at times, and hers is always trying to change what she likes. they don't get the idea that at 51 (her) and a few years younger (me) WE AIN"T CHANGING!!!

J Perry Stone said...

Santa said:

"Wait, ten more days would make it sixteen days of Christmas....hmmm. Is there anyone out there better at math than me?"

Here that, San? That's the sound of everyone, SAVE ME, raising their hands.

I get what you're saying though. Froggie, give the DVD to someone who lives in another state, that way you can also blame the post-office the belatedness.

Personally, I think the last thing you need is more pressure what with all the . Watch it only when (and if) you feel like it, then give it to a neighbor and tell her to do the same.

I dunno but I'm not sure the polar ice caps melting and NYC under water is the most, eh, "JOLLY" movie to watch before Christmas...but I do think everyone should see it sometime.

J Perry Stone said...

HEAR. HEAR that, I mean.

J Perry Stone said...

Oy. My doctor told me to lay of the coffee and my brain isn't working.

Froggie, I meant to say..."what with all the baking and wrapping and errands you have to do."

santasmbslt said...

Hardy! Har! Har! J, find a coffee substitute quick!

Congrats to all you guys who won the Italian glass frames! Just in time to put your holiday pictures in!

Billie said...

Hot Dish is still in my TBR pile. I might have a chance to get to it during the Christmas break (I work at a college).

I'm guilty of re-gifting. In fact I gave the gift in question to my girlfriend just yesterday. It was bubble bath and body lotion from Bath and Body Works, so it was a nice gift, but I don't take baths and I have a shelf full of body lotion already. I did add something that I'd made for her so it wasn't completely cheap of me to regift the other items.

I've also been victim of regifting. My sister gave me a picture frame that I'd given to her the year before. She thought it was hysterical, but I was insulted, mainly because she makes FIVE times as much money as I do and was too cheap to buy something new.

Liz said...

My tip is to say thanks and then give it to one of my daughters who both just moved 1 bought a house and 2 just got an apartment
Then I can tell the giver if they ask that the girls really needed it