Thursday, November 16, 2006

What A Web We Weave

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Friday, Nov 17!
Ack! Kids are home sick, and I've managed to get sick, too. Sounds like a flippin TB ward around here.

Anyway, I thought I'd do me a little recreational reading, you know, the kind that makes you feel all better?

So, this weekend past, I read Mary Balogh's "The Gilded Web," part of the Web series being reissued now, and in Sp/Su '07. It's in a style a bit different from her current stuff -- a little different voice, more traditional -- but is wonderful and romantic and kinda steamy, too. She's just a treasure, as has been said.

I couldn't wait for the other two novels to come out, cause TGW was so good, so I bought em used and plan on starting them today.

What are the reads you come back to that make you "feel all better"?
Encore! Grazie mille, Tamera Alexander for yesterday's GuestBlog! We loved remembering our favorite romantic lines, and hope you'll visit us when "Remembered" is released next year. In the mean time, at least we still can read "Revealed" and "Rekindled."
Encore due! You can read my feature of Balogh's current release, "Simply Love," and a special ExtraView with her at Romance: B(u)y the Book!


Vivi Anna said...

I don't really have any comfort reads that make me 'feel better'. But there are a few books that I reread to remind me what great writing is all about. Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. It's his really only foray into true fantasy..and it's fantastic. Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes, always makes me cry and laugh.

I have so many books on my TBR pile that I really never have a chance to go back and reread.

Tamera Alexander said...

A romance I've returned to again and again--and that always leaves me fulfilled and full of hope--is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. A masterpiece in romance and what love is all about.

I've read Redeeming Love countless times and have also dissected it as a writer, working to learn how Francine weaves that wonderful spell around her hero and heroine that makes me keep coming back.

Since it was written in '97, it's never left the bestseller charts. That's saying something!!

Sorry you're sick, Michelle, and the kiddos too. Hope you're better soon!


Kati said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, Michelle. Here's hopin' you and the kidlets are better by the weekend.

I have lots of comfort reads, but I chose my re-reads absolutely by mood, so it depends for me. I have about 200 keepers, which means I have a wide array of choices. I really like Linda Howard for comfort reads, but sometimes I want Nora Roberts instead. Just depends.

Jennifer Y. said...

The books of Julie Garwood, Julia Quinn, and Lisa Kleypas are the ones I re-read the most...they are my comfort reads. I usually only re-read when I don't feel good...I will read one I am familiar with rather than a new one because I know I will like it and know what to expect. This doesn't happen much anymore though.

I am also sick...have a cold plus I broke my little toe yesterday. Not fun. Curling up with a book sounds good...if the sinus headache doesn't turn into a full-blown migraine and allows me too.

Kati said...

Aww, Jenn, I'm sorry you're not feeling good either. Doncha just hate breaking a toe? It hurts like h*ll and there's nothing you can do but tape it to another one and wait for it to heal. Sorry, hon!

Now, go curl up with Dreaming of You, and let Derek make you feel better! :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

...said the spider to the fly, to keep with out theme, marykate. Now I'm thinking maybe I should crack open an old Kleypas after I feed the kids lunch and (try to) tuck them away for a little nap.

You're right, jennY, about the trust issue with the ones you've read already. But, and I'm sure it's the same w/ you, I meet tons of people who tell me they never re-read books. {shiver) I hope your toe feels better; I'll bet it feels crummy, esp w/ the cold on top of it.

Tamera, I'm SO all over Redeeming Love since you rec it. Guess I've got to head over to Amazon. Is it hard to get a copy of? I think I bought the last used "wb of love" on the Inet.

Vivs! What? You don't read only romances in your spare time???

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone who is feeling under the weather is feeling better soon! Hmm, comfort reads. I think I would have to say 'A Knave's Wager' by Loretta Chase. It is my favourite historical romance novel. There's just something about the Marquess of Brandon :)

I've also just finished reading The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch and The Last of the Honky-Tonk Angels by Marsha Moyer. I love them because they feel so real. Sometimes escapism is great (and necessary), but other times it is good to read something that reminds you that real love does exist. Something that reaffirms your faith!

Have a lovely weekend all!


PS I love Mary Balogh too! The last book in her Slightly series - the one with the Duke. Hmmm - definitely my favourite :) I also loved The Secret Pearl. Not what I expected but very well done!

Playground Monitor said...

Bad sinus headache here too -- bad enough I threw up in my litter bag as I was driving back from the chiropractor's office this morning. I know... TMI. I'm off to hunt down some kinda pain pill and crawl back under the covers.


Kati said...

Jeez, everyone is sickie! Marilyn, hope that you get to feeling better! I hate headaches so bad they make you sick to your stomach. Poor sweetie! :o(

I'm in Chicago, and am going to attempt to get back to DC this afternoon. We'll see, since there is a tornado warning for DC. Plus, you know, it's O'Hare, so goodness knows. If you don't hear from me by tomorrow evening, I'm stuck! I'm bloody tired from this meeting, and plum outta perky. But at least I only have to work tomorrow, then we have a weekend. Yay!

OK Bellas, I'm passing the ice packs, tylenol, ginger ale and kleenex to you guys. Don't breathe on me!


Julie in Ohio said...

I am suddenly very thankful the is a CYBER community. It's healthier that way. :o)
I hope you all get to feeling better. If you are not better by Monday, get yourself to the doctor. It's no fun being sick for the holidays. We had to take my daughter to the ER this past weekend. It turns out she had an ear infection and boy was she miserable. :(

I have too many comfort reads to name. Like MK, it depends on my mood. That isn't helpful is it. Well, I am finishing up NR Born In series. You can't go wrong with any NR. You can find something of hers for most any mood. :o)

Take care, Bellas, and remember lots of Vitamin C.


Julie in Ohio said...

MK, be careful on your way back home. Tornadoes are nothing to mess with...

And you don't want to get me started on the dangers of flying... (serious phobia there)

MsFlexie said...

amything by JANE AUSTEN, Karen Marie Moning, the Harry Potter books

catslady said...

hope you're feeling better. I'm not much for rereading - but historicals seem to be my favorite genre.

Stacy~ said...

Ahem, I'm feeling a bit hurt that MK didn't tell me she was in Chicago, which is where I live (sniff). MK, I do hope you have a safe trip back, whenever that might be. Much as I love my city, the airport is a pain.

Love comfort reads! Brockmann's Team 16 SEALs (yeah, I know, but they really do make me feel better LOL), Kleypas' wonderful historicals, McNaught (her earlier stuff - Kingdom of Dreams, Something Wonderful, Paradise, Perfect, etc). Why is it so hard to find stuff like that anymore, that's what I'd like to know...

Stacy~ said...

Oh, I meant to say that I hope everyone feels better. Tis the season for getting sick. Give yourselves some good old-fashioned TLC - you deserve it.

Btw, I will be having a surprise (at my blog) for the Bellas in the next few weeks. I hope y'all will enjoy it :)

Kati said...

Hi Bellas - Am home again and am watching Grey's (as usual for me on Thursdays). Hope everyone is feeling a bit better.

Stacy - Doncha wanna give a hint about the surprise.

You know, when I go home, I looked, and somehow my invitation to Tom and Katie's wedding was misplaced. It must have gotten lost in the mail. I guess this means I don't need to buy a gift, as you know, I hear that the Beckhams are having a hard time deciding what to buy. LOL!

ev said...

I too am glad that this is a cyber commnunity- I don't have time to be sick!!

I am with Vivi- I don't have a lot of time to re-read books, although ones I do like, I get unabridged from the library and pop them on my iPod so I can listen while I am driving when i am tired of the radio blather. janet evanovich is a fav for that, I laugh myself silly driving down the road. Anne McCaffrey is another, along with mysteries. there are just so many books to read I don't have time to re-read.

Stacy~ said...

Give a hint about my surprise....nope! LOL. You'll just have to stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see someone else's invite to the TomKat wedding was misplaced. I'm so going to miss the festivities.


I lost all respect for TC after his attack on Brooke Shields (is anyone else surprised as heck she's at the wedding even though they made nice publicly?). He's a nut case who needs to be protected from himself. I really feel sorry for Katie and that baby. Should this marriage go sour, she'll have a huge fight on her hands. OTOH, not too many folks have a great impression of TC now so she might just be able to waltz away with everything including sole custody.

Deb's Book Nook said...

Hey Michelle! Sorry you and the kids are sick. Hope everyone feels better soon!

As far as comfort reads, Julie Garwood historicals are my favorites. I also reread Christine Feehans Carpathians, Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark Hunters and a couple of other favorites. Usually I have so many new ones to read I just grab one of those of those and hope it keeps me absorbed. Right now I'm on vacation and between cleaning and other chores I am reading an arc of Lisa Kleypas Sugar Daddy. Very enjoyable.

Keira Soleore said...

Get better everyone!! We all just got our flu vaccine. Last year, we felt that we had fewer (that once every 6-8 weeks instead of 3-4 weeks) colds and other ear-nose-throat infections as a result of the vaccine.

Comfort Reads: Georgette Heyer, Lisa Kleypas, Mary Balogh, Candice Hern, Julie Garwood, PD James, Elizabeth George, Enid Blyton

Playground Monitor said...

I'm guessing that poor Michelle was too sick to post the new blog today.

::waves and sends lots of hugs::

Get well soon!


Julie in Ohio said...

Goodness Gracious!! Everybody must still be sick. I hope ya'll got doc appointments on Monday. I'd hate to think of yous being sick for Thanksgiving. :(

It's half hour until my beloved OSU Buckeyes face off against the much loathed Michigan Wolverines. That would be football for the sports challenged. :P I'm planning on sitting on my lazy boy with a beer in my hand and not moving until half time. I tend to get a spurt of testosterone when my Bucks are playing. :o)

Playground Monitor said...

Don't know about OSU and Michigan, but today's the biggest religious event in the state of Alabama -- the Iron Bowl where Auburn plays Alabama.

War Eagle!

Hope everybody's feeling better. My tummy bug appears to be gone. :keeping fingers crossed:


Julie in Ohio said...

Marilyn-- Break my heart why don't 'cha? Ohio State vs. Michigan is only the biggest rivallry in college football, or so we like to say. :o)

For those of you who could care less, my Buckeyes won. :o)

Playground Monitor said...

And my Auburn Tigers won -- 5 years in a row they've beat Alabama! :-)