Thursday, November 02, 2006

Justin Time For Some Fun

Suppose you're dating Justin here, and you just aren't sure he's being faithful. Sure, it's probably enough that he lets you hang with his stripped-down-to-the-waist, just-squeeking-past-his-teens bod. But you want to know you're the only one he's letting photograph him reflected in the side-view mirror of his daddy's Benz.

What's a lovelorn chick to do?

Find out -- and play along -- when you bop over to

to read my guest blog today, Nov 2!


Encore! Molto grazie, Eve Silver, for GuestBlogging with us yesterday. We'll be looking for HIS DARK KISS (it's great, Bellas), and looking forward to you're visiting with us again soon!

Encore due! maureen, you've won a copy of HIS DARK KISS courtesy of Eve! Email me your snail mail at ! Congratulazione!

Encore tre! Thanks, MK, for tossing Justin our way. :)


Kati said...

I've decided that since I'm WAAAY to old to be having impure thoughts about Justin, I'm going to let him date my 21 year old niece. LOL!

Michelle - You feelin' better, Bella?

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks for the yummy little treat, Michelle. And here I thought only the kiddies get candy this time of year. :P

He can't be *that* young, MK. He does have hair on his chest. :P

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Feelin much better, MK! Three things:

1. Made deadline
2. Antibiotics
3. Dave gets home tonight

I gotta agree w/JulieO. For me, it gets creepy when I get that Abercrombie & Fitch feel lookin at a guy. Like, does he look like some hypersexualized teen here?

I don't get that feel with Justin. But it could be very close.

Jules, I can't remember at which blog, but someone posted photos of guys w/, horrors, actual hair on their bodies! Wild, after we see so many guys w/ waxed/shaved body hair on romance covers and ads.

I may steal the idea. Was it our Michele?

And you know? I think next Hallowe'en, we'll do a candy for us blog (if I can get blogger to work) with your theme in mind, Jules.

Kati said...

LOL! Michelle - Didn't that discussion lead down the path of an indepth discussion of the "happy trail?" Or am I imagining it.

Yes Jules, I told Michelle when I sent her the picture that I felt like a dirty old woman. I saw this piccy on another blog. I believe he's on the show, Smallville, right now. But either way, he is yummmy. And really not THAT much younger than me. He was born in 1977. So that's not too, too young.

ev said...

He's not too young looking, but, boy do I feel like a perv sometimes, when they are young and good looking.

Wolfy said...

I know how you feel, sometimes when I look at them, I think god they are just about my son's age and I feel like I am a perv. But it never hurts to look.......

Vivi Anna said...

I love ogling younger men. Doesn't bother me in the least. Until of course, I find out they are like 16...AAAAAAAA, I scream before wondering where they'll be in a couple years so I can ogle them again.

Stacy~ said...

This guy doesn't do anything for me, but yeah, I have been known to ogle a 19-yr old hottie from time to time. In fact...just today, there's this security guard who works for my company - brown eyes, broad shoulders, sexy lips - I couldn't help but stare at him as we were talking. All I think was that "boy, is he cute, healthy, and in his prime" LOL. But I just look.

It's freakin' cold outside! Down to 22 degrees here in Chicago. How's Minne-cold-a doing? My mom is hibernating....but then again, she doesn't appreciate the hotties.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well, he's no Canna, that's for sure.

Yeah, cold here. Never heard it called Minn-e-cold-a before. Minne-flippin-sota? Um, perhaps I've heard it called that a time or two.

You know, MK, I didn't read all the comments, but that would have been a good direction in which to take the discussion.

Hey, thanks all for commenting over at RtB! I was SO not blog about anything controversial today, cause I just didn't have it in me to spar today. Maybe next month.

ev said...

Should I tell you about the kid who does my lawn, and his older brother? Both are in college, but I remember when he was 16. Of course it doesn't hurt that his dad is my handy man on speed dial. At least I know where his 4 sons all got there good looks. Don't know about the 4 girls though- yeah 8 of 'em. Shoot me now. It's my very own Wisteria Lane- NOT!! (although my 21 year old daughter enjoys the scenery too!!)

Anonymous said...

He is yummy in the "Green arrow" tights on Smallville

Michele said...

I missed Eve Silver?!!

My modem was down for over a week!

Just got repaired, I visit and I see what I missed.

I just bought her book ... I love her style. And I never got a chance to say so.

You have SUCH good taste in guest bloggers,Michelle!!