Thursday, November 30, 2006

Heroes, Sex, And GuestBloggers Laureat

Now, you've probably heard me sing the praises of "She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman," by my hero, Ian Kerner, Ph.D. Oh! It's gift giving time, right? Think of it as one to your husband that would keep on giving...

Anyways, I don't know if you have a fantasy, buy one of mine -- besides that Regency-inspired one that takes place inside a well-sprung carriage -- would be to have Ian Kerner's job, and to do it as well as he does.

He probably wouldn't say so, but I'm thinkin not only is bestselling author, Phi Beta Kappa Brandeis grad (we likes em brainy, don't we), and licensed sex and relationships therapist Kerner an expert on pretty-much all things sexual, be he's also a man who knows how to talk about those things to everyday folks in a voice that's as empathetic and encouraging as it is hip and witty.
Ian "My Hero"Kerner, Ph.D., will be here
next Thursday, Dec. 7 during
RBtheBlog Hot Topic Week:
Eros (that's Ian's part), Erotica, and Erotic Romance

When I invited him to join us, I mentioned what we chat and laugh about all the time: how reading romance makes our husbands and lovers pretty darn happy, and how we defend a woman's right to claim her sexual fantasies, even as they relate to the romance she likes to read. You absolutely must take the incredible opportunity to drop in next Thursday to read the special GuestBlog he's prepared about women, orgasm, and sexual fantasy. And he'll drop in to talk about those things, to.

Remember, Bellas: No such thing as TMI here at RBtheBook, si?

Here's more on Ian: "The Sex-Doctor to Generations X & Y," Ian's journey to counseling professionally grew out of his own personal battle with sexual dysfunction and his desire to help others. With so many relationships often disintegrating within the first five years of marriage or cohabitation, Ian frequently works with young couples in their twenties and thirties to address issues that are common to the "American bedroom" but nonetheless lead to lives of quiet desperation.

Ian has appeared frequently on The Today Show as well as Good Morning America, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360,Good Day New York, Headline News and Paula Zahn Now, NBC Dateline, the CBS Early Show, FOX News, MSNBC, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew amongst others.

Ian is Cosmopolitan Magazine’s resident sex expert, contributing regularly “in-book”, as well as penning Cosmo’s online sex-advice column on iVillage and hosting a weekly call-in show on Cosmo Radio for the Sirius Network.
Encore! Vivi Anna GuestBlogs with us tomorrow, Fri, Dec. 1st! We love talkin sex w/ Vivs, too, but she's got a couple other tricks up her sleeve...
Encore due! Grazie mille, Eloisa James for sharing your day with us yesterday. We are so happy you've written Mayne and Josie's story in "Pleasure for Pleasure" and know it'll be a huge success. As alway, please come back soon. Maybe we should make Eloisa our GuestBlogger Laureat?
Encore tre! Molto grazie Sherrilyn Kenyon for GuestBlogging Monday just in time to get us all sappy about the holidays!
Encore cinque! Congratulazione to amyskf, winner of Pleasure for Pleasure, and marcantonia, beelybopper, and maureen, who each won a copy of "A Wild Pursuit." Email me at w/ your snail mail, Bellas.


Kati said...

Wow! Michelle he sounds amazing! How did you get to know Ian? Being you, did you just email him and ask him to come? Or how do you know him? I think your job is SO cool sometimes, and I love that we get to benefit!

Can't wait to see what Vivi posts about! I'm sure it'll (if you'll pardon the expression) prime the pump for Eros Week!

Ames - You won! You won!

I went today and picked up PFP and DsotM and The Gilded Web by Mary Balogh! I also picked up The Last Templar. It was out last year and is now in paperback. I very much enjoy quest books, so I'm hoping it'll entertain too.

I've decided to re-read the Merry Gentry books. I'd forgotten how smokin' hot they are! I'm trying to figure out how to turn the pages with pot holders on! ;-)

Kris said...

He sounds neat, can't wait til next week. and tomorrow for that matter, Vivi is always fun to talk to.
Congrats to the winners!!

Playground Monitor said...

Being you, did you just email him and ask him to come?


We knows what ya mean, MaryKate.

And Ames -- you won on the Playground yesterday too! You're on a roll. Email me to claim your prize.

I'll only be 'round 1/2 a day tomorrow. It's Playfriends road trip time again. But I'll check in early for ViviAnna's blog.


Julie in Ohio said...

LMAO, Marilyn. I had to read it twice before I got what you meant. Yeah, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. :P

WOO HOO, Ames!!!!
I'm SO jealous. My B&N *still* doesn't have it in. I'm about to boycott the store...

I can not wait for Vivi tomorrow. Do you think she'll do a Bible study?

Kati said...

BLUSH! Marilyn! You dirty bird you! I would have asked if she asked him HOW to come.

Looks around...where's AMY? She's my cover when we start into conversations like this!

Slinks off...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Holy cow, Bellas, you have me dying laughing right now. I didn't pick up on MK's Freudian. It just figgurs with Vivi Anna coming (here) tomorrow that we'd all be thinkin sex, sex, sex.

YES, OK, dammit. I know it's basically all I want to talk about, but I make a grand attempt to discuss other issues related to romance, don't I?

Truly,, MK, I just wrote and asked cause I really admire his work and thought folks in romance should really know about him if they don't already. Plus, I was hoping he could talk to us about why fantasy is so important to women. His GuestBlog is just terrific -- frankly, I was just telling Dave how honored I am that he wrote for us.

Um, I think Ian Kerner has become a little like Nathan Kamp in Dave's mind, like, can we stop talking about him already, Michelle?

"The Last Templar?" How did I miss this, please? I'm crazed for Knights Templar, especially those fallen ones.

Jules, I'm so sorry you can't find P4P. It'll have b een worth the wait. Aaaah, Mayne. Bible study? That's frikkin HYlarious.

Play, have a nice trip. Say hi to the Playfriends for us!

Glad you're lookin forward to next week, Kris. It's gonna be so cool.

Cara North said...

This book will be on my Christmas list-Since I have been writing Erotic Romance I LOVE new resource material! LOL

AuthorM said...

Oh, can't wait to read what he has to say!