Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Give Thanks For (Hot) Romance Day #2

ThanksDay #2

Grazie mille, God, for Bocelli and Cannavaro. And for making me Italian, just like You.

Ok, so to hear youz talk, this Roarke guy is hotter than Canna. So, like, what's so great about Roarke, Eve, and JD Robb?

Get your smarty(hot)pantses on, Bellas, cause the line-up is set for

Hot Topic Week:
Eros, Erotica, and Erotic Romance!
Dec. 4 -- 8
Love it or hate it, everybody who cares about romance fiction is -- or should be -- talking about erotic romance and erotica. Our experts help define the dialogue, and we're counting on you to join the discussion -- and the fun. Tell your friends and lovers.

Dec. 4 -- Kate Duffy, Sen. Editor Kensinton/Creator Brava Line
Dec. 5 -- Adam Nevill, Erotica Editor, Virgin Books
Dec. 6 -- Jaid Black, Author, Creator/CEO of Ellora's Cave
Dec. 7 -- Ian Kerner, PhD., Author/Sex + relationships expert
Dec. 8 -- Emma Holly, Author of erotic romance and erotica


ev said...

First I have to start out with this little gem in one of my ezines- LOOSE LIPS: "It's an absolute monster. Maybe I shouldn't have
said that. How uncouth of me!" - Dame Judi Dench on catching
a glimpse of new Bond Daniel Craig's manhood on the set of
'Casino Royale.'

Second- to answer your question- Eve and Roarke have the hottest married sex going. Not only that the relationship they have is fantastic. As each book progresses you learn a bit more of their history- as do they. Neither really knows their own back ground until you really get into the books- and each one builds on the previous ones. Eve's inabliltiy until Roarke to have any type of relationship also evolves and make for some of the funniest, sophisticated humor I have read. I have no problem picturing her and the emotional dilema's she finds herself in, not counting the mystery the each book presents.

I will admit that the first book may take a while becuase there is a lot of setting up to do, but it is well worth it.

Stacy~ said...

Yep, that's lots to be grateful for, Michelle. Romanza is one of my all-time favorite CD's. I could listen to it for hours. Very romantik.

Um, hello??? Eve and Roarke rule because they are not a one-note wonder. We've seen the prickly and defensive Eve fall for the ultra rich and powerful sex-god Roarke, with the to-DIE-for Irish accent and enticing eyes, not to mention that techie brain of his, yet it's been a gradual process, not one to be rushed. Eve's a cop, and it's in her blood, and she's not comfortable with her hubby's wealth and social status, but because she loves him, she shares it with hin. And sometimes there is pain, and they definitely have their fights, but there's also lots and lots of love and acceptance. Quite simply, they were made for each other, and God bless Nora for giving us such a couple.

I don't know how else to make anyone who hasn't read the series understand. I'll leave it up to the other Bellas, who are quite eloquent when they are passionate about a topic.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

ev: I'm shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED! Not just at Dame Judy, but at you for repeating such trash.

Were there photos?

Hope you're doing ok today. :)

Stace: I started thinking about Bocelli cause I was at dinner w/ my daughter and heard a song from Romanza last night. I got all excited and remembered how I listened to that album for, like, 6 months. And every time I hear him -- classical, Euro pop, opera -- I just get totally excited.

I truly get the same adrenaline rush w/ Bocelli and Canna. Weird.

yeah. I'm gettin psyched to read me some Roarke. If I have to read Eve to get me some, so be it.

I'm heading back East to my hometown today for a funeral (my aunt, who was a hot ticket and awfully cool), and I'll be there til Saturday. Hopefully, I'll keep on top of things here. Trust me: she'd want me to keep laughing here, especially if it meant talking about cute men.

Kati said...

OK, well I'll chime in, since this another series that I pimp to romance lovers and mystery junkies alike.

For romance readers, Roarke is the ultimate wish fulfillment. He's rich, he's gorgeous, he's ruthless, he's not above going around the law when he needs to (which makes his relationship with Eve interesting), but most of all, he loves his woman beyond all reason. Additionally, they have a fascinating history, both mysterious and full of horrible baggage. So, the longer you read, the more you learn about them. They're both like onions with lots and lots of layers. Plus, in all seriousness, they have hot, hot, hot sex. All. The. Time.

What else makes the IN DEATH series so fun? It boasts an incredible cast of secondary characters, who I've become very attached to. This latest book, BORN IN DEATH, features the addition of a new secondary character that is definitely going to shake things up for Eve and Roarke.

The other amazing thing is that the series is still going strong on the 24th book. It's definitely a series that you need to start at the beginning to get the full flavor of it. But it's wonderfully written and interesting.

I read Nora Roberts for years before I started this series, and then I read 18 books, back to back in three months. It was the best glom I've ever had.

FAIR WARNING: Eve is a homicide cop. The books are generally shelved in the mystery section at the bookstore. The novels generally feature extremely gory murder, much of which is described pretty graphically. Additionally, there's A LOT of strong language. Eve is not a shrinking violet in any sense of the phrase.

flip said...

The problem that I have with a lot of erotica, isn't the sexual content. It is the poor quality of writing. Whatever the genre, I want strong characterization, a discernable plot and good pacing. Also, some erotica lacks sexual tension..sexual tension is erotic.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well said, flip. I don't have a problem with anyone wanting to read mechanics plain and simple, but I don't know how one makes that literary. Least I've not read any that've worked for me. Most don't even make good guide books; better to read Ian Kerner, cause learning to please a partner or oneself is pretty damn erotic in itself.

The word erotic is so much softer and more nuanced than the impression we get when it's slapped on a book labeled "erotica." I mean, the word itself is gorgeous, isn't it? Just whisper it: erotic, eros, eroticism.

Good writing makes sensual tension shiver throughout a book, and emotion tied to sensuality is what most readers of erotic romance are looking for.

But one shouldn't turn to erotica simply for what Michele Hauf calls the "good one-handed read." Because the things that make some works of erotica great don't always make one comfortable, which is the point.

Gesu, marykate: I wish I had me some Robb to read on the plane, but I've got work to do...

Stacy~ said...

Very well said, MK. I'm up to Visions, which I started last night, and I have the rest (except Born) in my tbr pile. It might just end up being my Thanksgving glom.

I lean more towards erotic romance vs. erotica. The main reason being that a lot of erotica just leaves me cold. I've read stuff that just sounds so clinical, like an annual gyny trip, and that's not what I want to read about. When I was younger I tried reading Henry Miller and it bored me to tears. Maybe I'm just not intellectual enough, but the words have to move me emotionally, and I just wasn't buying it. Not to say that all erotica is like that, but give me hot romance instead.

Kati said...

I've said this before about erotica, it's the clinical terms that yank me out of the moment. I mean, I just never ever need to read the word "pudenda" unless I'm reading and anatomy and physiology book!

So, I agree, it's the mechanics that can get too technical for me. That being said, I like reading the more alt sex scenes (m/f/m or m/m or f/f) and if I want to read that, I kind of have to get it from erotica, mostly. Although Emma Holly writes some hella good group encounters!

The other thing that bothers me about erotica is, well, the cover cheese. Now, I'm not someone who is embarassed by clinch covers or male nipples on the cover. But jeez, some of the computer generated covers are horrific. I'm not talking about any author in particular, just some that I've seen are unbelievable.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yeah, mk,there are some great hot books I've wanted to write about (well, they really just squeek in under the hotness wire for my column) but I can't post the covers. And it's not just the computer gens, it's the too-much-trashy cleavage ones.

And, what's up with the nude male torso thing? talk about clinical. If it were just a nude or scantily-clad female torso, wouldn't we be crying objectification? If I'm gonna objectify, I'd like to see a handsome face attached to the rest of the bod. Well, that imagery's not quite right, but you know what I mean.

Kati said...

I do think that writing sexual tension is an artform. I think that Linda Howard is a master at it. I've said it over and over again, but she can build tension for me until I'm mentally screaming, "Just do it already!"

I always use as an example a scene from Dream Man, one of her finest, in which the h/h are driving through a thunderstorm to get home. It's a scene that I literally squirm when I read it because the tension is tremblingly high. Unbelievable. On top of that, the couple has already consummated, so it's not like some of the tension hadn't been relieved, but she ratchets it back up to monumental levels. She's just an artist, really.

Playground Monitor said...

MK, I'll tell Miss Linda you said that. :grin: I love her books too.

I've not read any of the JD Robb books. ::sigh:: Y'all got me to read my first Nora books (still haven't finished that Chesapeake series). Guess I'll have to hunt down some of these too. Any suggestions on some good ones?

I just emailed a squeeee to one of the Playfriends who is reading Kerner's book and told her he'd be here next month.


Kati said...

GASP! Marilyn, you know LH? She's an absolute goddess and in my top three favorite authors! Wow! I can hardly wait for Blair's book at the end of this month! Please do tell her that. She's just amazing!

Unfortunately, with the Robb books, my recommendation would be start with Naked in Death and just keep on truckin. You won't be sorry!

But first, you need to finish the Chesapeake series. Seth's my favorite. I love me some hunky artist!

MsFlexie said...


Pardon me while I jump up and down here!

BTW - if you haven't read PRINCE OF ICE yet, you don't know what you're missing! It is a HOTHOTHOT book and and INCREDIBLE story!

Vivi Anna said...

Can't wait for the HAWT week! I don't read erotica. Don't much like it, unless I'm reading it for pure stimulation then there's nothing better to get into the mood...

I like a lot of story with my sex. That's why my books are one action scene after another...and the sex scenes to me are just another action scene...a way to progress the story or the characters. If they don't, then I don't think it's necessary.

Some of my favorite authors in the erotic/romance genre are:

Cheyenne McCray
Jaci Burton
Shiloh Walker
Sylvia Day
Lisa Renee Jones
Cathryn Fox

Just to name a few.

And they have all made the leap from erotic ebooks to NY print publishing.

Julie in Ohio said...

I am in the same boat as Michelle when it comes to Eve and Roarke.

I have been fight (quite valiantly,I may add) *not* to read the In Death series. Only because I'm so late in the game. But the Bellas have done it again. I'm gonna have to go and check them out. *sigh* I'm so weak... :P

Can anyone tell me what "eros" is?

ev said...

Play/Julie- You just have to start at the beginning since each book builds on the last. If you start anywhere else you will be scratching your head wondering what the back story is. I don't think you will be sorry once you start. I have been toying with getting them on audio, but I don't know if I can handle the hot sex scenes while I am driving down the highway. Might be dangerous to someone's health!!

Oh, and not only do they HAVE. HOT. SEX. but they have it anywhere the mood strikes (usually within reason- it is a big mansion after all).

One word of warning- it does take place in the future (but not that far) and they have some really cool toys and things that add to the stories. Don't let that scare you off- I hope I live that long!!

Vivi Anna said...

Eros was the god of love, Cupid the Romans called him, supposedly the son of Aphrodite.


Does that help?

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks, Vivi. :o)

Kati said...

ev - I agree with you, while the In Death series does take place in the future, it never draws you out of the stories. Most of the inventions are more things that you end up thinking, "D*mn, I wish I had one of those!" I'm most fascinated by the shower (you audibly tell it what temperature and force you want it to be) and the drying tube (you step in and voila, you're dry). All of which are very, very cool. And of course, they have a holodeck, which let's face it, we'd all like one!

Playground Monitor said...

Uh...yeah. I know her. She's in my RWA group and I am always humbled in her presence. She's really just an ordinary person with an extraordinary talent and the Playfriends feel quite blessed to know her. I too am waiting for DROP DEAD GORGEOUS to hit the shelves. I L-O-V-E-D TO DIE FOR. It was such a departure for her as an author -- like she was channeling this blonde cheerleader. But I laughed and laughed while reading it. It was at a particularly dark point in my life personally and I credit that book with helping me maintain my sanity. Hmmm... sounds like a good blog topic to me.

On a sad note, there's been a 4th fatality from the bus accident yesterday and there are as many questions still as answers. The NTSB is here to investigate. My heart goes out to all those families. Their physical and emotional healing will take a long time.

P.S. Lyn Cash on our blog today and one of the American Title finalists tomorrow!

Kati said...

Squee! This is a big fangrrl moment for me. I'm glad to hear she's as lovely in person as she seems in her books. I know she's notoriously inet-shy, but geez, I'd love to get the chance to talk to her sometime. Wow! Well, I envy you knowing her.

I totally agree with you about Blair. I adored the book. I'm a southern girl and have known so many women like Blair. I know alot of people found her annoying, but I loved the way she operated. My favorite scene in To Die For is when she makes Wyatt apologize for hanging up on her. LOL! She's priceless! And, as you said, a really refreshing change from her other heroines. Either way, pretty much everything she writes is gold to me.

Playground Monitor said...

MK, you should be in north Alabama the first Saturday in May next year. Our romance readers' lunch will be that day and LH is there. Karen Robards will be our featured speaker. You can get more info on our RWA chapter website.


Cathy M said...

I am another big fan of the Eve Dallas series. Together, Eve and Roarke are sexy, strong, so in love with each other, and constantly learning and growing as a couple. And their love making...oh mama.

ev said...

didn't have this for yesterday...

LOOSE LIPS: "I was born very smart. I work at being handsome."
- George Clooney, this year's Sexiest Man Alive...

amy kennedy said...

Michelle, I'm so sorry about your Aunt. I'm glad you'll be around family.

You are all correct (those of you that have read Eve and Rourke) And Julie and Marilyn never fret--you can blast through one of these books in a couple of evenings. Not because they are light or easy,nonono. Because you can't. stop. reading.

Ev--I knew Daniel Craig had to have a monster. I just knew it.

Stacy, MK--I LOVE finding out new things every book, my girlfriend and I have bets when Eve and Rourke will have a baby. You read the first line and you are immediately in that world again--thank goodness she writes two a year.

Marilyn--so sorry to hear about the tragedy in your area.

amy kennedy said...

BTW. Where is Rachd, where is Mandacol? Nairobi typ0?


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

JulieO et al, the definitions, 2 and 3 being the ones I refer to:

1.Greek Mythology. The god of love, son of Aphrodite.
2.often eros Creative, often sexual yearning, love, or desire: “The new playful eros means that impulses and modes from other spheres enter the relations between men and women” (Herbert Gold).

a.Sexual drive; libido.
b.The sum of all instincts for self-preservation.

Stacy~ said...

Amy, I'm with you - where are our girls??? Miss them. Love the newbies, but miss the vets too. Hope they know we're thinking about them, especially this time of year.

My list of erotic writers:

Shiloh Walker
Sarah McCarty
Vivi Anna
Lora Leigh
Sylvia Day

For starters....

Valeen said...

I've heard so much about Eve and Rourke but I started the first book in the series and I wasn't able to get any more than a quarter of the way into it. I didn't enjoy it in the least. I've been told by others that if I'd continued on, it would have gotten much better. But so far I just haven't been able to. I also don't usually enjoy futuristic romance novels, so it was a minus there as well.

Haven't had time to read through all the comments, so sorry if I just repeated something someone else has already said.

Tiffany Clare said...

Hello to the hotty...too bad for that soccer ball...but made my morning none the less!

This is interesting...thanks to a friend who pointed me here...I love erotic romance...I love Emma Holly's Demon's daughter (it was my fav of her books, the newest is in my tbr...)

Will definately be tunning in for these blogs...

As to flip's comment...it's not necessarily the bad quality in writing for the more sexually explicit books, it's what defines a romance erotica and just plain erotica...though I've read a couple that think they are romance erotica but forget to have any real emotional conflict.

There really aren't that many good erotic romance authors, there really aren't that many period! Such a shame! But Emma Holly...very good at building characters in a very sexy emotionally appealing setting...never read JB...maybe one day!

I love this topic...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

welcome, tiffinac! You bring up one of my fave discussions: when ero ro is marketed as erotica (or the writer markets it as erotica) but it really isn't. I SO hope you'll join the Bellas and me Hot Topic week, and keep coming back before and after.

valeen! I did the same thing with Ward's Dark Lover. and I also have trouble with futuristics, but I used to "not get" vampires either. My friends laugh at the blank look I get when they talk about great futuristics. And it's totally my and my damn susp of disbelief issues (it sometimes has to be beaten w/ a big stick to shake loose , ya know?)

Yes! I echo the where are our Bellas line, but I write the blog and sometimes feel like I wanna just lurk. :)

btw, our own VIVI ANNA GuestBlogs December 1st!

Kati said...

Valeen - I totally had that with Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I had to read more than 100 pages before I got into it. And I never do that, but I had so many people tell me to stick with it and I'd get sucked in that I did. I enjoyed it, but I'm not rabid over it like some are, and I never felt the need to read on in the series. My sister is completely addicted to the series, but I just never really got into it.

Naked in Death does require some reading. Eve and Roarke dance around each other for a loooong time before they finally hook up towards the end of the book. And then she's completely befuddled about it, so it takes a while for them to click. But the scene in the next book when they finally get together "for real" is SO worth it! It's a scene that I read over and over and heave a big satisfied sigh over every d*mn time!

Vivi! You're blogging! I can't wait to see what kinda hotness you bring with you!

Michelle - Hope your trip went well. I'm so sorry for the reason you're traveling.

Bellas - I'm thankful to have each of you in my life. Many, many blessings to each of you on this holiday!

Julie in Ohio said...

Right back at 'cha, Mary Kate! :o)

And ditto, to all Bellas!! :o)

I don't know where Manda and Nairobi are but poor Rach is in teaching hell...er, I mean the classroom. :P Hopefully, she'll be able to come and play while on break.

Tiffany Clare said...

Thanks for the welcome.

I find it interesting what some people list as erotic romance, since I would consider them romance with sensuality levels above the norm...lol!
I've never gotten my hands on a lora Leigh...her's are shapechangers I believe (I have this fascination with them)

Here is my list:

Erotic Romance
Emma Holly
Lisa Cach

Then there is the borderline stuff:
Toni Blake (The new one)
Angela Knight
Nicole Jordan
Laurell K. Hamilton
Jacqueline Carey
Anne Bishop
(yes I come from the fantasy world of reading, I've only been reading romances for a year and some)

Those that are considered romance but really are walking the fine line to erotica
Kate Douglas (ps I do like her work)

Then there is erotica
Poppy z. Brite has some great vamp anth's
A.N.Roquelaure (or anne rice)
Marquis de Sade

And I'm sure I've missed a million...

ev said...

We are off to the big city for the weekend. DH is too cheap to pay for internet service while we are gone, so EVERYONE HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Julie in Ohio said...

Have a great Thanksgiving, Ev.
I hope you come back a few pounds heavier. It would make me feel alot better. :P

Playground Monitor said...

Oh MaryKate!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a package in the mail today and (squeeeeeeeeeal) it was an autographed copy of (insert drumroll) DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And what's even cooler is the last paragraph of the acknowledgments: "And to the Children -- Andrea, Danniele, Kim, Kira and Marilyn. You guys rock."

Oh God, oh God, oh God! Is that too cool or what????? She thinks I rock!

I better calm down or I'll start sounding like Sally Field at the Oscars. :-/

MaryKate said...

SHUT UP! How cool is that Marilyn?!?!

Yowza! LH thinks you rock! OK, so your assignment (whether you choose to accept it or not) is to read the book and come back and tell me all about it in a way that won't ruin it for me!

You lucky wench, you! ;o)

Unknown said...

I write erotic romance and I think that readers are not the only people who are confused about the difference between erotic romance and erotica-most of the publishers aren't sure either...and I also think that because it is such a boundary pushing genre that what works for me might be an abomination to someone else-that's because the writing is edgy.
I truly like to believe that my books end up with a happy couple, ( or, perhaps a threesome) who are committed to each other and in love. That still counts as erotic romance to me altho some would disagree and call that erotica-see what I mean?
There are some excellent erotic romance writers out there and there are some I can't read just like in any genre. I imagine that in a while the publishers will get feedback from readers such as the one's on this blog and work out what people prefer. In the meantime I'm delighted to be able to write what I like to read