Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eloisa James GuestBlog: Most Delicious Moments

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We've been dying, dying I tell you, for Mayne's story, and it's finally here! Oh, but "Pleasure for Pleasure" is wonderful, well worth the excruciating wait, and so delightful I could barely stand to read it. You know what I mean.

Please welcome back with a warm buongiorno an RBtheBlog favorite, the lovely, talented, and always entertaining Eloisa James.

I think that having a new book published is about as close as I ever get to childhood birthdays: the anticipation! the party! The -- the -- feeling that you are important, if only for one day!

My daughter just turned eight, and for the last week or so, I've been singing Happy Birthday every night instead of our usual lullaby (this was her idea, in case you're wondering). I sang all the verses: Happy Birthday, then the "Born in a Zoo" verse, and finally "What age are you?"

Every night she would answer "Seven." Until finally, finally, finally, the night came when I sang "What age are you now?" And she shouted "EIGHT!" It had been a great day, full of children, presents and birthday cake. But what really made her eyes glow, I think, was the fact that she was now admitted to a magic circle of eight-year-olds. Older girls. Wiser girls. Girls with secrets. Girls who were (she told me this) almost teenagers.

It's hard to explain, but having a book out is like that. You've been dreaming over all the details for months, really years, if you put in the publisher's production time. Just as my daughter was dying to turn eight, I've been dying for this book to get out there on the shelves. It's like opening presents -- you never know what readers will like (or won't) like. I'm often surprised when readers tell me their favorite parts of a novel. It never seems to match up to my list of favorite moments.

I make a mental list of Most-Delicious-Scenes for every romance I read. For example, my favorite scenes from LORD OF SCOUNDRELS:

1) When Dain edits his mental dictionary after consummating his marriage (he's in the bath at the time)

2) When Jessica threatens to kiss Dain in front of everyone in a Parisian cafe
3) When Dain's arm suddenly isn't paralyzed any more as he bathes his son.

SO... without giving out any spoilers, here's my favorite list from PLEASURE FOR PLEASURE:

1) The wood, the fairy lights, the events that happen therein

2) When Josie climbs up the ladder quickly, with her new husband behind her. She's worried that her bottom is too curvacious and it will put him off; she quickly learns the opposite
3) What happens with a shovelful of manure

What's a mental list of favorite scenes you have for a well-known or well-beloved romance?

Give us a list! I bet some of us have similar favorite books -- and I'm sure those lists of Most Delicious Moments will differ!

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MarcAntonia said...

oh, eloisa! i loved those scenes in PFP. it's so hard to choose my fav romance, because i love josie and her hero so much! but, my all time favorite, besides pfp, is inviation to seduction by loretta chase. my favorite scenes?

1. i love it when kitty finally sees that richard is for her
2. what happens in the's so romantic!
3. the island visit.

i can't say anymore without giving away the secrets!! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome back, Eloisa!!! I'm *really* hoping to get to B&N today for PFP. I've been eagerly awaiting Josie. She is such a great character. :o)

My fav moments from Devil in Winter are:
1) When Evie barges into Sebastian's study and he realizes who she is.
2) When Sebastian proves he isn't a complete cad as he gets a warming brick for Evie's feet on their way to Scotland.
3) When he begs for her favors.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ciao, Eloisa and bella Bellas! I'm so happy we have this day together to talk about our favorite Delicious Moments.

But there is a down side, at least for me. (Hey, I'm Italian, we're happiest when we know we can embrace us some misery).

See, all day you're gonna remind me of the best, most romantic parts of great books that have been out, that I've probably read. Then, instead of reading new romances as I should be, I'm going to become obsessed with re-reading all the ones you're describing.

Oh, woe.

Deadline approaches, so I'll check in later. In the meantime, thank you, thank you for joining us today, Eloisa! I know this book will be huge!

Shall we sigh it collectively, Bellas?

"Ah, Maaaaaayne."

ev said...

I will have to think about this, meanwhile, I agree with Michelle. there are just too many books to read much less find time to re-read!!

On the other hand, I am waiting- not so patiently- for the advanced sale of Toby Keith to start. It's not til noon, but I am NOT leaving this puter until I have my tix in hand (so to speak). I'll tell dh he bought me an early Xmas present!!

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, Ev... I believe there is a 12 step program to help with that obsession of yours. :P

Kris said...

Helo I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your books, thanks for sharing them with us.

I have a hard time picking out a few scenes, they all rush forward and I cannot remember what books they are from. But I love the scene whenever the guy gets poleaxed realizing that he loves her and now has to figure out how to get her back or get her to admit her love.

Anonymous said...

I love your birthday ritual with your daughter!

My brain is toooooooo tired to think of any Most Delicious Moments - maybe after I take a nap...

Julie in Ohio said...

Fav moments in Lover Awakened:

1) When Z finds Bella.
2) When she goes into her needing.
3) The last two chapters of the book.

Jennah said...

Your daughter sounds precious. I know my six year old is in awe of those older than her.

My favourite moments are so hard to choose. My favourite romances at the present are Karen Marie Moning's. I'm awaiting my amazon order of Darkfever which is taking forever. There are so many witty moments in her books.

Eloisa James said...

Hi everybody!

Invitation to Seduction by Loretta Chase. Did I miss one of her books? That's not one of the recent ones, is it? It sounds delicious!

And I love Devil in Winter too... as well as everything by KMM -- her men are uber uber sexy!!


Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas and welcome Eloisa! I haven't picked up PFP, but this weekend is supposed to be cold in DC, and I'm babysitting my godson on Saturday night, so I can tell you now what I'm going to be doing!

I just finished re-reading ALMOST HEAVEN by Judith McNaught. I'd forgotten what a treasure this book is! I've been on a McNaught binge lately, and have recently reread PARADISE, WHITNEY MY LOVE, A KINGDOM OF DREAMS and now ALMOST HEAVEN. She really is a master isn't she?

So here are my top 4 favorite moments from A KINGDOM OF DREAMS (Ha, Michelle, you thought I was gonna do THE WINDFLOWER, didn't you?!):
1- When Jenny and Royce make love for the first time, and she tenderly kisses each scar on his body exclaiming, "My god, how they've hurt you!"
2- After Royce kidnaps Jenny and forces her to marry him, they have an exchange on the ride to his home where she accuses him of losing his army.
3- After arriving at his home, when he realizes that his people do not respect Jenny, he turns on the steps and addresses his people, "Behold your mistress my wife..."

and the very, very best moment,
4- When Jenny realizes he's keeping his word and not raising a hand against her family and they are systematically attempting to murder his on the field.

SIGH. I adore that romance. It's one of the very best! It was the first romance I laughed outright at, and had tears in my eyes when I finished.

Thanks, I needed that!

amy kennedy said...

I'm having a love hate relationship with this question--love (and agree with) what people have written--hate that I can't think of a scene/moment to save my _____ (fill in the blank.)

Eloisa, my son turns eight soon, singing Happy Birthday to him for a week until he finally turns eight would give him such an anticipatory kick--what a great idea.

Mama-Llama said...

Oooo, I can't wait for PfP!

Most delicious moments? ENDINGS!!

I **LOVE** endings. That turn about from total despair (all is lost, the barriers between them are insurmountable) to total ecstasy (all is resolved, eternal happiness is assured). What can beat that? It's a rush better than chocolate!!!

When I need a pick-me-up, I grab a book off my keeper shelf and re-read the last 30 pages or so. My husband doesn't get this, but then he doesn't eat chocolate either!! :)

So... thank you, Eloisa, for all your deliciously dark moments and their oh-so-rewarding resolutions!!


Unknown said...

Oh, I love Devil in Winter and Lover Awakened! Great moments too!

In honor of Eloisa, a few of my favorite moments from The Taming of the Duke are:

1)When Imogen is helping Rafe bathe, and she washes his hair.
2) When Rafe kisses Imogen in the field of flowers.
3) When Imogen and Rafe get the pie thrown at them, and all that happens after that.

I cannot wait to get my copy of Pleasure for Pleasure. I'll be going to Books-A-Million tomorrow, so I will definitely be picking it up then. Josie is probably my favorite sister, and you just gotta love Mayne!

dcchung said...

I'm just going to pick a book, and list my favorite scenes, because let's be honest, how can you choose a favorite romance. Just one? I couldn't do that. I need at least ten.

I choose: "Much Ado About You" by Eloisa James.

1. When Tess looks at Lucius and realizes that married women can do whatever they want to their husbands.
2. When Imogen mentions that Lucius holds Tess like she's something irreplaceable and fragile.


Julie in Ohio said...

I'm sorry but I'm having trouble picking just one romance. I love to be in love...

My fav moments from Match Me If You Can:
1) When Annabelle barges into Heath's office.
2) When she introduces him to her beautiful MARRIED friend.
3) When she watches erotica with her book club friends and the scene that happened after.
4) When Portia shows up at Heath's apartment after an acid treatment.

Unknown said...


I love #4 on your list too! That was hilarious!

Jennifer Y. said...

From Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton:
-the scene at the ball where Colin convinces Penelope to put her dessert in a plant
-when Colin runs into Penelope dancing on the street
-when Colin allows Penelope to read his journals and then stands over her nervous about her opinion

I am looking forward to your book Eloisa!

Kati said...

It's Jenn! Hi Jenn! How's your toe?

You doing OK?

Playground Monitor said...

Two scenes that haunt me to this day are:

1. From Loving Evangeline by Linda Howard -- when Evie tells Robert about the accident that killed her husband

2. From Sarah's Child by Linda Howard -- when Rome is on the floor with the baby and realizes what a fool he's been for ignoring her

I understand your conundrum, Michelle. We should all have t-shirts that read "So many books, so little time."

NASCAR book giveaways today on the Playground

ColleenInGA said...

Hey Eloisa! Colleen here from the msg. board....I just bought PFP yesterday, so I'm anxious to read it!

One of my favorite romances is Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie and my favorite! scene is the dock scene between Finn and Sophie. Plus any scene with Finn's daughter :)

My favorite scenes in any book are the ones where the hero or heroine finally realize they are in love...declaration scenes are the best.


ev said...

Julie- I don't want to know about the 12 steps. I got my tix and they are fairly close. Not on the floor, which at 5 foot tall, is good for me. Means I will see something besides someone else's rearend!!!

and #4 still makes me laugh!!

Marilyn- I DO have that T-shirt!!!

Julie in Ohio said...

I just had a very disappointing lunch hour. I went to B&N to get PFP and The Prince Kidnaps His Bride. They told me that because of the holiday their shipments were pushed back and they didn't have them yet. WHAT?!?! :o(

Ev- The first step is recognizing you have a problem... :P

robynl said...

In How To Seduce A Duke by Kathryn Caskie when Mary and Rogan are alone on their wedding night(having thought they should annul their marriage because it was a mistake)and start talking and kissing and then Rogan says perhaps we could stay married.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Let me say 2 things about Eloisa. First, as beelybopper says, very few writers can get one from pain to bliss the way EJ can.

Next, I find very telling the fact that she's so willing to get us to talk about things we dig about other authors' novels. I assure you, that isn't all that common, but is cool, because we;re all chatting as readers -- folks who love romance.

In re scenes when hero learns he's in love, Rupert Carsington in L Chase's "Mr Impossible." He's considered a little slow on the uptake,and when his brother suggests Rupert may be in love, Rupert looks up at the ceiling, around the room, quizzical. It's not that he's been denying his love, it simply never occurred to him he was so afflicted. So humorous.

Anonymous said...

PFP jumped onto my top twenty favorite romances when I read it the first time, and it gets better with every reading.

Favorite moments in PFP include--but are not limited to

Lucius’s handkerchief
The pink dress
Mayne’s surprise appearance

I tried to be vague enough to avoid spoilers. : )

Favorite scenes from other favorite romances:
the motley crew of Rogues and “associates” encountering Belcraven in Jo Beverley’s An Unwilling Bride
the “education” scene (Michael and Catherine) in Mary Jo Putney’s Shattered Rainbows
Alan’s gifts to Shelby in Nora Roberts’s All the Possibilities (really a series of moments with the strawberries, lavender pig, and pink and yellow balloons)

Maureen said...

In Lord of Scoundrels I always think of Jessica taking aim at Dain and I couldn't believe it when she shot him.

In Much Ado About You my favorite scene is when Imogen is watching Tess and Lucius at the racetrack where he kisses her and puts his arm around her to protect her.

irisheyes said...

Hi Eloisa! - I'm taking a PFP break, but as soon as I blog I'm back at it. I'm loving this book!

Wow - hard subject, so many to choose from. Well, first I'll go with my favorite scenes from Potent Pleasures from none other than our very own Eloisa James: The scene at the end where Alex walks in on Charlotte and realizes what a fool he's been and everything that follows (I was going to outline it more but didn't want to give away spoilers)

From JQs The Viscount Who Loved Me: Anthony and Kate's wedding night-brings me to tears every time.

From SEP Lady Be Good: The scene with Kenny and Emma after she makes a trip to the drugstore to buy items to cause a scandal. Very hilarious.

From JQ's Romancing Mr. Bridgerton: When Colin tries to convince Penelope's mother he is offering for her not Felicity! Loved how Colin stood up for her.

From Lisa Kleypas' Then Came You: The night Alex wins his bet with Lily. It was one of the first books I read by LK and didn't know her style yet, so, was reading with my heart in my throat hoping Alex wouldn't hurt Lily. What a payoff!

I could probably name about 50 or 60 more(as I write they keep coming to me), but will stop now.

Julie in Ohio said...

My favorite scene in Julia Quinn's Splendid is when Alex has his back to the ballroom and Dunford is describing a girl he sees across the room and Alex realizes that he is describing Emma who is suppose to be a maid not a guest.

Did Eloisa mean for us to pick only *ONE* book? :o)

alissa said...

In The Bride Finder, I loved the initial meeting that took place between the two major characters, as it was an extremely funny and witty dialog which had me howling in laughter. This was the setting for the remainder of the memorable book.

pearl said...

In The Secret Pearl I was so taken by this tragic and poignant novel that the best scene that struck me as special was when Fleur and Adam share their feelings for each other after they recognize what is the truth. This hit home with so much emotion and was beautifully done.

joelle said...

There are so many scenes that I love. But in Whitney, My Love the one that stands out is the awful scene when the Duke takes Whitney and later asks to be forgiven. This is an outstanding part.

michele said...

I'll go through a couple of my favorite EJ scenes, which are clearly well-loved by others as well:
In Potent Pleasures, the heartwrenching scene with Charlotte giving birth. When Lucius kisses and protects Tess at the track in MAAY. And yes, I loved the pie scene from TOD too!

I STILL haven't found PFP anywhere, and I am dying to read it. Hopefully my second trip out today will prove fruitful!


Kati said...

Mm, joelle - I also adore Whitney, My Love. Michelle and I were chatting recently about my love for the book, even though it features that brutal forced seducation scene that you're talking about.

My favorite scene from WML is when she goes to Clayton's home after she's broken their engagement, and sits through a horribly uncomfortable dinner with Clayton and his betrothed. After that, he drags Whitney into his study and she admits her love to him. McNaught does such a great job of painting the scene. I can totally see Clayton leaning against the mantle of the fireplace saying to her, "I won't make this any easier for you." And in that moment she knows he still loves her.


Love that book!

ellie said...

The scene in Slightly Dangerous when Christine meets Wulfric at the party and he mistakes her for a servant is the best yet. Great humor and real characters.

Julie in Ohio said...

Julia Quinn's On The Way To The Wedding when Gregory and Colin are in the tree. Loved it!!

CrystalGB said...

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Unleash The Night
1. in the bar when Wren and Marguerite are curious about each other
2.when Wren saves Marguerite from vampires

Tam said...

~~~Happy Holidays~~~


Julie in Ohio said...

I loved the scene in It Happened One Autumn when Lillian is drunk in the library. The dialogue between Lillian and Marcus is LMAO great.

ev said...

ok, I took a nap and still can't think of anything. This has not been a very productive day- except for those tickets!! I am having a senior moment.

Julie in Ohio said...

The showdown in SEP Ain't She Sweet? when Sugar Beth is confronted by her former friends for the first time at a party thrown by Colin. I felt so bad for her but she held her own and showed that she had grown.

Manda Collins said...

I was "almost a teenager" from age six to age 12! If only being a teenager had lived up to my childhood expectations:)

One of my favorite scenes of all time is the one at the end of An Offer From a Gentleman when Colin Bridgerton is goaded into declaring Penelope Featherington is the last woman he'd think of marrying. So heartwrenching and awful!

Those of you who haven't read PFP yet are missing out! It's delicious!

Kati said...

Manda - Was PFP everything you wanted it to be? I know you've been aching for Mayne to have his book for ages.

I'll pick it up tomorrow, and I'll read it this weekend.

Kimberly said...

*auto insert everything people said about Taming of the Duke, Lover Awakened, Devil in Winter, and Romancing Mr. Bridgerton*

Limiting this to one book is almost impossible without cutting off my hands to prevent typing (and I won't do that since I need them), so I'll painfully limit myself to 3 of my favorites.

1) "I never knew what love was."
2) The wood, the fairy lights, the events that happen therein ;)
3) Champagne, walking, and first kisses

1) Imogen giving Rafe a bath
2) Proposals/declarations of love
3) Getting covered in pie and what happens after

J.R. Ward's Lover Awakened:
1) The handwritten I Love You
2) The epilogue
3) Bella's needing

Unknown said...

I love that part of Ain't She Sweet? as well. Actually that whole book is a favorite!

That handwritten I love you in Lover Awakenened really got me too! Such a good moment!

traveler said...

Irresistible by Susan Mallery has a scene when Walker confronts his grandmother and it sets off an entire avalanche of feelings and happenings within the story.

KimW said...

Cute story about your daughter. I remember my nieces when they were young. They always wanted to be older.

I'm really bad at remembering details of the books I read. The only one that came to mind was from Naked in Death by J.D. Robb and the comparison of Roarke and Eve to rabbits. LOL Wow, what does that say about me and my memory.

Manda Collins said...

Marykate, it was even BETTER than I hoped! Mayne in love--really in love--is a beautiful thing! You're going to love it!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

ooh,yeah, ellie! Slightly Dangerous, my fave M Balogh. Wulfric is one of my fave heroes of all time. Howza bout the scene in the hideaway when the hn tells him how perfect his name is for him, and his reaction to that. Subtle, but so flippin telling.

Thanks for the holiday message, Tam!

Hey! It's so great to see so many Bellas here we haven't seen in a while. I know Eloisa and the Squawkers are sharing you with us today, so thanks for checking in.

And welcome welcome to new friends and delurkers. Please come back again.

OK. That settles it. I'm re-reading Whitney.

OH, God, Yes! the handwritten note in LA! Z!!!!

OOh, yeah, Wren being curious in UtN! What about the pool scene! Wowza.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You know, I'm not one to repeat myself, but,

aaaaaaaah, Maaaaaaaayne.

Oooh, that feels so good.

Jennifer Y. said...

Hi MK!

My toe is better...I am still battling a cold...seems it won't go away...I have also had family members who have been ill so I have been taking it easy.

This post has made me want to re-read a bunch of books.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, you aren't bragging because you've already read PFP are you? I didn't think so. You aren't one to do that sort of thing... :P

The scene in Nerd Gone Wild where Ally and Mitchell play strip poker.

In Nerd In Shining Armor when Genevieve decides to let Jack use her for sex practice. LOL

amy kennedy said...

I'll say it with you Michelle et al.

Aaaaah Maaayne. I do love me some Mayne.
Manda, where have you been? Or where have I been?
And a big hello to everyone.

And Ev I still can't come up with a scene, sheesh. Of course as soon as I read everyone's--then I can come up with them.

amy kennedy said...

Sex practice--loved that.

Julie in Ohio said...

In KMM Kiss of the Highlander when Gwen locks Drustan in the garderobe so he'll listen to her.
Talk about your bathroom humor... :o)

or in Immortal Highlander when Gabrielle knees Adam in the groin and he gets a taste of what real pain is.
I don't know why, but that just cracks me up. Does that make me a bad person?

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy- Don't you wish we all had a hunky nerd to practice with? :o)

angelina said...

In LaVyrle Spencer's Hummingbird when:
1. Jessie slams Abigail on the bed with him after she tries to steal his gun and puts her through her a little physical payback.
2. He pulls her up over him as he lays prone in a rocking chair and "breathes hot life" through her dress.
3. He pleads with her--naked, with the sheet stretched out and barely covering him--to return to her bed and keep her virginity.
4. He poses her--disheveled and erotic--in a reclined rocking chair for her wedding picture to another man.

I resisted my anal-retentive urge to run upstairs, grab the book and check the accuracy of my passages. These two people -- Jessie and Abbie -- have become good friends and I owe it to them faithfully recite how they fell in lust and love.

Julie in Ohio said...

oh oh oh I have one more NR Sea Swept when the brothers went to school and defended Seth when he punched a kid. I love the brotherly love in that series and that scene was the beginning of it.

Kati said...

Hi Jenn - Sorry to hear you're still not feeling 100%, Bella! Hope you get better soon!

Manda - I'm on my way to pick it up tomorrow! Now I really can't wait!

Jules - My favorite scene in Sea Swept is when Cam nearly swallows his tongue the first time he sees Anna in the blue dress. Makes me chuckle everytime.

Ah Bellas, I'm watching PBS tonight, it's a tribute to James Taylor. I've gotta say, the Dixie Chicks singing "Shower the People" was really moving. I SO want the CD now!

Julie in Ohio said...

That scene is terrif,too, MK.

All this talk about PFP is making me very angry at me B&N for not having it yet. grrrr

What was that, Michelle? Oh yeah.
aaaahhh, Maaayne....

angelina said...

Mary Kate, FYI you can buy that James Taylor tribute DVD at Barnes and Noble. I got it for my mom for Christmas and was super tempted to rip open the packaging and "preview" it.

Kati said...

OOOOO! Thanks Angelina! I'm headed there tomorrow, and I'll pick it up there. Merry Christmas MK!

Eloisa James said...

So many people have the same favorite scenes I do! MaryKate, I just reread the same Whitney -- when she kneels at his feet (after realizing that he's going to let her horrible brothers kill him), it made me shiver all over.

And the SEP where they watch that erotica film -- I still want to know what that movie was! It was described wonderfully. *g*


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. I gots my Whitney in my hand. When I was first designing RBtheBook, I used to "interview" strangers in the romance section, asking what their faves of all time were, and Whitney was by far the winner. but it's kind of a lighting rod, too.

And, I've gots to say this, too. I really dig SEP. But I was taken aback when she described the film they watched as erotica.

I think we need to be careful about having a double standard by saying if there's more of a storyline and imagery that appeals to women in a skin flick, it's "erotica," not porn.

And believe u me, Pollyanna here is all over the 1st amendment, and isn't opposed to all types of porn, either.

For what it's worth, anyway. Maybe we need to have a blog about that some day.

Kati said...

I know Eloisa! It's just one of my favorite scenes, and the scene directly after!

McNaught is just a master. I know alot of people think she uses cliches, but I simply adore her writing. It feels sometimes like she invented the alpha male. And her heroines are always smart and industrious!

Hey, thanks again for coming by! Congrats on PFP! If Manda says it's awesome, it must be, because she was waiting for Mayne with more anticipation than anyone I know!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, and we're watching the JT tribute, too. I'm crazed for him and can't listen to him w/o thinking about New England for some reason. Must be those lines:

"...the first of December was covered with snow,
And so was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston
Lord, the Berkshires seemed dream-like on account of that frosting
With ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go..."

Kati said...

Michelle - I know what you mean. I have his first greatest hits album, and I start singing the songs before they even start. I've seen him in concert probably six times, and I have to say, for me, I need to hear him sing four songs:

Shower the People
How Sweet It Is
Fire & Rain

He's amaaazing! And he sounds exectly the same live as he does when you hear him on CD.

sharon said...

In Dream a Little Dream by SEP an emotionally fraught scene between Rachel and Gabe strikes a chord. Its makes us realize the strength of bonds and the heartwrenching story that SEP can create.

Cathie said...

First congrats on your book out Eloisa and too your daughter's birthday! I too as a reader get excited too on the releases! I'm not good at exact memory so I'm gonna do the best I can. But I love reading! and each book I read is special to me, so i'm too going with some recent reads, Playing With Fire by Gena Showalker:
1. When Belle goes to burn a door down but instead pretty much burns the whole apartment down!
2. Reading at the beginning of the book about her Resume! I was laughing til I had hiccups.
3. Belle's first kiss with Rome! Love what goes through her head!

You know, I'm sitting here looking at A WILD PURSUIT and I was to read the 4 book series all over again. I have wonderful memories of those books. I remember reading the first one with a group discussion and I was checking the bookstore everyday for the next one near the due date! The are keepers Eloisa.
Thanks for all you do. Cathie

Playground Monitor said...

James Taylor. Mmmmmmmm. His music got me through my freshman year of college after my dad died unexpectedly. My dh loves his music too and would you believe when JT finally came to our town to do a concert it was the week my hubby was out of town on business? He was SO upset! I hope there's another one sometime before I'm too old to leave the nursing home for field trips. :grin:

When I hear him I think of the south:

"In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina
Can't you see the sunshine
Can't you just feel the moonshine
Ain't it just like a friend of mine
To hit me from behind
Yes I'm goin' to Carolina in my mind"

When we drive back home to North Carolina we'll put that in the CD player and sing along. :-)


Nancy J said...

My favorite PFP moments:
the tower room, when Mayne has tears in his eyes, all of the Darlington scenes.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Angelina, I just have to comment about Hummingbird which I loved and was the first LaVyrle I read. It was also the first Old Flame I ever wrote for Romance: B(u)y the Book, but I never published it because of the scene in which Jesse holds a gun to the hn.

I read the book now and accept the "fantasy" or Old School element of it, but I'm just not sure everyone can.

But I thought the last scene, and especially the last paragraph/line, were awesome.

Thank you, thank you, Eloisa, for sharing your special day and special thoughts with us. What fun things to chat about, those lovely moments that make romance worth reading!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Marilyn, Dava and I watched the pbs JT tribute together last nite -- the first TV we've watched together for that long in ages. Alison Kraus sang a nearly perfect, gorgeous version of "Carolina in My Mind." It was so moving. I love that line: And a holy host of others standin around me; still I'm on the dark side of the moon."

I can imagine how strong that music is for you.

Valeen said...

holy cow - 71 comments! I havent' got time to read them all, so I hope I'm not repeating others favourite scenes.

There are so many .. how to remember them all.

1) JD's The Duchess - When Trevelyan screams that Claire takes away his loneliness.
2) McNaught's Perfect, the scene on the ground at the truck stop
3) Derek Craven's scene with his baby girl, when she's asleep in the crib
4) Jennifer Crusies' Faking It -- the first closet scene
5) There's a wicked scene at the end of Kathryn Smith's BE MINE TONIGHT, where the hero has to decide to help the heroine in a way he doesn't want to or to let her die (can't give away more than that).

I'm going through my list of books, and I keep saying in my head 'ohhh, i loved that book' but for the life of me I cannot remember exact scenes from most of them. I know the characters and their general story but not specific scenes.

angelina said...

Michelle, I'm kind of the romance dealer for my neighborhood. High-minded ladies who are members of reputable book clubs drive up to my house, run in and minutes later, sneak out furtively with books hidden in a brown paper sack. I swear one day the cops are going to come. Anyway, I use "Hummingbird," to introduce a lot of these women to romance novels because I think it's intelligent and engrossing, with a compelling Alpha male hero and strong, capable heroine. And no one's ever mentioned that scene as offensive. And they keep asking me for more books. It's the end of the day for this posting, but I wonder what other people think.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I love that image, angelina, of the broads skulking up to your house and slinking away furtively with LaVyrle and, maybe, Woodiwiss, in their hot little mitts.

That'd be a good blog. Maybe we can do it in a couple weeks, about mortifying Old School novels and scenes that are just wonderful.

AuthorM said...

A shovel of manure...Okay. Now I gotta read this!


Carol M said...

Hi Eloisa!

I love your books and you always have the best covers!

My favorite book is Gone With the Wind and I enjoy anything by Nora Roberts, Julie Garwood and Kathleen Woodiwiss