Saturday, November 18, 2006

Come On Over To My Striet

OK. I'm not playin favorites or anything, but in a nod to Bella julieO, I'm givin props to the Ohio State Buckeyes and their 42-39 win over U of Michigan.

Do I really care? Only to the extent that I like julieO, and I listened to the damn drone of the crowd and my husband's exclamations for the duration of today's game.

But the thing I really like about the Buckeyes is that my favorite ESPN College Gameday sportscaster, Kirk Herbstriet, was a total strapping, all-American, dated-(and married)-the-best-looking-cheerleader football hero when he went to OSU.

He's still stuh-RAP-ping -- in a totally grown-up smart-guy jock way -- and the only thing that's gotten me to support my husband's fixation with ESPN College Gameday and college football in general.

So here's to to JulieO, the Buckeyes, and yet another reason why my marriage remains intact.

Thanks, Kirk!

This week, Pam Rosenthal's "The Slightest Provocation," and Pam's fascinating AuthorView interview, are featured on Romance: B(u)y the Book.
I love the novel, it's gorgeous, and with it, Pam's managed to write a married couple h/hn whose relationship is hotter ten years into the marriage than many romance relationships in first throes of passion.

Let's talk "married" romances, where our hero and heroine are either married from the first, or become married before they've reached the declarative stage of the relationship.

Do they work for you? What are some of your favorites?
Encore! Thank you, Bellas, for your well wishes that last couple days when I was sick. Feeling much better. Amazing what a couple days of reading old romances does for the body and soul.
Encore due! Hope the rest of you who were ailing are feeling better, too.
Encore tre! Mixed signals on Leanne Banks' GuestBlog. We're rescheduling another date when she can stop in and chat!


Cathy M said...

My all time favorite married couple are Roarke and Eve Dallas in the J.D. Robb series. I think she is like on story #24, but every book has their emotional and physical connection growing stronger. Truly a treat to read.

Vivi Anna said...

Yup, I second Eve and Roarke. I like that just because they're married, doesn't mean the romance in the stories are fact it's going stronger than ever!!

I'm happy to hear you're feeling better Michelle!

Julie in Ohio said...

WOO HOO!!! I do love my Bucks. They rock! The game wasn't pretty but the end result is what matters. Thanks for the nod. I feel so special. :o)

Kirk Herbstriet with his pretty blue eyes and 100 watt smile is definitely worth a second glance... :o)

I enjoy reading married romances. It's nice to get the after the ceremony perspective. Although I have to admit most of the stories are either in a series or it's a marriage of convenience. One of my favs is WORTH ANY PRICE by Lisa Kleypas. That one is a marriage of convenience. Last week I read the BORN IN series by Nora Roberts. There in books two and three the couples from the previous book have supporting roles.

I'm glad you're feeling better, Michelle. I was getting ready to send you some cyber chicken noodle soup. It's my specialty.

Kati said...

I LOVE Eve and Roarke. I'm in the midst of BORN IN DEATH right now, which I'm enjoying. I adore their relationship.

I also enjoyed BYGONES by Lyvyrle Spencer. In that story the couple was divorced and then fell in love again.

Michelle, so glad you're feeling better, Bella! Stay well!

Playground Monitor said...

I can't toss out the name of anything right off the top of my head, but I love the marriage of convenience hook to pieces. I love seeing two people thrown together by whatever circumstances and then watching them fall in love.

Glad you're feeling better. And I look forward to Leanne's guest blog. She was the first romance author I really got to know.


Keira Soleore said...

Michelle, it was good to read your post today and know that you and the kids are feeling better.

I loved Lisa Klepas's Worth Any Price. Marriages of convenience make for interesting emotional dynamics. The stresses are higher for the characters, because there are far more opportunities and situations for different types of interactions between them.

Anonymous said...

I do like married romances. It's seeing what happens after the HEA as the characters struggle to live together. My favorites are the Duchess series by Eloisa James. Esme, Helen, and Gina are all in unsatisfying marriages. Helen's story in particular, Your Wicked Ways, is my favorite. I also like Harlequin Presents wedlocked series where the characters get married and then have to find the HEA.

Stacy~ said...

Hey Michelle, I'm glad you're feeling better. Hope the rest of your family is doing great. We've missed ya.

Yeah, I'm casting my vote for Eve & Roarke as well. I love that we've seen how their relationship has evolved, from their first meeting and now through their marriage, how it's grown stronger and deeper and become more intense, not just sexually. It's wonderful and poignant to watch.

I do like marriage of convenience or arranged marriage stories, especially historicals, where the hero marries his young 18-yr-old bride and later realizes the treasure he has in his wife and now must set out to woo her. I love it when she makes him work for it, too.

ev said...

I am another one to throw my hat in the ring for Eve and Roarke. Like I haven't said that a bunch already. I love how their relationship grows- and in the next book she gets to throw a Baby Shower. :snicker, snicker: I can't wait to see how Eve handles this one. Wait until they ask her to hold the baby. lolol

I am glad everyone is feeling better- who wants to be sick for Turkey Day??

amy kennedy said...

Eve and Rourke. They are hotter evry single time.

But I loved Your Wicked Ways as well.

And I have to say another Lisa Kleypas--Devil in Winter--I'm just reading it now, d'oh. It is so good I can hardly stand it.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. I admit it, already. I'm a pathetic excuse for a romance columnist; I've not read JD Robb.

OW! Don't throw those Lisa Kleypas's at me, dammit! amyskf has been hounding me forever about the Robbs, and I just talked to her last week about getting me one.

I like the married romances for the same reason lots of youz do, wanting to know how the couple will fall in love (when the romances are "marriage of convenience" novels).

I like the Spencers. What's the one where the "dead" husband comes back from sea to find his wife married to a friend? I even like the category "Married to the Lusty Sheik," and "The Lusty Italian Prince's Marriage Dilemma," etc.

Balogh does the "engagement of convenience" a lot, and I don't mind reading that plot about a billion times, either.

Hey, congrats, Marilyn. Hpe you're feeling better, too.

Now, doesn't anyone wanna dish with me abuot my boy, Kirk? I don't feel too creepy scamming on him, cause he's about 37ish. Really, he just makes me sigh when Dave and I are in front of the TV Sat mornings. It's, like, all the excitement of football, without actually having to watch the game (like I did through 5 years of marching band, cold, bored, and desperately wishing I was pretty and athletic enough to be a cheerleader). Wow. Don't I sound pathetic-er than usual.

Did I ever tell you my football hero fantasy?

ev said...

Kirk is definately a hottie, I can see why you would like to watch. I am the same way whenever Toby Keith comes on TV- so bad that dh turns the channel with an evil grin! LOL Up close and personal he just exudes sex from every pore. ::sigh::

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, you aren't alone. I haven't read Robb either. Actually at this late date, I'm leary of starting them. Especially since Cathy mentioned their on book #24. OY!!

Amy-- Good call with Devil In Winter. I just love Evie and Sebastian.

ev said...

Julie- I can't remember how many there are actually but they are really good books. The subplots that run thru them with the secondary characters are just as good as the main plot lines. there is a lot of humor in them and I love to see where the running feud she has goind with Roarke's butler goes. I gave up keeping score with them. And since there are so many out there, you don't have to wait for the next one to be published, like the rest of us!!

Kati said...

Jules and Michelle - See, the fact that she's on book #24 is just good news for you, it means that there's a MAJOR glom coming on for you!

I'm almost done with the latest, BORN IN DEATH. It's a good one. Not her best, but definitely up there, mainly because she's moving the story forward.

And, I'm not kidding, Roarke is easily in the top maybe two or three in the pantheon of romance heroes. He's indescribably delicious. He really fulfills all those hero fantasies we might have. Eve's a handful, but she's extremely likeable. I even got my mom hooked, so I really recommend you try them!

kim h said...

he i s hot. i always liked dan patrick.