Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Avast, Ye Lusty Wenches!

Tamera Alexander GuestBlogs
Tomorrow, Nov. 15!!!
(Not implying, of course, she's a lusty wench.
She is, in fact, a lovely Inspy author)
Blame it on Bella marykate. She went on and on about how Laura London's "The Windflower" is, like, the best romance known to womankind.

So, in a not unprecedented romance binge, I read it this weekend and was transported to Old School Nirvana.

Oh, but there are kindly pirate maties who'd teach a young virgin to curse as soon as protect her virtue. And a lusty aristocrat pirate who's dying to bed our fair heroine, but who struggles with what's left of his better nature.

And let's not forget the captain of the Black Joke, who's sexual preference is as much at question as is the reputation of his black heart.

There's political intrigue, creepy villains, high-seas danger, and a love story that's front and center. Oh, sorry. No forced seduction -- but it's a really good pirate/virgin romance nonetheless.

I jest, but, truly, this is what romance is all about for me. What the contemporary romance fiction novel grew out of, and what I think deserves our props and should be kept in mind when we define romance fiction.

So, two questions today:

What is it about Pirate Romances that's so awesome?
What do you love/hate about "The Windflower?"

Encore! Molto grazie, Kathryn Caskie for an awfully fun day yesterday. Kathryn's TIARA winners are mentioned w/in the comments from yesterday's GuestBlog.

Encore due! Grazie mille to our own TiVo DiVa for spending the weekend with us! She'll be back in December to kvetch and cheer about the season, and maybe talk about the state of holiday TV, too. Fra Hoo For Ay , Da Hoo Door Ay...
Encore tre! billie l, you've won the drawing from Saturday, Nov 4 post. Email me your snail mail, please. The prize is a six-pack of steamy romance. Please note, Bellas, w/in the text of the blog I was asking for help figuring out how to get the guys to talk, how to compile the info, but hadn't yet decided how to do so. The certificate mentioned was for when I had decided. I apologize for the confusion I caused, especially because you were nice enough to be so open with your comments.


Vivi Anna said...

Hello Bellas! I'm back.

I was on a writing hiatus and had two conferences to run over the weekend. Talk about draining.

I'm under a heavy deadline for the next month, but i"ll be popping in more I promise.

Oh, I have a book trailer for INFERNO, if you want to check it out. It rocks. Go here...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Vivs! Back just in time for lusty pirates! Can't wait to see your trailer.

Kati said...

Ahhh, THE WINDFLOWER. Best. Romance. Ever.

Michelle - Welcome my Bella to the club!

You didn't mention Cat, to me, the best character in the book. He's sexually ambiguous, has an inappropriate relationship with Rand, is the child of an aristocrat, and adores Merry with a passion that might be love from afar.

But what makes THE WINDFLOWER so exquisite? It's the prose. It's written with a delicacy and detail that you don't find in most newer novels. Now, Michelle commented that the dialogue can be purple, but it was written in the 80s and I think reader were less demanding of that issue then.

I also really love that Merry grows so much in the story. She goes from a naive, silly girl to a woman. I love the scene where she slugs to hero. It's just good, good stuff.

Playground Monitor said...

I haven't read any pirate romance but I see I'll have to add some to my already towering TBR pile.

Of course, I have seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Gotta love Capt. Jack. He commands the ship, he defeats the bad guys and all while wearing heavy eyeliner. ::grin:: I can't seem to pull off the look like he does.


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Monica Burns said...

I'm back tooo!! At least for today, hopefully next week. Definitely the first week in Dec when the bosses are all at a conference!!! Wheee!!!

I can't speak to Windflower. Sounds like another book to add TBP *sigh*

As for what I love about Pirates...their freedom. They don't care what the world thinks of them. They're totally alpha and they revel in it. They know how to play their cards close to their chest. Have to in order to survive. I loved Errol Flynn in Captain Blood. Loved Yul Brynner as the pirate Lafitte (sp?) I remember a movie called the Pirates of Tortuga that I never got to see the ending of because I had to go somewhere. I've yet to ever see the movie on TV so I can see the ending! I'm sending myself an email to TIVO that damn thing! LOL

ok, I couldn't resist this word ver.

UGHOT - U get Hot reading Obsession by Monica Burns. ROFLMAO


amy kennedy said...

Mon! Vivs! Marilyn! MaryKate! Michelle!

Not only do I lurve pirates--I've always wanted to BE one. And yes, Mon it is the freedom--argh but I do loves the sea.

MK, I've never read the Windflower--but old school romances and especially on the high seas--talk about swept away...

And speaking of ambiguous sexuality--Cap'n Jack kind of springs to mind, maybe it's like Marilyn says--all that heavy eye-liner.

Michelle, how did you get your hands on a copy of the book?

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Bellas!!!

My reason for loving pirates is simple:

They don't know how to button their shirts.

I find an unbuttoned shirt to be quite sexy.

Kati said...

Jules! I've missed you! Hope all is well. LOL-ing at your message. I agree, the shirtlessness is a lovely aspect of pirates. Another pirate story that I love is THE GIFT by Julie Garwood, the heroine's name is Sara, but the hero starts every conversation he has with her with, "Damn it, Sara." I used to joke that my dad called me "Damn it, Kate!" So I found that hilarious.

Bellas - totally OT, but I just got my trusty new Suzanne Brockmann newsletter. Her newest book, out this summer I think, features a hero, Ric Alvarez, that we've met once before, but more importantly, it features as the secondary story JULES!!! Woohoo! I quite simply adore that Suz is furthering his story and that sooner or later we'll get his HEA! That alone is enough to get me to dish out hardover prices! Stacy, can I get an "Amen, Sister?!"

amy kennedy said...


MK after Over the Edge--what comes next? You'd think I could figure this out, since I work in a library--but, no. I want the easy answer.

Ashley said...

I loved this book, The Windflower because of Cat. He was the best secondary character IMO. He stole the show for me.

Does Laura London (a.k.a. Tom and Sharon Curtis) even write anymore? Anyone hear of any plans for Cat's book?

Kati said...

They don't write anymore, sadly. I love them!

Ames - Next up is OUT OF CONTROL. Mmmmm, WILD CARD. I love him! Followed by GONE TOO FAR, which is Sam and Alyssa's story. You need to get readin' girl! I envy you that! I wish I were reading her stuff for the first time!

kim h said...

wtg billie

Valeen said...

The Windflower?? Uhmm ... am I missing something??? I've never even heard of it.

Pirates --- ohhhh ... Pirates. Love 'em. No particular reason beyond the gypsy roving heart and the steady wide spread stance they always have.

Stacy~ said...

Well, seems I've got a little catching up to do! I haven't been on my 'puter much lately, so I've missed out on all the fun from the last several days. Lots of fun stuff going on :)

Vivi, I'll have to check out that trailer. I'm slowly getting into them.

MaryKate, I love how you describe "The Windflower". It sounds beautiful. Bet it's not so easy to get a copy though.... And I am soooo with you on Jules' story! I adore him, and it's about dang time he gets his HEA. I gotta say, it's gonna be hot! The first inkling that m/m scenes did anything for me was all cuz of Suz. Is that good or bad? LOL

Pirates, yeah, they are sexy. The freedom, the reckless nature, living for the moment, lack of proper attire. Julie, you nailed it with the inability to button a shirt. A pirate requirement. Johnny Depp makes ambiguous pirates very irresistible, I must say (whoa, I had an Ed Grimley moment there!) Did you ever see "The Black Swan" with Tyrone Power & Maureen O'Hara? Swoon! I love that movie, have it on DVD. It's my favorite classic pirate movie.

Okay, I've rambled on enough. Someone else's turn now!

Julie in Ohio said...

Could life get anymore complicated?
Please don't answer that...

I love pirate movies and books. If I had to pick my favorite theme it would either be pirates or cowboys. The thing they both have in common is their rugged appearance (YUM!) and their solitude. A pirate may have his crew but inside he's all by himself. Don't 'cha just wanna give him a hug? :o)

I can't wait for Tamera's blog tomorrow. I've read Rekindled and loved it. I'm only sorry that Amazon is taking so long with my copy of Revealed. I was hoping it would be in by now but now they are telling me by Friday. I knew I should've rushed it. :(

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