Thursday, October 05, 2006

Write Michelle's Blog Contest!

First, mi scusi, Bella Michele, because I mixed you up with our other Michele. You, Michele, actually turned us on to Nate, here, and I like to give cred where due. So, thank you, Michele of the faery!
Very Cool News!
Please read my feature article Tomorrow, Oct 6 10.30 am -- 2.30 pm Central from the National/World Headlines front page of your favorite website that carries "Romance: B(u)y the Book!", or go to for a list of the 75 TV websites that syndicate my column.
It's all about the popularity of romance fiction from our point of view, and without the words bodice, heaving, or bosom. Our own Bella MaryKate is part of the story, too! After 2.30 pm tomorrow, you can find it under the new Free Time section of the Entertainment page.
Oh, so were you wondering about my contest? Well, it's a chance for one lucky Bella who is not a published author to write a GuestBlog here at RBtheBlog! You get to do everything the regulars do, choose your topic, select your photos, check in to chat. More details soon...
What would you write a GuestBlog about if you won?
10 Kathryn Jordan Cyber Spa Party
12 Jessica Inclan
16 Teresa Medeiros
18 Writing Playground/RBtheBlog Scavenger Hunt! Prizes!
20 Pamela Clare
15 Connie Brockway
17 TiVo DiVa
1 Eve Silver
15 Tamera Alexander
27 Marjorie M. Liu
29 Eloisa James
1 Vivi Anna
18 Jenna Peterson
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Barbara Samuel
Erin McCarthy
Smart Bitches
Kathleen Eagle
"Hot Topic Week: Eros, Erotic Romance, and Erotica!"


Kati said...

Ooooh Michelle - So many fantastic bloggers coming up! Wow! Can't wait for Connie Brockway so I can fully get my gush on! Also, SEP! Yowza! You've got some serious heavy hitters on deck! I can hardly wait! And the Smart Bitches?! And our own Vivi! Geez! Amazing. OK, I'm declaring a moritorium on the exclamation point for me. No more in this post. No really. I can do it. I'm shaking a little, but I can.

What would I blog about? Paranormal romance, I think. Or, maybe about romantic songs. Or maybe about hot guys, that seems to go over well.

And Michelle, thanks again for the great interview, I can hardly wait to read the interview.

Julie in Ohio said...

Wow!!! Really, is there anything else you can say with all this wonderful news? :o)

The guest bloggers coming up is phenominal.
I just finished THE VAMPIRE WHO LOVED ME it was fantab.
Cyber Spa Party is going to be terrific. HOT WATER was awesome.
I could keep going but I don't think I ought to use up all the space. :P

BTW, is that a new cover for PLEASURE FOR PLEASURE?

I'm not sure what I'd blog about. I like MK romantic song suggestion. It would be fun to hear about what "your" song is/was and why.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yup, it's the new cover, JulieO. Eloisa has a great "Mayne in a Frame" contest going at her place where you can win a really pretty Venetian glass frame w/ a shot from a cover flat of P4P in it. Worth the trip!

Eloisa is featured in the article, too.

I love both your ideas for GuestBlogs, MK and JulieO!

Julie in Ohio said...

I can't wait to read the article!

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, what is this scavenger hunt thingy with Writing Playground?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ah! It's a dual GuestBlog. Bloggers hop between sites to scavenge clues for prizes! :)

I can't tell you more, not because I'd have to kill you if I did, but because, well, we don't know the final shape of the thing yet. [sheepish grin]

Stacy~ said...

Gosh, my brain is dried up. Great ideas from MK and Julie - I'm so jealous when people are so much more clever than me LOL. And believe me, that doesn't take much.

Maybe something from a reader standpoint, like how the impact of being a romance reader on-line has positively affected our lives (new friends, meeting authors, hotties, etc); or how reading romances can empower women to find better friendships and romantic relationships; or why readers have better imaginations; or being a reader who wants to write...

Playground Monitor said...

*grinning sheepishly too*

Yeah. That's right. We'd hafta kill you.

We are molto excited about the joint blogging with Michelle.


Dannyfiredragon said...

Oh that are great guest bloggers. This will be so much fun

ev said...

What about secondary characters that end up taking on a life of their own, even though it wasn't something the author planned to do? I know I have heard of many fans who have written to their fav authors and asked to hear someone else's story.

I can't wait for SEP to guest blog. I hope it's a day that I am actually near the puter!!

Julie in Ohio said...

Great idea, EV! I know I'm guilty of wanting stories for secondary characters. :o)

That scavenger hunt sounds great, Michelle. :o)

Kati said...

Oooh Ev! That's a great idea! The one that immediately springs to mind is Seth Quinn from Nora Roberts' Chesapeake Bay series. The book is actually dedicated to "All the readers who ever asked, "When are you going to write Seth's book?""

I love that idea!

Kati said...

Bellas - The article is up now. Michelle, congrats on the feature and as always, thanks so much for being such a vocal advocate of romance.


Playground Monitor said...

Michelle's article is posted now! And it's faboo!

And how neat that MaryKate was an interviewee. You represented romance readers well, MK.


Kati said...

Thanks Marilyn! It was an honor that Michelle asked.

Bellas, FYI, this will come as no surprise to any of you, but Michelle is as wonderful in person (OK, on the phone) as she is here.

Julie in Ohio said...

What a fantastic article, Michelle! It was wonderful. :o)

MK- Yay, you!! That was a terrific interview. :o)

Monica Burns said...

Ok Bellas, we know who the go-to-bella is when we want something planned! Very nice, MK, very nice.

Excellent article, Michelle. Love Eloisa's comment about "escape fiction." *clapping*

Julie in Ohio said...

How about a blog about the greatest titles?

ev said...

What a great article!! I love the comparison of authors to rock stars. Has anyone ever seen the insanity when Janet Evanovich is out there promoting a new book? And authors are so much more approchable!!

Unknown said...

Ooh I love them all but particularly Kathleen Eagle-I can't wait for that one!