Saturday, October 28, 2006

Time's A'Wastin'

It's that time of year again, and Dave and I are trying to think of awesome couples costumes and comin up with a big, fat punkinhead of a zero.

Last year, we did a great job with make up, but we're still peelin spirit gum out of unmentionable places.

Two years ago, this one got us thrown out of the Minnetonka Knights of Columbus Annual All Saint's Eve Feast (We tried to tell em it was a tribute to Home Depot, but after our Hillbilly Kissin Kuzzins Kostoom of the year before -- complete with inflatable, detachable 'luvin lamb -- they weren't gonna cut us any slack).

Can you help us, please? What're the best couples costumes you've worn? Seen? Been mortified by?

Encore! Grazie Rocki St. Claire (she said we can call her Rocki cause we're good friends now) for your very fun GuestBlog yesterday. We can't wait for you to return Friday, Dec 22 for your "Christmas and Clooney" GuestBlog!
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Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Way back when Family Values was in the new (yeah, you read that right), we were invited to a h'ween party of the same theme.

Dave and I went as Jim and Tammi Faye Baker. He wore prison garb, and smarmy televangelist hair, and I wore a spangly dinner suit, big hair, and lots of runny mascara.

There were lots of funny/creepy costumes like Woody and Soon Yi, etc.

God, that was so long ago.

Kati said...

Well, since I'm single, I don't usually dress up as a couple for Halloween.

But last year, I went with a doggie baseball cap (had ears and a tongue) and roller blades. Yes, I was a b*tch on wheels.

Generally though, I'm a Halloween grinch. I don't really enjoy the holiday except that in DC, it means fall is really here, and that the holidays are coming.

Sorry I'm not more help! What are your kids dressing up as?

ev said...

did you see the Today Show this morning? The weather guy and news girl did Tom Cruise and katie Holmes, complete with baby in his coat. They did an excellent job of acting like them too. Very funny!!

You do romance- why not the King and Queen of Hearts??

Playground Monitor said...

When I stop laughing maybe I can think of something. :grin:

Last year my husband went to the party as "Tiffani, the Hooters Girl." Let's just say it was NOT pretty given that he has a goatee and is quite muscular. But he got a lot of laughs. Only a guy very secure in his masculinity could do that.


Vivi Anna said...

I vote going as a famous couple from history..

Antony and Cleo

Romeo and Juliet

Marilyn Monroe and JFK

how about

Brit and KFed, you could go in raggy shorts, tank top, with big preggo belly, sandals, and hubby can go in jeans hanging down to his knees, scruff, dirty t-shirt, goatee, etc.

That would be funny!

Or go as Dracula and Mina Harker

Pamela Clare said...

The funniest costume I've seen in a long time featured a male friend of mine with a lacy, white fairy wing on his right shoulder blade, a yam stuffed into his underwear and tights. That's it. Bare chest, tights, yam sticking out of the waistband, little white wing on the right side of his back. I couldn't figure out what he was supposed to be till he told me: a right-wing dick tater...

I also had a friend who took advantage of her pregnancy to dress like a nun.

It's been YEARS since I've worn a costume. I tell people I'm dressed as a frazzled newspaper editor-single mom-novelist. But my favorite costume from my days of being gorgeous was a harem girl outfit I sewed myself.

Keira Soleore said...
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Keira Soleore said...

Michelle, I'm having trouble posting, so apologies if it gets posted multiple times...

OK. Now that I'm done laughing till my stomach hurt, here's my worthy costume advice:

Since glue worked so well for you before, your costume would be a skin-colored leotard (and given MN's freezing weather, probably full-sleeved and ankle-length). Since inflatable rings are also popular, you could perhaps find half a dozen smaller ones and glue them at, ah, strategic places on the leotard. Then you would fashion a belt with a fake sword stuck in it. Hey, presto, you would be the Cereal Killer.

And your husband would be Bones the Skeleton, with larger colored foam versions of Scooby-Doo Berry Bones cereal.

Julie in Ohio said...

Happy Weekend, Bellas!!
I have had a Halloween filled weekend. I went to my first Halloween party...ever. It was fun. The last time I dressed up in a costume I was 17 years old and I believe I was dressed as a teenager. I had a wonderful imagination, didn't I?

Michelle, some of the costumes that I saw were hilarious. There were a couple of convicts. Mickey and Minnie Mouse. My cousin and her boyfriend were an 18th century peasant couple. I'm not sure but I think he was wearing tights. There were cowboys and girls. Clark Kent (you could be Lois Lane). Vampires were a big hit (no two the same).

Let us know what you decide on. And pictures would be appreciated. :o)

Pamela Clare said...

I forgot the whole couples question in my post...

Last year, a friend of mine who is a senator dressed as the Statue of Liberty and his wife went as Uncle Sam. It looked pretty cool.

Let us know what you decide, Michelle. I love the nut and screw combo you posted a photo of. That's hilarious.