Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oooo, Scaaaaarrreeee...

Hallowe'en Conundrum:


Or Frank?


Not so scary news about a woman who writes a pretty eerie/sexy neo-gothic love story:

Eve Silver
Nov. 1

She's lots of fun -- and a regular Bella -- so drop by and ask her about her latest hero in the kitchen. What is it about her dark, hot guys and sensual eating anyway?

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ev said...

Play- have you read nancy thayer's Hot Flash books? They are pretty good too. I am looking forward to a new book from either of them.

On the non-romance side, I found out my favorite author, WEB Griffin, has another new one coming out in December. The arguement ensues as to who gets to read it first. As far as I am concerned, if I buy it, I get to read it first. He spends the time asking me if I am done yet.

Kati said...

I picked up four books today, the newest Nora, Rocki St. Clare's new one, and a couple of others. Now I have reading for vacay this weekend and next week!

I just finished rereading WHITNEY, MY LOVE by Judith McNaught. I know that there are lots of readers who have very strong feelings about this book, and I wanted to see, since I hadn't reread it in probably about 5 years, if my feelings had changed. Well, yes, I guess.

The book certainly has what now would be considered multiple bad cliches in Romancelandia: forced seduction (some even call it rape), spankings (and not for fun), and a retro alpha male, both imperious and bossy. I'm sure the book wouldn't work at all, if we didn't have Clayton's inner monologue to help us along about what he was thinking.

The thing is, the book still works for me. And here's why: I love the scene where Whitney finally goes to his home and forces him to listen to her. I love it. Don't really know why. As a feminist, I shouldn't approve of the way she subjugates herself to him. And yet, the scene seems to work for me on every level. I'm not sure why.

This was one of the first romances I ever read, and there are other McNaughts that I far prefer over this one. A KINGDOM OF DREAMS for one. That also has a scene where the heroine subjugates herself publically for the hero. And it's easily in my top 5 favorite books. Huh. I'm not sure what that says about me as a reader.

Anyway, this is apropos of nothing that Michelle posted, but I've been pondering on this all day, so thought I'd post.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

argh! It took me all day to post this blog. I'm so sorry.

MK: It says you love romance in all its forms and you have nothing to feel any way about but happy.

If the subjugation thing works for you, so be it. Read it, dig it, celebrate it. If you feel like analyzing it, do so.

My biggest prob with Whitney -- which I really like, too, yet I dig KOD caus e I'm crazed for Midievals (blog for another day -- is the whole "whitney stands and does acrobatics on the horse" thing. I know it was supposed to show how she was a tom-boy and defied convention, but it didn't do it for me.

As for spanking? There are entire fetish books on the practise, so big whoop, I say. Forced seduction? Um, yum?

And I'm saying all this to say, "You go, girl" for digging the novel. Remember, feminists now say all that stuff in fantasy is pretty okey-dokey cause it empowers women to choose what turns them on.

Btw, did you know Kate Duffy edited that?

Ev, hmmmm...a guy asking a chick "are you done yet?" Way to turn the tables, girlfriend.

Btw, have you been to ConnieBrockway.com?

ev said...

OMG!!!!! No I hadn't been yet!!! Thanks for the headsup!!!