Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Little Freedom's Worth $14.99 To Me

If you've ever worked with vets you know just how humbling the experience can be. They serve, and often return home with wounds they'll carry a lifetime. Ask em, they'll tell you they'd do it again to serve their country. Here's a way we can give back -- by buying this calendar. A portion of profit aids wounded vets and their families. See? We're giving back. That's us; we're givers. Always...giving... (Content below from www.FreedomIsNotFree.com -- because I couldn't have written it any better.)

More Than 18,000 Service men and women have been injured in the war, and more than 2,600 have given their lives for our freedom. Many of the wounded are extremely young (the average age of a wounded service member is 18-24) and face an entire lifetime of “healing” and coping with disabilities.

Introducing... "America's Heroes Calendar 2007"

Some of the hottest hunks in the Marine Corps are posing for the America’s Heroes 2007 Calendar to raise money for wounded service members and their families. Sergeant Rodolfo “Rudy” Reyes, and 9 other members of the elite Reconnaissance Marines are leaving women panting and men wanting to enlist. The ten men who pose in the America’s Heroes 2007 Calendar are all current or former elite Reconnaissance Marines with combat experience. None are professional models (but they could be!) So move over Matthew McConaughey and Patrick Dempsey, “sexiest men alive,” you may have some stiff competition.

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Encore! Go to www.FreedomIsNotFree.com to purchase the America's Heroes calendar ($14.99).
Encore due! Grazie mille Teresa Medeiros for joining us yesterday! We loved having you here, and if we haven't yet read "The Vampire Who Loved Me," we'll get right on it! Come back soon!


Julie in Ohio said...

Are you trying to give me a heart attack? OOOOHHHH, BABY!!!!

amy kennedy said...

I feel your pain Jules. Yikes. Thank goodness I came home for lunch, and didn't open the blog at work. The library could not have handled this.

So much fun yesterday with Teresa.

Julie in Ohio said...

Serious note: my dh is a retired vet of the Persian Gulf War and he has made noise of re-enlisting.
Of course, that could be because he is surrounded by hormonal females...

Julie in Ohio said...

Yeah, Ames, my computer is about to go up in flames...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yes, yes. These guys are too cute, even when they're just in their cammo. God BuhLess America!

Wasn't yesterday great? I'm so jealous you all got to check in w/ Teresa more than I did. Darn work and family. I've got to run again now w/ more of the same. But I'll check in later.

Have any of you actually owned a hunky guy pinup calendar?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I suspect, Jules, were he to go back, he'd be hankerin to be surrounded by hormonal females soon enough.

My oldest bro did Gulf War I. Pretty wild.

amy kennedy said...

My oldest son is making noises about the marines...

ev said...

Oh, gee, what would hubby say were I to hang this on the fridge??? I can bet it would be Marine jokes. But what a way to keep to my diet. Why open the door when the dessert is on the outside?!?!?!?!

Yes Michelle I have bought hunk calanders many, many times. I give them away too as presents to deserving friends at Xmas. :;snigger::

Julie, Michelle and Amy- there are worse things in life they could be doing. DH would have gone back if he hadn't had a heart attack first.Youngest Daughter is talking about joining up too.

ev said...

I wonder if that "stiff" competition comment in the article was a double entendre or not????

ev said...

I am a member of the Elks. Our motto is "As long as there are Veteran's, Elks will be there for them". All lodges participate in visiting the local VA hospitals on a regular basis, Veteran's Day celebrations of some type, and anything else we can do. Here, there are ladies who make lap blankets for every vet who is admitted into the VA. We provide the funds for the yarns.

Watch your local community events calanders for events sponsored by the Elks- it's another great way to give back to the Veteran's.

Commercial over.

Kati said...

Wow. I'd let them "serve and protect" me anytime! Niiiice!

Michelle - Let us know that everything's OK with you. I've been worrying about you!

Bellas, I'm off to work our biggest conference on Thursday, so I'll be non-existant for the next week or so. Don't have too much fun without me, and don't talk about anything good. 'Kay? ;~P

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, MK! My husband has been travelling every week and it's crazy. My in-laws are coming in this afternoon, too. Hoping thing's'll cool off soon.

Yes, ev, I do think the pun was intentional. These boys do, indeed, rock. And that kind of commercial is always welcome. I do love me our men and women in uniform. :)

Marilyn Puett said...

I won a Cowboy Hunks calendar two years ago and a Chippendales calendar last year. I hang them on the inside of the closet door in my office, but the DH has seen them.

Speaking of hunks... wait'll you see the one I picked out for Michelle's blog tomorrow. Aye caramba!


Stacy~ said...

Wow, nice! I remember getting the Chippendales calendar when I was in high school. Now...I have Mr. Winkle LOL. For those of you who don't know, or whose minds are in the gutter (just like mine would be) Mr. Winkle is a dog - he appeared in "Sex and the City" when Carrie thought all these people were coming to see her when they were actually there to see the dog.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Stacy! I'm glad you explained who Mr. Winkle was because I went a completely different way with that... :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

OOOOOOOHH, I can't wait for tomorrow. This whole scavenger hunt sounds great.

You won't make it too hard for us, right?
Marilyn- Don't 'cha want to give us a hint? I promise not to tell.

Unknown said...

All I can say is this is some man titty I can get behind. *GRIN*

Karin Tabke said...

Thanks for the the candy.