Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kathryn Jordan GuestBlog: This Ain't No Tupperware Party

Kathryn Jordan's "Hot Water" is one of the most memorable romances I've read for a lot of reasons, not the least of which are the way she explores what women want from men -- when they finally realize they deserve to have it. So enjoy Kathryn's Cyber Spa Party; come on in, the water (and the Cyber-itas) are fine! CONTEST! 4 Lucky Commenting Bellas Win HOT WATER prizes. (ooo, I SO want the tank top and thong!)

Hey, Bellas, it’s great to be back for a HOT WATER Cyber Party. For those who didn’t join us in July, some of the best book events I did after my novel, HOT WATER came out last Jan. were HOT WATER House Parties, like lingerie or Tupperware only my sexy, little novel, fun “hot” refreshments (Recipes to follow) and my HW door prizes.

I figured women would be more comfortable talking about the steamy scenes in a house full of girlfriends than, say, a library or book store. A glass of wine didn’t hurt either. And as one Bella put it, “This ain’t no Tupperware party, honey!”

So welcome! Michelle will be picking winners again - for the official HOT WATER mug with Eleanor Roosevelt quote: “Women are like tea bags. They don’t know how strong they are until they get into hot water.” Also the “Get Into HOT WATER” t-shirt, tank top and THONG! Turquoise to match the book cover. And a fabulous HW music CD compiled by Amy Murphy who might dip in with us today too.

I tuned in yesterday and have been giving a lot of thought to “what women really want in bed,” but of course I’d have to pick HOT WATER to answer the question: What single romance novel would you offer men as a reference for learning how to turn our heads, capture our hearts, then turn us inside-out?

But we also have to keep one foot in reality, and as Michelle says, give some consideration to our real life partners. Julia, in HW, is living out a fantasy by hiring a gorgeous guy for one weekend at a lush spa resort. (A red Lamborghini is thrown in for good measure).

Now the idea of hiring a guy - being in charge, not having to listen to lines or endure the usual posturing, is a turn on in itself. Whether it works in reality is another matter. Although I did meet a gigolo at one of my book signings. No kidding. I’ll tell you all about it later.

So in HW we have atmosphere built in (something men don’t seem to need or understand the way we do) and then William turns out to pretty much break the mold, not only for looks, but sensitivity, intelligence, humor, etc.

If I were to pick one scene for men to use as a reference, it’d be what I call the Goddess sex scene in chapter 49. Moonlight, a grassy spot under a sultry desert sky, a mysterious “gift,” the only way he touches her is his hand on her abdomen, but his voice... well, it’s over the top. Of course the tunnel scene is most readers’ favorite.

Actually, men are reading HW. One read his wife’s copy and went out and bought 12 to send to friends. Men have even thanked me after their wives read it. So maybe they pick up a few techniques, or mostly the attitude William has toward women.

“A woman can seem so mysterious, daunting,” he thinks on p. 54, “if you never learn to pay attention.”

How’s that?


Encore! What's up with the gorgeous Gibson Girl? Make sure to ask Kathryn today. :)

Encore due! Don't forget to ask Kathryn about "Steam." If William gets "his story," is "Hot Water" still a romance?


Kati said...

OK, I'll ask, Kathryn, what's up with the beautiful Gibson Girl photo?

Welcome back, I'm glad you're here!

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome back, Kathryn! When you were here the last time, I hadn't read HW yet. I have now and am very anxious for the next one. There will be a sequel, right? Exerpts are welcome and encouraged. :o)

The tunnel scene you mentioned, was superb. I love the history with Capone you gave it, too. I am a settings nut. The pool, the grotto, the tunnel, etc, I ate it up and wanted more. :o)

krissyinva said...

I have been asking myself since yesterday "what book I would want my hubby to read". I'm still not sure, I haven't read HW but I am adding it to my list right now. My hubby has agreed to read one of my books and I'm just not sure (hey it may be a one shot deal, right?)

Julie in Ohio said...

Krissy- HW would be a great book for hubby to read, but only if you want him to get some creative ideas. :P
I hadn't thought of it before but I think I'll put my copy in my DH hands... :o)

Kathryn Jordan said...

Hi everyone,

Marykate, About the Gibson Girl. That's Gladys Walton, a silent screen star from the 1920s and Al Capone's girlfriend. I'm writing a novel based on her true story, and what fun. A free spirited flapper who started making movies for Universal at age 16. She met A.C. on the set of her movie, The Untameable, and they would party at Two Bunch Palms, the spa resort where HOT WATER is set - with stars like Valentino and Charlie Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, etc. Drinking A.C.'s bootleg whiskey and dancing the Charleston under the desert sky. More later...

Julie, So glad you liked HW. And I'm a settings nut too. Am also amazed that after putting in some A.C. history re: the tunnel and all, I'm now writing a novel where A.C. will actually be a character. Am reading biographies and histories of the silent era. Mostly the book will be a woman's story, a quite emancipated woman! Ah, those 20s. What fun!

Kati said...

Kathryn -Sounds fabulous! When my Gram'ma died a few years ago, I went through all her old photos and found some awesome ones of her and her friends all dressed up in these amazing flapper dresses and fur coats on their way out to go dancing. They all had that amazing pomaded hair-dos and long lariat pearl necklaces. She was in college then. Amazing pictures. My Gram'ma was such a God-fearing, straight laced woman, it was a revelation to find photos of her out and having a great time with her girl friends.

I adore movies set in the Roaring 20s! The Great Gatsby, Chicago, etc. Love the costumes and the revoltionary attitudes of the women. And the fact that when gentlemen went out for the evenings they wore tails and spats. Such an amazing time for fashion!

Kathryn Jordan said...

Yes, HW is a good Hubby read. The sex is explicit enough for men to like, yet sooo slanted to pleasing a woman. After all, William is a professional. And there are deeper levels, since he's a philosophy major. :) May be the only novel where they're having sex while discussing philosphy! And his philosophy is feminist oriented, to say the least. That was fun, putting the female empowerment phrases in the words of the young, handsome man. God, I love those photos of Eduardo. Exactly how I envision William.

Another interesting part for men, I think, is that Williams "clients" are mostly unhappy women - and that offers insight for men who want their partners to be happy. Helen and Charles Wainwright offer an interesting subplot too, especially since Helen was William's first client. A beautiful couple.

Kathryn Jordan said...


Yes, the Roaring 20s! I was just reading that in movies of that period the male characters were rather bland, boring and reliable (with the exception of Rudolph Valentino and the like). But the women! They were the focus. Vamps like Theda Barra, independent, determined, life loving women. By about 1922 even the Mary Pickford's innocent good girl movies were considered too tame and unsophisticated. Then in the 30s the whole thing turned around and feisty women were actually told in movies to stay home and have babies.

Here's a fun story about Gladys. After 40 some movies her career fizzled by the early 30s, but she was an independent woman and star all her life. In her later years she used to get in her convertible cadillac and drive up the coast with a scarf billowing AND topless! In her 70s and 80s she did that. She had 6 children, but most of them still don't approve of her. I'm writing the book for the son who got it.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Hey Bellas, Here's a recipe for you.
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Mix together brown sugar, honey, jojoba oil, and vanilla extract. Stir in oatmeal. Apply to face and gently scrub. Rinse with warm water.

Honey Almond Foot Scrub Recipe

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ellie said...

I adore the Gibson Girl photo. It captures the essence of the times. As far as an ideal romance for men to read, Sandra Brown has written so many good romances which men should be compelled to read for sure.

Playground Monitor said...

Ooooh... spa party! I wasn't hanging out here when you blogged before so this is all new to me. Guess I shall have to check out this hot, hot book. Meanwhile I'll read all the discussion and gaze at the photos of Eduardo. As the Campbell soup kids used to say, "Mmm, mmm good!"


alissa said...

Your blog is interesting and definitely thought provoking. Men could benefit with romance reading material but few are inclined. But I would recommend Linda Howard. The Gibson girl photo is cool. Love that era which depicts women as they were.

Julie in Ohio said...

I haven't had a spa treatment in...well, never. I can't wait to try these home treatments. They sound great. :o)

The Roaring '20's were are lively decade. I wonder what A.C. would say about his little hideaway being turned into a spa... :o)

pearl said...

HW was great. The settings in a novel make it for me. I visualize the locale. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Can hardly wait for the next one. The pics here are wonderful! love them.

joelle said...

the book HW was riveting for me. I loved the background and history as well as being able to see the area involved through your great writing. There has to another book. The photographs here are so perfect.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Playground Monitor and Alissa,

Yes, do check out HOT WATER. Interesting thing: in book stores HW is always shelved in mainstream fic./lit., not romance, but seems to appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. Men too. (Did I mention that a publisher in Spain just bought the world Spanish language rights? HW goes international!)

Another thing I wanted to do in the book was allow a woman to live out a fantasy and break some rules - without punishment for a change. ie. Thelma & Louise and a heap of heroines in lit. In fact it turns out beyond her wildest dreams. William is totally blown away by her! This one weekend changes both their lives. Isn't that the ultimate fantasy?

Now, about the sequel, STEAM. Well, it takes up right where HW leaves off. Can't give too much away since some haven't read HW yet, but lets just say it explores the concept of making the fantasy last. Which includes even more exotic settings, like deep in the Yucatan and the ancient city of Merida.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Thanks Pearl and Joelle,

I'll do my best to make STEAM as steamy and descriptive as HOT WATER.

And the photos of Eduardo are "ouch" hot!

Kathryn Jordan said...

Julie in Ohio,

Here's a web site with dozens of recipes for home scrubs.


I just did a search: Recipes for body scrubs and came up with a ton!

Get yourself some candles and aromatic scents and a "friend" to rub on one of these recipes.

BTW one HW fan emailed that she read the book soaking in the jacouzi while her husband fed her Dove bars! Then he read it too. Some husbands do get it.

Julie in Ohio said...

More exotic settings? Be still my heart... :o)

Did you get to go to these settings as research for your books?

Angel said...

Spa Party!!! Totally cool!

Those scrub recipes look really neat and much gentler than commercial products. I'll have to give one a try.

I haven't read HW, but looks like I need to pick up a copy!


Kathryn Jordan said...

STEAM starts as they cross the border at Tecate, then some time in Rosarito Beach, Baja. Yes, I've been there lots. My boyfriend and I go salsa dancing at a place called Rene's right down from a favorite rustic hotel, Castillo Del Mar, perched on a cliff overlooking two gorgeous coves.

But I have not been to the Yucatan or Merida, must go. Right now I'm spending a bit more time on GLADYS AND CAPONE, but will get back to STEAM, I promise.

Have written the first chapters, not quite to the Yucatan. But what possibilities! Ancient Mayan ruins, sparkling "cenotes," deep pools that go underground to the sea. There'll be an underground hot springs cavern filled with steam. I was in one, Weisbaden, a hot springs spa in Ouray, CO. on one of my HW tours. Amazing.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas and bella bella Kathryn!

Let me just say that a couple I know invited me to choose a romance for their "coed" bookclub, one I could lead the discussion on.

I chose "Hot Water!" The club's coming up in Nov, I think, and we can't wait for our Minnesota husbands to read the novel. :)

My husband asked me to chose a novel that would affect the couples in the same way my reading romance has affected our lives, and he meant emotionally as well as intimately -- in the ways that encouraged us to explore our roles in our relationship.

Glad everyone's having a good time. I'm writing at the 'brary and they seem to discourage drinkin Mararitas this early. Ok, at all. So I'm raising an imaginary Cyberita you everyone!

Kathryn Jordan said...

Speaking of Cyberitas. Here's part of the drink menu from a HOT WATER event at the Hot Licks BBQ & Saloon in Bisbee, AZ last March. A book reading in a bar! Belly dancers & sexy lingerie fashion show. Oh my! I kept my imbibing to a Coke. :)

Veronica Temple (Shirley’s not so innocent sister) - Absolut Vanilla, Sprite, Grenadine
Aprhodisiac - Damiana Liqueur, chilled or on the rocks.
Kiss in the Dark - Stoli Razberi, Splash of Brandy chilled
Foreplay - Damiana Liqueur, Blanco Tequila, chilled
Down on My Love - Mt. Gay Mango Rum, Club Soda

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Kathryn! That party sounds fab! Why, oh, why can't you come and do one of those in your home town? I'm sure the ladies circle at the Lutheran church would love to host you.

OK. You've made us wait long enough. What's up with the gigolo? Was he handsome? Creepy? Confident?

Dish, Bella!

Kathryn Jordan said...

The gigolo. Yes, well, I was doing a signing at Coalesce Book Store in Morro Bay, CA. (Where HW made a best seller list, btw - #2 to the Da Vinci Code's #4) And this guy walks in, nicely dressed, in his 40s I'd guess, but no Eduardo, that's sure. We talked a bit, he mentioned why he was drawn to the book, confessed he was a gigolo for awhile. Seems he's a great dancer, and a dance tour outfit hired him and others to go on cruises and dance with ladies in need of partners. He said it was absolutely clear the job was more than just dancing. Gave an example or two of "clients," but he only did it a few years. Seems they put 3 guys to a cramped cabin, so I guess the perks didn't warrant the discomfort.

Interesting, though. I've kept his info in case I need further research for STEAM. :)

Kathryn Jordan said...

Oh, I'd love to come to Minneapolis and regale the Lutheran ladies. BTW a friend of my 87 year old mother who lives in a nice retirement home said she really wished HW was in large print. "Women our age need some steam in our lives." Isn't that a kick? Oldest reader I know so far is 93!

Jennifer Y. said...

Great blog post! I have not yet read your books Kathryn, but they sound good.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Thanks Jennifer,

So far it's just HOT WATER, but it's in Borders & Barnes & Noble everywhere. A friend even saw it at B&N in Scotland.

I'm writing as fast as I can on the other two.

Where do you live?

Anonymous said...

Just checking in for a minute. Can't wait to read these one. I usually prefer historicals, but you have certainly got my curiousity going. Have to get a copy and read this story.

robynl said...

I'm here for the Spa party; I missed the last one also.
Dh could use some hints on 'doing nice things for his wife on the spur of the moment; maybe he should read the book.

Kathryn Jordan said...


If you like historicals, wait til you see GLADYS AND CAPONE. Novel based on the true story of silent screen star, Gladys Walton - that's her photo on the blog site. Meantime, Hot Water touches a bit of history in between the heat.

robynl said...

“Women are like tea bags. They don’t know how strong they are until they get into hot water.” I LOVE THIS SAYING and it's so true, isn't it. Now me in a thong would not be funny for sure, yikes.

sharon said...

am enjoying these special photos which you found. Absolutely stunning. Your book cobines the best of everything, history, the magic of romance and the special places.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathryn,
I look forward to reading that one too.

Kathryn Jordan said...


The pictures were given to me by Gladys Walton's son, along with dozens more. Then I found a book, A PICTORAL HISTORY OF THE SILENT SCREEN which has literally hundreds of photos of stars and shots from the films themselves. Never thought I'd enjoy research so much.

Well, spending time at the spa for HOT WATER wasn't bad either. :)

amy kennedy said...

I'm just checkin' in during a break at work. I love Kathryn's book HOT WATER so much it's ridiculous--I'm giving it to my sister for Christmas.

Can't wait to try the brown sugar scrub--I'm with Michelle, come to the Minnesota Kathryn.

And just so you all know--I won the thong the last time. My husband loves it. Yay!

Kathryn Jordan said...

Hi Amy,

Great to hear from you - and thanks for your HW and thong endorsement. :) Maybe I'll get to Minnesota with STEAM. You know, I still have an aunt who lives in St. Paul. Gotta go get my nails done - be back in an hour or so.

Anonymous said...

Haven't read HW yet, but will definitely soon. My curiosity is piqued especially about having your husband read it. Wonder how I can talk the hubby into reading this with me?

BTW, scrub recipe sounds great. Must try it!

Kathryn Jordan said...


Just tell your hubby it's really, really sexy. Not in a romance novel way (or what men think is a romance novel way). When you're in HOT WATER, it feels real. Besides, almost half the book is in William's point of view.

BTW - Texas! Thanks for reminding me. Everyone! January 19-21st I'll be at a crazy fun event in Marshall, TX. It's "Girlfriend Weekend," a most unusual book festival put on by the Pulpwood Queens Book Clubs. A lady named Kathy Patrick started Pulpwood Queens, and they're growing leaps and bounds. She has a beauty shop / book store in Jefferson, TX called "Beauty And The Book." (The festival out grew Jefferson) And what a weekend. Lots of authors, panels, fun booths and activities. Including... drum roll... a "HAIR BALL!" The theme is "Pulpwood Queens go Hollywood," and we'll all will wear big hair, outrageous gowns, tiaras, leopard skin, whatever. I found my dress last week at an antique shop ($25) Okay, more like a thrift shop. Light turguoise to match my book cover, gaudy rhinestone necklace. Now to find a leopard skin wrap.

So I'm personally inviting all you bellas. Go to www.beautyandthebook.com or pulpwoodqueens.com and check it out.

Hey, anyone on this blog who comes, I'll give a free book or thong, t-shirt, tank, mug, etc.

Michelle, what about you?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Kathryn! Did you and I talk about this at RWA, cause I know somebody was trying to tempt me to go to the event. At this point, I'd go just to get the cami and the thong!

I thought my rhinestone-wearin days were long over, but I could always strap on a tiara for a good cause, like a big party with lots of huge hair.

You know, Bellas and new friends, I can't wait til my husband reads "Hot Water" for our friends' book club. He's always said he'd read a romance if I chose one for him, b ut I've dragged my feet cause I wasn't sure which one was right. I think HW is a great jumping-off point.

Kathryn Jordan said...


I wasn't at RWA, but we might've emailed about the Pulpwood Queens' Girlfriend Weekend. Oh, yes, do try to come. I'm bringing my sister and old (oops, I mean former) college roommate, and anyone else I can snag. Who knows when I'll get another chance to wear a dress like this and rhinestones!

I think HW is a good choice for your husband. As I said, besides the hot sex, there's the male POV. I bet he'll thank me. :)

Rach said...

I haven't had a chance to read all the comments--I'm only now getting to the 'puter. I just wanted to pop in, say, "Hi Kathryn!" and let you know how much I really enjoyed HOT WATER. It was sensational and thank you bunches for getting it all down on paper =).

Julie in Ohio said...

Julia showed alot of courage doing what she did. She was in an unhappy situation and decided to do something for herself. Although I know that I couldn't do anything like that (it is a fantasy after all), I admire her fortitude to see it through.

Before it gets too late and my snooze button goes off, I want to say THANK YOU for coming and I hope you stop back soon. :o)

Do you have a release date yet for STEAM?

ev said...

grrrr..... this wasn't up when I checked in this morning and I missed all the fun......

Oh, well, the book sounds like a great read that I will just have to add to my tbr pile.

I think keeping it in fiction is right where it belongs- more men are likely to pick it up and buy it, since most of them won't be caught dead in the romance section.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Thanks for talking with me today. Just realized I never posted a recipe, besides the sugar scrub. So here's one in honor of that great South of the Border cuisine. Which is where Julia and William are headed in STEAM.

HOT WATER Shrimp Quesadilla
1 Leek
1 Red Pepper
1 Green Pepper
1 Yellow Pepper
6-8oz Cheddar Grated
6-8oz Jalapeno Jack Grated
1 Lemon Zest
1 Lime Zest
22 Shrimp 16/20 (peeled and de-veined)
1 tblspn Garlic
1 tspn Cumin
Oil Drizzle
6 Flour Tortillas 10’’
Salt and pepper to taste

Mango Salsa:
Pineapple or Peach
Red onion
Chili paste
Rice Wine Vinegar
Jalapeno or Serrano peppers


Sautee veggies in oil until tender then, in a bowl, mix vegetables, cheese, spices O,V and garlic,lemon & lime zest together. Place mix on one half of tortillas.

Toss Shrimp in garlic, cumin, S & P, oil.
Roast @ 400 degrees for 3 minutes in the oven. Set aside to cool. Remove tails, and cut in halves.

Place Shrimp on tortillas and fold over. Either bake or sear in a dry frying pan & finish in oven. Serve with Mango Salsa, Sour Cream, & Guacamole.

Mango Salsa:
Dice Mango (Peach), Pineapple. Add finely Diced Red Onion, & Jalapeno Pepper and chili paste. Season with O, V, S&P to taste.

Ciao Bellas,


Playground Monitor said...

OHMYGOSH! That Girlfriend Weekend sounds like a blast. It's always fun for women to get together like that. My sister and I gave each other 2 girl trips for Christmas last year. I spent a week with her in July (she lives on the Georgia coast and her hubby and son were gone to Boy Scout camp that week) and she's coming here in 2 weeks and we're driving the Natchez Trace and staying in B&B's and traveling at our own pace. Maybe we'll take along tiaras and "dress" for dinner. LOL!

Thanks for the recipes. My poor dry legs definitely need some scrubbing and the quesadillas sound positively scrumptious.


Stacy~ said...

Sorry I missed this. I have the book but haven't read it yet. One of these days....

Anonymous said...

Kathryn - I've got to pick up the book now that you've got me intrigued! I absolutely love the cover - it really stands out! And those Eduardo pictures are so hot!
I think Linda Howard would be good for guys to read. Another author that I like that doesn't go so much into the technical details but comes at it from an emotional veiwpoint is Bronwyn Jameson - The Ruthless Groom has a great love scene that was smokin' hot with an assertive female and from the guys perspective. Whew!Thanks for the recipes - will have to check them out.

Anonymous said...

Kathryn -

Just checked out your website and I'm definitely picking up the book now. Loved your commentary about why you wrote the book - agree with you 100%. At 47, I'm even more of a female chauvenist than ever! Also love one of Eleanor's other quotes "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission." Classy lady and ahead of her time.

BTW, I graduated from Clark AF Base high school in the Philippines - spent 8 years of my life there and learned to scuba at the age of 14. Love to see ya underwater!