Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just What The Doctor Ordered

I love my doctor. He's smart and funny, and every time I go to see him we end up talking about classical music or wine (his thing in life next to his family). And he always asks me how my project with the hot lit is going.

Anywayz, to kill time in the waiting room, I start reading "Hard Evidence," cause Pamela Clare is here tomorrow, Oct 20 to talk about one of our favorite subjects from a new angle.

Now, I adore Clare's historicals, and "Surrender" is the novel that started my Nathan Kamp journey. But Clare has managed to do what many cannot, write contemps every bit as well as her historicals.

Pamela is a really admirable woman, and I was lucky to spend time with her at RWA. I know you'll enjoy getting to e-know her.

Why aren't there many doctor/nurse romances anymore? What are some you've liked? (Erin McCarthy's "Houston, We Have a Problem" comes to mind) Have you ever had a crush on your doctor?

I once woke up from surgery and told a doctor I loved him. Alas, his 40+ self didn't return the sentiments of a 19-year-old.

Roxanne St. Claire (another Playfriend) and "Thrill Me to Death" are featured this week on Romance: B(u)y the Book! Roxanne GuestBlogs with us Oct 27. She is a delight. :)

And let me tell you. There is a scene in a car in this week's Old Flame, "Good Girls Don't" that is one of the sexiest I've read.


Encore! Congratulazione to Stacy and Bamabelle, you've won the Pirate Treasure! Please send your snail mail to In case you're wondering, the correct answers were (1) Linda Howard, Beverly Barton and Linda instead Jones, (2) private investigator, (3) she has a ripped bodice to mend and (4) Fabio Cannavaro AKA Canna.
Encore due! Grazie mille, Playfriends of Writing Playground for visiting here and sharing the swingset with me yesterday. We loved having another group of friends to play with; consider yourselves Bellas, and come back soon!


Vivi Anna said...

Wow congrats, Stacy and Bamabelle!

I've never been in love with my doctors...even for me it's waaaaay to weird...also I guess because I have female doctors. But I did think the doctor that did a recent procedure on me was cute...but it's hard to flirt with a man when he's all intent on shoving a scope up your butt...takes the passion right out of it....

But the nurse who was in the operating room is now a fan!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

As a male friend of mine says after colonoscopy: we were so intimate. I thought he was really into the whole thing, and then he didn't call or even send flowers the next day.

Only you, Vivs. But we grabs them readers where we finds them, right? Oh. I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

krissyinva said...

I really thought a doctor I worked with was hot. When I was preggo with my second child I went to an office that had 4 OB's and you took turns meeting each of them. One was young and gorgeous, but I only had one appointment with him. He was the one who ended up doing my c-section and having problems getting my daughter out, guess looks aren't everything!!

Playground Monitor said...

I've never had a crush on a doctor, but I do simply adore my current family physician. He's a skilled physician, a good listener, funny and just a great all-round guy.

As for doctor/nurse romance novels... I'm not sure I ever read one. Oh yeah I did. I was by Karen Rose Smith and one of the big conflicts (for the doctor) was the big age difference between him and the nurse. I've read plenty of books where the hero was a doctor but the heroine had some other profession. Maybe authors want to write them but the industry thinks they're too cliched?

Great review and interview with Rocki. She is SUCH A DOLL! And I'm going to forward the link for the blog to my pal and chaptermate Kelley St. John. Yeah, that car scene is hot, hot, hot!

Marilyn - who is plumb wore out after playing so hard yesterday

Renee Andrews said...

SO glad you liked the car scene, Michelle! Something most don't know about that scene...

When my editor told me we'd need to cut some pages from Good Girls Don't, she told me in no uncertain terms, "But you are not allowed to cut one word from the car scene." Too funny!

Thanks so much for including Good Girls Don't here and for featuring it as this week's Old Flame.

You've made my week extra special!!!


Stacy~ said...

What a total thrill - thank you. Congratulations, Bamabelle :)

I never really had any cute doctors, or teachers for that matter either. I feel so deprived *g*

ev said...

ah, yes, the family physician. We ran into each other out a couple of times, had drinks and did some dancing, but, alas, it wasn't to be. Too bad too, he wasn't married at the time, and neither was I. Never did let him do a gyn on me, thank god. At least I could still look him in the eye!!