Saturday, October 14, 2006

It Had To Be Hugh

Teresa Medeiros is here Monday, Oct. 16 with a terrific GuestBlog celebrating "The Vampire Who Loved Me!" TVWLM and Teresa are featured this week at Romance: B(u)y the Book!
You know, I never really got the whole Hugh Jackman thing. But I'm beginning to understand. I could definitely see him as Julien Kane, Teresa's new hero. Well, that is if our boy, Nathan, weren't on TVWLM cover...
Great news! Jaid Black will be visiting during "Hot Topic Week: Eros, Erotic Romance, and Erotica." Look for it Dec 4-8.

Ok. So pretend you're in a romance novel and Hugh Jackman's the alpha male hero. He's just proven to you that he adores you, you can trust him, and it's time to have brutally fabulous sex. As you can imagine, he is in all ways a big man.

I just think that's important to add.

So, anywayz, you're the heroine, you say yes.
Are you a virgin or experienced?


Encore! The God of Proofreading was not smiling. The word animal in graph 8 of "The Vampire Who Loved Me" review should read anima. As in Latin for soul. That'll learn me for tryin to be all smarty-pantsy. But it reads kinda humerous w/ the mistake...


Vivi Anna said...

Michelle! What kind of question is that??? LOL Oh, I'm experienced all right and teach Hugh a thing or three about mind-blowing pleasure!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Have you NO innocent fantasies, Vivs? No "I wish it could have been like this the first time," or "let him show me what he's got" musings?

As much as you're into the kickass vixen thing, you know that's how much I'm totally into the alpha/virgin thing. I love the idea of not having to own any responsibility for anything. It's the total SOD for me. Real life is so full of responsibilities and burdens, and I've always been fairly competent in a man's world. But I love the idea of the romantic Prince Charming-When-He-Has-To-Be construct, I guess you'd call it.

Is it the Good-Girl-Gets-Emotional-Justice (with a really well-endowed stud, i might add) fantasy? Um, yeah.

I'm Catholic, for God's sake, and a cusp Gen Xer. Of course it speaks to me. :)

Vivi Anna said...

LOL, well okay, I confess...I do have submissive fantasies once in a while. Having a man take me and show me the love does have a delicious ring to it... ;-)

But with Hugh, mmmm, I would love to take the lead, completely and utterly bend him to my will...

Kati said...

Vivi, I'm with you! I'd be climbing all over Hugh like he was a jungle gym! LOL!

MK, who clearly is feeling slightly dirty this week. My BF asked me yesterday if I was PMS-ing because I was friskier than usual. LOL!

I'm all over THE PRESTIGE next week! Hugh Jackman AND Christian Bale? Yes. Please.

Vivi Anna said...

Oh yeah, I've been salivating for this movie to come out. I love Christian Bale and's going to be a great film.

Julie in Ohio said...

This is an interesting question, Michelle. I have to say virginal. I'm honest enough to say there might be a trick or three that he could teach me...the first time. After the first time, though, all bets are off. :P

BTW, loved the book. Julian is just a yummy as can be. I can't wait for Teresa's guest blog. I will try to leash the fangrl. :o)

Rach said...

Okay, not that ya'll need all the deets, but hubby has been my one and only, and I his. We were both youngish and the first time, well, not so much. So, I'm thinkin' I'm wantin' to be the experienced vixin in this fantasy. Yes, the innocent fantasy has some appeal, but in this case, no pain, all gain! ;o)

ev said...

There is no way in Hell i would want to be a virgin- fantasy or not- ever again.

Nope, I want all my tricks at my um...fingertips, especially if Hugh is involved.

Virginity is so highly overrated, IMHO. ::WEG::

Julie in Ohio said...

I don't know, Bellas. I think seeing what he has to offer and how kind and gentle he is initially has some appeal, too.
And let's face it, if he knows that you are experienced, you aren't going to get the same thorough kindness and gentleness as a virgin would.

However, after that first time...ride 'em cowgirl. :P

Unknown said...

Virgins bore me to death. It was boring to be one, and I don't find it interesting to read about them (or to write about them). *YAWN*

I'd much rather be the vixen who has a thing or two to surprise him with. And to already be in a position (double entendre intentional) to know what I like.

Rach said...

I don't find virgins boring if they are anxiously trying to rid themselves of their virginity and are highly creative and open minded to the whole first experience process.

I like reading about women who don't have to go through that "deflowering" (for lack of a better word) because you have to go through an elaborate set-up and 9 times out of 10 there's pain (because, yes, in real life, there is often some pain).

Yes, there is a place for virginity in novels (see LK's views on it at SR) and yes, I like to read those novels, but I enjoy a novel where the herione has experience to bring to the bed.

Pamk said...

rofl I definitely agree vixen is better. Wouldn't be a virgin again for anything. man that brings back bad memories.

Unknown said...

Actaully, from what I've read, less than 50% of women report pain/bleeding their first time. We've been having a big ol' discussion about hymens and such over at my blog History Hoydens.

Rach said...

Hmmm, really Kalen? So there is an over representation of pain/bleedig in de-virginizing scenes? How fascinating!

See, you just assume your first time wasn't so fabulous so all of 'em must be that way.

What is that they say about assuming something...?

Vivi Anna said...

I didn't have any pain my first time, I dont' think there was blood either. But I was very active in sports and rode horses when I was a teenager, so my hymen might have broken then.

But it was boring....YAWNSVILLE! Just after my 18th birthday I pick this French guy up in a bar go home with him, and it was like hurry up all ready. He wasn't very skilled to say the least. And I didnt' see him again either... :-)

I'm just not into slow and gentle. I like it rough and crazy, and passionate.

Stacy~ said...

I think it would depend on my mood. Sometimes when I think of Hugh, I think of him from the movie "Kate and Leopold", and maybe it's because it's a romantic movie and he comes from back in time, I would want to be more innocent. Not necessarily a virgin cuz who needs the anxiety, but less experienced and willing to let him show me the way.

Then there is his Wolverine or even his character from the movie he was in with Ashley Judd where he's more of a bad boy. In this case, I'd want the hot, wild, kinda rough, rip his clothes off action. Then I'd want to do it all over again.

So maybe it's the Libra in me, but I want it both ways ;)

amy kennedy said...

The trouble with being a virgin is usually the person you're with is either one also or was one last month. So, yes, yawnsville. And 'is that all there is?' I lost my technical virginity on a jungle gym--standin' on the top, legs open, slipped and fell onto lower bar--talk about pain and bleeding--all at the age of 9.

So, no pain when I really lost mine--no pleasure either...

Anywhoo, if I could be a virgin again and have Hugh, all experienced and hot be my first, well, then yes, yes, YES.

Playground Monitor said...

Hi Bellas!

Had a perfectly wonderful time at my RWA retreat. We also celebrated the Writing Playground's first anniversary with much festivity, a few tears of joy and a surprise book dedication from one of our mentors.

Of course the weekend just had to end and we all had to come back home. I really, really, really need to get back to writing tomorrow. Really.


ev said...

I just finished Lori Fosters new book, Murphy's Law. The h is a virgin, but they deal with it in such a funny way, I did find it a good read. It's the follow-up to Jude's Law and does continue the story line if you haven't read the first book.

It also has a very, very hot sex on the desk scene for our desk dreamer out there!!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the inexperienced storyline because, well, that is what I am. It's more relatable to me. But that's just my opinion, which appears to be in the minority.