Friday, October 06, 2006

Hi, Sailor!

The heroes of many of Suzanne Brockmann's NY Times bestselling novels are Navy SEALs, those elite warriors who are everwhere our military currently serves, and usually are the guys who got there first. Their courage and prowess -- just in surviving the training that separates the SEALs from the boys -- makes them admirable. What they do to protect our nation makes them heroes.

Now, I love a romance hero who is or was a mercenary. Or a Spec-Ops guy. Or a green beret, knight errant, Navy SEAL, Marine, Knight Templar, or -- you get the picture
. He has to have been to Hell -- or the Peninsula -- and back, and seen and done too much horrid stuff to have a heart left.

He's got to be wicked intelligent, not the most polite guy, and a BiMBiAW (Big man, big in all ways). A couple scars are a plus.

Then, and only then, is he worthy of meeting the woman who needs his protection more than anyone else's. And who can bring him to his knees when he realizes she's the only chick strong enough, smart enough, and, yes, stacked enough, to teach him to love again.

So, tell me: What do you like about a military hero? Which are you favorite types of romances with military heroes?

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Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Michelle,

first of all only two more years till the European soccer championship. *wink*

Military heroes:
They are the warriors and knights of our time

amy kennedy said...

Ooh-boy, I love me some tortured hero. But until I read Suzanne Brockmann, I didn't even know how much I'd enjoy military romances. Sure, I'd read cop, PI, mercenary--but when I read Suzanne, with all the action happening now I felt as if she had crawled into a navy seals brain and I was benefitting from it.

What I love is the hero caring deeply for something he believes in--a true alpha with a tender heart.

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm new to military romances. I've only read THE DEFIANT HERO by Ms. Brockmann but I have to say that Navy Seals really do it for me. They are all covert and lethal and WOW. You know that either you are safe with them or you are in trouble, depending on which side you are on. Military men also have a sense of honor which (unfortunately) most men don't and I find that thrilling.

amy kennedy said...

Hey, great article, wish it could have been longer.

amy kennedy said...

Julie, and aren't we hopeful that the 'trouble' will be oh so good.

Vivi Anna said...

I love me some military men! And I mean I really did love me some military men...;-)

Fell in love with a man in a uniform...he still haunts me to this day. I can't exorcise him from my heart or my mind, and its been 13 years...

I think the fantasy of the rough, tough, jaded alpha military man is great, but in reality most of the men I met were womanizing alcoholics who didn't give a damn about anything above firing a gun.

I know there are some great ones out there, but I never was blessed with finding one.

Now, I'm all maudlin... :-(

Even the sight of Canna's oil slicked body can't cheer me up!

Kati said...

How 'bout this oldie but a goodie? MACKENZIE'S PLEASURE by Linda Howard? It's one of my favorite military stories. Zach is delicious and the scene between he and Barrie in the hideout is scorching! Hmm, I haven't reread that one in a while, I'll have to drag it out.

What is it about military guys? Well, like firefighters and cops, they're willing to put their "money where their mouth is," and make the ultimate sacrifice. The men and women who serve our country should be revered, whether we agree with the whys and wherefores or not.

You know what I'd like to see? A romance about a couple where the woman serves our country and he doesn't. Would that work? Her off to war and him at home doing is job. I wonder. And not her serving by being a nurse.

But my all time favorite military hero in a novel is Stanley Wolchonak (SP?!) from OVER THE EDGE. He's my all time fav. He's not hot, but he's deathly sexy. And he adores his woman. He doesn't even realize that she loves him right back because he's too busy trying to make her happiness a priority (albeit by shoving one of his buddies at her). I love the scene on the roof where she's screaming at him, "I love you, you stupid a$$hole!" So great!

Monica Burns said... reality most of the men I met were womanizing alcoholics who didn't give a damn about anything above firing a gun.

I know there are some great ones out there, but I never was blessed with finding one.

Oh sooo true, Viv...I was engaged to one, and he broke my heart. I still think of him, wondering what he's doing with his life.

I love military men because they're edgy. They deal with life and death, and there's nothing sexier than a guy being a hero. And dress blues??? Crisp, clean, sharp and dangerous. What can I say, but Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I love military men in novels, period. I'm not too picky but I do like the edginess, the sense of danger and adventure!

Vivi Anna said...

Hmm, MK, I don't know if the romance world is ready for a woman out in the line of fire and her man staying at home waiting for her...for me, that would rock!!! But I'm probably the minority.

I loved GI Jane with Demi Moore, and that scene in the bathtub with her boyfriend, where she asks him what if she has to go out to war...and he says, you're asking me if I'll wait for you? and he gets all pissed off...typical man!

I think there should be a book or two about our women warriors...they deserve so much recognition for what they do!

Anonymous said...

Mary Kate, I agree with you - Over the Edge with Stan was hot! (of course, I am a HUGE Brockmann fan!) I love that Terri dishes it back to him. I think that's why this genre works so well in this day & age, because these tough guys need an equally strong & sexy woman. And when those tough guys fall, they fall hard!

Vivi Anna - I too would love to see a story with a strong warrior chick and the guy who has to live with knowing that she's on the firing line.

In fact, I grew up on an airforce base & was engaged to a fighter pilot (plenty macho - didn't drink - but I didn't want to be a military wife - didn't love him enough, I guess). One of my best friends from high school married a fighter pilot, became a pilot herself and now co-pilots for a major airline and he's staying home taking care of the kids! And he's still sexy as hell.

amy kennedy said...

MK you got me to read OVER THE EDGE, and Nina Stan's my man too. But the other cool thing is that Terri was a helicopter pilot and a huge part of the action. She (Brockmann) writes wonderfully brave women.

Vivi, snap out of it. Or be in it, and then snap out of it. Not good enough for you.

elsiehogarth said...

Every Military Man Suzanne Brockmann writes about has the Ahhhhh Factor. Once you finish and close one of her books you always say "Ahhhhhh". I was introduced to her via Silhouette Intimate Moments and her TDD-Tall Dark & Dangerous series (Prince Joe-my first). What I really enjoy about the men is the "team work" and the fact that they are a "brotherhood" in and out of their military jobs.

Michele said...

My first exposure to hunky navy SEAL type personas was with OverBoard by Christina Skye. I've been "overboard" for them ever since.

Military men make great heroes. They represent the best of us in the hardest of times.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Bellas! What a fun day, working, but hearing cool comments about the romance feature, too. Folks at Squawk Radio were nice enough to post about it, as well as the Avon Authors board.

I can't thank you enough for reading it, too.

Do you notice more military-themed romances since 9/11, Michele? Some say there are, because we feel a need to feel safe. But before 9/11, lots of women dug the fireman/police officer romances, I guess cause they've got the brave/strong thing going on.

So you dig a band of brothers, Elsie? What's so attractive about that, guys hanging with guys and supporting ea other? I adore it, too. HBOs Band of Brothers really got me into it, and I've long adored Henry V, the whole St Crespin's day speech. Have you seen the K. Branaugh?

Hey, Nina, do you dig tough-girl heroines in other romances? I'm jealous, btw. I don't know any fighter-pilots.

Vivs, I'm guessin you should write those books. Maybe you could work through those old feelings about the mil guy. I remember your talking ab out him before.

Over the Edge, MK? Is that Brockmann? I love it when the hero tries to shove another guy at the hn! So heart-achy.

danny: two. very. very. long. years. I guess there's always Real Madrid to ogle, but it just ain;t the same.

Rach said...

Hiya Bellas!! (see Rach waving madly) How's everyone been? I've missed you guys! I've been crazy with sick kids and work so I've been missing out on all the fun.

I married me a military guy (AF) and do enjoy a good military romance. I'm with MK on OVER THE EDGE--edgy and delicious.

Michelle, Canna is so beautiful...hmmmm

Vivi, you definitely need to write those books!

Kati said...

Michelle - Yup, OVER THE EDGE is Brockmann. At her absolute best. Read it. Trust me.

Kati said...

Rach! I've missed you. You know, this teaching thing gets in the way of you hanging here! ;-)

Vivi, I think if anyone could write a warrior heroine/homefires guy, it would be you. Think of the incredibly hot reunion sex you could write. GASP. I'm hyperventilating just thinkin' about it!

ev said...

Marykate- go find one of Lindsay McKenna's books- many of hers are of women in uniform, although most of the men are too. Some of the older of the Morgan's Mercenaries have been republished too. Or try Danielle Steels Letters from Nam. That's a real tearjerker.

ev said...

vivi- I feel for ya! My first husband was in the Air Force, and he was Special Forces. but we married way to young and I think he is on wife #3, although they have been married for years. I think he still drinks.
I was engaged to a SeaBee, twice, same guy. He still holds a special place in my memories and heart and always will.

On the "I have to brag side" nine years ago next week I married my hero. 30+ years in the Army, decorated, 2 purple hearts and the scars to go with them. Sometimes he will, out of nowhere, bring up a story about Nam, and I listen with awe. He spent his tours in the fields, the only round-eye around, long before being an "advisor" was a popular thing to be. He still says he hasn't been back long enough to eat Vietnamese food.

:And dress blues???:

Even at his advanced age, I love it he puts on his dress blues (retired and can still fit in em!!) hmm...he went to bed already...nite everyone!!!!

Monica Burns said...

Even at his advanced age, I love it he puts on his dress blues (retired and can still fit in em!!) hmm...he went to bed already

Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about, Ev! LOL

Playground Monitor said...

I've only read one of SB's books -- Prince Joe -- and then I sent it to a friend to replace the copy she lost when Hurricane Ivan nearly destroyed her house. Loved it though. I probably should read more of her books. *sigh* So many books... so little time.

Have any of you read Cindy Gerard's Bodyguard series? I think there are 4 books out now. Her heroes are former military.

Merline Lovelace has written at least one book where the heroine was military. brb while I check my "books read" list Ah yes... DUTY AND DISHONOR and the heroine had served in Vietnam. Of course, Merline is retired Air Force.

I think I like a rom/sus with a military hero because it usually puts him in his element and then yanks him back out when he finds himself falling for the girl.


Rach said...

Ya know, MK, I was thinking the same thing ;o). Ev, how lucky you are to have married your hero. He sounds divine. =)

Marilyn, I haven't read any of CG's Bodyguard series. It looks like it might be worth checking out. Thanks for the rec!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Rach! SO missed you. Really, what's with all this working and taking care of the kids all the time? Don't you think it's time for your older daughter to start accepting some responsibility in the areas of childcare and domestic duty?

Rach said...

Missed you too, Michelle! =) Ya know, I try to heap responsibility on her (she's five now, ya know, and definitely ready) but the little Monkey doesn't want any of it. What's wrong with her??!?? :oP

Of course, her idea of a good breakfast is to break out the "breakfast bars". You and I call them "ice cream sandwiches"...but hey, how is that any worse than a KK donut I ask you?

ev said...

Ice Cream Sandwiches at least have some calcium in them, so they have to be better than KK's!!

Rach said...

See, Ev, that's what I say! ;o) KK's are just loaded with transfats and sugar, right? Right??

Not that I'm knockin' the KK's or anything--they are one of my most favorite junk foods ever!

elsiehogarth said...

Michelle, I loved "Band of Brothers". What I really enjoy about these military brotherhoods is the complete trust they have with one another. Sometimes their lives depend on it. That's why it is beyond a friendship.

Playground: I love Cindy Gerards E.D.E.N "bodyguards". They have the military/police intelligence background that is wonderful and they are all family. Except for the new bodyguards that happen to be old military friends wanting a new life. What I really love about her books are the parents-they did good in raising their Ethan,Dallas,Eve and Nolan grew.

Anonymous said...

A big ditto on the recommendation for Cindy Gerard's bodyguard series. I love the way she writes... especially the dialogue. Can't wait for the book on Dallas and Amy, although it's already a sad, sad situation from the intro we received in the second book. Brockmann's SEALs are phenomenal... love me some Wildcard and Savannah.

Another awesome former-military hero is John from Lisa Marie Rice's Midnight Man. Talk about a take-charge kinda guy!

That's what I like about those types of heros... they're so Alpha, and protective, and I like to imagine a hero who has the skills and the smarts to save their damsel in distress.


Anonymous said...

I am in the middle of reading Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series. I am currently on Out of Control.

My favortie of all the SEALS is Stan!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Stan seems to be a great fave of many, Amelia! I still haven't read that one, and it's on my list. Glad you stopped by. Hope you'll come back.

Oh, Annony, you said it all!

I agree, Elsie. And I enjoy the simplicity of that portrayed male relationship; so much easier that feminine dynamics, which I don't like having to wade through when I'm looking for escapism. Not that Speilberg's BOB was escapism, but there was a very romantic (in the adventure-ish sense)nature to it.