Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Deidre Knight GuestBlog: Confessions of a Sci-Fi Geek

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I don't have to tell you that we often meet people whom we know are special from the moment our paths cross. Doesn't matter whether we meet em online, in-person -- we just know we've come into some very cool human energy.

Deidre Knight isn't just a nice woman who writes great books, she's one of the best literary agents in the biz and, to the person, every one of her clients doesn't just respect her, they admire her. I definitely feel the same.

So please offer a warm Bella welcome to another Southern Bella, Deidre Knight. Miss Deidre, if you will...

I am a true blue geek. The good kind of geek—the best, I’d dare say—which is a sci-fi geek who suckled at the breast of the original “Star Trek,” collected black and white headshots of Spock and Kirk, and sat in the movie theater for seven viewings of Return of the Jedi. I even ate at Taco Bell all that Jedi summer just so I could collect the special Star Wars glasses.

One question I’m often is asked is why did I start writing about aliens? I guess that’s because the fact that aliens are the new vampires hasn’t quite hit the telegraph wires just yet. Trust me: Green is the new red. Translation? Aliens (green) are the new vampires (red/blood.) Clever, huh? It’s going to be my mantra from here on out. So how about helping me start a pop culture movement? Let’s forget that forty is the new thirty (I’m sticking by that one too) or grey is the new black.

Aliens are the new vampires.

Now don’t get me wrong; I love my vampires, my werewolves, and any other kind of paranormal entity I might read about. I’ve simply decided that a campaign for geekiness is now in order—that I need to proselytize the romance world with my alien love.

So let’s travel back in time, shall we? Let’s picture me at sixteen years old, and analyze what it was about Spock and the “Star Trek” crew that captured my young imagination.

I’d put it down to a few key episodes. Chiefly “Amok Time”, the one that revealed Spock’s unique mating urges. When you’re sixteen and at the prime of hormonal insurgency, well, that’s heady stuff. I thought Kirk was pretty much too hot for his own good, but Spock’s rational intelligence, his carefully controlled emotionalism, and his green blood fired my imagination.

From there I began to imagine faraway worlds, places where human women might broker peace armistices simply by marrying some hard-nosed alien ruler—all because he fell in love.

So my “talk amongst yourselves” question would be this: Why are some readers turned off to reading alien romance? Is it the fear of too many gadgets? The thought that the hero might have a huge “ick” factor, i.e. be slimy or horned or monstrous? Why alien fear?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Deidre! We're so happy to have you here. I confess that I, too, had a Star Trek crush, but mine was Cap'n Kirk.

He. Just. Made. Me. Melt. Although, Bones did it for me for a couple weeks, too.

Did you happen to see the recent Comedy Central roast of Wm. Shatner? It was the most tastelss, crude, train wreck of a piece of entertainment I couldn't drag myself away from.

And poor George Takai! You can just imagine the jokes he endured until it was his turn to slice and dice.

I have to admit, reading Sci-Fi/para romance has had an enormous learning curve for me. I couldn't get past the "ick" factor initially. He's undead and drinks blood? Oooh, sexy. He turns into a gelatinous enzime ball of sensual aura at the moment of capitulation? Oh. God! Take me!

It took me reading a couple paras in which the writer wasn't trying to wow me with her complex universe and mythology -- and was simply setting a new type of backdrop for a good romance -- to get slowly hooked.

So, thanks for visiting today! Can't wait to read this convo!

Stacy~ said...

Welcome Deidre! (I had to make sure I spelled your name correctly - I know how it is to have it spelled wrong *g*) Kudos for being such a multi-talented force of nature in the romance business. Do you find being an agent has been helpful to your writing career? Hope you don't mind me asking - I just find the whole process fascinating.

I have the first book, can't wait to dive in (love your covers, btw). I've come to the conclusion that when I know there's other books in the series, I have to have at least 2 in my tbr to keep me going til the next release. Weird reader habit that I started with the Plum series.

I admit that vamps had that affect on me til I read Kenyon and discovered those hot-blooded Dark Hunters - then my world was transformed. Thank God. I kinda feel the same way about aliens, though watching the t.v. show "Roswell" improved my way of thinking. It's the way aliens have been portrayed - as sexless gray or green creatures with skinny bodies and big heads with enormous eyes - very creepy. Maybe that's sexy in "their" world, but it doesn't work in mine. Call me a snob, but I admit to wanting my aliens to look decidedly human. (Although the idea of an uptight alien losing his cool over a woman sounds like a sexy story - hope he looks like Gerard Butler).

Minna said...

I love aliens, so I really don't know why someone wouldn't like them! I love Third Rock From the Sun, Star Treck, just started watching the new version of Doctor Who (and I even might take a look at those free ebooks you can find on the pages of BBC) and, well, Code Name: Eternity is not really very good series (good idea, bad implementation), but I still watch it. And then there is that Finnish parody of Star Treck and Babylon 5 called Star Wreck, which you can download for free from the pages of the people who made the film. Yep, I'm such a geek. %)

Dannyfiredragon said...

I really love alien romance, they are different and more interesting. I am always happy when I find new SciFi romancesm there are really too few of them

Michele said...

::Waving Madly::
Hi Deidre!!!! It's Michele, Judson's blog buddy!!!

Congrats on Parallel Heat!!
Loved the first book and this one will be no exception.

I'm SO excited you're here!!
I'm even going to sneak a peak at today's discussion while I'm at my new job. You are worth it. ;-)

My special day is coming up in 2 days, so to celebrate I'm getting your book. I can't think of anything I want more right now...*grin*

Sexy Aliens are a BIG turn on for me... not enough out there. I started getting interested with the books by Jaid Black. (Gee, maybe because TREK is part of the title? LOL)

I was a Kirk fan. I remember getting a magazine that featured Shatner...Oooh, he was posed shirtless, chest gleaming in sweat while in the desert with a bow slung over his back as he was astride a big and manly motorcycle. To a young girl, that was just over the top HOT.

Heart be still. *gg*

Gadgets don't scare me ... unless they're meant to. Even Star Trek had a few banned weapons that were beyond their acceptance and were terrible even for them.

I read one where the aliens were cat men. That proved fascinating. It was a two book series but I never found the second book ... only my imagination fills in the blanks . *sigh*

Why alien fear? Like any fear, it is of the unknown. Basic human reaction and emotion. The challenge of the writer is to get us beyond that by enticing and teasing the reader into wanting to.

Hmmm, horns wouldn't put me off. Slimey? Uh, yep. That would do it. Unless it was a disguise? A test of true love? You know, Beauty and the Beast scenario...

Gee, I wonder if that can explain alien love?
The Beauty and the Beast Syndrome ... the beast being alien in looks and customs.

How's that for a thought?

Anyway, really happy to see you hear Deidre. You are going to have a ball with all the Bellas. Awesome group of savvy ladies.

Tam said...

I love reading SciFi romance. When we had TV it was always on the SciFi channel, now it the DVD's.
I would love to read "Parallel Heat!"

amy kennedy said...

First of all welcome Deidre and great question. I read my first Alien romance this summer and I'll admit the first third of the book I had an involuntary ick factor going on--pure knee jerk responce--but then when the hero (alien) was described in detail and the heat factor went up, suddenly I got it.

The funny thing is I watched every episode of the original Star Trek sixteen times. I was a Kirk girl as well, Michelle. But when Spock was out of control--well that was some heady stuff.

So my point--I think I have one--I was surprized by my hesitation in my SOD. Have we been so ingrained by UFOs coming here to take us over--are we X-Filed out? I don't know--I think though like Michelle's 'ew' factor of Vampires being over, mine about aliens is getting there as well.

Kati said...

Welcome Deirdre! It's so great to have you visiting us!

Well, I have to admit, I'm not much of an alien fan. I did not enjoy the first Star Trek at all, although I love me some Jean-Luc Picard! I've seen every episode of ST:TNG. And I adore the entire Star Wars oeuvre. I also saw RETURN OF THE JEDI a bunch of times!

While I don't generally enjoy aliens, I've heard lots of good things about your books, and hey, really my criteria in romance is ALPHA males. Are your heroes alpha? That's what gets me! I'm on my way to B&N today, so I'll definitely look and see if I can find your books!

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Deidre!!!

I can't say I have an icky response to alien lovin'.
My issue comes from trying to read their names. The only ones I've read (truth be told I've only read 2) had complicated names and it pulled me out of the book. If I'm too busy trying to figure out what to call them, I can't truely get lost in the book.

That being said, I don't see a problem with extra arms and other appendages. Actually, I can think of some interesting ways that could be useful... :P

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

btw, Deidre, I LOLd at the Star Wars glasses. I was bereft when our last Luke Skywalker shattered...

amy kennedy said...

Marykate, yeah I also loved Jean-Luc--make it so. But that goes with my whole bald man fixation. Thank goodness I'm married to one.

Julie--I hate when I have no idea how to pronounce a name, it does the same thing for me--pulls me right out of the story. And Julie, you naughty girl--extra appendages...

I have to go to work, but I'll try to check in.

Helen Brenna said...

Hi Deidre. This is off topic, but I love your trailer on myspace!

sharon said...

I loved the original Star Trek and the characters were so real and portrayed beautifully. I still watch it and think it was one of the best series ever.

joelle said...

I am still in love with Jean Luc Picard as an actor and a man. He is the hottest there is and the ultimate actor around. The best role in the series ever and I loved that program forever.

pearl said...

Some of the best series were sci-fi and Star Trek was the best. The portrayal of the cyclops etc and the major characters was done so well. I loved it.

ellie said...

Aliens are really interesting and have a certain appeal. I am still in love with Jean Luc Picard as the lead in Star Trek. He made the show and was so effective and real. Miss it but he is the greatest for the role.

Kati said...

Ames & Jules - The discussion of not knowing how to pronounce names makes me laugh. When I can't figure out how to pronounce a name, or I think the name is silly, in my head I go "Joe" or whatever, whenever I read the name. There was a book I read a few years ago where the hero's name was Valentine. I used to ride a horse named Valentine, and just couldn't get over it. I renamed him "David." LOL!

Vivi Anna said...

Welcome Deidre to RBTB!

I love me some sci-fi. Spock did it for me. That cool logical demeanor...made me want to see if I could make him lose it...

I don't read a ton of sci-fi/romance, but enjoyed Parrell Heat, and I've read Linnea Sinclair's books. I have Susan Grants books on order. I think there is mucho room for more of it. Lots of stories that could be told. But yeah, it's getting women to move past the geeky gadget thinking and know that there is so much more there.

Julie in Ohio said...

What can I say, Amy? Double the pleasure, double the fun... :P

MK, I've actually tried to do that with some Scottish books, but it still flubbs me up. My brain stumbles every time. OK, so maybe it's just my brain... :o)

CrystalGB said...

I have always been a Star Trek fan. I also enjoy the Star Gate shows and the SCIFI shows.

krissyinva said...

I am actually pretty new to paranormals. I never read only one book with alien element and I enjoyed it. I didn't like alot of the vampire books, but I found a few authors that wrote wonderful vampire stories and now I love them. I think alien romances are the same for me as vampires, as long as it's well written and engages me in chapter 1 I will enjoy it!!

ev said...

Welcome Deidre- I love Sci/fi, have from the first moment I read Anne McCaffreys' White Dragon when I was 8. I haven't looked back. McCaffrey/Scarabourgh's novel Powers that Be- where there are shape shifters are wonderful. Or lackey's Magic series. The TV series V, I loved the aliens. Nope, doesn't bother me onw whit. I have been a geek from day one- I was reading Azimov while the others were still doing Nancy Drew. Blame my mom- she was the one who was hooked on Star Trek. (Checkov is still my fav- he was so cute! Although Riker definatel struck home. mmhmm!)

Sci-fi/Fantasy, romance, mystery I love them all. Add in the Paranormanl and it's a gurantee i will find time to read it at some point!!

Stacy- it's not so weird a reader habit. I also tend to get ones I really like (esp Plum series) in audio so I can listen while waiting for the next one.

Julie- those extra arms and appendages would mean a whole redo of the kama sutra!!

Jennifer Y. said...

Welcome Deidre! I have not yet read your books, but they sound great.

I am not opposed to reading a romance with aliens (although I don't think I have yet). Perhaps some are put off by them because when they picture aliens they see ET or Alien or little green men. I happened to like the aliens on Roswell (tv show) and other shows that looked more human.

Cherie said...

I love fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi. I remember watching episodes of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Lost in Space, etc. over and over again from a young age. I just love the excitement of the unusual. I have no isea why others would not also be interested in reading books for aliens. I love to explore new worlds and discover new species in my reading. I am surprised when I hear that others are not interested because they think it is weird. But then they are talking to an addict. :-)

Cherie Japp

amy kennedy said...

Julie--Ev! LOL.

I loved Checkov's accent--plus he was cute--and I forgot about Riker.

Krissynva--you're right, if it engages you from chapter one then it's okay. I don't know why I hung in for as long as I did with the alien/human romance I read--the writing was good--that's why.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Ev! It would make an interesting read... :P

alissa said...

Romance with the Star Trekkers is always acceptable and appealing, especially so with Jean Luc Picard. He represents the best of acting and his presence is dramatic and wonderful. Love the series and never tire of watching it again and again.

ev said...

Julie- Who said anything about reading??? ;)

Julie in Ohio said...

LMAO, EV!!!!!
You don't suppose we took this some place Deidre didn't mean for it to go, do you? :P

Julie in Ohio said...

I was just thinking of the different gadgets that were on Star Trek. Did anyone else ask Santa for a holodeck for Christmas? That had to be the coolest thing ever imagined.

Michele said...

I just got home from work.
Oh! Oh! I want to say something about the extra appendages.
They are REAL!
Serious...it's documented that a guy had *ahem* two .. and they worked independently ... different sizes too. Isn't that amazing??

So, aliens with extra oomph are quite believeable..so we don't have to worry about SOD!!!

Or course, I'd be remiss in not mentioning that he also had a third leg that he had to strap down to one of his regular legs so it wouldn't get in the way..had webbed toes too.

OH, for the holiday I don't want a halo-deck. I need a transporter for when I'm late for work.
Or so I can slip in and be first in line at my favorite author's table at the conventions....LOL

Glad to hear you like Jean Luc...in real life... he's got what it takes to satisfy a woman too..

*cough* ... that info is in the same book as the "double whammy"

OK, I'll go back to reading now...

ev said...

Julie... maybe, maybe not. lol

FYI, Lindsey McKenna has a new series starting that involves shape shifters. It's called Unforgiven. and the followup to Morrigan's Cross. and 14 short stories from LKH. and, and , and.... arrrggghhhhhhhh........

Anonymous said...

I've gotta say I love the idea of an alien romance trend. I've been a scifi geek my whole life, from the original Star Trek right on through to my present Dr Who / Stargate SG1 obsessions. I've read lots of scifi novels as well and one of my frustrations was always that the romance was such a small part of those stories - if there was any romance at all. One of my all-time favorite heroes is the next best thing to an alien (at least many generations from his Earth ancestry)- Miles Vorkosigan from Lois McMaster Bujold's series.

I've read some vampire romance that I've enjoyed, but a lot of it just leaves me cold(LOL - sorry couldn't resist) I think well-handled alien romance can be lots of fun without the unrelenting darkness of the vampire worlds. Who isn't intrigued by exotic characters? Not to mention all of the fun futuristic possibilities of the setting. I agree with Julie in ohio - I'd love to have a holodeck!

Deidre, I'll be looking for your books. You sound like a woman after my own heart.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Michele!! What books are you reading? Obviously I'm reading the wrong ones... :P

Michele said...

Honest, Julie in Ohio, it's only one teeny book. It may scare you.
For a review to make sure you really want to know about naughty, kinky stuff, peek at:
Michele's blog scoop on the naughty stuff

The only tabu thing not mentioned is

Deidre Knight said...

Hello, friends!
I am JUST now here because I have been out today! But I wanted to be here much sooner. I had a luncheon and signing to participate in, which was amazingly special. Anyway, going to backtrack now, read the posts and comment! So be back in a few! Hugs, D

Michele said...

Oh WoW! Deidre is here! Woot!!

Deidre Knight said...

You guys are so amazing!! And there is so much I want to reply to--I wish the comments on blogger had a quote function, so you could reply and quote. You know?

A few quick ones, and not to leave anyone out of course:

Michelle: Thank you so much for the warm welcome and for inviting me onto your blog space. You are the queen and the bomb! (All at once! Maybe I should call you Queen Bomb?)

Stacy: "Multitalented force of nature in the romance business"??? Can I use that as a cover quote? You are very, very kind. As for how it helps me as a writer to be in the publishing business, I would say it makes me very aware of how hard you have to work on promotion. That you have to treat your writing career as a business, and invest in it accordingly. But it also makes me anxious because I know how many great books never take off. I just try to compartmentalize those fears and forget about them. :)

Minna--I LOVE Dr. Who (the new one.) I cannot wait until the new season starts up on Sci-Fi Channel!

Danny, great to see you here! Smooches!

Michele, I had no idea Jaid Black wrote about aliens. I need to tune into that! Great tip.

Okay back for more in a bit!

amy kennedy said...

Jayp--had to quickly mention that I love the Miles books--Bujold writes like a dream--the book about his parents could be considered a romance, no?

Deidre Knight said...

MaryKate--these guys are TOTALLY Alpha Males. Wouldn't you agree, Michelle? :)

See lots of y'all mentioning Roswell. That was such a wonderful show. I was a huge fan!

Hugs! I'll drop back in a little bit. I'm excited to chat with all of y'all!! Deidre

Deidre Knight said...

Amy and Jayp, could you tell me more about these Bujold books? I think they sound like something I need to read. That and the Jaid Black books that were mentioned. Help me out! :) D

Anonymous said...

Deidre, your covers rock!!! No alien "ick" factor for me. A great read is a great read, no matter what planet the guy is from.

And Stacy, I'm with you on Roswell.

Aaaah, Michelle, I too had a crush on the young Captain Kirk.

Vivi... Spock?!?!

I was a die hard fan of the X-files from day one (Hmmm... could Mulder have been an alien, LOL!), and I loved this really terrible short-lived alien series from way back... I think it was called V.

Aliens hold a definite appeal!

ev said...

jayp- i love the miles novels!! Deidre, you have to read them. I think they are romance thru and thru, not counting all the bad guy butt Miles has to kick with the help of his undercover group of bad a$$e$. I always drop what I am reading when a new one comes out.

eve- It was "V". I mentioned it earlier too. The books that went with it weren't bad either.

Has anyone read any of the Star Trek New Horizons novels? I am behind a few but I would love to see those done- in fact they may just make a great additon to the movie series- give the public some new ST and the fans some classic ST. Maybe garner some new fans too.

What are those jade black books??

Anonymous said...

Ev - went back and read your post. Not only do we have almost the same name, but we have the same taste in TV shows. Freaky , LOL!

Deidre Knight said...

Ev and Eve Silver?! Are you two split personalities? I LOVED Roswell. Was a real diehard fan in every possible way. :) D

Anonymous said...

Amy - I definitely agree about Miles' parents - their HEA certainly qualifies their story as a romance.

Deidre - The series of books we are talking about follow the life of Miles Vorkosigan. I've heard them described as space opera - but for me the appeal is the character driven stories. They are set in the far future after humans have moved outward from Earth to colonize other planets. Miles (and his parents) are these fully realized charasmatic people who you would love to know. Miles has lots of physical problems from a prenatal incident and the combination of these problems with a really amazing personality leads him in and out of lots of adventures and romance. I agree with Amy - Lois McMaster Bujold is a great writer. I quote her often to myself just loving the way she uses words! The series starts with two books about Mile's parents - "Shards of Honor" and "Barrayar" and then goes on to Miles with another 10 or so books. It would probably be good to read them in order. I discovered them a few years ago and actually read them in backwards order from the then current story. I normally never do that - but it worked ok for me this time. Maybe Amy can be more coherent than me - I kind of babble like a fangirl about Bujold's books.

Michele said...

The primo first book of Jaid's Trek Mi Q'an Series, is the Empress' New Clothes.
The guys are Mucho Alpha, big, tall and incredibly sexy warriors of the galaxy. You meet all kinds of aliens because they can planet hop through these special gates.... one romance has an alpha male that resembles an ape man. Somehow she makes it work. I wasn't squicked out at all. It was ... where are my ice cubes?

Be aware that Jaid writes romantica ... and it is quite...Wow. I love how they claim their mates ... its a little funny too.
In fact, giving birth to aliens is pretty interesting and at times humourous.

So, That's just a teaser to some of Jaid's alien romances that she has.

As you can see, I am all for more alien romances. There is plenty room for more, the universe is the limit ... which means, there isn't one. **waggles brows**

Deidre Knight said...

Michele, that sounds great! I've got no problem with romantica at all! :) Deidre

Deidre Knight said...

Jayp thanks for the recommendations! Thanks to ALL of you for being so warm and welcoming! What fun I'm having here! Hugs, Deidre

Deidre Knight said...

Julie in Ohio--a Santa holodeck? What is that? I think I missed that one. But sounds too fun!

Anonymous said...

Just popping in for the day to see what's doin'...

And what do I find, but yet another author to be read!!!

I have to say I've always loved Jean-Luc Picard, Spock, Gordy...I've just never really thought of alien loves before. My sci-fi has been limited to the Anne McCaffrey Dragon & Harper series, White Gold Wielder, LOTR, Snow Queen, that sort of thing, a few other outer space stuff too, but can't remember names right now.

I guess my first love has always been paranormal anything...especially my vamps!

I'm not too sure about the extra appendages though...have visions of Stephen King's The Stand popping into my head...ya know...that girl that ends up with all white hair after that scene...

Anyway, I'm game, and will be on the look out for your books, Deidre!

amy kennedy said...

No-no Jayp you did a fabulous job--and yes start with the two books about his parents.

Michele--'squicked?' hahahaha--perfect word.

Deidre--Julie was talking about asking Santa for a holodeck--like they have on Star Trek the next generation--you could play out all these wonderful holographic fantasies.

Deidre--gotta say, can't wait to read your books and I'm sure I won't be 'squicked' out either.

Deidre Knight said...

Ah, Amy, it all comes clear now. I thought it was a Star Trek toy that had a holodeck and Santa mixed together. I had a few strange visions dance through my head along with sugar plum fairies as I thought about THAT one...

Thanks, Amy, ddo3, and others for the warm words about looking forward to my books! I think based on waht I'm hearing hear, the faves you guys are naming, that you'd definitely connect with the series. hugs!

Playground Monitor said...

Oh wow. Long day of proofreading and I'm pooped. Think I'll plotz on the couch and watch Mario and Joey duke it out on the dance floor.

I was in high school when the original Star Trek came on. They just had a piece on TV about how the TV studio is releasing all this Star Trek paraphernalia for auction and the original show debuted 40 years ago. God, I'm old. I never got into the other shows. Or X-Files. Or Star Gate. I missed so much raising kids and working.


Rachael said...

I love books with aliens. The only reason I can think of for someone to dislike it, is if they perfer realistic books about real life things. I have a friend who perfers books like that, so most likely she would be anti-alien books.

Maureen said...

Parallel Attraction was such a great book. I am looking forward to this one.

Jennifer Y. said...

I just recently discovered Dr. Who thanks to a marathon on SciFi...the new season started last Friday. I think it has already aired in the UK though. I really enjoy it.

Mariee said...

Your books sounds great, very sexy covers! I'll have to check them out :) Haven't read many books with alien romance. But no "ick" factor for me, as long as the hero is hot I don't care if he's from another planet :P

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ciao, Bellas! Just got back from "sick kid to the doc, feed em up, and spend too much time at the drugstore."

OK. Now I never, ah say, never ever talk about other authors when one is GuestBlogging. BUT, since Deidre's into it too...

Are you Bellas telling me I should read this "The Sharing Knife," book by some Minnesota chick named Lois McMaster Bujold? Or are you suggesting I just give it away in a contest????

If you think the covers for "Heat" and "Attraction" are hot, wait til you see the next, "Parallel Seduction." I couldn't get blogger to download it, or you would have gotten a sneak peek courtesy of Deidre!

Hmmm, back to those extra appendages. If they are, in fact, side by side, just the thought begs an entirely different "Parallel" plot from Deidre, does it not?

Deidre Knight said...

Michelle, parallel plot? Snort!! Talk about a different outlook on multi-dimensional space. :)

I'm so glad y'all think the covers are hot and sexy--I like to think the books are too. :) It's beyond cool to me how many of you have read PARALLEL ATTRACTION. I honestly think sometimes I can't believe my books are actually out there. LOL! :)

Marilyn, tons of great shows are just happening now, so it's your time. :)

Maureen, glad you're going to check out HEAT. I'm really excited about this book, and actually think it's even better than the last.

Marie, I'm right with you--the hero has to be hot, otherwise I really don't care WHERE he's from. In fact, if it's a bit Romeo and Juliet, with hero/heroine being from different worlds or universes or clans or whatever, it only ups the stakes for me.

Playground Monitor said...

Oh yeah -- I'm a total "Dancing with the Stars" slut. I covet Makxim's body. Now THAT'S a snaxy man.


Stacy~ said...

Hey ladies. Me of the obsessed variety - sorry, not over aliens but rather cover models, namely one Nathan Kamp, who coincidentally appears on the Parallel books *g* - has gotten a super cool link from the wonderful Sunny showcasing Mr. Snaxy in a Gillette commercial. I'm going to be mean and make you go to my blog:

Enjoy ;)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You know, Stace, somebody wrote me about that commercial a while back, and I had to say I didn't know if it was The Snaxy One, cause I never see TV. Then I caught what I think was the commercial you mention during the Twins game this weekend and was thinking it was him. He's such a chameleon, our boy, Nate.

I agree, Deidre, that as long as he's hot, alpha, and interesting, I don't care where he's from either. I don't go for non-human bodies so much, but the whole para thing is definitely growing on me.

Thanks, oh, thanks again, Deidre, for visiting us today. I know you're very busy.

But a big congratulazione on your book release! Can't wait for "Parallel Seduction." (Can you say "insatiable series fiend?")

Please promise you'll come back again!

Bellas, off to bed. Up early tomorrow to cram for that Wed am deadline. You know, before I got so addicted hanging here with you...well, I was still always behind the eightball. But, being frantic is just more fun when I have you Bellas to distract me. :)


Deidre Knight said...

Thanks SO much, Michelle, for inviting me in! I've had such a blast with you guys. I'm heading out to Houston tomorrow very early. Will be signing at Katy's Books there from 5-7 tomorrow night, then attending the Lonestar Romance Conference. :)
hugs to all! Deidre

Margaret Carter said...

Vampires are my first love. To me, the appeal of the vampire is much the same as that of Spock or many other sorts of aliens (including my favorite fairy tale motif, "Beauty and the Beast"): A character who appears human (or almost human) but isn't, who is different enough to have a skewed perspective on the human condition, and whom only a very special person can awaken to deep emotional intimacy (i.e., the author, reader, or author/reader's surrogate character, of course). One of my ideal vampires is the naturally evolved nonhuman vampire Dr. Weyland in Suzy McKee Charnas' THE VAMPIRE TAPESTRY. As Charnas has said, he has "the inner emotional life of the average house cat" and is himself well aware of that fact. But on the rare occasions when he DOES develop an emotional attachment to a human character -- ooh! As for aliens who look a bit less human, their differences are what make them alluring to me. Bridging the distance between human and Other is a fascinating process. (That is why I don't usually care for novels in which vampires get "cured." Why would you want to eliminate the very factor that drew you to the character in the first place?) Tentacles! Fur! Cool!