Tuesday, September 19, 2006

To MaryKate, With Love, Nora.

You asked for it, MaryKate, and it was a great ideer. Especially cause so many of you suggested to yesterday's GuestBlogger, Eric Selinger of RomanceScholar listserv, that you think Nora's books are scholarship-worthy.

So...Have At It! Tell me about Nora, what you love about her newest, her best, what makes you love her JD Robb.

And out of all the Bellas who can guess My Favorite Quinn Brother, one random selectee will win a copy of Nora's "Dance of the Gods."
Back to school tomorrow, Bellas, as
Wed, Sept. 20.
Encore! Thank you Eric Selinger for visiting yesterday and telling us about your awesome job, listening to our suggestions, and generally showing us a great time. Please visit again soon to bring us UTD on the new trends at RomanceScholar listserv!
Encore due! janet benoit, hope you're up for "All U Can Eat," cause you're our winner from yesterday's contest. Email me at romance@ibsys.com with your snail mail. Congratulazione, and thanks to all who chimed in to make Eric feel welcome!


Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, you have to love Cam. He is all that and a bag of chips... :o)

The reason I enjoy Nora is that she always adds a little twist to her books that I'm not expecting. As soon as I think I have it, she decides to change things. I like an author that keeps me on my feet. Not to mention her yummy heroes. There is not one better than the other. They are all alpha-licious. :P

Kati said...

I feel so honored!

While I love, love, love me some Cameron, I'd vote for Seth for Michelle. He's an artist, and all troubled and dark.

But really, Ethan's all taciturn and serious. And Phil's got all that polish. You really can't go wrong with the Quinns!

Ah, my Nora! I'm re-reading THE VILLA right now. I haven't read it in a couple of years, and I'm enjoying it very much.

My favorite thing about Nora? Well, there are so many. But for me, it's the family thing. She writes families that resemble our own and she understands dynamics, between brothers and sisters, fathers/daughters, mothers/sons, and everything in between. She's written some of the best. The MacGregors, The Donovans, The Quinns, The Templetons, The Giambellis, The Concannons. SIGH.

Well, and then there are her heroes. Who's my favorite Nora hero? Murphy Muldoon. I love that he just stumbles right over himself into love with Shannon. He just knows it. It is what it is. He's a "simple" farmer, who breaks Shannon down with his love of music, quoting Shakespearean sonnets, and his gorgeous tenor. The man could get me to drop my drawers in a second.

Now, I have love affairs with many, many other Nora heroes, but Murphy just slays me.

Playground Monitor said...

You know, I must be the only person in the universe who hasn't read Nora Roberts. It's not because I don't want to, it twofold. One, there's that big TBR pile in my office. And B, I don't know where to start. Many of her books are trilogies and I'd hate to read something out of order or read two and not the third.

Any suggestions?

Marilyn - who thinks Michelle's blog ideers are great *g*

Jennifer Y. said...

Hey you are not the only one Marilyn and my reasons are the same...I haven't read Nora either *ducks head*

Playground Monitor said...

Oh... and even though I haven't read the books, I did a little Googling and read a few blurbs and I'm gonna guess your favorite Quinn brother is Philip.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...


(Just so's everyone can at least take a shot at it!)

Clearly, the Quinn series (Chesapeake Bay Series) is my fave Nora, cause I don't read all her books. But these were recd to me because they are hero-driven and I was writing some stuff at the time about the issue.

Love me some heroes, yez ah do. Cain't lie none bout that.

Unknown said...


I have read the Nora Roberts books, I haven't started reading the J.D. Robb books though.

Kati said...

:MK glances around and speaks up again:

Well, I own practically every book La Nora has ever written. In fact, I was looking at my BORN IN trilogy (with original covers thankyouverymuch) and thinking I probably needed to buy a new set, since mine are well, well loved.

Let's see, if you're starting with a single title Nora, I'd recommend TRUE BETRAYALS or THE THREE FATES. Both are fabulous.

Marilyn - You may not know that Nora had a very, very long relationship with Silhouette (20+ years) that was dissolved a few years ago. But, the entire MacGregor series is in print right now, I believe in separate Omnibus issues. I'd really, really recommend them. They're fantastic and if you don't end up a fan, I'd be shocked.

If you want to go with a trilogy, I'd recommend either the aforementioned Chesapeake Bay series (SEA SWEPT, RISING TIDES, INNER HARBOR and CHESAPEAKE BLUE) or my favorite, the BORN IN trilogy, set in County Clare, Ireland. Nora really, really writes the heck out of Ireland. Those books are: BORN IN FIRE, BORN IN ICE, BORN IN SHAME.

Vivi Anna said...

I love the BORN IN books. Yup, that Murphy Muldoon, I adore him.

Hmm, Michelle's favorite Quinn...I'd say Cam. Alpha alpha alpha...

Honest Illusions was my first Nora and is still my favorite.

I want to read her Morrigan's Cross, but am afraid that she'll be the best paranormal writer in the world and I'll have to compete with that...and well, I just CAN'T DO IT!!! LOL

Kati said...

Vivi - MORRIGAN'S CROSS is actually why I begged Michelle for this topic. I finished it recently, and had some (for a Nora book) pretty serious nits to pick and I wanted to see what others who had read it thought.

Don't get me wrong, it's a darn good novel, just...there's a lot going on, and I had some issues with...well, I don't want to ruin it.

Has anyone else read it?!

Julie in Ohio said...

{{waving hand fanatically}}
I've read it, MK!! And I agree there is alot going on in it. As the first book in a trilogy there is alot of getting all the characters together and the main plot to introduce. I felt it kind of made the romance take a back seat along with the H/H in the book, IMO. But I can't wait for the next one. I just know it will sizzle...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Inquiring Bellas might like:


This is a place dedicated to (and approved by) authors Nora Roberts, Patricia Gaffney, et al.

Message boards galore. Places to bitch, rant, rave, and despoil plots.

As always, remember to come back and tell all!

Anonymous said...

I have to put my hand up and admit I haven't read a Nora Roberts book. Where have I been?

Thank you for the recommendations Mary Kate! Out of interest, which is the first in the Quinn series please?

orannia *who is always on the look out for an new author*

PS I'm going to take a mad stab in the dark and guess Michelle's favourite Quinn is....Cam? How's that for a guess :)

Julie in Ohio said...

I can answer that question, Orannia. It is SEA SWEPT, which is Cam's story.

The Chesepeake Bay is my fav series of Nora's. I really dig the brotherly love that is shown. I've never had brothers but I can just feel what it would be like. :o)

ev said...

I don't usually read Nora, but I did get the new one. I think the whole plot line sounds interesting. More up my alley.

On the other hand- I NEVER miss a JD Robb. I love the premise, the character developement, and the future setting. I love how the history of Eve and Roarke is coming out bit by bit. Keeps me coming back that's for sure. I love the secondary characters, and can't wait for the baby to be born!!! Wonder when they will have one of their own??

Vivi Anna said...

I used to be really into the JD Robb series...love Eve and Roarke...

But then I stopped reading...I'm thinking I should pick up where I left off...this was a few years ago, so I'm not sure what book I ended on...

Hmm, *running over to bookcase to see which IN DEATH I last had*

Kati said...

Crap! I lost my last comments.

I love IN DEATH series. It's definitely much darker in tone and frankly, because Eve is a homicide detective, much gorier. But over 18 books, she done a great job of doling out little pieces of Eve and Roarke's past and they've both developed as characters. I love how surly Eve is. And Roarke is one of a kind in the pantheon of heroes.

My favorite IN DEATH is WITNESS IN DEATH for one scene and one scene only. It's a scene where Eve orchestrates dinner for Roarke. His reaction is priceless. It's an incredibly romatic scene.

Marg said...

My favourite Quinn brother is Cam, but they are all really good. That series was my first ever Nora. I still have lots of glomming to do though!! I have also started reading the In Death - I am about6 books in I think!!

My favourite thing about her writing is that she takes normal women and gives them a voice and a story that is interesting to read - for example in the In the Garden series!

ev said...

Vivi- there are some books with short stories out there too.

Kati said...

Hey Michelle - Am I slow, or is the BookClub new?

I could be clueless, but that looks like a new feature.

Julie in Ohio said...

Marg said "My favourite thing about her writing is that she takes normal women and gives them a voice and a story that is interesting to read..."

That is what I enjoyed with the Three Sisters series. I also enjoyed watching the friendships and the feeling of sisterhood develop. Alot of great authors do this, too, but Nora Roberts does it her way, which is splendid.

The romance is great. It is what draws me in. What keeps me are the relationships, both romantic and platonic. Her writing is captivating.

I haven't dived into the IN DEATH series. With it being so far into the series, I kind of feel overwelmed. Not to mention I'd have to get a second mortage on the house in order to get the backlist... :P

Playground Monitor said...

Hokay! In the middle of running errands today I swung by the UBS and am now the proud owner of all four Quinn brothers books. Now can someone tell me the proper order for them? Julie already said that SEA SWEPT is #1. What is the order for the remaining three.

Marilyn -- who must be crrrrrrazy to add more books to her TBR pile. No, make that mountain.

Julie in Ohio said...

Marilyn- It goes: 1)SEA SWEPT

You won't be sorry about picking these up. They are her best, IMHO. :o)

Jennifer Y. said...

I am gonna guess (since I have never read them) that Michelle's fave is Ethan.

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh, and my TBR pile surpassed simple Mountain a long time ago and now is a whole Mountain Range.

krissyinva said...

I have almost all of Nora Roberts books, and I re-read them all the time. My favorite series are The Irish trilogy(Jewels of the Sun, Tears of the Moon and Heart of the Sea), Three Sister's Island trilogy(Dance Upon Air, Heaven and Earth and Face The Fire and the Quinns series(Sea Swept, Rising Tides, Inner Harbor and Chesapeake Blue). My favorite Quinn?? Ethan, he's so sweet and adorable. I read Morrigan's Cross last week and loved it I can't wait for the next book!!

krissyinva said...

I think Michelle's favorite Quinn is Ethan!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Bellas! I think we're gonna have to have a Nora blabfest another day, too! A couple of you have guessed my fave Quinn, so I'll have our winner, soon.

I have so much I would have liked to add, but have been buried today. I know you know how that can get w/job, family, etc.

Yup! RBtheBookClub's new, a way I can let everybody know weekly what's goin on here and at RBtheBook. I've been wanting to do it for ages, but have't had the time.

Welcome lurkers who've delurked and new folks!

Buonanotte, Bellas!

Stacy~ said...

Never read them either, but I like Cam's name, so I'll go with him.

Haven't read many NR books. In fact, I was thinking of a Julia "Quinn" hero, LOL and was going to say Anthony Bridgerton - wouldn't I have looked and felt stupid?!

But I love me some JD Robb. Roarke rules.

CrystalGB said...

I will say Cam because he is my favorite.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, all. 10 am CST and the contest is closed. Michelle