Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Now, This Just Makes Me Hungry

Owen here wants you to know that Ann Herendeen is back tomorrow, Sept 14, with a "Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander" re-cap, this time with a GuestBlog about our heroine, Phyllida!

It'll be fun chatting with Ann about the book, and why Phyllida, like Ann, finds it as easy to love two hunky men as one.

While many of us wouldn't deign to argue with that logic, and even though "Phyllida" isn't erotica or a menage, I'm still wondering:

Who would you choose to create your ideal fantasy luv sammich?
That's m/f/m, if you need it spelled out.

ex: David Duchovny, ME!, and David McCullough. Ooops. That's a brain sammich. Just strike DM and add Edward Norton. Which is still kinda brainy, and definitely goofy, but it's my sammich, dammit.
Encore! Thank you, Michele Hauf, for your GuestBlog in praise of Hot n Goofy guys. Congrats on the release of "Getaway Girl!" Visit us soon, ok? Don't forget to check out the iPod soundtrack, Bellas!


Julie in Ohio said...

Bruce Willis/Me/Ashton Kutcher

Call it the Demi syndrome...

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

There's only one I ever TRULY entertained:

Clark/me/Lex, re: Smallville. :)

ann said...

Hmmm, it's difficult to choose. So many men, so many combinations.
As the author of Phyllida, I admit to having a preference for m/m/f as well as m/f/m...

If we can choose fictional and mythical characters, I'll go with Achilles and Patroclus, the ultimate warrior-hero-lovers, with me starring in the role of Briseis, Achilles' captive woman. Achilles loved her so much that when she was stolen from him (by fellow-Greek Agamemnon), he went on strike, sulking in his tent and refusing to fight--thus starting off the action of the Iliad and leading ultimately to Patroclus' death, and his own.

Yes, it's tragic, but very passionate.

Playground Monitor said...

Matthew McConnaughey/Me/Hugh Jackman

or how about

James Denton/Me/Dean Cain

The possibilities are endless. I may never get anything accomplished this afternoon if I'm thinking about sammiches.


Julie in Ohio said...

OOOHH, Dean Cain... Good call, Marilyn.

If we can suspend reality...

Colin Farrell/Me/Zsadist

Julie in Ohio said...

Derrick Craven/Me/Colin Bridgerton


Ben Affleck/Me/Matt Damon

Yeah, the possibilities are endless... :P

Vivi Anna said...

MMM, favorite topic Michelle!!

Hmm let's see where to start, where to start...

For breakfast - Joaquin Phoenix/Vivi/Viggo Mortensen

For lunch - Gerard Butler/Vivi/Clive Owen

For supper - Christian Bale/Vivi/Mark Wahlberg

Now, I'm really really hungry!

Playground Monitor said...

Dean Cain... loved him as Clark Kent.

I just thought of another one. Anybody watch Dancing with the Stars last night? I'd love to be sammiched between Maksim and Jessie. And if they want to help me improve my cha-cha, that's okay too. *g*


Anonymous said...

OK. Call me laced-up-so-tight-I-can't-breathe, but I'm just not a sammich kind of girl. The only sammich I want is the the kind I get when my dh wraps his nice, brawny arms around me and I'm sandwiched in his warm embrace.

OK. You can all stop groaning and gagging now, LOL!

Vivi Anna said...

hehehehe, Eve...that's a good sandwich too! That's called a LUV SAMMICH. I'm just hungry for the sex sandwiches right now....

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Eve! Boooo! This from the woman who wrote the alpha in the kitchen seducing the virgin with his shirt open? From the chick who thought up the sexy biting-into-the-grape skin scene?

Set yourself free, Bella! It's only pretend! Some of us are coming up with romance hero sammiches for goodness sake. Ohhhh, maybe one with Damian Cole and your new guy? Hmmm, that'd work for me.

LOL, Marilyn. I had such a crush on last season's winning guy, and totally thought he and the soap opera chick had a thang going (or would at least once).

Vivs! This question's in your honor, Bella!

Oh, Julie0, good hero calls. Oh, that's a real "hero" sammich. Bad pun, I know. Oh, the "Demi" syndrome!

Ann, you make me sigh.

Sheesh, Natalie: up, up, and away!!!! Welcome!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I knew you bellas would roll your eyes at me and groan!

Sigh... Michelle, I do love the alpha in the kitchen.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, I am shocked that you haven't come up with a sammich including Canna yet!! :P

Rach said...

Yummy! Love me some delish sammiches ;o)

No booing, but I'm having a hard time coming up with my ideal sammich heros. You wouldn't think this would be so difficult...

Stacy~ said...

Me too Rach. I think it's cuz I might want a different sammich everyday.

And then Vivi goes and takes the bread for one of mine - Gerard & Clive. After she's done there won't be anything left!

Okay....Denzil/me/Will Smith - sexy and funny..and sexy

Vin Diesel/me/LL Cool J - cuz they are both hot and brawny

Dominic Purcell/me/Eduardo Verastegui

Ian McMahon/me/Jon Bon Jovi

Oh this is fun!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL re Vivs, Stace! Yummy sammiches.

Julie0, my husband was saying the same thing at dinner tonight.

OK. Lemmeeee seeeee. Hmmmm.

Canna/Me/, um, can it just be Cann and me? No? Ok. Canna/Me/and the other really big guy from the D&G ads? You'll have to check that blog to see the one I mean.

I'm so bad at this cause I don't watch TV or see many movies. Can't youz help me?

Yeah, be my matchmakers. You know me well enough by now. Who'd be a good compliment in my Canna sammich?

Wait a minute! Stace! No Snaxy One for you? You would never share, would you?

Stacy~ said...

Eduardo V...would be good. Here's a pic....oh but wait, he's mine. I have sharing issues LOL. So I'll just show you what you can't have:

I thought about Snaxy, and maybe it's cuz he's married, or the fact I really don't get past looking at those lips and abs of his to think about his...bread. At first I thought saybe it's the whole Christian thing, but no, and I'm not Catholic and there's definitely no guilt, plus then there's wanting to turn him into a fallen angel. I'll have to say I'm undecided at this point.

Hey Michelle, what about this guy:


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL! Wait, wait! Were you at today? Julie Leto talked about Wait,Wait, Don't Tell Me. Did you know Adam Felber is Edith Layton's son?

Her daughter, Suzy, is a comedienne who also writes for Com Central.

You're so funny.

Stacy~ said...

I know now, though I'm not too familiari with the WWETM thing.

Yep, I saw ya on Plotmonkeys :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...
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