Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Michele Hauf GuestBlog: I Like Mine Hot And Goofy

Frankly, I'd expected better grooming from my girl, Michele Hauf, our very special GuestBlogger, who told me she'd had a bad hair day when she went to New York for this headshot.

I feel very badly for her, what with her not having much else going for her other than being a fabulous writer with a wicked inexplicable imagination that cooks up exotic faeries, seductive vamps, and kick-butt heroines who know how to pick em. Especially a particularly hot MI-6 agent I'm still crushin on. Did I mention she's really nice? Can't hate her; I've tried.

Bellas! What a treat to take a turn here at Romance By The Blog, and to get a chance to shout out to all my readers! Hey, readers! I want to send out a signed copy of GETAWAY GIRL to one lucky person who leaves a comment. And I'm pretty darn sure there'll be some nummy chocolate wrapped right along with the book (because we women cannot live by books alone).

My latest Bombshell, GETAWAY GIRL speeds into stores today!

I'm a HUGE fan of the movie The Transporter (Jason Statham, anyone?), and GETAWAY GIRL is sort of my tip of the hat to the movie, except in my version it's a female behind the wheel, and she's not stopping for anyone. Unless he's sexy. Sacha Vital is the hero of GG, and he's a bit of a goof at heart. Initially, he comes off as very stern, a mystery man who may be involved with dirty dealings, but after he begins to trust the heroine, his inner goof emerges.
My inspiration for the hero was Vince Vaughn. (I always cast my characters.)

Sexy, yes? He's got this sweet goofiness that I find so appealing, yet at the same time, there's a wicked I've-been-a-naughty-boy glint sparkling in his eyes. How can you resist the angel and the devil at the same time?

Normally, I'm a tall, dark and brooding kind of gal, but give me a soft-hearted, good-natured goof and I am there.

Since Michelle said I could bring along my own sexy men to this party, how could I resist? Here's my favorite funny guys.

Don't you want to swoon for Ryan Reynold's goofy guy-next-door act? I'd invite him over for pizza anytime. But leave that morose and depressing Alanis behind, will ya?

James Nesbitt always surprises me. He's got an Irish accent and a wicked sense of humor, yet can be hilariously self-deprecating, and even though he's an average looker, he's sexy in his own sneaky I-can-make-you-laugh-while-I'm-seducing-you way. And did I mention the accent?

So tell me, what is it about a goofy man that appeals to you?
And who's your favorite goof?

And for those bellas who read my first published book, DARK RAPTURE (so many years ago!), and have been craving vampires from me ever since, the wait keeps getting shorter. In November watch for my next vampire romance, FROM THE DARK!

Visit Michele at mninter.net/~mhauf/ and RidingWithTheTopDown.blogspot.com!

Encore! I think Michele will not mind if we repeat yesterday's great news: Navy SEAL Justin, whom you read about here August 31 in Suzanne Brockmann's GuestBlog, got his bone marrow match and is heading to Seattle soon for transplantation! Godspeed to Justin and his family as he begins his journey toward recovered health. Gotta love a hero, and there are so many in his story!


Helen Brenna said...

Hey, Michele - love your new publicity photo!!

Just started GETAWAY GIRL last night and I'm loving it. I'd forgotten about THE TRANSPORTER connection, but thought of that movie within the first few paragraphs.

Is Ryan Reynold's the love interest guy in JUNE BUG?? Man, he was a cutie!!

My favorite funny guy is Owen Wilson.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Michele with one L! Welcome back; we're so glad to have you here.

Well, you know my story, I can be won over by a goofball any time, but I didn't marry one. I have to laugh at the guys who are all serious, MR. Seductions with the eyes and the rap about how great they'd be in bed.

But the guys with the devil in their eyes, who know they're more funny than good looking and know how to use that wit? Color me dead in the water. Maybe putty in their hands is a more cheerful description.

Some of the sweetest scenes in movies and novels -- to me-- come when the hero does something embarassing in his effort to be noticed. The kind of scene that makes one groan along whith him, yet root for him at the same time.

But we never feel sorry for him, cause he's knows what he's about.

Which is why I'm still crushin on Dane from your last Bombshell, "Flawless."

Michele! I think I could talk about this all day! Curses! I have to write. grrr

Is your new hero a sexy goofball?

Kati said...

Hi Michelle! Welcome to RBtB! You're a new to me author, which I find increasingly so here. I love our Queen Bella because she's introduced me to so many new authors!

Well, first Jason Statham or as I like to remember him, "Handsome Rob" (The Italian Job, anyone?!) I do love Vince Vaughn ,especially because he's huge and I love a big brawny guy. Any guy who can do physical comedy is a hit for me. I adore Owen and Luke Wilson because they're hilarious. My sister has such a thing about Owen that she and her husband have an agreement that if Owen ever rings her doorbell, she doesn't even have to yell goodbye, she'll just leave. LOL!

I also really love Josh Ratner. Does anyone else watch HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER? He plays the lead, Ted, and he's just delicious. He's very, very funny and yet is a gifted physical comedian. I say at least once a week when I see the show, "I want a Ted!"

Anyway, Michelle (we lots and lots of Michelles around here!), welcome to Belladom, we're glad you're here!

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome back, Michelle!
The Transporter is a fav action movie of mine. Jason Stratham can deliver a package to me anytime. :P

I always forget about Ryan Reynolds. I don't know why because he is a cutie and sooo funny.

When I think of funny guys the first one that pops in my head is Adam Sandler.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Helen! I'm glad you came to visit!

Bellas, Helen also is a RidingWithTheTopDown.blogspot.com author. You can get there from a link in my sidebar.

Owen is a great choice. I always dig on the other bro, but can't remember his name. Yet Owen was pretty sexy in Party Crashers a Man-tastic flick. I say that cause I kinda think of it as a chick flick for the boys.

Julie0, what is this about Jason Stratham's package? Oh, am I waxing sophomoric already? Michele Hauf tends to do that to me. Ever since I read her awesome post at RWTTD re erotica and "one handed reads." (Have I mentioned I like erotica)?

MK, grazie, Bella! I have got to start seeing more movies, cause I'm missing so much.

OK, you're jogging my memory. I've always kinda dug the menschy guys, like Dustin Hoffman. Well, not as Raymond, but you know what I mean.

I heard one of Hoffman's colleagues say that Dustin could always get girls because he had the goofy, needy rap down to a T.

Does anybody else get the goofy, cute vibe from the guy who plays Spiderman?

Vivi Anna said...

Hi Michele! *waving*

I've already had the distinct pleasure of reading The Getaway Girl! And it's fabulous! The Transporter is one of my favorite movies too...and I can't wait to see Crank.

I adore funny men...Owen Wilson is so freakin HAWT because of his sense of humor...and then there's brother Luke too, and Hugh Grant, Vince is cute, Ryan Reynolds is to kill for, and I've been crushing on Jon Stewart lately....go figure, but I think he's hilarious!

Michele Hauf said...

Sounds like Jason is a hit here. Just saw CRANK though, and not sure about that movie. A little silly in some spots, but there are brief shots of Jason's butt, which is always worth the price of admission. :-) Ah, Handsome Rob.

I think Reynolds was in JuneBug, but didn't see the movie. He was in Two Guys A Girl and a Pizza (or some weird title) and I loved that. Also, he did Blade III. Great pecs.

I was trying to think of my hero's most vulnerable moment in Getaway Girl, and, because he's a little dazed at what has just happened to him, he mutters, "Someone get my mommy." I loved it! And fell very hard, and instantly in love with the goof. The heroine found it pretty sweet too. And well, there's the fact he's wearing but his boxers, some rubber galooshes and is lying in a pile of dirt. (No more details! You'll just have to read about it.) :-)

Thanks for reminding me of Aston Dane, Michelle! He was a sweetie. Hmm, I'll be thinking of him today, and that's not a bad think.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Vivs! That's so funny, cause I've been crushin on Stewart for like, ten years. And I'm so not trying to claim him first, or anything, cause my crush is pathetic.

He was the host of a Sesame Street video my son had when he was VERY young, and I used to make him watch it because I wanted to see Stewart. He was one of my many AT Home Mom crushes om men on children's videos. There was Burt, then Ernie. Tinky Winky next. I'm here to tell you he's not gay, just bi. Then there were the Kratt brothers of Zooboomafu...

MsTypo said...

Hey Michele! :D :D

First off, when did Ryan get a six pack?! *eek* Gotta give him a shout out as a fellow Canuck! :D I love me those silly goofy boys - i even married one. (Then again, who other than a total goof ball could put up with me! :p ) I enjoy my Hubby's goofy side even more since i know that he doesn't show it to that many people.

Michelle: are you talking about Toby Maguire? ( i think that's his name. My brain is somewhat frozen by a chocolate sundae right now.)

Going to have to think of some other cute silly boys. But yes, Owen's brother is totally H-O-T!!! *sigh*

Ohhh just thought of one before i hit enter: Taye Diggs!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm

Julie in Ohio said...

Adorable. Goofball. Silliness personified with a dash of chivalry....Martin Short

I don't think he is good looking in the "I must have his body" sense but his characters are priceless.

Playground Monitor said...

Y'all get out to more movies than I do, so I have no clue who these guys are, but their pictures are cute! I may have to put them on my "To Be Investigated Online" list.

That little bit of goofiness keeps a guy from being perfect. And we all know we don't like perfect people because they make our own flaws so much more glaring.

LOVE the publicity photo. It has just the right amount of "goof" factor. *g*

Roxanne St. Claire guest blogging today at The Writing Playground Blog

Cherie said...

I am with you on Jason Statham. From the Dark looks so good. Can you tell us more about it? I am loving this new Nocturne line.

Cherie Japp

Vivi Anna said...

OMG Michelle...I ADORE the Kratt Brothers! Chris is so HAWT! Martin is cute, but it's Chris that rocks my world. Yup, when Zaboomafoo was on, I watched it! LOL

Oh, have you see their new show...Be The Creature? It's not a children's show per say...but a nature program. It's cool.

Hmm, other cute funny men...

Jim Carrey
Ben Stiller
Adam Sandler
Paul Rudd

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks for the validation, Vivs. Paul Rudd! I started loving him in Clueless.

Michelle, forcing herself to get back to work.

I implore you: stop entertaining me.

Michele Hauf said...

Oh! Some details on FROM THE DARK. Well, it's my first vamp romance since Dark Rapture, and man, that's been a loooong time. THe hero is a singer for the rock band The Fallen, and though he's been a vamp a while, he's worried about succumbing to the darkness of it and that he might go too far when he drinks from people (murder!). But he's not a brooder. Brooders don't do it for me. :-) He accepts he's a vamp, and is cool with that.
The heroine is a not-witch (her father is a vamp and her mother is a witch, but the heroine was born as neither, though she does have innate magic.) Oh, witch's blood is poisonous to vampires. Works like acid. Kills vamps dead. Pouf. Ash.
And the hero falls for the heroine (who does have witch's blood in her veins). Talk about a delicate kissing situation. One bite and he's history. Or is he?
I've got the first chapter posted at my website, and will be posting a lot of cut scenes when the book comes out. I had to cut out a lot of humor, because the Nocturne line is very dark. But it's still got rock n' roll in it!


Vivi Anna said...

Oh Michele....you are a tease!!

I can't wait till November!!

The NOCTURNE books are so going to rock...and yes I'm completely and utterly biased!

Maureen said...

Gotta love the goofy, sexy guy. Good luck with your book.

CrystalGB said...

The first guy that I thought of was Owen Wilson. I love his movies. I do think Jason Statham is cute.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Dane cook! Total hotty with great wit. Love his stand-up!

Jennifer Y. said...

I love a man with a sense of humor...Ryan Reynolds is one of my faves and Luke Wilson.

Oh and this book sounds really good.

Rashmi said...

Getaway Girl and chocolates - girl, you sure know how to tempt, don't ya?!!! Count me in ;-)Oh, and Congrats on the release!

Michele Hauf said...

Ah heck, I know we all like a free book. But add chocolate to anything, and I am so there. I picked up some Choxie chocolate at Target today, just to let you all know. Have you tried that stuff? It's quite nummy, and has different flavors. I especially like the spiced caramels and the chocolate covers bing cherries. Oh, well you can tell where my mind in right now. I've been craving chocolate and salt all day. Guess it's time to make the chocolate-covered salt n' pepper pretzels!

Mariee said...

Ryan Renold's is my favorite. Gorgeous AND funny, perfect combination! :) Seann William Scott and Vince Vaugh are also great.

Vivi Anna said...

Oh yeah, Sean William...he's so cute! I loved him in The Rundown with The Rock. He has a great sense of humor too...!

Unknown said...

Favorites are Sean William Scott, Vince Vaughn, Ryan Reynolds, and Owen Wilson.

Stacy~ said...

Oh I love talking about the hotties! Welcome Michele! Your book sounds great :)

Give me a man with that devilish look in his eye - like he's up to no good and having the time of his life. Yep, that's pretty irresistible.

I really thought Adam Sandler was pretty cute in "The Wedding Singer", now I don't feel so bad that I thought that LOL. And Jack Black in "School of Rock" worked for me.

Oh, there's Jon Cusack. Jeremy Piven always did it for me. Loved Paul Rudd in "Clueless". Will Ferrell cracks me up, and he obviously has no problem making fun of himself.

Craig Ferguson on the late night talk show is hilarious, and I could listen to him talk all day. He seems like he's got that devilish twinkle down to a science, and probably knows just how to use it LOL.

gosh, there are so many...

Julie in Ohio said...

Stacy, I forgot Jon Cusack. He has such a quirky sense of humor. I loved him in America's Sweetheart when he was over analysing everything particularly his relationships.
I could so relate... :o)

catslady said...

I'll take a good sense of humor over just looks any day. But I think that goes with experience (old age lol). Those bad boys are just so tempting. I like Brandon Frasier and Craig Ferguson. And I also enjoyed the "transporter." :)

The book sounds fascinating.

ellie said...

Martin Short is the primo for me. The best sense of humor and really good person too.

Tam said...

WOW....Jason Statham gets my vote.

Michele Haul is a new author to me maybe not to everyone else out there. I'm always up for reading a book from an author I've never read, count me in.

pearl said...

The best guys are not the most classically handsome. The ones that are sincere and have a sense of humor as well. Dan Ackroyd has it all.

alissa said...

When I think of the best guy out there, who is funny and sweet. Jim Carrey.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michele, thanks for stopping by yesterday. I can't wait to read this book. It sounds great. :o)

Michele Hauf said...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat, and double thanks to Michelle for having me! (It always fun to dish about guys, isn't it?)
I forgot to mention that Getaway Girl actually has a soundtrack. If you have iTunes, go to the online music store, select iMixes, and then search "Getaway Girl Book Soundtrack". There it is! It features all the songs I've mentioned in the book.

I don't expect anyone to buy it, but if you're reading, and you don't recall the song, you can pop online and listen to the first 30 seconds to refresh your memory!

robynl said...

I-can-make-you-laugh-while-I'm-seducing-you way: give this to me anytime!!! Love it.
Congrats on the book 'Getaway Girl'; woohoo.

Unknown said...


Get Away Girl is beside my bed at this very moment...just waiting... Yay for me. Can't wait, especially since I know your taste in fictional guys. I'm up for a Handsome Rob experience any time.

Lisa said...

Why, oh, why has no one yet mentioned Zach Braff? He's a goofball with the heart of a poet.

A bit more hunky, but definitely a goofball, is Gerard Butler. And to
bring it back to the vamp thread, he played Dracula, though it certainly wasn't his best film.

John Cusack is the ultimate dark humor hero in my book.