Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mend It Like Beckham

So, David Beckham calls me and he's all like, "Michelle, Bella, I wanna thank you for posting my pic during 'Back to School Week: Scholars on Romance.' Most people think the lot of us footballers are just so many blee- sorry, luv, blinkin dundereheads [his words, not mine.]"

"But," he went on, 'I noted the discourse became heated at several points. It seemed rules of kind behaviour weren't always being followed, let alone rules of good volleying about of grand ideas."

Becks says: DO be confident when you blog your opinion. Look us "in the eye," and know that your opinion counts here.

Well, I noticed, too, that at times last week we weren't all so polite in acknowledging each other's opinions and supporting each other as, at the very least, nice people who all love romance novels. And I guess some of this is coming from discussions I've had on other romance blogs. (Can anyone anymore agree politely to disagree -- or does the shorthand nature of blog comm preclude this?)

So, Becks gave me a couple of tips on good behaviour as he sees it, and I'm gonna encourage you to give us your thoughts on good blogging behaviour.

What is good blogging etiquette?
What do you do when you visit romance blogs where folks are not nice to one another, and wear their cloaks of anonymity to trash each other's ideas, authors, covers, etc.?

Becks says: Don't put your muddy boots on Victoria's 700 count Egyptians. In other words, when you blog, remember that your writing doesn't always read as you mean it and, at least here at RBtheBook, we care about each others' feelings.

Becks told me of this last pic, "Spicy -- I like to call Victoria that, just not to her face -- was at the gym during this shoot, and I just couldn't resist demonstrating my alpha-boyish charm."
Encore due! Our winners in Friday's contest: Monica Burns and nearhere. Send me your snailmails at Felicitazione, Bellas!
Encore tre! A very special Bella thank you to Eric Selinger, Eloisa James, and Bill Gleason for making "Back to School Week" a success! We learned so much, and were pleased you were interested in what we readers have to say! Please come back any time, but no pop quizes, OK?
Encore quattro! I never told you, but my fave Quinn brother is...Ethan! He's intense, but quiet and simple, until his struggle with his attraction to his woman gets the better of him and he goes alfalfa on her in the seagrass, showing her how easily some creep could overtake her if she wasn't careful. He was so unsure, he had to use that excuse. And what he overcame from his childhood? Roberts did a fab job showing it w/out being maudlin.


Rach said...

I'm the ulitmate Pollyanna, just ask my sister. I just want everyone to get along and I HATE tension and negativity--it just saps me. So, while I was initially very disappointed I was unable to be here for the converstaions during the past week, I have to say I'm glad I missed the meanness.

I have a tendancy to avoid places/blogs where people are not kind to each other. If I see people being negative, rude, etc. and use anonymity as a way to get away with being unkind I have a tendancy to avoid the blog until a new topic arises.

If people are engaging in a reasonable debate about a novel, and aren't hiding who they are, I don't have a problem--it's when they are rude and mean about the disagreement.

Now, that may just be me, but I see no need to expose myself to negativity and unkindness--I see enough of it every day at work.

Yup, that sounded way preachy--so sorry. Michelle, you are absolutely right in that what you type does not always come across the way you meant it because there is no body language/tone of voice to clue people in to what you *really* meant.

BTW, Mon, nearhere, congrats on your win!!! =)

Jennifer Y. said...

I pretty much agree with what Rachd said. I hate conflict and negativity...and I tend to avoid it. So when I see it on a blog...I'll not read the messages or will just wait until a new topic is posted. I think bashing of any kind is very inappropriate as well.

I hate being and seeing people being mean to others (anonymous or not). I am always afraid that I will offend someone with something I say or do.

And you are right...your written words don't always come across how you mean them to others.

Stacy~ said...

Congrats Monica on your prize :)

I'm chiming in to agree with Rach and JenniferY. And Michelle, kudos to you for bringing up the topic in the first place. It's your blog, so you have a right to set the tone. And you do it with charm and grace...and just such persuasive pix of Beckham. (The 2nd pic was posted at another blog, and I made the comment that I was never a fan of his until this picture LOL. It's very hot).

As you become more and more popular, the number of opinions and varying degrees of agreement/disagreement are going to increase. I will miss our happy little community, but also I'm glad that more and more readers/writers are stopping by to find out what's hot in romance from someone who keeps their finger on the pulse of the industry. We need more like you who are not afraid to be a positive force in romance.

Fun, active and thought-provoking debates are great, and I have to be just as aware of how my opinions come across as anyone else because no one can "hear" what I'm saying, so how do they know how I mean it? I also believe in the importance of respecting others, because what makes my opinion any more superior than someone else who disagrees?

Anywayz, I plan on sticking around, and enjoying what you bring us next. I'm looking forward to receiving the newsletter so I know what' coming up :)

Michele said...

Wow! Get a job and look what I miss!


Good gravy, Michelle, WHERE did you find that absolutley yummy pic of Nathan?? **Purrrrr**

Hmm, negativity. I don't like it. I don't watch the news for that reason. Especially during election time. **shudder**
I get my news via internet.

I didn't read all the posts I missed....brain fried from new job this past week. Sounds like it got a tad unBella.

Could it be that some people suffer from "foot in mouth" but with typing it would be..."fingers in mouth"? Brain knows one thing, and fingers pop them out and until you hit "publish" you don't realize they don't say what your brain said? ... just wondering. However, you mentioned some did it as "Anonymous", if that is the case, are they true Bellas? Doesn't Bella mean beautiful?
This community is beautiful with our sharing of our love of love and romance. Difference of opinion is fine and should be respected but there IS a classy and polite way of doing things. The BELLA WAY.

This is a general forum, and generally, we have fun, right?

Sounds like someone was trying to sully the core of this community, or didn't realize how wonderful you all are and that kind of bad attitude isn't what you are all about.

Where's Cupid when you need him?

Mr. Beckham called you? Really?
How cool is that? He reads romance?
Double cool.
Is that snazzy pic of Him? Cuz I know his name but have never seen a pic of him....'s true. I am SO sheltered.

So , anyway, I'm not going to be chatter box too much here until my schedule gets settled. AFter
6 1/2 years, I'm now getting myself back. Nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home Mom, but adult challenges to the brain are healthy and I'm thrilled!!!

Plus the extra moula will help with the hollow legs my boys have suddenly developed. Where do they pack all that food anyway?

Anyone Read Touch of a Dark Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles yet???

I'm really curious about opinions on this one.

Oh, P.S. - I'm pretty sure Nathan Kamp is the cover model on this one...Gosh I love that little curl. *sigh*

Vivi Anna said...

Michelle, was there some negative comments on here recently? Let me a 'em!

I try to avoid reading blogs that have so many negative discussions on them, and when posters get out of just irritates me. Like we don't have enough strife in the world, we all have to argue about m/m romances, or the whether erotica is a valid form of romance, or whatever. Like damn, does it really make a friggin' difference?

I say whatever makes your bum hum is all right with me!

Unless your humming bum is hurting people...then I draw the line.

That's why my favoritist blog ever is this one. I adore the Bellas here...

Playground Monitor said...

There's a way to have good discussion and state various opinions and keep it from hitting below the belt. If we all had the same opinion, it would be a boring world. I too avoid blogs that are always bashing something or someone, and I also don't like blogs where every other word is a four-letter one. Hel... uh... heck, I can cuss with the best of 'em, but after a while it gets tiresome. If you can't express your opinion without a plethora of expletives, then you seriously need to work on your vocabulary and probably your attitude.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


P.S. Is this the week we discuss "The Big Easy?" I watched it for the first time yesterday.

P.P.S. Just finished Christina Dodd's TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS and will start that first Nora Chesapeake book tomorrow -- AFTER I get my pages written. Write first, treat myself to a read next.

Laura Vivanco said...

I'm worried now, because I didn't notice any negative comments, so that makes me wonder if that's because the comments that people think were negative were ones that I made. If so, I'm really sorry, because I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I know I can get really into debating ideas, but I don't ever mean to imply that anyone who has different ideas from mine is stupid/bad/nasty or anything like that.

Kati said...

Michelle - Thanks for bringing this up. I think that we have such an amazing community, and I appreciate your efforts to keep it a happy one.

I think that when one gets into intellectual discussions, people become passionate and sometimes let the rules of courtesy fall by the wayside. I honestly didn't see it, but the truth is that some of the discussion was, not over my head, but not something I was going to engage in, so it didn't bother me.

On to other topics:

Marilyn, I honestly can't wait to see you gushing like a girl about Cameron Quinn! He's one of Nora's best heroes ever!

I read a bunch this weekend. I finished DREAM MAN by Linda Howard. Then I read OPEN SEASON (also by LH) and then read GUILTY PLEASURES by Laura Lee Guhrke. I love this novel so much! Today I've got Nora's THE REEF, which I haven't read in years and years. But tonight's a TV night, since Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is on, so not sure I'll finish it today.

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend. Michelle, you're the best, Bella! Thanks for all you do to keep our community a happy one!

fjl said...

Funny one, remind us what it can be like x

Playground Monitor said...

Boy! Marykate you read fast! It took me all week to read that Christina Dodd book. Of course, I've been working on a new short story (which is not going well so far, but now that I've got the fiance's pant's down with another women it's started to gel) and handling website and RWA chapter stuff. I had a lot on the plate last week plus I'm easily distracted. *g*

So... I'm gonna gush like a girl over this hero, huh? We'll see. We'll see.


amy kennedy said...

Rach--this is why I miss summer--less play time with you.

Vivi--I agree, I simply don't go to blogs where it's mean-spirited.

Yes, Marilyn, it's the Big Easy discussion this week--tomorrow? Michelle will let us know.

Michele, good to hear from you, and glad you're happy about going back to work outside the home. I think The Bella Way, should become part of our lexicon: TBW.

Laura, no worries, Bella.

Marykate--yikes! Did you graduate from the Evelyn Wood speed reading course this weekend as well? Ooh, MK, I actually got to watch Studio 60--am I in love with Matthew Perry, or what? I might possibly be.

As for me...I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and doggonit, people like me. How the heck do you spell doggonit?

I'm just finishing-up Katie MacAlister's You Slay Me. Very funny.

amy kennedy said...

Wait, Marilyn, what did you think of TIHH? I literally laughed out loud during so much of it--an all around enjoyable book.

My favorite thing that came out of back to school week--well, the thing I won't forget--alfalfa male.

My husband likes it when I call him that.

Kati said...

Ames - My best friend (strangely, named Amy as well) has an agreement with her husband that if Matthew Perry walks up to her at anytime, she's ripping her wedding ring off and running off with him. He's #1 on her boyfriend list.

I do read fast. Keep in mind though that all of these books were re-reads for me, so I think I read them faster. I'm thrilled that tomorrow is "New Book Tuesday!" And Nora's next in the Circle trilogy comes out the following Tuesday. If I had any self-control, I'd hold on to it, and not read it until I have to go to Arizona on business towards the end of the month. Likelihood of that happening?! Slim to none! Michelle - Have you read it? I know you gave a copy of it away recently. What did you think (without going into specifics, of course)?

Marilyn - I will seriously be shocked if you don't join the Cameron Quinn fan club. Although, I will say this (and Jules will back me up), half the fun of Cam is how Anna kicks his a$$ around the block!

So, did anyone else catch Grey's Anatomy on Thursday night (in the States, I understand Canada got a different episode)? Anyway, I'm telling you guys, at the end, McDreamy's declaration of love? It totally delivered. Totally. It was a good thing I was sitting down, or I'd have swooned. BIG SIGH. He's just so d*mn...McDreamy.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

B'giorno, Bellas. First, I love the bottom pic of Becks, too. He just looks so East End -- definitely wrong side of the tracks.

Next, tomorrow is CinemaBella day! "The Big Easy" is our film of the month. Have you watched it yet?

Man, Thursday nights are looking like good TV. You guys are gonna have good stuff to talk to the TiVo DiVa about. McDreamy confessed love? What about McVet? Did you see "Circle of Friends?" I loved Chris Donnelly in it. Example of story w/ natural-sized heroine.Driver gained weight for the film, but I think she looked gorgeous. Maybe that should be in the running for CB one month.

Michele, welcome back! And congrats. Took me 5 years to go back to work after my son was born and changed my life. But, darn, these kids want to eat all the time!

Yeah, you really need to google David Beckham, cause he's really good looking. More so as he gets older, I think. And while I wish it were so -- cause you know I'd have found some way to get him to say a few naughty things to me with that British mouth of his -- he never really called me. :(

Please, I don't want anyone to feel bad about how they blogged last week. From time to time I feel the need to remind us all to "blog with a smile." It's what makes it so fun here, and I think it's why we're all so willing to keep open minds. Folks who are cranky all the time just can't stay that way if they hang with us. Except for me, of course.

But that's why it's up to you all to entertain me.:)

amy kennedy said...

Jennifery--I forgot to say hi to you--actually in the first comment I wrote and then erased, I did say hi--so my brain must have thought I did. Got that? I was painting the house and at real work this weekend, so not much time for fun and frolicking.

Michelle, Becks is hot--but I always feel like I have to take a shower after seeing a pic of him.

McDreamy--McVet. This is me with shivers.

MK--LOL, my husband and I have a list like that.

Kati said...

Michelle, Becks is hot--but I always feel like I have to take a shower after seeing a pic of him.

LOL! Yes, and he can wash my back! Oh wait, that's probably not what you meant. Kinda like Colin Farrell? I believe I told Jules I'd hold her shoes while she hosed Colin down.

Michelle - McDreamy professed love in the most perfect way ever. With this little half smile on his face. He took responsibility for screwing up and gave Meredith the time she needs to figure things out. The thing is, McVet is probably better for her. But McDreamy is well, McDreamy. The last couple I remember yearning this hard for an HEA was Ross/Rachel (in the second season). But knowing the writers, even if they get their HEA, it'll be more like a "Happily for the Moment," rather than an HEA.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

amyskf wrote: Michelle, Becks is hot--but I always feel like I have to take a shower after seeing a pic of him.

You say that like it's something bad.

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, all!!

"Foot in Mouth syndrome" should be dubbed "Julie's chronic disease".
I am always concerned whether I'm coming across the way I'm trying to.
Last week got a little heated at times but I don't think anyone meant to be negative just to be mean. I'm sure they were just trying to state something that wasn't coming across the right way.

As for posting as anonymous, I have been known to do that on blogs that I'm lurking and wanting to add but not sure if what I say is going to be taken right.

Now at RBTB, I'm comfortable enough to say something and then I keep my fingers crossed hoping that I'm taken correctly. There are times that I will post and then reread my comment and say "WHAT THE F*CK?" Then comes the next post apologizing for my stupidity. Overanalyzing claims another prisoner... *sigh*

As for Becks, really what can be said? He is one hot tamale. As MK pointed out, I'm already hosing down Colin. I could certainly throw Mr.Beckham in there, too. Soccer is a dirty sport... :P

Michele said...

OK, with all the gushing comments, Beckham sounds like a definite Google ... and he never really called? Shucks... that would have been an awesome start to the week.

Pics are the next best thing than.

Michelle, Can I ask you something? What was the hardest part about returning to work after the five years???
Transition seems to be a tad stressful. Got any tips???


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I felt guilty about spending time away from the kids, cause at that time I was teaching adult/baby music and movement classes called "Music Together." I did all the admin stuff out of my home, so I also had to contend w/ being in the home, but not focusing every minute of attn on the children. I still deal w/ that guilt, though.

I was really happy to get away and be around adults (even if they did have kids with them).

I found getting clothes together weird cause you've got to spend money to make money, right? The cost of doing business.

What are your transission issues, Michele? I'm sure the Bellas have lots to add, probably more than I do...

ev said...

finished Trouble in High Heels the other day- loved the comparison to Johnny Dep with out the makeup!! Great read!!

Any one pre order the new katie McAllister yet?

I didn't get to read all the posts from last week, so if I said anything inappropriate, Michelle, please let me know. :?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

See, this is what I was afraid was gonna happen. You guys were all gonna be afraid it was you.

You were great. Don't worry. This was just a little refresher day.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

What I want is what you're giving me. I want to know why you think it's good to be nice on the Inet, and what you think some rules might be.

Michele said...

Thanks for replying, Michelle!
Transition issues may be a misnomer now that I think of it. How about fears?

Are you sure you want me to expand on this? I've got a lot of thoughts buzzing ...

I'm not just "around the corner" should they have any problems at school. I'm now 45 minutes away, no relatives live in my town, most of the moms I had befriended had kids already in school before me so are back to work full time.

How do you deal with the fear and guilt that I'm not an eight minute rescue any more?
How do you deal when the kids act up because they know that you're not always at their beck and call.
I'm there when they go to and home from school ... but...

The first day was atrocious! Ailments started rearing up .. headaches, body aches, "I don't fee good" .... I felt retched and panicky! I wanted to put a good foot forward in my new job but I wanted to "be there" for my kids. I was a wreck.
They weren't so bad on Friday, but come tomorrow it will happen again.

I really dislike the worry that they will need me and I'm not there.

Oh! and the snacks! they didn't like anything I picked out! They argued about that! They wanted me to do EVERYTHING for them. HUH? Mr. Independent 6 going on 16 suddenly wanted me to get the milk for he was standing by the fridge.

And yes, buying new clothes (which was fun) and coming home to show my new "look" was fun but all I got was, why didn't you buy anything for us? (groan)

I am thinking that this all is stemming from "the change", but am I seeing it like it is?

OH!! this is something the Bellas could REALLY help with.

My friend got me the job, and I now work with her. What do you do to THANK someone like that?
A card just doesn't seem enough.
Would taking her out to eat be a good thing?
What kind of place would you take someone for that kind of celebration. I KNOW not McD's, but how fancy should a "thank you" have to be?
A plant?
Gift certificate (which seems impersonal to me)

What to do?

These may seem minor worries for most, but as I've only dealt with kid issues ...thinking and relating back in the adult arena for extended periods are taking some getting used to. So any advice is greatly appreciated.


Michele said...

Hey, amy*skf!

Re:" I think The Bella Way, should become part of our lexicon: TBW."

THANKS!!! *grin*

What a nice thing to say.:-)

Kati said...

Michelle - I lurk over at the JR Ward message boards (shocking, huh?!;oP), and they seem to be having some growing pains too. They have a large and passionate group and they've had to implement some really tough rules. I'm glad that's not the case here.

I'd say the biggest rule is type once, read through twice, then post. I know that there are occassions where I think I'm being witty and I come off as b*tchy or as a know it all. Either way, I hope that's not what I'm like IRL. I honestly really respect our little community and count on RBtB to give me a lift during the day. But the biggest thing is mutual respect in all things. Right? I may not agree with you, but I respect your right to have a differing opinion and express it. Sometimes we're just gonna have to agree to disagree. Like...Jules' need to hose down Colin. I can't get on board with it, but I'll hold her shoes while she does it! WINK!!!

Is that what you meant?

Monica Burns said...

{{{{{Bellas}}}} I missed so many of you last week. Sounds like all of you were really busy.

Wow! I actually WON something. Thanks, Michelle. Thanks Bellas for the congrats. I think the last time I won something was in high school! And DON’T ask how long ago that was! ROFL

MK - By jove! I think you've got it. LOL It's about respect.

Manners, where do I start? I believe good manners are critical anywhere (I’m soooo tired of people who are rude off and on the Inet – don’t get me started on the gal in the elevator the other day!). I work hard to keep my comments respectful and in context with questions asked. Michelle, you’ve worked hard to create a terrific place where we can all come and express our opinions. There will always be anonymous posters, just as there will always be drive-by postings from people who will never surface again. There will always be people who believe they have all the answers to the world’s problems. I guess we just have to learn to ignore those commentators. I know, easier said than done.

I’m always hesitant to put forth my opinion because in this medium, posts can sound patronizing. We can’t see facial expressions, read body language, ask questions in real time. I wouldn't be surprised if some of my posts last week might have been viewed in a negative light. I’m far from brilliant, but I strive hard to be logical when I post opinions. I’m betting my Mr. Spock approach makes my posts sound detached, hard-nosed or condescending when they’re not meant to be. If someone was offended, don’t be, it wasn’t my intent.

While I realize my opinions usually differ from the majority (rebel thy name is Monica! *grin*), I deeply respect the opinions of others, and if proven wrong with hard core facts, I’m the first to cry mea culpa. I think when individuals have opinions that differ it’s generally based in personal philosophy and experience. It doesn’t make one right and the other wrong. It simply is what it is, opinion. Speaking of opinions, I recently had a writer friend ask if I was trying to put down romance by calling it fantasy for women. I was horrified by that suggestion.

I love romance. I have since I was 12 years old. That hasn’t ever changed, nor will it. I find it the most entertaining and satisfying way to spend a couple of hours (well short of riding Tower of Terror over and over again -  - I’d say their neck and neck. LOL). Just because I view myself as a realist and believe romance is escapism for the masses doesn’t mean I don’t love and respect the genre. But while things might have gotten a little steamy last week, it was an interesting foray into the academic viewpoint in relation to the romance genre. Even more interesting was the juxtaposition of academia, writers and non-writers who read romance.

As usual, your logical Monica is WAY to verbose!! LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

MK, I'm an equal opportunity hoser. I'm ready, willing and able to wet down *any* snaxy guy... :P

Michele, my biggest guilt comes when the kids are sick. After all, that is the only time they want mommy. I work 30 minutes from home (15 in an emergency). I usually call at lunch and again at 4pm. Depending on how pitiful they are, I will bring home some sort of treat for them. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Monica, I love it when you get on your soapbox (I mean that in a good way). I always learn something new or look at something in a different way... :o)

Toni Lea Andrews said...

I have been told I can get a bit snarky (Moi?) and I have learned that not everyone has a sense of humor. Or they just don't get mine. I never INTEND to rant on a blog, but sometimes people take offense anyway. But I hate being careful.

Unknown said...

Having grown up about 2 miles from where Becks was born, I can say that he's not really an East Ender (you have to be born within the sound of Bow Bells to qualify as a real East End cockney)he misses that by about a mile! One of my dad's friends taught him P.E. at school but I never got to meet him in person!

anyway-this blog has one of the nicest 'feels' to it around. My RWAOnline chapter is the same. We have never had a major blow up in the 4 years I've been a member. I don't stay long at blogs/lists where some people seem to rule the roost!

Monica Burns said...

JulieO - I took it in a Good way LOL I know I get on my soapbox, and I know I have trouble letting go of somethings. Italians have trouble letting go of their passions, right Michelle??

But I do love debate, and I love to play devil's advocate even it might not be my real position. *wink*

Toni - that's a BIG piece of the Inet I think. It's hard for humor to always come across isn't it. Not everyone gets my humor either, and then I feel like a complete butthead! Oy!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

That's the rub, though, in'it, Toni? We all have those great sassy things we wanna say, but the damn blog communication limits our ability to raise the eyebrow or quirk the lips as we would in real life. Those things make a sweetly-snarky comment funny. Quick and dirty mean is so easy, and I can tell that's what you're saying.

Here's the thing. I wrote this blog then told my husband I felt a little bad about bringing up the issue. Then I was all like, wait, it's my blog! And it's not like I'm trashin some author or making fun of a cover model or something.

So, I guess we've got some pretty guilt-ridden chicks here.

I interviewed Eloisa James for a feature I'm writing. She said something like, the smarter the woman, the higher her level of shame. It was in reference to women who would like to be reading romance but are not cause of the negative connotation that goes along w/ the genre and the reading. Makes sense to me.

Oh, Kate! Please, let me have my gritty fantasy, OK? :) I'm flattered you like our place here, and am glad to here your RWA chapter is good as well.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear that you've got some negative vibes on the blog. After all, when you're looking at all the gorgeous guys, how can you get too worked up about something else? And I thought for sure that Cam would have been your fav. Quinn brother since he fell for the Italian lady! They were all great characters - my favorite series of hers.....Ciao!

Julie in Ohio said...

AAHHH, Michelle. I shoulda known you would have gone for the strong silent type... :o)

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, my, wonder I've missed your blog so much. I *love* the way you handle stuff, the way you present discussion...just the whole tone of this blog! It truly rocks. And I'm sure that most people who came off negatively really didn't mean to, but we can all use a reminder to be more positive and polite in the way we express ourselves. :)


Rach said...

Hi everyone! Ames, I miss ya'll too, thanks for mentioning it =).

I'm with MK on the type it once read it twice thing. *Really* read what you're writing and make sure it can't be too misconstrued.

Michele, I hear ya on the guilt thing. I'm now 45 minutes from the Monkey if she should become sick or have some other emergency at school. Hubby is about 30 minutes away. I guess, teaching, I become so immersed in what I'm doing that I really don't have too much time to think about it during the day--which is most *definitely* a good thing!!!

Michele said...

Thanks for helping me feel better Rachd!

Bellas are the BEST!

Julie in Ohio said...

In my self defense, I can read, and reread my post and it sounds fine in my head (and I suppose that should scare you).
But when I hit the publish button, I swear, the words change.
Personally, I think Blogger is out to get me...

Kati said...

Michele - I have no advice (don't have kids, just a puppy, and she's safe in her crate while Mom's at work). But I do wish you luck, it must be exciting and terrifying all at once.

Ladies, since tomorrow is "New Book Tuesday," I'm thinking of buying Shana Abe's THE SMOKE THIEF. There was quite a hoopdeedoo over on AAR about the book (which I didn't read, since I hadn't read the book). I wonder, has anyone read it? If so, did it work for you? It seems right up my alley, but I wanted to get some others thoughts on it before I buy it. Anyone read it?

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm not familiar with it, MK, but I'm always on the look out for new authors/books. What's it about?

Rach said...

Michele, I forgot to mention, CONGRATULATIONS on starting again! I know it is terrifying and exciting all at the same time! I guess my advice would be to love your children with all you have when you are with them and don't dwell when you are at work--it doesn't do any good anyway ;oP.

Seriously, though, your kids are going to be fine--better probably than you for a while...I find that I'm much more patient with Monkey and Little Bit when I'm working because my time with them is much more limited. You make the time you *do* have with them count. =)

I do hope that helps, it's the best I've got I'm afraid.

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm the kind of mother that *has* to work. I can't be a stay at home mom. I don't have the temperment for it. Any stay at home mom is up for sainthood in my book... :o)

Stacy~ said...

Aw, this feels just like old times :)

Someone mentioned McDreamy earlier, and it reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend at work. She doesn't remember Patrick Dempsey pre-Grey's Anatomy, but I remember him from "Can't Buy Me Love" when he played the geek in love with the most popular girl in school, who in turn made him popular. He's definitely aged very do a lot of men. Hate that LOL.

I've been on the fence about TIHH, as well as Match Me If You Can by SEP. Never read the Quinns either....currently I have Erin McCarthy's ARC "You Don't Know Jack". I love her work. She writes such funny, sensual love scenes. Erin is a master at writing really hot stuff that celebrates a woman's sexuality. One of my all-time faves.

Michelle, I think you do a wonderful job of letting us express ourselves, and also of respecting us. I never feel anyone here is condescending or superior no matter how much more educated or knowledgable someone is - there is always a sense that we truly like each other, and definitely I've learned a lot from other people. One of my favorite places to visit :)

Julie in Ohio said...

Stacy, I just recently read Erin's HEIRESS FOR HIRE and THE PREGNANCY TEST. Those were good ones. She really does humorously sexy very well. :o)
What do you mean you've never read the Quinns? Ay, Ay, Ay. They make me wish that either they were my brothers or my lovers. It's a fine line... :P

Vivi Anna said...

Stacy, Can't Buy Me Love is still one of my favorite movies. I adored Patrick in that movie. But yes, he's aged extremely well. ;-)

Julie in Ohio said...

Reason #125 on the "why I love RBTB" list is the fact we all love romance but each one brings different books to the mix. Actually, I count on that fact. I tend to stay within a comfortable bubble of sameness which is OK but can get a little dry after a while. :o)

OK. MK can be pretty vocal about her favs (*G*) but I often need a good push to get a new author or different kind of book... :P (BTW, MK, if not for your shove I would be without the Brotherhood. I owe ya one.)

BTW, I am working on Loretta Chase's Carsington trilogy. So far so good. Thanks for the rec. :o)

I'm really loving the Egyptian settings. Does anyone know of any other Egyptian books?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I heart Carsingtons and Loretta Chase! Mr. Impossible! Yowsers. Wait til the scene when he figures out he's crazy for hn. And Lord Perfect? Unbelievable dialogue. IMO. The highest mark I've ever given a romance (besides Auntie Jane's PandP).

susan squires' companion is egypt and c brockway as you desire, but ther were some mixed reviews although it's a fave of mine. Many regency egypt. settings.

OMG. So funny. I just told the entire Quinn saga to my kids and husband at the dinner table not a half hour ago. Chris was really concerned that the young boy may have been an illegit son of the dead father. they were all surprized I'm an Ethan girl.

I'm so dying to write more about Michele's work dilemma, but I'm so flippin buried. grrr. I just know my life blossomed when I started to work, and I think my kids, for all they complain, are pretty proud of me.

And thanks for liking it here so much.

Rach said...


I too LOVE the Quinns, and you really nailed it with the whole brother/lover thing, Julie =).

Stacy and Vivi, CAN'T BUY ME LOVE was so wonderful and I too agree Patrick has aged very well.

And, I just realized I didn't do the requisite drool over Becks on the bed. Mmmmmmmm

Rach said...

Oh, geeze, I forgot to thank you, Michelle, for keeping it Bella-rific here! =) You are the best. I too am an Ethan girl ;o). He has good hands...

Julie in Ohio said...

I've read AYD and absolutely LOVED it. I haven't tried Susan Squires yet. Thanks.

Michelle, I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house some days. Between dinner conversations and talks with your son, it sounds like a lively household. :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

The Squires I really dig is Sacrament. These are paras with vamps (i know I've come a long way). She's a great writer.

You guys are as nice to say you dig it here as you are to hang here. But I know it's only cause I post hot guys. And, thanks for paying props to Becks, Rach.

I swear, next week I'm not scheduling anything but blogging and my column so I can hang with youz extra.

Pam Rosenthal Thursday Bellas.

Stacy~ said...

Y'all are a bunch of book pimps! Between Nora and Squires and Chase...good grief. I'd say I was as happy as a pig in sh**, but I never liked that comparison. But yeah, me likes the recs. Way too dang much. And I just got back from the store today.

Did I ask how anyone liked Match Me If You Can? Should I have gotten it at the store?

Julie in Ohio said...

Sorry, Stace. I haven't read it but I've heard bunches of good about it. The only SEP that I have read is AIN'T SHE SWEET, which I would rec to anyone. The heroine is one that you love to hate to love. She is unique. :o)

Michelle, we would be lying to say that we don't love the guys. You know how to pick 'em... :P

Rach said...

I've read all the Chicago Stars SEP books and am looking forward to MMIYC, Stace. It's in my TBR, but I'm a wee smidge busy at the mo'.

As for the recs, ya'll are awesome with that! MK, thank you, Bella, for forcing me out of my comfort zone and into the BDB!!!!

Kati said...

Rach - I pimp BDB to everyone, I LOVE that you loved it though! Makes me hope you felt like it was money well spent! I just realized that I've somehow split the spine on my copy of DARK LOVER (rereading it 5 million times will do that), so I guess I need to buy a new one!

Stace - I've read (and own) MATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Have you read any of the other Stars novels? Not that it's necessary, but it does enhance the experience. I just love SEP's writing. She's so smooth in her characterizations. I love her writing style.

Kati said...

Uh-oh. I've never heard of Pam Rosenthal. Is she the one who wrote THE BOOKSELLER'S DAUGHTER? I never read it. If you were to suggest one PR novel, what would it be?

I get new authors from you guys all the time! I love that!

Kati said...
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Michelle Buonfiglio said...

My fave PR is "Almost A Gentleman," way at the top of my really fave books. I have "carrie's story' but haven't gotten to it yet.

Match me if you can is this week's Old Flame at RBtheBook.

Thanks, JulieO. So glad I have you all to share my slavering with.

We all could be akin to those piggies you spoke of on book-buying day, Rach. I just went to the store last week and bought me a set of JR Ward caus I gave all mine away. :)

Hey, Michele...have a good day at work tomorrow.

Nite, Bellas!

ev said...

Michele- it's tough when you aren't there like you were before. We had our separation anxiety's too when my daughter was in school-add in learning and emotional disabilities and you have a real 3 ring circus.

I got into the habit of falling for every hang nail and rushing home. Don't. that is my biggest piece of advice. It's hard, don't get me wrong, but when she knew all she had to do was whimper and I was there, that's what she did. I had to force myself to send her to school in the mornings and then listen to the school nurse when she called. They are not stupid- the kids or the nurse!

Also, if she started the headache/stomaceache routine in the morning, I would make her go to bed early that night, with no TV or playing with her friends after school (no video games either). She learned quickly.

The hardest part is sticking to your guns while they are trying to fire theirs.

Good luck. And I hope you bought yourself a lot of nice stuff- mom's deserve it. Without having to always buy them something too. (At 21 she still tries that line- knowing it won't work!!)

ev said...

Stacy- I loved Match Me if You Can. But if you haven't read it you really need to read Dodd's new one- Trouble in High Heels. That's a keeper!! After that one, I got all her stuff from the library.

I keep a notebook by my puter so when someone reccommends something I can write it down and either take it shopping or hit the library cataloge on line. There is no way in he!! that I could remember all the books/authors!! :) but I love getting all the recommendations from everyone too!!

oh, and Nora Robert's newest one, Morrigan's Cross was really good. I am looking forward to the next one. Definately not her usual stuff, which is probably why I loved it!!

Playground Monitor said...

finished Trouble in High Heels the other day- loved the comparison to Johnny Dep with out the makeup!!

Is that how you pictured Roberto? I totally pictured him another way. I can't put my finger an actor's name but it ain't Johnny Depp.

I really enjoyed TIHH. The whole Ballerina Brandi versus Lawyer Brandi showed a big character arc. And I was kept engaged by the plot all the way through. There were enough pop references to keep it hip, but not so many that this woman who doesn't know a Jimmy Choo from a Manolo felt confused.

Someone said they laughed out loud and I was that way too. Of course the elevator scene had me wanting a cold shower.

Didn't get SEA SWEPT started today but I got about 5 1/2 pages written. Yay!

Stacy~ said...

Thanx for the opinions everyone, on TIHH & MMIYC. I don't know, the book blurbs sounded okay, but didn't catch my attention. I trust y'all to give me good recs.

Yay Marilyn on 5 1/2 pages!

I'll probably be missing out on Big Easy talk today. We have a after-work function, so I'll be home late. Can't wait to read the comments though.

Michele said...

Ev! Thank you SO much for the advice. I see the pattern and your wisdom in avoiding it.
*grin*, I bought a few things - basic black to mix and match. I'm looking forward to the FIRST paycheck. Oh Wow~! I can only imagine ... :-)

I talked to my eldest last night and asked him how he felt about me returning to work. He said that it was "cool".! **whew!**, it's the little one now that continues to concern me. Everyone's advice HAS helped. I really appreciate it, Bellas!

Thanks Michelle - I'm heading off in one hour. Woot!
Oh! and I agree, I love Sacrament too!
I just went on my library site last night and was thrilled to see so many vamp books offered that I missed.
One sounds SO cool!!!
Has ANYONE heard of the
Greywalker by Kat Richardson? Sounds so different! Or The Nymphos of Rocky Flats by Mario Acevedo?
Or The Burning by Susan Squires or Tall, Dark & Dead by Tate Hallaway?

Those are a few vamp romances I found that I'm curious about. I ordered 12 books last night. Like I have time to read now? LOL
I went "click" happy. ;-)

Oops, gotta fly... I'll check in tonight to see what I missed.

Thanks again, Bellas, for all the support and great advice!
Y'all are the BEST!

ev said...

Play- I wasn't the one who compared him to Johnny Dep without the eye liner- it was in the book!! LOL Now the daughter has to read it just because of that line. ::snicker::

Playground Monitor said...

It was in the book, huh? I totally don't remember that. But I still don't envision Roberto that way.

Oh well... they say the mind's the first thing to go. :grin: