Friday, September 08, 2006

Meet The TiVo DiVa!

Please meet my sistah-in-lawr, Linda, the TiVo DiVa! It's always ticked me off that she knows so much about what's on TV, remembers plot lines, who plays what role, and what they were on, like, 5 years ago. Alas, I can offer you none of that. But I can offer you Linda and a Contest! One lucky commenting Bella wins a copy of Lori Foster's "Murphy's Law," and Susan Squire's, "The Burning." So, grab your remote, slip on your bunny slippers, sit back, and give a warm Bella Buongiorno to the TiVo DiVa...

Ciao, Bellas, and thanks for letting me join the party! Michelle tells me that in addition to loving your romance novels, some you love TV as well, which is certainly something I can relate to.

I am an avid and an equal opportunity reader -- I enjoy all genres, including a sprinkling of romance, which I find is good for the soul, no? But when I’m not reading, I am watching TV, which is my personal, not-so-secret guilty pleasure. Now, I know lots of women who say, “I NEVER watch TV!”, or “How do you find the TIME to watch SO MUCH TV (Hello?!? Ever hear of a little thing called TiVo?!?)?”

And while I think those people sound sort of sophisticated and so above it all, and while it might be nice to be able to contribute to a conversation about President Bush’s press conference the other night instead of the why Ari didn’t hug it out with Vince on Entourage, the truth is, WHO CARES?

TV is cool! TV is hip! TV is real-time pop culture, it is fashion and music and cutting edge trends and hot celebrities all wrapped up in plot lines that, when they’re really good, keep us thinking, guessing, fantasizing, and looking forward to the next episode with bated breath.

Hmmm...could it be that good TV is a little bit like...good sex? I’ll let the experts (you all!) hash that one out, and reserve my own comments...after all, my big brother might be reading this! I’ll just say the following: Keep your economic policies, Pres. Bush, I’ll take Dr. McDreamy any day!

Which is not to say, mind you, that I treat my TV watching like nothing more than a big, fat, Fall issue of InStyle magazine, something to glance at mindlessly, then throw away.

Not at all! I take my role as a TV watcher seriously. I try to make intelligent, thoughtful choices about what I watch and I don’t tolerate any shows that insult me with either indulgent programming decisions (Sorry, Tony Soprano, I know that when you woke up this morning you got yourself a gun, but I WON’T tune back in after your 2-year hiatus...I mean REALLY!) or gratuitous stupidity (Sorry, Desperate Housewives, your antics weren’t titillating enough to get me to tune back in after Lynette ate a pound of raw bacon...I mean YUCK!).

And sorry...I don’t watch any (that is ZERO) reality TV. Why should I watch real people when there are paid actors, directors and writers for me to love/hate, ogle/criticize and idolize/revile? Sometimes all at once?!

I guess I try to watch shows which feature really great acting, really smart writing and really engaging plot lines. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail. Here are some of my successes, my top priority TiVo Season Passes for returning shows this Fall:

Veronica Mars (formerly UPN, now CW): This critically acclaimed sleeper hit never got the following it deserved, maybe because viewers were either skeptical of a show with main characters who are still in high school, or skeptical that a really quality show could actually exist on UPN. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. If it’s anywhere near as good as it was the first two seasons, you’ll be hooked.

Lost (ABC): With it’s weird, supernatural, mythological, God-knows-what’s-next twists and turns, this show never ceased to give me a little shiver down my spine when I least expect it. Add all those hot shirtless men and you’ve got yourself some great TV.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): I could almost hear millions of women all across America exclaim in disbelief during the season finale last May, “Did... McDreamy just...take off Meredith’s...panties?!?” I don’t know if she chose him or McVet, but I’ll be tuning in to find out.

Prison Break (Fox): Two words: Wentworth. Miller. ‘Nuff said. I’ll admit I’m a bit skeptical about how this season will pan out given that the Break is now Broke, but the addition of the always great Willliam Fichtner to the cast could be just the boost they need.

Other great shows I could talk about but will save for another day: Gilmore Girls, Nip/Tuck, House, Boston Legal, 24, Weeds...

And shows I had a great summer watching: The Closer, Rescue Me, Saved, Entourage, Brotherhood...also good topics anytime we’re ready...

And finally, here are some new shows getting lots of buzz I’ll be setting my TiVo to record:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC): With the stellar writing team from The West Wing, and all kinds of familiar faces (Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford), this show has all the makings of a big hit.

The Nine (ABC): Nine strangers are caught in a bank robbery gone bad. Using creative timelines and flashbacks, we’ll relive the 52-hour hostage standoff that ensues. Critics say this has enormous potential. It also has Tim Daly (remember him from Wings?) and Scott Wolf (Party of Five’s Bailey).

Six Degrees (ABC): TV hit maker J.J. Abrams (Alias and Lost are also his babies) executive produces this New York relationship drama, and anything J.J. puts on the box, I’ve got to watch. Campbell Scott and Hope Davis star.

Justice (Fox): Jerry Bruckheimer’s got his prints on this legal/crime drama, which focuses on how high profile cases are now won or lost in the media. It’s slick and pretty, and the last scene each week actually shows you how the crime went down and if the defendant, win or loose, actually did the deed.

Other shows I’m interested in: Heroes, Vanished, Standoff, Brothers and Sisters, hmmm...thank God for TiVo...

So, there we have some food for thought.

Let’s hear it, Bellas: What are you watching these days? What’s the next big show? Who did Meredith choose? What did you think of Tommy Gavin’s relationship with Janet on Rescue Me?

I’ve got all the time in the TiVo’s on...

Encore! The TiVo DiVa will visit monthly to talk Tube. You can write to Linda c/o me at


amy kennedy said...

Linda, welcome! You are adorable.
First, I have to upgrade my satelite--no cool movie channels--really, really wanted to watch The Brotherhood, second--NEED TIVO. I usually only watch the later shows, after the 7 year old is in bed.

Grey's Anatomy is one I have to watch every week, even my husband gets sucked into it.

Love CSI--NEVER get to watch it.

I agree with you on so many shows, Veronica Mars--I know I've missed too many episodes, but I try to watch it when I can.

Desperate Housewives--I just didn't care after the first season. Last season I would watch the last 15 minutes, just to see if anything cool was happening.

Now, it seems I have to wait for the DVD of everything to be able to watch the whole season.

I'm writing far too much about this.

amy kennedy said...




catslady said...

oh there are so many shows i'm waiting for but to pick one I will say Survivor - it's the only reality show I allow myself so I don't get totally hooked on so many.

Playground Monitor said...

I'm still watching Desperate Housewives. It's not as good as season one but I have hope it will recover. I'm also looking forward to Dancing with the Stars. Schmaltz I know, but the DH and I took ballroom classes during the last season and would come home and dream about dancing that well. LOL Love the original CSI -- yum Gil Grissom. And I love Monk. I just wish we got more than 6 episodes at a time. Argh! Other than that, I don't watch a lot of tv. Oh yeah.. Survivor. The racial division of tribes is causing quite a stir.

I haven't a clue about the new shows. I've never watched Grey's Anatomy. Do I hear a collective gasp? Never watched Lost either. Heck I never saw Friends or Buffy for that matter. I spend too much time with my nose in a book. *gg*

Dannyfiredragon said...

I am waiting on the new season of CSI here in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Buon Giorno, Bellas!

First, I must confess I don't have cable, so for many wonderful shows I must wait until the DVD comes out. For example...

I am a fan of Veronica Mars, definitely! I'm crossing my fingers they keep the quality writing for the new season--was a believer from the beginning!

On network programming, I have been a very vocal LOST fanatic from the pilot (I got all my family to watch it), but I feel it lost steam (and consistency) at the beginning of the second season. I'm still hooked enough on the mysteries to give season 3 a shot (and you can't beat the eye candy, really--Josh Holloway, anyone?)

I try to watch Numb3rs, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, and the original CSI as much as possible.

For new programming, I have been waiting for waiting for The NINE since I saw the first promo--I'm hoping very badly that the execution lives up to the hype! Same with Six Degrees.

Stacy~ said...

Hey Linda, welcome :) I don't watch t.v., and not because I think I'm above it or anything like that. I loved t.v., but I found I wasn't doing much of anything else except watch t.v. Even reading went to the wayside for awhile. It's been almost 3 yrs and I don't feel like I'm missing a lot.

I used to watch, and a lot of it. CSI, X-Files, Buffy, Without a Trace, Medium. I was an addict LOL.

I will agree that reality t.v. bores me and never watched it. I just don't get the appeal of Survivor or American Idol. I fee my eyes glaze over when people talk about them.

Anywayz, I'm interested to hear what everyone else is hooked on.

TiVoDiVa said...

Hey all, and thanks for the warm welcome! I'm pleased to hear some of you are big on TV as well and it sounds like CSI is a favorite. I've seen it in the past and enjoyed the way the show plays with relationships between staff members..Catherine/Warrick, Grissom/Sara...actually did I read that they got together last season? And I'm THRILLED that a few of you (azteclady and amy*skf) have actually seen Veronica Mars. I can't wait for that premier! Did anyone watch the new show Justice last night?

MsTypo said...

Hey Linda! Anyone who is as addicted to TV as me is good people in my book. :D The worst thing about living abroad is the lack of current tv. Don't get me started on the fact that for 6 months back in Delhi my Mondays were doomed with "all new" episodes of Becker. *sob*

I keep in touch with all my fave shows via the internet. You can download most new shows on itunes now for not too much money. Otherwise i wait til everything comes out on DVD. (Lost and Gilmore Girls thsi month. *bounce*)

I am dying with anticipation over Heroes. (Sadly it will either not live up to the hype. Or worse, be amazing and get cancelled by the short-sighted folks at NBC.)

Old shows: Gilmore Girls, Lost, Grey's, House...

What on earth did people do to pass the time and make themselves happy before there was TV?!

ev said...

Hi Linda (did anyone ever tell you that you look like Ellen D, with darker hair?)

I just finished my favorite season of the year- when the fall lineup TV guide shows up and I go thru it and circle everything I will be watching or recording. Nothing gets done here anymore, since there is so much to watch, I have to sit and do it.

I did get to see Justice finally, and I find the way they end it a nice fresh twist.

Yes, I do watch American Idol and Rockstar and Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. It gives me my good cry for the week, and who can say no to Ty.

Did anyone else watch Psych over the summer, right after Monk? I look forward to Janurary when new shows will be on.

Kati said...

Ahh, this is absolutely my other favorite topic (romance, TV and movies for me!)

Hi, my name is MK, and I'm a TV junkie. No, really. I live in a house with one roommate. We have four TVs (one a monster LCD TV to watch football on) and two DVRs (the generic TiVo). I worship at the altar of Aaron Sorkin (SportsNight, The West Wing and this season's Studio 60), Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, FireFly) and JJ Abrams (Alias, LOST, 6 degrees). I'm an utter junkie.

During the TV Season (other than football, my favorite time of the year is S-W-E-E-P-S), I actively TiVo about 15 shows. I am able to juggle multiple storylines, backstories and nuances in my favorite shows. So, to make a long story short, I have no life.

This season, I will be TiVo-ing the following shows:

Grey's Anatomy (probably the best show on TV, at least, until Studio 60 gets going)
Ugly Betty*
Studio 60*
How I Met Your Mother
Gilmore Girls
The Nine*
The Amazing Race (it's reality, but seriously good)

I think that's about it. Which, actually, the list isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. LOL!

So, Linda, it's like we're separated at birth! Thanks for joining us and bringing up a topic that I just love, so, so much!

ev said...

OMG, I can't wait for Gilmore Girls. Did Loreli screw up or what in the season finale????

ev said...

MK- There is not enough space here to fit what I put on my dvr's on a weekly basis. 2 Dvr's, 2 vcrs and 5 tv's in a household of 3. We need a TVA group for sure.

CrystalGB said...

I am a big tv fan. I like all of the CSI's, House, Bones, NCIS,Cold Case. I could go on and on. :)

amy kennedy said...

Sometimes I'm almost afraid to watch a new show--I'll get hooked and it'll get cancelled. I think it was Heist last year...adored it. The cast the premise. Alas it is gone.

Azteclady, yeah The Nine sounds like a good one, don't know if I can fit it in.

Marylin, I watch Monk too--when I happen on it.

Stacy, when my oldest was a newborn and I was home with her I got hooked on Soap operas--three hours of them daily. I would plan our day around them. Then one day I woke-up and said--What am I doing? I stopped cold turkey and never turned them on again.

Sometimes I wonder if I'd get more things done if I turned off the tv--sorry tivodiva. And well obviously I'd get more things done.

MsTypo said...

MaryKate, i am so there with you on the Amazing Race front. That's not reality TV, that's Great TV. Its also the one reality program that i think i could go on and win. :D We were so happy last year in Delhi when we got the latest season at the same time as the US.

Anyone ever watch the 4400?

amy kennedy said...

We have a tv in our garage. Yup. That's the sports tv. Guess where my husband is most of the time. Yup. In the garage--we like it this way. When Boston Legal is on--we watch it together but seperate--he channel surfs on every commercial and doesn't always get back to the show--see why he needs to be in the garage?

Tuesday nights around here, everyone knows Mom goes downstairs to the bedroom. Alone. And watches The Gilmore Girls. There are times when I watch it and think--holy crap, I'm Lorelie. Just not as cute. Or funny. Or have my own business. And I'm married. With three kids.

Okay, so maybe I'm not Lorelie--but I could play her on tv.

amy kennedy said...

Nairobi, the 4400 is another show I know I should watch, but haven't.

Too. Many. Shows.

MsTypo said...

I often joke that the TV raised me. I swear i spent more hours watching TV as a kid (0-30 years) than i did doing almost anything else. That said, i've never had more than one tv in my house. Hubby and i are regularly discuss getting a second TV for him and his sports but we never do.

That said, I am the master of the box, remote, tv controler (or whatever you call it in your house) and i like it!

Kati said...

Ames said, Sometimes I'm almost afraid to watch a new show--I'll get hooked and it'll get cancelled. I think it was Heist last year...adored it. The cast the premise. Alas it is gone.

Ames - I say all the time things like, "I just am not sure I can take on another show." LOL! Like it's a relationship or something!


Wow, you like a lot of shows!

Deborah Chan said...

I don't have much time to watch tv with a newborn but I'll take you suggestions into account.

Shuck Ying said...

I enjoy watching NCIS..which the the Navy version of a CSI show.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Linda! Thanks for stopping in to talk TV. I just want to say that I've heard of about 75% of the shows you all are talking about, so I feel much better about myself this morning.

You mentioned shows that get canceled early, but are generally great. That's one of my peeves about broadcast TV. And why HBO is so great. Yeah, Ames. Deadwood, Carnivale, Entourage, 6 Feet Under, Early Sopronos were shows I never missed when I watched.

MK, I forgot I adORED SportsNight. Another early cancel: I'll Fly Away. Then there was a show set in the 40s during WWII, I can't remember the title, but the theme song was "Gotta Accentuate the Positive." Songs I can remember.

Here's the thing:I love to hear people talk about television. Because they're generally passionate about it. Not, like, "That Family Guy, now there's a comic genius," but "That Bart Simpson, now there's the greatest comic mind since Lenny Bruce."

Real TV aficionados understand the subtle difference and can eloquently communicate it.


So, welcome. I'm dying to hear you guys dish. Gimmee some dirt, Bellas. I mean, what's the real, big, controversial plotline going?

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Linda!! :o)

I don't have a TiVo and I miss everything... :(

House was my fav last season and I missed the opener this week. I adore Hugh Laurie.
Bones is another that I got hooked on. Confession time: it was because of David Boreanaz. He will always be Angel to me...

I don't like most reality TV because I feel as though it's a jip. Really, aren't all those "real" people just an actor wanna be?
Having said that though, I LOVE American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

I used to watch alot of TV but lately I only have a handful of shows I watch. Mostly because I forget when they are on...

The show I'm looking forward to is Studio 60.
Does anyone know when that one starts?

MsTypo said...

Entertainment Weekly's new edition has Desperate Housewives on the cover. Check out for an aritcle about the new season. (I'm reading it now!) Don't know if the plot lines are controversial but they sound good. :D

MsTypo said...

Julie i know what you mean about Boreanaz being Angel. Spike was on Smallville last season as Brianiac and everytime he was on screen i found myself wondering why he wasn't a british vamp with platinum hair. LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

The Nine also sounds great.

Linda, don't get me started with Rescue Me. I started watching it this season and when Tommy did what he did to his ex, I decided that I didn't need to give him anymore of my precious time...

Typ0, I've seen Marsters in other shows too. He really should keep the accent. He doesn't sound right without it.

Law & Order:SVU and the original L & O is a show that I watched many seasons of but I missed last season. I still enjoy watching the repeats when I find them. TNT and USA have them on often.

Kati said...

Jules - Isn't it disturbing that Spike has an American accent? I was firmly in the "love the one you're with" camp as far as Spike and Angel went. There were definite aspects of Spike that I loved. My favorite episode being the one (Beneath You) where he comes back after getting his soul (all in the name of love for Buffy) and he and Buffy are in the church and she finally realizes what he's gone through for love of her. He drapes himself across the crucifix, smoldering, and asks, "Can we rest now, Buffy? Please, can't we rest?" SIGH. I get chills just thinking about it.

At the same time, I seriously loved Angel. Season 2 of Buffy in its entirety was simply perfect from the beginning to the end. Part of it was the simmering chemistry between Buffy and Angel, but part of it was the horror of realizing that in Joss Whedon's world, no one is safe. I remember seeing Passion the first time (this is the one where Miss Calendar dies) and being horrified. SIGH.

I miss Joss.

MsTypo said...

Joss is a genius. Period. Buffy and Angel were two of the best series on TV and the BTVS episode Hush was as Emmy worthy as anything currently on TV.

I really liked Angel with Cordy. She developped into this great character before they ruined her. BTW, i read that Charisma is high on the list for the part of Wonder Woman which Joss is currently writing. SQUEEEE!!! :D

I've started watching VM here since everyone compares it to Buffy. I'm still on the fense though...

Julie in Ohio said...

I actually lost some respect for Spike when he got his soul. He did it for the love of Buffy but deep down he knew that she wouldn't love him back. And we won't go into the fact that he was all whiney and wimpy. I thought he had more cred with a chip in his head. At least then he still showed some spunk.

Season 2 of Buffy was the best.
Yes, yes, yes on the Passion epi. I am so in the Angel camp, but more than that I think that Joss did a great job of proving that nobody is safe and anything can happen. Not to mention the whole slayer in love with a vampire, not a good idea.
We won't go into love *not* conquerering all because this is a romance blog and goes against everything I believe. :P

TiVoDiVa said...

Oh. My. God. KINDRED SPIRITS! I could go on all day with you guys! You have put so many interesing topics out there (Gilmore Girls, sports TVs in the garage, overloaded TiVos), and I have to be at a PTO meeting in 5 minutes! Not. Fair. Later, later...

Monica Burns said...

{{{{{Belllas}}}}} I've missed you's like being an addict without a fix.

Linda! It's great to see you here. I wouldn't want to miss meeting Michelle's SIL, since anyone Michelle raves about has to be top drawer. Our family has five TVs in the house with two TIVO units and we're thinking about adding a third. So disappointed they did away with the lifetime subscription, but thank heavens we got it on both of them. The DH complained at the time of buying, but he's thanking me now. ROFL I'm telling you bellas, I'm psychic!

TV Shows - I'm a recovering TV junkie. I have TIVO and season passes to the following....

The Nanny reruns (I adore Niles and his love/hate relationship with CC - EXCELLENT insults!)
The Ghost Whisperer
Without a Trace
The 4400 (I HATE their short season)

That's about all I can squeeze into my tight schedule. Between working a day job and writing fulltime at night, I don't get to enjoy much TV, they usually build up and I have a marathon - although I ALWAYS stop for Medium.

Shows I catch if I'm at a loose end (what's that?? LOL)
L&O reruns (Lenny has my heart! Can you tell I love sarcastic humor???)
Star Trek reruns
Angel (I like this show better than Buffy - not because of DB, but because I think it's better developed)

I try not to get hooked on anything else because it bites into my writing time BIG TIME! Especially because I also watch a lot of movies. I love Naveen ?? on LOST (plays Sayid), and I bought Bride and Prejudice and Kama Sutra because of him. Both excellent movies BTW.

Bellas, we're camping this weekend, and though the DH doesn't know it, we're watching The Big Easy after the campfire dies down. LOL Yes, we have a TV and DVD in the trailer too. *sigh* The DH is a major Couch Potato - Home Improvement, Gilligan's Island (gag), Survivor (gag) and cartoons.

I have to say Linda, you've now piqued my interest in Justice. Anything Buckheimer has his hand in is usually something I enjoy, and this show's premise sounds really good. Thanks again for being here!

oooohhhh, get this Word Ver.


MsTypo said...

Off Topic: i just went to Buy the Book and cast my vote in the current poll. Can i just say that i'm both curious and disturbed by all the people that voted for Yoda.

*walks away shaking her head*

Back on Topic: I haven't watched L&O since Lenny left. He was the heart and soul of that show. But i love me some SVU and was beyond thrilled for Mariska when she won the Emmy last week. :)

KimW said...

I don't watch much TV. It's usually background noise because my head is buried in a book or I'm on the PC. I have watched Sopranos and Deadwood. Mostly for the shock factor. Wow..that's all I can say. Mostly I'd say I watch the History channel because that's what my husband has on. A lot. lol

Kati said...

Mon! It's Mon! I missed you! Hope you've been busy cooking up somethign awesome for me to read!

Of course Angel appeals to you. IMHO, it was much more slickly produced. It had more a noir feeling to it, and everything was very stylized. Even the MOW's were slicker than on Buffy.

That's part of what appealed to me about Buffy was that it was campy all the way around.

Now, Typ0 for my money, the episode most worth of an Emmy for writing for Buffy was "THE BODY."
There was no music at all in that episdoe. Just acting. Kick a$$ acting. Everything about it was different. The lighting, the acting, the writing. So perfect.

And what about ONCE MORE WITH FEELING? Who else but Joss would be able to put his show to music and still advance the story line?

He's a genius! Michelle, maybe we should do a whole blog about this!

OK, back to current TV. I need them to recap LOST for me. I've totally forgotten what's happened on the show. And I don't buy the DVDs. Does anyone remember what happened?

MsTypo said...

MaryKate excellent choice with "The Body." That was one of the greatest eps of the entire series hands down. I esp liked how Anya dealt with death...

As for OMWF, i have almost worn out the DVD i have of that ep i've watched it, kareoked it and obsessed on it so much. LOL Other shows have gone the musical route but, you're right, they were like bonus eps that did nothing for the characters. OMWF fit into the mythology of the show and moved it along both wrapping up loose ends and setting for even more chaos.

Lost updates... Um.. they're still on the island. ;) :p Oh you need more. Ok. Check out Television Without Pity for in depth episode recaps. I'm totally out of that loop I'm afraid. I know only the barest of details. Sorry!! :(

Grey's question: What is Izzy going to do now that she's jeapordized her career? She CANNOT leave the show. *pout* She's my fave character.

Vivi Anna said...

Welcome Linda. My favorite shows and really the only two I watch consistently are CSI: Vegas, adn the Sopranos.

I love me some Gil Grisson, Nick and Warrick ain't too bad either...heck I'd take Greg for a ride or two... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I actually don't watch much tv unless you count the toddler cartoons and shows my toddler watches during the day like Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, etc. I spend so much time on the computer or reading that I am not interested in watching television. I watch the sci fi channel occasionally. I like their Battlestar Galactica series and I enjoyed watching Enterprise until it got cancelled. Occasionally I will catch some reruns of old favorites but I can't say I am devoted to any particular show right now.

amy kennedy said...

MK go to the website for LOST, bet you could get caught up quickly. I constantly have to ask a friend what's going on--because it's a bit too scary for the 7 year old.

Monica--Naveen is pretty much why I watch, hel--llo. What a bod.

Nairobi--Izzy can't leave. That's all there is to it. I want to look like her in my next life. And did you not luurve Denny?

amy kennedy said...

Cherie Japp--LOL. That's how I feel about movies in the theatre, only see kid ones.

Kati said...

Ames and Vivi - I'm a Sawyer girl, all the way. He's just so...diiiiirty. I could help him with that!

Monica Burns said...

ok bellas...what is this fascination with the Sopranos?? I get the heebie jeebies with it. Maybe it's tooo close to home, but Michelle likes it, so maybe it's just me. I just can't get my head into it.

MK - I've been struggling babe, and I do mean struggling. I hate having two stories happening in my head and only time to write one. *sigh* Deidre pushed me back to the historical until I get my paranormal voice refined (translation - the idea is phenom, the writing tanks! LOL). But I'm excited about this new book. Just wish I could write faster and not just at night. We've got a 3hr drive to the campground today, so that's internet free, one HUGE drain.

Ames, if you like Naveen you WILL NOT like him Kama Sutra...but it's a GREAT movie and the fact that I can love him in LOST and hate him in this movie tells me his a good actor. Clearly I got past the good looks, although he's more a pretty boy in KS

Didn't someone say they liked Dead Zone the other week? I have to admit I like the show too, I've debated doing a season pass, but I have my limits. Discipline, I must remember discipline! LOL

Anonymous said...

Vivi, I'm with you on CSI. I've been a fan since the first show of the first season. Just the original, though. I don't watch the offshoots.

My other TV must-see right now is House. Can't wait to see where this season goes.

The truth is that between the day-job and writing, I don't have a ton of free time, but I am carving out an hour or two here and there to catch up on a series that others have probably watched already: Deadwood. DH just found this one at the video store and we've got the whole first and second season to watch. So far, I've seen the first two episodes, and I'm hooked.

Julie in Ohio said...

{{{{Monica}}}}} We've missed you. You've got to have priorities, Bella... *G*

LOL, Cherie. You forgot to mention Playhouse Disney... :o)

Amy- The last movie I saw was The Barnyard (it was a cute movie)... :o)

LMAO- Is anyone surprised that one of Vivi's fav shows is about Sin City? :P

I tried to watch Lost but got lost. I think I'll try to get the DVDs so I can sit down and watch the season all in a row...
I obviously need to climb on board the Grey's wagon. I hate feeling like I'm missing something.

Does anyone remember the show that was new last season about a lawyer who helped people who were indicted for a crime they didn't commit? It starred Kyle MCClaughlin (sp?) and I can't remember what it was called. It was really good.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. See? Describing the Buffy episodes? Fave scenes, etc? Why you have how many TVs? That's what I mean about liking hearing people talk about TV.

You guys, per the RBtheBook poll? I voted for Yoda. He's irresistible.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

bBellas, are there any realy important TV shows on these days? Or would that make them not fun?/b

Julie in Ohio said...

What do you mean by really important, Michelle?

I love House. I recommend that show to anyone who enjoys dripping sarcasm and medicine. :o)

Kati said...

The important shows? Umm, I don't watch any. LOL!

Do you mean like "Meet the Press?"

I view TV like I do reading. I do it for escape. I don't read history or non-fiction books. Because when I settle down to read, I want to be diverted from RL.

Same with TV, I want to be engrossed by someone else's life and troubles.

God I sound like a loser! SNORT.

Julie in Ohio said...

I've watched Rachel Ray's fast food show on the Food Network. She is so much fun to watch, high energy. :o)

There is a show on E called Girls Next Door. Not really an "important" show but very entertaining. It is about Hugh Hefner's girlfriends (there are 3 of them) and their life at the Playboy Mansion. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Just so you don't think I'm completely shallow, Dateline usually has some good segments on there. They did a stint about children and the internet that freaked me out. I now will not let my kids on even without me being right there...

robynl said...

Welcome to the blog. I love to watch TV; love House, Amazing Race, Survivor(no rock throwing), CSI, etc.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK...My 9-year-old son, the TiVo DiVa's nephew, came up with this week's Survey at Romance: B(u)y the Book. that's all's I'm sayin.

What I meant by important shows is, I guess, should TV shows even try to be important?

Do you watch them for the same reasons I read romance?

Julie in Ohio said...

I like it when a show has an underlining point, but for the most part I watch for the same reason I read.
I really enjoyed Will & Grace the first few of seasons because they went somewhere nobody else would even go near. And they were so over the top about it, it was entertaining.

MsTypo said...

When i read "important show" i thought back to the 80's and that "very special episode" of the week. You know the one: where we're entertained and yet still learn a lesson right along with Tutie and Natalie.

Michele Hauf said...

Hmm, I just blogged about my 'Fall Hopefuls' today too. Must be something in the air.
I never watch reality shows, but I must admit Rockstar:Supernova snagged me good. I was actually crying over Storm Large being voted off. And I've been voting for Dilana all this time! Wow. Just some good music on that show.

Also, I'm trying to decide if I like House. My editor calls Hugh Laurie's character the 'ultimate alpha male'. Hmm... But he's such a cantankerous fellow.


Tam said...

We don't TV so we buy DVD's to watch. My daughter told us about CSI, said she was addicted to it. We decided to buy season 1. Well, we watched it last weekend and ordered seasons 2 & 3. We're hooked on it too. We also like Law & Order, however we have all that is out on DVD. A lot of these shows listed I've never even heard of. I will have to start checking them out online for a DVD. LOST is one I have never seen but would like to see.
Charmed is one I am starting a collection on too.

MsTypo said...

I'm looking forward to getting Alias on DVD. They're coming out with this tres cool All Season set in teh shape of a Rambaldi (sp?) artifact. I'm waiting on getting Charmed until they do the All Season version of that.

That's my problem with DVD sets now adays. I spend the money to buy the set as soon as it comes out and then once all the seasons are released WAMMO! They release an awesome set with all the seasons plus extra bonus stuff that wasn't in the individual ones. ARRGH! (Reference: MASH, Alias, Buffy etc)

TiVoDiVa said...

To Michelle's point, I don't know if TV shows should try to be important, but I think the really good ones become important as a result of how much they want to challenge viewers. For instance, didn't the Tommy/Janet relationship on Rescue Me cause a stir this summer and cause some viewers to to have serious discussions about the nature of attraction what lines TV is allowed to cross?

Julie in Ohio said...

Linda, I actually had a female co-worker come up to me after that episode of Rescue Me and tell say to me "you know she wanted it".

Jennifer Y. said...

I love tv almost as much as I love books. Like books, it helps me to escape and forget about things for a while. I usually record most shows (no TiVo) because I don't like waiting on commercials (I am a bit impatient).

Some of my fave shows are House, Grey's, the CSIs, LOST, Criminal Minds, Veronica Mars, and many more.

I have gotten into the new show, Vanished and can't wait for Heroes to come on. It looks interesting.

Maureen said...

Hi Linda!

I do enjoy watching television but I don't have tivo so I watch shows when I can. The Closer was great. What a strong character she is. Also, the Gilmore Girls. My daughter watched this for years and I would watch bits and pieces until I found myself watching it each week.

Monica Burns said...

Yep that Rescue Me episode caused a HUGE stir if its the one I think you're talking about (the forced sex/rape scene). It was HUGE on the romance blogs and started some major discussions. I didn't see it, although I had an opinion.

{{{{{JulieO}}}}} Priorities is right! LOL

Michelle, important TV....hmmm, I think there are some that have been very important. All in the Family, MASH are a couple of examples, because they dealt with serious issues in a responsible way. I think comedies do it best. I have to admit that most comedies in recent years have been total nonsense. I know I'll get slammed, but I've never gotten Seinfeld or Friends. Totally vacuous and mindless entertainment for me personally, although there had to be tons of people watching for the shows to be a hit. I think Home Improvement has been good at getting messages across. Families can watch it together and learn things from it, like Brad and the other brother stealing from a charity. I've seen the Gilmore Girls too and gotten their message when they share...naturally I point it out immediately to Oldest ROFL

I think TV should be responsible to a certain degree, but ya know, I'm a parent. It's my business to know what my kids watch and turn the tube off if I'm bothered by it. So a viewer has to be responsible too.

But does TV HAVE to be important, I don't think it has to be designed that way, but most of the time, the writers and producers do have their own personal feelings about certain issues, and they do and can creep into the show to form a message. Question is, how important is the message and in who's opinion is it important?

Lord, can I go deep or what. I'm signing off until next week Bellas, the open road and campground are calling!!! Linda, it was terrific of you to come by!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, typ0 just wrote something really funny, but it didn't post here yet. I get your comments in my email box.

I'm so glad youz are havin fun today with Linda. She's a great cook, and always has my nephews in really nice matching outfits. And she throws really fun parties. and she knows how to decorate.

Do you see the hellish nightmare I married into?

Kati said...

For important TV (TV w/a message) how about MAUDE? Does anyone remember this series? It stared Bea Arthur. She was the first sitcom character to elect to have an abortion. Or how about THE JEFFERSONS? Their best friends were white. Or, really, what about THE WEST WING? I learned more about politics from that show than I ever learned in Civics class! I learned about the Census, about Mandatory Minimums, how a bill gets passed, what goes into Vetoing something, that the President pardons a turkey every Thanksgiving. I mean really, one was hard pressed not to tune in and learn something from that show. And it was just SO idealistic and well, for me anyway, delightfully liberal! LOL!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'll see your West Wing and raise you a School House Rock!

TiVoDiVa said...

Speaking of learning things from TV, I think I could step into an ER, grab a lab coat and get to work:
"GSW? CBC, Chem 7, chest film, U/A, and blood cultures times two. Stat." Move over, House, here I come.

Julie in Ohio said...

Well, it's almost time for me to go and dh still doesn't have computer up at home yet...grrrrr

Thanks for playing today, Linda. I can't wait for your next visit... :o)

catslady said...

Thank goodness I have a TV in the same room as my computer so I get to do both my addictions at the same time lol.

Boston Legal has turned into my favorite show. Survivor is my only reality show because I hate shows that if you miss one it seems ruined.

Love NICS, CSI, Greys - and end up watching a lot of shows on the history channel, discovery, CNN, etc.

Playground Monitor said...

I remember ALL IN THE FAMILY, which predates MAUDE. That broke some ground too. They dealt with breast cancer and sexual assault, as well as Archie's bigotry. I met Jean Stapleton (she played Edith Bunker) in 2000 on a Prince William Sound glacier cruise in Alaska. She is a charming lady and posed for photos with everyone on the boat. Edith was a character she portrayed only onscreen. She never went into "Edith mode" away from the studio.

Rach said...

Hi! I haven't read the comments yet, so forgive me if I'm way OT at this point.

I used to be the biggest TV junkie alive! I mean completely, totally and utterly addicted to the TV. Now, I truly can't remember the last time I watched commercial television. It's not that I object to it, it's just that my schedule doesn't permit it.

I'm up at the butt crack of dawn (5:00) and like my sleep. Additionally, I have an eight month old and a four year old to chase around. Plus, I'm MAJORLY computer addicted and love to read romance novels. Somethin's gotta give and it's TV for me.

I *know* I'm missing some majorly awesome TV, but I had to prioritize...

Michele said...

Whoa. I never realized how many shows I don't watch.


**shakes head** I'm gettin' old.
I used to live for my TV.
Dream about the guys on TV.
Want to BE on TV.

Now, I just dust the darn thing, grab a book and curl up with a fluffy pillow.

Jennifer Y. said...

I am good at multi-tasking and usually read while I watch tv. I still manage to follow all the storylines in both the shows and the books.

ev said...

Monica- you are as bad as we are. We ALWAYS have the Nanny on.

MK- I still have the last 3 shows of Lost to watch. haven't been able to sit down and do it- my laptop took a powder and it is in my tv room. I have been using the PC in the livingroom so I don't get to do both right now. poops.

important Shows- I watch the Today Show.

Michele- I am soooo upset with Storm being sent home. Lukas has GOT TO GO!! Tix go on sale here monday for Supernova, and if he wins, I will only stay to see the House Band and whomever sings with them. And since I love the other 3 guys, that will be a hard thing to do.

ER, bones, Supernatural, CSI (any), Vegas, Boston Legal, I could go on, and on, and on....

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Not to get maudlin or anything, but All My Children was the first time I learned that a woman wasn't asking for it if she got assaulted while wearing a sexy outfit. It was stunning to me as a fairly young girl growing up in a blue-collar town.

But that time was so ripe for shows like Maude, the Jeffersons, AMC, real socially conscious programming. We look at it today and find it overreaching, but we forget how America at that time didn't talk about race, sexuality, womens' issues, easily, if at all.

But can I tell you? I've really enjoyed hearing about your favorite shows, how and why you like to watch them, etc.

Linda's told me she'll come back next month. The new season will have started, right? So we should have puhlenty to dig into. :)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, as requested, please send to my email address at

Thank you!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Seton! Thanks very much! Feel like you're being put under the third degree? Unfortunately for you, a goofball or two have made it necessary for me to double-check honest people. I apologize for the inconvenience. :)

Molto grazie, TiVo Diva! It was fun having you join us, and we look forward to next month when you can dig in and get down n dirty about which new shows have promised, and which have actually delivered.

So, say hi to my nephews and BIL, and enjoy the new season until we again say, Buongiorno, Bella!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, please dont apologize! I totally understand. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I only watch a handful of shows that I've watched since the pilot.

Lost, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy,(all 5 seasons of Alias)

I've stopped watching Veronica Mars(loved the first season,stopped watching midway thru the 2nd.hated what they did with Duncan)

I'm looking forward to: The Nine, Six Degrees,Heroes.

and the ONLY reality show that I watch is Amazing Race.

EV: Unfortunately I already know what happens on Gilmore Girls for the first 5 episodes(my friend works on differents shows and she done alot of GG this past few weeks) and if you think what Lorelei did in finale is bad wait until you see what she does in the first few episodes of the new season. I'm not sure I will continue to watch GG depends on just how awful the storyline is going to be this year.