Thursday, September 21, 2006

Introducing...Romance: By the BookClub "Pleasure for Pleasure" Contest

You may have noticed on the sidebar a sign-up form for "Romance: By the BookClub." Basically, you send me your name and email address, and I shoot you a quickie email once a week telling you what who's being interviewed and featured at Romance: B(u)y the Book," as well as who's GuestBlogging and what's happening at "Romance: By the Blog."

Join RBtheBookClub before Friday, Sept. 29th
and I'll enter you in a drawing to
win an ARC of Eloisa James' "Pleasure for Pleasure."

Today I'm guest blogging at "Romancing the Blog!" It's a very cool spot on the Inet for readers and writers to meet, and the best clearinghouse of blogsites dedicated to romance fiction. Hope you'll visit then come back again to chat.

After you've visited, head back here as
"Back to School Week" wraps up tomorrow, Sept 22
with Princeton prof Bill Gleason!
He's one of the nicest guys I know, and a great fave of his students. That's what he tells me, anyway.
Encore! Molto grazie, Eloisa James, for visiting yesterday! We look forward to your visiting in November to talk "Pleasure for Pleasure."
Encore due! Contest winners: krissyinva/Nora's "Dance of the Gods."; cheekywench/"Pleasure for Pleasure." Congrats, Bellas! Email me at w/ your snailmail!
Encore tre! Why Becks? Just because I can. You're welcome.


ev said...

I have finally caught up with most of yesterday's blog. I didn't get home until late, late, late so I missed most of the fun. rats.

Kati said...

Well, Michelle - Anytime you want to deliver Becks to me, you should! All he needs is a shiny red ribbon wrapped around his...

Seriously! What's everyone reading? I've been on a Linda Howard kick, yesterday read KILL AND TELL. Features a trademark LH hero -- southern cop, very alpha, but totally a gentleman. He's a delight to read about as he maneuvers our very closed off heroine out of her panties. SIGH. I want one just like him. I've moved on to my favorite LH ever, DREAM MAN. Hero's another cop, but he's a mess. Heroine is a psychic. It's a fantastic story and I simply adore how he loves her.

Am planning to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight. Anyone else?

Hope everyone has a great day! MUAH!

Julie in Ohio said...

Morning, All!!

Congrats to the winners!!!
I am keeping my green eyed monster on his leash... :o)

Michelle, you should never resist any urge. Especially if Becks is involved. OH LALALALA... :o)

Ev- Missed ya yesterday!! :o)

MK- I am just beginning Anna DeStefano THE UNKNOWN DAUGHTER. I just finished THE PRODIGAL'S RETURN. Great book. I fully recommend it if you are looking for a heart warming story. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, if I subscribe 20x, do I get entered to win the ARC 20x? :o)

Playground Monitor said...

I'm reading Christina Dodd's TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS. And next will be that Chesapeake Bay trilogy plus one (what DO you call a series of 4 books? And I call myself a writer. Hmpf!). And in the meantime I'm working on my next short story since the editor wanted stories set in Texas and I had an idea that might work.

I love Linda's books. Haven't read them all yet. I stumbled onto a good deal (read "steal") on her most recent, COVER OF NIGHT, a few days ago. She's such a neat lady too. She's in my RWA chapter and always ready to encourage.


Kati said...
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Kati said...

Jules - I don't know what's up with me, but lately, I'm not looking for heartwarming, I'm looking for some hot monkey sex (in my reading, of course! Well, IRL too, but I digress). Thus, my LH kick. She writes some d*mn good sex! I love that about her!

Julie in Ohio said...

I haven't read any LH. Maybe I need to check her out... :P

Every now and then I like to switch things up. If I'm reading historical I'll go comtemp. If I'm doing comtempt I'll go para.
THE PRODIGAL'S RETURN was an unexpected change up. I can't tell you the last *true* heart warming book I've read. It was really good.

But if you are looking for hot monkey sex, it's not the book for you. I'd suggest a reread of BDB... :P

Julie in Ohio said...

Marilyn- I call a trilogy plus one...a series. :P

Vivi Anna said...

I have amazing news...

A romance book, Peggy Webb's Flying Lesson, a Harlequin NEXT, is being considered for a Pulitzer Prize in fiction!

It's that just awesome. Gives huge cred to the romance genre, and to Harelquin as a company. And of course to the amazing author herself.

I think this is HUGE news!

Kati said...

HOLY COW! That's HUGE news Vivi! Thanks for telling us!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

maria said...
"How to teach English" by Jeremy Harmer.It's sth I have to read for my job. Of course, whenever I can, I delve into "Lady of Sin" by Madeline Hunter.;-)It's my kind of a break..

(sorry deleted her post in another blog)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Morning, Bellas! Hey, awesome news, Vivs! I like the Next line. Too bad we can't get traditional romance taken seriously. But you're right; any exposure like that so adds to the street cred.

Have you checked out yet? Guess things are getting stirred up. It's funny how easy it is to get folks going, and how quickly we assume we know what everyone else is all about.

Jules, nudging, nudging, always nugding... :)

Marilyn, I don't know. A Quad? A foursome? Oh. That sounds like a Vivi fantasy. Or my Regency carriage fantasy. Did I ever mention that one?

MK, I'm feeling the heartwarming love, lately. I think I was reading so much hot and erotica for a while, I needed a minute or two of a break. I've also just realized I backed myself into a wall, and have to scramble to hook up some interviews for this month. I'm way behind.

And Becks. I wasn't really into him when he was younger, but now he's looking nice and gritty. Have you seen his Got Milk ads?

Oh, and in this weeks RBtheBook feature, "Swept Away," the hero has a really sexy tat, and Toni Blake just gave me a link to the guy who inspired it. The guy has some rather impressive attributes.

ev, sorry you couldn't hang yesterday. You were missed. Will you hang tomorrow, too?

Playground Monitor said...

A romance book, Peggy Webb's Flying Lesson, a Harlequin NEXT, is being considered for a Pulitzer Prize in fiction!

Actually it's her book DRIVING ME CRAZY that's up for Pulitzer consideration. Peggy's in my RWA chapter too and we celebrated this accomplishment at our workshop earlier this month. The book deals with the subject of aging in America, which is a huge topic now. But FLYING LESSONS is good too -- about a 50-ish year old woman with an empty nest. Hmmm... sounds like my life. *g*


Kati said...

Michelle - I ran by the Romancing the Blog, and saw that you had your pot-stirring spoon out. I just didn't have time to comment. I will jump over there and do so.

I'm definitely feeling the hot monkey sex lately. Why is that? I'm not sure. Not erotica, per se. Although I did just finish Kate Douglas' WOLF TALES II. Yowza! Scorching! But I'm loving LH's books right now. I'm glad the end of the month is coming and we'll be getting some new books. I didn't pick up very many in August, so I feel like I've just been re-reading over and over.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I was reading an ARC of a Shirly Jump category called "Saved By Mr. Right," which is really sweet and set in Quincy, MA. I'm kinda digging it. I also re-read Betina Krahn's True Desires.

OH! Oh! And, you guys, I finally read SEP! Match Me If You Can. Old Flame this week. Then I read Nobody's Baby But Mine. I cant' wait for her new one coming in 07!

And I just finished Suzanne Brockmann's Into the Storm, which I'll write up next week. Gesu! It was unbelievably good. Who was it who dated the SEAL? Was in MK or Rach or Stace? Anyway, the hero reminded me of that story.

Thanks for dropping by RtB, MK. This is the kind of thing that always gives me agita (or aceta, which is the proper spellling, so says my fil).

Anyway, I give an opinion, use classic terminology which covers a generalization, then folks get put off. Anyway, the Pollyanna in me wants to be all: wait, this is why I used these words, so it would sound this way and have this flavor. Then I have to say, wait a minute. They asked me to give my opinion, just like I get paid to do.

Then the me inside says, goody! I got people thinking and they haven't figured it out yet!

Psst. Don't tell anybody, ok?

Vivi Anna said...

Thanks Marilyn for the correction. I hate to get those things wrong...

Wow, kudos to Peggy!!

Kati said...

Michelle - It was me who dated the SEAL. SIGH. Good times. Very good times. I mean, he was a horrible boyfriend, but one of those guys who gets a double take from women on the street. I remember my mother's jaw actually dropping when she met him. I still have my SEAL Team 8 t-shirt. He was a lot more like Wild Card than like Jenks in the series. He was a bit of a loose cannon.

Yes Michelle, I noticed that the commenters at RtB seemed to take what you had to say out of context, but I guess since I know you, I understood what you meant.

Julie in Ohio said...

Yeah, Peggy!!! One small step for giant leap for writers everywhere.

Michelle, I wasn't nudging, per say. I was asking for a friend of a friend.
(yeah,yeah that's what I was doing)

amy kennedy said...

I'm going back over to RtB to make more trouble.

I'm gonna try to watch Grey's but it's on at the same time as CSI and bedtime is at 8:30--which can run to 9:00. Crap.

Marilyn I loved Trouble in High Heels--very funny.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Of course, Jules. You are nothing if not a giver. Always giving, never taking.

So, I had to pick up my kids at school early cause my son is sick and will cough on cue to prove it. I took them for a bite after and started to talk to them about spring break next year, saying that "daddy" wants to go to Jamaica again.

My son is all like, yeah! I don't even mind having to get up at again.

I say, you guys did such a great job with that.

My sweet little angel-faced 7-year-old daughter shakes her head and says, "yeah, but I was SO freakin' tired the rest of the day."

Man. I work 9 long years not to swear around my kids. Obviously she heard one of us say it a some point. I'm more fond of flippin or frikkin, but I try never to say it around them. Clearly we goofed.

Which is not to say I don't adore saying f*ck whenever possible. I do. And I love when other adults use it in myriad creative ways.

And I also think it sounds quite sexy falling from the right lips at the right moments.

That's all's I'm sayin.

Oh, I will share that if he's got a British accent, more's the better.

But what are the chances of Ralph Feinnes and I ever falling into a sitch like that? Unless it's like, "Michelle, would you f*cking stop stalking me?"

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, MaryKate, I love Linda Howard.

Marilyn, how are you enjoying Trouble in High Heels? I really got into it. I was wondering how Ms. Dodd would transition from historical to contemp, and I thought she did a fabulous job.

Vivi, I'm thrilled to hear about Peggy Webb's nomination. How amazingly cool!

Michelle, I recently finished Match Me if you Can, also. I thought it was very fun.

Other recent reads for me: Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts - thought it was great, but I'm REALLY looking forward to the book with Cian as the hero! Also, Charming Jo by Laura Drewry - great read. I was in the mood for a western.

I hope this message actually posts... Blogger has been very nasty to me lately, probably because I work on an ancient MAC with incompatible programs, LOL!

Stacy~ said...

Oh yeah, LH does great monkey sex. I admit I'm in that mode myself. After having just read a few sensual historicals, I need more heat. Geez, what has erotic romance done to me? LOL

MK, your SEAL still sounds hot, loose cannon or not. Wish it woulda been me *g* I loved Wildcard....I have a soft spot for those guys who wear their hearts on their sleeve.

Yay for Peggy Webb! That is awesome, awesome news for romance.

Great post over @ RtB, Michelle. I of course had to post. And I can't wait to read what you have to say about Brockmann's book.

I suppose all of you are watching t.v. right about now....catch ya later.

Playground Monitor said...

TROUBLE is my first book by Christina Dodd so I have no point of comparison to anything else, but I'm enjoying it. I'm maybe halfway in. Love the set-up. It's contemp enough but not so "hip" that an old broad like me misses all the inside jokes and references.

TV tonight -- CSI. OHMYGOD!


Michele said...

Thanks for the link! I'll need it. I'm not online like I used to be. Won't be either.

New Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AFter 6 1/2 years as a stay-at-home mom, I'm a workin' woman now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yippee ^-^