Monday, September 11, 2006

In what can only be termed as extraordinary news, just announced that Navy SEAL, Justin, has received 2 perfect antigen matches, and will be traveling to Seattle soon to undergo bone marrow transplant surgery.

Thanks to all of you who made contacts to learn more about marrow donation, and who supported Suzanne Brockmann's search. You're awesome for having taken part! Oh, Happy Day! Read a letter from Justin at I'm a Swabbie.

No one is born hating another person for the color of their skin, religion or background…Even in the grievous times, I have seen glimmers of humanity, which reassured me that man’s goodness is the flame that can never be extinguished. – Nelson Mandela

If you started reading more romance after 9/11, you're not alone. Many women credit the day as a turning point in their literary lives, one that had them embracing -- and writing -- more novels with happy endings.

What effect did 9/11 have on your reading and/or writing?
What will you do today to look forward in hope like Mandela?


ev said...

The wasn't any change in my reading after 9/11- except that I made more time for it, along with my family and friends.
Maybe because I spent 30 days on active duty while my dh spent 92 days down in the pit of WTC, our son and dil survived an attack there- for the second time, and because many people I care about have been activated and gone overseas, I have realized just how short life really is. I was working at Walden Books full time then and made the decision to return to school exactly one year later. There is more to life than work. I have learned to enjoy as much of it as I can, since you never know when it will end.

Sunday Night (tonite) daughter and I went to the Brooks and Dunn concert here. I won the chance to meet them and have my pic taken. Watching the excitement on her face when she found out we had won was worth the price of the ticket.

Finding joy in whatever you are doing is the only thing, to me, that really matters any more.

Stacy~ said...

Wow Ev, I'm so glad your family many were lost.

I agree that I didn't change my reading habits either, yet I sure was grateful that I already enjoyed romances, and the HEA. Maybe that's why I'm not a big fan of stories that don't have them, I don't know.

It's true, we need to appreciate our time with each other and take some for ourselves as well. I quit a p/t job that I didn't enjoy and found one I did, even though it didn't make as much money. It wasn't worth the stress. Now I only have my one job, so things worked out in the end.

I'm grateful for all the people that have come into my life - I really hope I don't take those relationships for granted. They keep me grounded.

MsTypo said...

EV i'm glad to hear that your family survived that horrible day. ***hugs*** I lived in DC at the time of 9/11 and watching the footage that has been on all the chanels (even here!) has been wrenching.

I've been reading romances for ages and am not sure i turned to them any more after that day. That said, i agree with stacy, i enjoyed the HEA factor when i did read them. When life sucks the life out of your soul, a frothy tale of Regency love is just what the doctor ordered.

amy kennedy said...

Oh, Ev, you were so close to it all. And not that all of us weren't--but, I'm glad your family was safe. There is so much more to life than work.

I wasn't reading as much romance before that, but I found I couldn't read much of anything for awhile--I would glance through magazines--I just could not concentrate.

Then, I switched to more HEAs. I also found myself reaching out to old friends.

I have never lost hope for humanity, and still believe in people's goodness. But now I also believe in taking chances--those leaps of faith--like Ev going back to school and Stacy quitting a pt job she didn't like.

Nairobi--there is nothing quite like Regency for taking it all away...

On a lighter note, a reply to Rachd from a different post--your B-day's Nov. 24--mine's the 25th. Hey Sagitarius!

MsTypo said...

Taking Chances... I think you've got it, Amy! My husband and i travelled to South Africa two weeks after 9/11 because to do otherwise, to change the plans we had been making for months, would be letting the bad guys win. So i take my chances by travelling all over and do so because i can and to give up my freedom to see and experience the world first hand would letting the bad guys steal *my* HEA. That's my way of keeping hope alive: staying true to myself and my dreams.

Odd note: my mum just emailed me that 5 years ago i was excited about visiting Africa for the first time ever. Now i live here. It's weird where life takes when you give it a chance to breathe.

Vivi Anna said...

(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) to everyone on this day!

9/11 didn't effect my reading habits...except that I stopped reading and listening to the news. Instead I concentrate more on what is personally around me, and how I can either embrace it or change it.

Today, I'm starting homeschooling again with my daugther and my niece. And hope that I can teach them enough in life that their hope is not lost.

Kati said...

I live close to DC, so our offices closed on 9/11. I went to my sister's house to watch the events unfold. I remember the news reporting that there was still a plane in the air in the DC area, and every time we thought we heard something, we'd run outside and look up, since my sister lives in the flight path for Dulles Airport. It was and will always be a surreal day. Horrible and terrifying.

My reading habits haven't changed since 9/11. I still read almost exclusively romance. My outlook has changed. Now when I hear something like the power has gone out in a quarter of downtown Washington, or that anthrax has been detected in a building in DC, I immediately go to terrorism. I think it'll always be that way.

My former boss lost his son in tower 2 of the WTC. His older son is a director in Hollywood and has directed and produced a movie titled "Brothers" which will air tonight on Cinemax. It's a documentary that interviews people who lost thier brothers in the tragedy. Sean is an incredibly gifted director, and I encourage everyone to see it, if you get Cinemax. It will be moving, I'm sure.

Julie in Ohio said...

Ev- I am so glad that your family survive the attacks. What a horrible time it must've been for you...

9/11 didn't change my reading habits except, like Vivi, I wasn't reading *as much* because I was glued to CNN.

Nairobi- I couldn't get on a plane BEFORE the attacks. The fact that you did just weeks after, I tip my hat to you and am very glad all went well.

Monica Burns said...

Ev - What a miraculous gift you received that terrible day. I know there were so many others who didn't receive such a precious gift on 9/11. I'm certain you and your family values life all the more for that reason.

Like Nairobi the DH and I traveled by plane shortly after the attack. We flew to NYC in Jan 2002. I don't recall being all that nervous. It was more of a if it's my time to go, I'll go.

As for reading/writing romance, I wasn't writing at the time, I began writing full-time six months later, although not because of 9/11. My reading habits didn't change one way or another.

Hope's never been too short in supply for me. Probably because I can't imagine living life without it. The impossible is always possible, and life doesn't end, it simply evolves into something else. Ok, so that's all the philosophy I'll dish out today.

Playground Monitor said...

I'd just started reading romance shortly before 9/11. I don't know if it had a direct effect, but I've read romance almost exclusively since then. I do believe that what the world needs now is love, sweet love and romance is a way to show the world that HEA can happen for everyone.

Today I watched a little of the morning news programs. I was out of town so had to drive home. Tonight I might just read another romance and enjoy the evening.

Roxanne St. Claire guest blogs tomorrow on The Writing Playground Blog

amy kennedy said...

Hey--what wonderful news about Jason.

Marykate, I wish I got Cinemax, maybe eventually it will be out on dvd.

Julie, I have a bit of a hard time with planes as well--I use to fly all the time...but my problem develpoed before 9/11.

Vivi, I bow down to anyone who homeschools--bet you're an awesome teacher.

Kati said...

What terrific news about Justin! Suz must be beside herself! I wonder if the German woman is a reader? Wouldn't that be amazing? Jeez!

It's so nice to have good news today. I've spent most of the day feeling quite blue. The weather here hasn't helped. It's not quite raining, but very overcast, and occassionally spitting. Here in DC, all of the news is related to 9/11, which is, frankly as it should be. But it's hard to watch. I do watch, because, well, I owe it to those who lost their lives. But it's hard.

But the news about Justin is magical news!

Rach said...

To all on this day, I'm blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being here =). Ev and all others who were personally touched by 9/11, I'm glad you're still here and thank you for serving.

9/11 didn't change my reading habits--I was already a very active romance reader.

But, I was nine months pregnant and school had just started for the year. I'll never forget trying to get through the day with some sense of normalcy for the kids when all I could think about was my sister in NoVa--right in the Dulles flight path--and wondering what kind of sick world I was bringing my child into.

To make matters worse, my hubby was active duty AF, so I lost him as he was working all kinds of crazy hours. All my drs./obs were all deployed to help with 9/11 recovery efforts.

Within two days I was put on bed rest. So, the only thing I had for company was the tv playing and replaying 9/11 footage.

I'm usually an emotional basket case without pregnancy, so, with Monkey about to be born I was *much* worse off than ever before. I really wondered if 9/11 might not do a real number on me.

Vivi, props on the homeschool thing. Have you done it before?

Amy, too funny that you're a turkey day baby too =). Sag it is ;o).

Stacy~ said...

Awesome news about Justin! I've been thinking about him a lot, especially today. This is just so wonderful.

It rained all day today here in Chicago, poured early this morning. We observed a moment of silence today, just as several other departments did. (I used to work for UAL and still work near one of their facilities, so it was a very poignant day in that sense).

Hugs to everyone.

Playground Monitor said...

Faboo news about Justin! And on 9/11 too. It kinda balances out the gloom.


Rach said...

YAY for Justin!!!!!!! What wonderful news! Once again I'm reminded that no matter what evil may befall us, the generosity of human spirit will triumph =).

Julie in Ohio said...

YAY, JUSTIN!! I'm am so happy for him and his family... :o)

Vivi Anna said...

Fantastic news for Justin!

Wow, and to think we all might have been part of that miracle for him!

Now THAT gives me hope for humanity!

Vivi Anna said...

Thanks Rach and Amy! This will be my third year'd think I'd be old hat at it, but no, I still freak out every September thinking I suck at this, and the girls will never learn a thing. But by the end of the year and the school board facilitator tells me that they are so bright adn doing so well...then I relax...but that doesn't last long...LOL

ev said...

What wonderful news about Justin!!! After this very depressing day, it was just what I needed. I can't think of a better way to come home from work and see that notice there.

Not only was the TV filled with the rehash of the events, we also buried a State Trooper who was recently shot in the line of duty. Maybe most of you heard about the manhunt that has been going on. Unfortunately, the guy finally gave himself up. I was wishing for a different outcome. Sorry if that offends anyone- but he shot 3 cops.Normally, I am not a bloodthirsty wench, but him....

Thanks for all the good wished from everyone too. My husband says they have escaped twice now, it is time to find some where else to work. After the first bombing, both their companies moved over to One Financial Plaza, which was next to one of the towers. The building was severly damage in the fall of the towers, but they saw what was happening through their window, and left for home. Their old office space- that was taken over by Cantor Fitzgerald.I shudder to thinks what would have happened had their company not moved after 93.

Now that I feel better for having sort of vented, thanks for the "ears" to do it in- I haven't really said much over the last five years about it. Having been there shortly after it happened and walking in the devestation was as surrell as it gets.

Now onto happier things- I won a meet and greet last night at a Brooks and Dunn concert. We had our pics taken with them!!! It was the coolest thing going!!

ev said...

oh, and Vivi Anna- homeschooling?? Do they give out medals for that cause if not they should!! Homework was hard enough to get her through, i couldn't have done what you are doing!!

I would love to be a fly on the wall when you teach them sex education though!!!! :}

MsTypo said...

That's wonderful news about Justin!! Not just one but TWO matches.. Wow!!!! We'll keep in our prayers as he gets ready for surgery.

Unknown said...

On Sept 10th 2001, my husband and I went for an amnio/scan to check out my pregnancy. We were both crying when we were told I was going to have a little girl-after 3 boys and a 9 year gap. it was one of the happiest most emotional days of my life.
The next morning I was resting from the procedure in bed and my husband came to tell me what had happened at the World Trade Centre. I was devastated that after such joy my new daughter would have to enter a world where everything had changed.

In our town in northern California we lost a father of 3 who was on Flight 93. Many people here lost friends and fellow workers on those planes.

It made me realize that writing a good story with a happy ending was important. It made we want to re-address the balance and remind people about love and good people and good things.