Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dawn of Lover Awakened - OR - ...

...What's Wrong With You? Why aren't you at the book store buying LA, or reading it already?

I woke up today grinning like a fool. Well, yeah, for *that reason, but also because yesterday's GuestBlog with J.R. Ward was stupid outrageous.

Youz had more that 500, FIVE HUNDRED things to say to J.R. and each other about the Black Dagger Brothers.

And J.R.'s already offered to come back to talk BUTCH in March '07! (Remember when it seemed like Z'd never get here)?

Molto, molto grazie, J.R. Ward, for your off-the-hook GuestBlog, to your Cellies for dropping in, and to the Bellas for welcoming everyone.
Stephanie Laurens
is here tomorrow,
Wednesday, September 6
to celebrate her 20th novel with Avon books! She knows what we like, and isn't afraid to get us talking about it.

Avon author Jenna Peterson will be our Host(ess), chatting with us about Laurens and HarperCollins' Avon imprint. Maybe she'll even talk Avon "Red," though I don't want to give her the impression we only like to talk about love and sex around here.

Encore! dd03, you've won my ARC of "Lover Eternal." Now you and I've thwarted the evildoers who wanted to buy it months ago so they could plot spoil. MWAAHAAHAAHAA!
Encore due! More LA copy winners announced soon...
Encore tre! *Kids went back to school today.


Kati said...

:MK looks around: Is it just us? Those Cellies are crazy fun but noisy girls!! ;oP

Michelle - As always, thanks so much for bringing us the most amazing authors. My inner fangrrl is still trying to recover from having J.R. with us. She's just so lovely and really clearly values us, her fans. Also, she writes incredible books. When can we do a "spoilerific" blog about the book? I really, really, really need to talk it out with people who've read it!!

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm so bummed I didn't get to play yesterday but as I was *trying* to read the comments, I got overwelmed. :o)
I think I need to buy a 24 pack of mountain dew for March. :P
I'm so excited by the response JR's visit received.
See, Michelle, we told you you were the Queen Bella. I hope you believe us now. :P

MK, I'm still working on MORRIGAN'S CROSS. I tried starting it after LA but found that I couldn't get right into it. After having vampires be the hero/heroine, I had a hard time with having them be the bad guy. But I am now into it and it has captured my attention... :o)

Stephanie Laurens is here tomorrow? I am enjoying her Bastion Club series. I haven't gotten into the Cynsters because there were so many of them before I knew they existed but I started the Bastions from the beginning. I love me some spies. :o)

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats dd03!

I really love the books by Stephanie Laurens...especially the Cynster series and the Bastion Club.

Kati said...

Jenn - How're you feeling?

Julie in Ohio said...

Jenn, you been sick? Hope you are feeling better. The weather is too pretty to be under it... :o)

Jennifer Y. said...

I am doing a little better today, but not really. The cold has settled in my chest apparently. Still have the toothache and headache.

Kati said...

OK, Bellas - I have to gush. You guys knowI'm a monster poptart and love, love, love any kind of goofy boy-bandesque, pop music (as evidenced by my attending the Kelly Clarkson concert recently). Yesterday I caught Ellen DeGeneres' season premier. She had Justin Timberlake on it. Can I say how much I love "SexyBack?" That song rocks. It immediately makes your head start bobbing. I rode in to work today listening to it on my iPod, and obviously looked like a humungous dork 'cause I could barely stop my booty from shakin' all over the Metro platform.

SIGH. I love him. I loved him in NSYNC, I loved his last album, I love this album. He rocks. He's like, what 12 years old? But I don't care, I have a little man crush.

I'm a goober. I know.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, MK. I do believe he is past the jailbait years, so you are ok on that front. However I believe cradle robbing still may problem... :P
(psstt, I too think he is nice to listen to...and maybe glance at a little. I can see him as a regency hero...a cocky rake, I think.)

Jenn, sorry you're not feeling good. :( Toothache, headache,chest cold? Aleve Cold and Sinus is my cure all drug of choice. Good stuffs!!
On the bright side; at least you have a computer and you don't have to worry about talking... :o)

Monica Burns said...

GOOD GOD!! Over 500!!! posts yesterday? Michelle, my hats off to you bella! Wow! Sorry I missed the party, I actually thought it was today. I always get soooo mixed up on 3-day holidays.

Jenn, sorry you're feeling bad. Try some hot chicken noodle or tomato soup. There's something in either of those that seems to work wonders.

MK I saw the beginning of Ellen's show yesterday. Oldest was going nuts waiting on Justin to pop out. I loved NSYNC! Great pop music, but Timberlake just doesn't do it for me in the hot dept. LOL But if you like Pop music you might want to check out some of the Indian pop rock. I can't understand what they're saying (but then that's true for some English songs! LOL) but they've got an incredible dance beat! Seriously, try Bollywood or Banglera (I think those are the names of my two CDs)

Kati said...

Mon - Clearly you are raising your oldest to be a person of refined taste!

I *love* Indian music! I got turned on to it from the movie BRIDE AND PREJUDICE. It's so fun and funky. Who knows what the heck they're saying, but it'll get you dancin'!

I'm not sure I really have a crush on Justin, so much as I just love his music and think he has such a great sense of humor about all the interest in him. He strikes me as very poised and composed about the fame and extreme interest in his relationship with Cameron Diaz. Now, Ellen, she's got a crush on him. Like Rosie had on Tom Cruise.

Either way, I really love this song. It's too much fun!

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, doesn't it feel good to have the kids back in school?

God Bless Teachers!!!

Jennifer Y. said...

I am eating the Chicken noodle soup now...hopefully it will help!

Vivi Anna said...

MK, I love Sexyback too! After I first heard it, I did't know who sung it...then when I found out it was JT...I was like huh? No bleepin' way!!!!

He's kind of sexy...in a really skinny scruffy way...LOL

wow, what a party in here yesterday!! Woot! Do the Bellas know how to host one or what? Michelle, you are now known as the Queen of Blogs!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You are too kind, Vivs, cause the credit for the numbers goes to Ms. Ward, you know.

Now, a couple things. Yes, I dig on JT, because I think he sings R/B the way it's supposed to be: old school. And yeah, he's hot and I feel creepy saying it, though cause, well, he's a boy, really.

MK, Poptart. I love it. Here's the place to share it, Bella. I mean, I never did the Donny O thing, but I sometimes get jazzed about some tv-monthly stud. I just never know what show he's from, or it's some obscure pbs drama.

Like, I loved J Rhys-Meyers (?) from Bend it, only when he was in a thing called Gormagahst (sp).

Julie), the RAke...nice. Do you do that a lot? imagine modern guys in historical romance settings? Or am I a total pathetic screwball.

On that topic, I was at a party the other night where it was discussed at length that we're all old because the term ball now means to play basketball.

Oh, yeah. Here's a Michelle stops convo dead once again.

Woman, somewhat sheepishly, nay apologetically: I married a younger man.

Michelle: Hey! How 'bout you for thinkin' ahead, girlfriend!

Dead, stoic Midwestern silence follows.

Jenn: hope the soup helps. Sick sucks.

Mon!! Hey, Bella. How's the writing? We missed you, too.

MK,, I'm all over it and it may happen as early as Thursday.

Rach said...

I'm draggin' my hiney this evening, Bellas. Those kiddos will whup ya if you aren't careful. Whew. What a day.

That was indeed quite the party. I couldn't keep up! ;o)

dd03, congrats! That is so awesome for you!! =)

Michelle, LOVE the story of giving the lady props. Too too funny =).

I too kinda groove on SexyBack and JT, even if he *is* a baby. He's trying to come into his own, I think.

Stacy~ said...

Wow, yesterday was crazy! Those Cellies are a wild group....come to think of it, they fit in rather well here.

LOVE "Sexyback": *See these shackles, baby, I'm your slave. I'll let you whip me if I misbehave...it's just that no one makes me feel this way...* that is so hot! And I'm not even a JT fan, but boy would he be in trouble LOL.

Boy bands...I liked NSync, but I was more of a Backstreet Boys fan. Sorry if that makes me a dork, but then again, that's already been established. I exude scent of dork.

I GOT "LOVER AWAKENED"!!! Don't even ask me why I'm on the 'puter instead of feeling the Z love....guess I kinda like you guyz...but not enough to go w/o for too much longer *g*

Oh Queen Bella, your name is in the latest issue of RT (Romantic Times) - page 15, to be exact. Can you guess why???

Manda Collins said...

Hey Bellas, I was planning on coming for JR Ward day but like Monica I thought it was today! I think I might have gotten overwhelmed though. Over 500 posts? Michelle, you have officially arrived, dahling!

Like a good girl I rushed to BAM after work and scored me some Z. Will have to wait until the weekend to read it though, cause work is making me need my other kind of z's.

Hope everybody's good. Hope the kids had a good first day of school, Michelle.

Has Rach gone back to school yet?

I miss you guys. Gotta figure out a way to blog at ref desk without getting busted by nosy students (or faculty). Hmmm.

Kati said...

Stacy! Manda! I miss you guys! How's things? Manda, when I'm at work, I quick read the blog, then pop up the blogger window and then minimize the blog and pop over email. LOL! It's quite a system, but anyone walking by thinks that I'm on email for work.

It's all in the name of the Bellas!

Thank goodness! You guys who just picked up Z, GET READING! I need to talk it out! Really! And I can promise, you will too when you're done! I just finished re-reading DARK LOVER. I'm on to LOVER ETERNAL tomorrow. SIGH. I just love this series so much!

Monica Burns said...

Manda - little trick I use. Open up a screen that makes it look like you're really working. Then open up the blog or whatever. Now keep your fingers close to the keyboard. Listen with one ear for those footsteps behind and from the side, your eyes will catch the movement from the front. Press alt-tab quickly and BAM you're hard at work! *grin*

Wanta know a computer trick, ask The Mon LOL

Jennifer Y. said...

Thanks Michelle! Yeah, sick sucks!

Oh, and about the spoiler blog...I haven't read the book yet, but I don't really mind spoilers...I am weird that way...I read spoilers for tv shows and movies...am I the only one?

I'll probably be lost though on the blog that day so I might not play...unless two blogs are posted...one for those who have read it and one for those who haven't...but that probably would be too much work.

*notet to self...try not to post comments when on cold meds...makes you ramble. lol

Jennifer Y. said...

LOL I meant note in that last statement...darn cold!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I love that wacky cold med feeling, Jenn. But I think we've discussed before my love of altered state due to mild anesthesia, pain killers, etc. :)

MANDA! Welcome back. You have got to join us for Back to School Week, Bella, Sept 18-22. I'm so sorry you haven't found a way to pull the wool over the eyes of the Man while at work. But Mon seems to have some great ideas.

Rach, put your feet up! I so remember those long days when the kids were that young. You rock for getting to the end of every one.

Stace, I'll bet your savin up Z to do a little savoring. I can understand that. Make it last. Hey, cool about RT. I don't get the mag. Is it about The Snaxy One?

MK, Bella, just deep breath, and you should make it through til Thursday. Give yourself a break tomorrow and think historical for a day with Stephanie's GuestBlog.

Gotta go write, Bellas, so I dont' have to get up at 4 am tomorrow. I really wanna not do that again. I'm such a procrastinator. Plus, I felt really crappy all day today; just wiped out. Possibly yesterday's excitement, coupled with massive hormone onslaught and all the beautiful things that accompany it.

Buonanotte, Bellas! Oh, and don't forget our TV Friday with the TiVo DiVa! I'm counting on you. Tell your friends (even the ones who don't like romance).


amy kennedy said...

Toomuchtosay...MK, I gotta be on the negative side for JT bella. He gives me the heebie jeebies. The smarmy heebie jeebies. And I guess I listen to a different radio station--I haven't even heard Sexyback (?) but if Vivi likes it...

Now Indian music--that is cool. Monica--I have Bride and Predjudice, but have to find time to watch it.

Julie what is Morrigan's Cross? I've missed so much.

Manda--where the (whoops) have you been. Actually, I'm a fine one to talk--I've been off my daily bella blog myself.

Stacy--I'm picking-up LA tomorrow. Maybe we'll all be able to discuss it by the weekend--you'll just have to hold your horses MK.

Michelle, who were these people? Seriously. I'm born and bred Midwesterner and I'm about as far from stoic as a person can get. Don't you hate it when your humor is wasted.

Rach--as we were waving our children goodbye--you were aquiring them. My youngest is in second grade--and don't you teach second grade? And Julie, I second the God Bless Teachers.

Jennifer--overmedication can be fun, but always use the buddy system. I am kidding. Hope you feel better.

the longest comment ever...

amy kennedy said...

I actually started my comment before you had posted Michelle--you must type way faster than me.

Feel better, I mean it.

Stacy~ said...

I loved the Thera-flu tablets before they took them off the market and reduced the dosage. Man, that was a legal buzz that put a smile on my face LOL. Hope you feel better soon, Jennifer.

Ah, it's nice to have the Bellas back. The Cellies were great, but boy they tired me out LOL. It's nice to just chill with the regulars and chat about our day.

Manda, missed you, girl. Gotta watch out for those students. Don't let them wear you out.

Rach, take a breather. We're here for ya cuz it just ain't the same w/o ya.

Julie, you're so quiet. Is Z taking up your time? I loved me some of the Cynsters...oh what was his name...the one from A Secret Love? Gabriel! He's my Cynster. No other will do.

Monica, glad you stopped writing long enough to check in. Don't be a stranger.

LOL Amy on JT. Yeah, I'm mystified by his appeal.

MK, you're tempting me to stay up all night for Z. He deserves it, no doubt, but I gotta be with the program tomorrow.

Yep Michelle, NK is featured in RT, and they stole all your material LOL. I don't think anything they mentioned wasn't ground you'd already covered, and rather well, I might add ;)

I hope I didn't forget anyone. The memory is so gone these days....

catslady said...

Congrats dd03! That was quite a day.

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, Morrigan's Cross is book one in Nora Roberts's new trilogy.

Dh has completely gutted our computer at home. He is "fixing" it. It will be one to two weeks before he has it back up and going. So I'm playing at work and getting more TV time in at home. :\

Manda Collins said...

Thanks for the tips, Bellas! I should have talked to yall about this before:)

dd03 said...

Thanks for inviting us again! Unfortunately, I have to been in the RW more these next few days, with work and all...

Oh, and....*bouncing*
I won, I won, I won!!!
Woohoo!!!! You will never know how truly psyched I am about this!!!

Thanks for the shout out, jennifer y.! Hope ya feel better soon!!!

...and marykate, the cellies Love SexyBack! Can ya imagine a Brother dancin' to that???
Baahhh! Too much of a mental pic!!

Thanks again everyone...hope you enjoy the BDB as much as us cellies do!!!

Special thanks to Michelle!! You Rock, girlie!

dd03 said...

p.s. Thanks catslady!

Abso-frickin'-lutely awesome day!!!

This has just made my week that much more memorable!!

Thanks, Bellas!!!