Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CinemaBella: The Big Easy

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Today we explore "The Big Easy," with Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin as our hero and heroine. The film's by Jim McBride.

So, ask your own questions of one another, or maybe start with these:

What themes do you find in the film?

How are the things that make the film good different from those we find appealing today?

Does watching the flick post-Katrina change add/detract or change your opinion of the flick.

Would the film make a good romance novel? Why/not?

Have at it. And remember to vote for next month's CinemaBella selection:

"French Kiss" or "Dangerous Liaisons."


Mary Stella said...

I love The Big Easy.

The shades of gray in that film fascinate me and the characterization is so rich. Annie begins as the textbook, by-the-book, black & white, law authority. To her, everything Remy does blurs the lines between right and wrong. She doesn't see, or doesn't understand, that in Remy's world the things that he and the other cops do are "the way it is and always has been". To him, it's black and white.

They have this whole complicated dance throughout the film and you can see them forced to change. Their exposure to each other makes them consider other points of view, other behavior choices -- and, finally, when they run headlong into that big bad moment, they have to make big life choices.

Yes, I think it would make a great romance novel because, in addition to the plot development and character development, there is that passionate romance relationship evolving and growing. (Can we say smoking hot?)

Mary Stella said...
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Kati said...

Mmm, THE BIG EASY. One of my all time favorite films, and not just because of Dennis Quaid's SMOKIN' BARE HEINY! LOL!

Mary Stella talked about Anne's evolution, but Remy also makes an incredible change. He starts off as this light hearted, kind of silly cop who has a position of power within the department, but really, he's not using it. He learns over the film that with power comes responsibility and that those that he loves best are not what they seem. The scene between Remy and Anne on the balcony is heart wrenching. He's learned that the man he calls father isn't what he seems and that some of those in his very unit aren't trustworthy. He's heartbroken and betrayed. And it's the mark of his character, and Anne's influence on him that he takes steps to right the wrong.

The movie, set in pre-Katrina NOLA was even more heart warming for me because it's such a valentine to the city. It's a quintesential NOLA film, with allusions to many of the city's most charming aspects, even the warehouse where the Mardi Gras floats are kept.

Plus, you really, really can't discount the chemistry between Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin. It's firey hot and combustable. I love to see him break down her defenses. And you can completely see her falling for him. The scene where they waltz together, and she's so angry with him, but can't help herself? It's sublime!

Wow, MK, gush much?!

Oh, and I definitely, without a doubt vote for Dangerous Liaisons as the next Cinema Bella movie!

Julie in Ohio said...

OOPS, I've spent the month with my nose in a book, not on a TV screen. I haven't seen the movie yet. I don't know where my mind was. Dennis Quaid's bare heiney, huh? Yeah, I gotta see this one. :o)

My vote is French Kiss. I absolutely adore Kevin Kline. :o)

Michele Hauf said...

I haven't seen it (I know, I know) but I"m voting for Dangerous Liaisons so I can join the discussion next month! That is my all-time favorite movie.

Jennifer Y. said...

I have to agree with Mary Stella and MaryKate...they said everything better than I ever could. I really enjoyed "The Big Easy"...that one scene was HOT!

I think the film would make a good romance novel...it has passion, sexual tension, obstacles, a villian, and a HEA.

Oh, and for next month, I vote for "French Kiss"

Playground Monitor said...

Quite honestly I was bored by the movie. I had a difficult time hearing the dialogue half the time (audio techniques have obviously improved in 20 years) and it wasn't helped at all by the absolute horrid attempts at southern accents.

Now that I have that off my chest, I do agree with mary stella's point about black and white and shades of gray. When Remy realizes what his fellow officers have done and asks to come off the "widows and orphans fund" he makes a huge leap in character.

Watching the film post-Katrina was rather sad. NO had a spirit all its own. I'd rather die than live there, especially now, but it was a fun place to visit. It's where my sons saw their first cross-dresser and hooker (Yeah, Daddy, explain to them why that man is dressed in women's clothes and that woman is waving you over. LOLOL!)

We all have our likes and dislikes. That's what makes the world such an interesting mix of people. I just didn't happen to like this one.

Off to check Tivo to see if FK or DL will be showing in the next month.


Playground Monitor said...


Dangerous Liaisons is on the Oxygen network this week:
Thu Sep 28 07:00P on Oxygen
Sun Oct 1 12:00A on Oxygen

French Kiss is only available on HBO:
Tue Oct 3 09:30A on HBO
Sat Oct 7 09:00A on HBO Signature
Sat Oct 7 09:00P on HBO Signature
Thu Oct 12 07:00P on HBO Signature
Mon Oct 16 12:00P on HBO
Wed Oct 18 01:30P on HBO Signature
Wed Oct 18 11:00P on HBO Signature

All times listed are Eastern.

I get Oxygen; I don't get HBO. So I'm voting for Dangerous Liaisons also because a good friend has raved about the movie. I've seen French Kiss and can't remember much about it, so apparently it didn't make much of an impression. Or my memory is bad. Could be the latter. :grin:


Jennifer Y. said...

I did the same thing Marilyn...but I get HBO (and French Kiss will be OnDemand with my cable...I can watch it anytime). I was worried the Oxygen version of DL might be edited too much. Oh, well...we shall see what wins.

Kati said...

No kidding, Glenn Close is sublime in DL. It's a tour de force performance and she just munches the scenery, well, she and John Malkovitch who's also amazin'!

Marilyn - I'm so sorry to hear you didn't enjoy THE BIG EASY. I so adore the movie and it makes me sad that it wasn't your cuppa tea. I understand completely though, not every movie appeals to everyone. Ah well, maybe the next one you'll enjoy more.

Monica Burns said...

Well, Marilyn, I'm glad I'm not alone in posting that I was bored by TBE too. *smile* I really like Dennis Quaid (loved him in Dragonheart, Enemy Mine and Frequency), but this movie unfortnately did nothing for me.

I watched it last night and kept thinking to myself, ok what's wrong with me that I'm not seeing the chemistry here? Maybe it's because I don't see DQ as romantic lead material.

I did like the way Remy grew. He grew a LOT, and there was an explanation for it. He'd grown up with the petty corruption that it didn't seem too bad as long as you didn't go to extremes. I love Ned Beatty, and I thought he did a great job.

As for Ann, she was way to wishy washy for me. One minute she was stomping around pious and righteous and the next minute she's falling into Remy's arms hot for sex. And I had to laugh at the "I've never had much luck with sex before," line. I don't think her character was developed well at all.

As for a vote for the next selection, Dangerous Liaisons hands down! That is a FAB movie, and I watch it quite a bit (its in my DVD collection). There are so many nuances in it. John M. and GC MAKE that movie!

Rach said...

Oh, dear, is it movie time *already*???? I guess I got stuck in that whole back-to-work thing and forgot to watch. YIKES!!

I really did mean to, and I do so love DQ. What a hottie ;o).

I'm votin' for French Kiss--it's one of my faves and Kevin Kline does an amazing job with a French accent.

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, I knew you were a woman of refined taste. :P
Kevin Kline is leading man material. He has that sexy goofiness that Michele Hauf guest blogged about a couple of weeks ago. :o)

Stacy~ said...

Okay, I admit that I didn't watch it either. But I love the comments from those that did, even if they didn't care as much for the movie.

I love both FK and DL. FK is the movie I watch when I want to get all sappy an romantic - Kevin and Meg just light up the screen together, I think. And I though KK made a rather sexy Frenchman. DL is for my darker moods, when I enjoy wallowing in the deceit and machinations of Close and Malkovich. Is it just me, or were others hypnotized by Malkovich's mesmerizing voice and snake-like charm? Either choice works for moi.

Okay pimps, er, bellas, I got Guhrke's Guilty Pleasures and Rachel Gibson's I'm In No Mood for Love. Holding off on SEP's book...I know I'll be running again to the store so eventually I'll get to it. No rest for the wicked...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Bellas! Taking a sec to say ciao and check in. Great comments on the flick.

We're at a tie for next month's flick, so if you haven't voted yet, make yourself heard.

Choose French Kiss or Dangerous Liaisons.

Diving back in now. See you in the am. Wait til you read Pam Rosenthal's blog for Thursday!


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, and thanks for holding down the fort while I've been incommunicado. :)

Mary Stella said...

I vote for Dangerous Liaisons!