Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Tale of Two Davys

Congrats Carly Phillips Contest winners JenniferY (Carly's prize) and Catslady (CMH book). Email me, Bellas! Thanks all for commenting!

Funny, but at 41, I find a more mature, less smarmy, yet awfully barnicly Davy Jones more intriguing than the Monkee crush of my pre-teens.

Which Davy Jones do you prefer?

"'Running with Quills' Week (and Two Days)" continues Monday with a timely Suzanne Simmons GuestBlog.

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Suzanne Simmons - Mon Aug 14

Stella Cameron - Wed Aug 16

Jayne Ann Krentz - Thursday Aug 17

Elizabeth Lowell - Friday Aug 18

Lori Foster - Monday Aug 21


Encore! And with age comes wisdom. Just in case you'd like a little mature guy/great actor snax to get you through the weekend, I give you...Ralph.


Playground Monitor said...

A little slimy, yes, but definitely more intriguing. Gosh it's been a long time since the Monkees. I was a high school freshman if memory serves me correctly (and sometimes it doesn't anymore).

Ah... Ralph. Funny how you never associate the name Ralph with someone good looking. He defies the stereotype (i.e. Ralphie of the Red Rider BB Gun and Ralph the police chief's son on the Simpsons). And then there's the whole hugging the porcelain god thing. Of course, his name is actually pronounced Rafe. Why am I babbling this early on a Saturday morning?


Rach said...

Ralph is a mighty fine (hee hee pardon the pun) man!

I liked the sea worthy Davy with his squiddy face. Much more depth of character.

Off to purchase birthday gifts for the neice and nephew and then to the party at the bowling alley. Yay.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You're doing it, Marilyn, cause Sat morning is our decompression time! Love the Riff on Ralph. I was trying to come up with something funny to say about the rafe enunciation, but got too tired. Thought I'd let his eyes and talent speak.

Love the BB gun reference! "You'll put your eye out," the Leg Lamp. One of my favorite xmas movies. A Christmas Story, in case youz wonder what we're talking about.

Hey, Rach. I gotta getta gift today, too, for a party my son;s going to. Hoping my husband will do it. SO looking forward to a little down time on couch with a book or two this weekend. Got the new Moning and Pam Rosenthal.

Went to dinner last night with terrific couple from place my husband works. I also write for this same company. (Yes, I slept my way up the the middle).

Anyway, I'm thinking if I talk about sex during any dinner out conversation, can I write it off?

We were all talking about not hearing anything about sex from our Catholic parents, but having to rely on friends, etc. Of course, the waiter walks in on the middle of the convo and picks up on it. He's like, "yeah, you just learn what you can from the kids in the neighborhood," and I toss in, "like those O'Harrah boys down the street."

Well, he's like, "both of them?" Then I realize, with everyone staring and laughing at me, that it sounded like I'd learned about sex from two Irish hellion boys happy to teach me hands-on.

I, of course, meant there were always wily neighborhood boys that guys could learn about sex from, while girls didn't usually have the same network or visual aids (like mags) available.

HTG, I could feel my face burning, but I was glad everyone enjoyed themselves, even at my silly expense.

Will someone please write for me a short story about a nice Italian Catholic girl in her early 20s being introduced to wild sex by a pair of hot Irish guys from South Boston? If they're brothers, I'm not so much into the bro/menage thing. But you can write me, I mean the heroine, with each of them separately...Make it Brava-worthy, please.

BUON giorno.

Kati said...

Mornin'! It is an absolutely goregeous day in DC today! I'm plannin' to lounge by the pool today and work on my tan! (after running errands).

My Redskins play some football tomorrow, so I'm happy (I'm SO ready for some football!)

I don't really get the Ralph thing. OTOH, I TOTALLY get the Joe Fiennes thing. He has one of the best sets of bedroom eyes I've ever seen. I adore SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. He's incredible in it, and you totally get why Gwynnie jumped into the sack with him.

Got the new Entertainment Weekly yesterday with Daniel Craig on the cover. I really don't get it. How on earth could they replace Pierce Brosnan? He's one of the most dashing, debonaire men on the planet! The new guy is kinda creepy, I think.

OK Bellas, have a wonderful day! It's the weekend and my boss is out next week. That means lotsa playing for me! Woohoo!

Dena said...

What a great line-up next week,I'll definitely be reading. I like both Fiennes brothers,I wouldn't argue if either came my way,lol. Love the references Marilyn,I think of Ralphie whenever I hear the name.That was such a cute movie.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, Dena! And welcome. We're so lucky those Quills chicks are stopping by; I'm psyched. I'm glad you'll be chiming in. :)

Hey MK! Glad it's pretty there. And sounds great that you're looking forward to football. Can't believe it's that time already. Funny, we fall into Fiennes camps, huh? I like Ralph cause he's got lots of depth as an actor and, I think, a bit of a kink somewhere in there. But that could just be my inference. But RF is one of the guys I think of when I think top actors.

Loved JF in SIL, though. Have a fun day!

Vivi Anna said...

Hmmm, is it just me, or does Davy's tentacles have a rather intriguing allure to them...

*read* I'm in desperate need of a shagging, and a weird shapen man with many moving tentacles on his face makes me all squirmy on my chair *read*

And I do love me some Rafe Fiennes...I even foudn him attractive in Red Dragon when he was the psychopathic serial killer...

Stacy~ said...

LOL Vivi. I didn't find him all that intriguing, but I still prefer him to the Monkey.

Marilyn, you can add Ralph Malph to your list. And why were you up that early on a Saturday morning???

Michelle I agree about the kink factor with Ralph. There's something wickedly seductive about that. Plus the fact he was involved with a much older woman for several years. That's pretty hot.

Julie in Ohio said...

Mornin' Bellas!

Let me begin by saying that the Monkees were the first concert my parents took me to, so Davy Jones will always hold a piece of my heart. aahhhh

However, holding the title of "Most Intriguing Davy Jones" would definitely be Mr.Tenacle Jones. There is also an ewww factor that I'm not too sure I want to investigate.

OMG! Will someone please get Vivi a date?!?! :P
I feel for ya, sister. Been there. Done that. Got the electronics to prove it.

I think bedroom eyes run in the Fiennes family because Ralph and Joe got them in spades. hubba, hubba.
Vivi, I agree with Red Dragon. He had the bad guy psycopath thing down to a sexy art.

MK, I don't know if I can even watch the new 007 movie. I don't like the look of Daniel Craig. I'm sure he is a good actor but he's not James Bond.

I finished ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. MK, you were right. I should never have doubted you. I never will again. That chair scene will get me through many a lonely night. :o)
Vivi, you may want to think about picking it up... :P

Michelle, I'm looking for a new book. Care to share that new Moning you have? :o)

I'm off to the rib-off to stuff my face... :o)

Manda Collins said...

Morning, Bellas...okay more like afternoon. Manda caught up on her sleep this morning:)

Michelle, thank you for the Ralph...He's a dish, but you know what I also like about him? He's in a younger man/older woman relationship. Last I heard he was with Francesca Annis, who is about ten years his senior...Sigh. With those eyes and an appreciation for older women, what's not to love. Not to mention how dead sexy he is in that leather jacket!!!

I was a Davy Jones (Monkee) girl myself. Haven't seen the new POTC yet so I can't comment on that Davy Jones. But I do like Bill Nighy.

Sounds like the Bellas are having fun Saturdays. Think I'm gonna just chill at home. I'm one of those girls who resents having to "get dressed up" on the weekends. Which makes for some interested encounters at the grocery store:)

Kati said...

Jules - YAY! You liked ATTN! Connie writes a dilly of a love scene. I love how dark both of those characters are.

I just finished re-reading OVER THE EDGE by Suzanne Brockmann. I'm now on to GONE TOO FAR. It's one of the books she wrote that totally paid off for me. I know alot of people have mixed feelings about how she drags out relationships over multiple books (read Sam/Alyssa, Gina/Max, now Sophia/Decker), but for me, the payoff on this one was wonderful. I love Sam. He's one of those heroes who really has hidden depths. I love how much he loves Alyssa! After reading AAR's review of INTO THE STORM, I'm really on the fence about plunking down $16 for her new one. Michelle, did you get an ARC? And if so, what did you think? Is it worth the money?

OK, I was out in the sun for a couple of hours, and that sucked all the energy out of me. SIGH. I think I might have to go have a little lie down! Hee.

Jennifer Y. said...

I like Ralph a lot!!! Red Dragon is coming on television today in my is on the USA network.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, MK. I probably did, but it didn't get into the pile. Which sounds absolutely redic, but sometimes I just get overwhelmed and they go to the wayside.

The new Moning is Darkfever, JulieO. I read the first chapter and I think it's gonna be frigginawesome. First person. And I don't love first person, but hers is cool and not whiny, self-centered crap. Hope it holds for the whole novel. She's this week's Old Flame. And Marjorie Liu's up as our feature. Terrif novel.

I really should go out in the sun, too, Manda. But I'm so wiped from, like, the last month. Isn't that pathetic? Too tired to hang out in the sun?

Rach said...

Back from the b-day party. 10 screaming 5 year old boys and two 5 year old girls (Monkey one of them) at a bowling alley! OMG!!

Too bad we were trapped inside because like DC it is GORGEOUS here today. I'm contemplating a trip to Busch Gardens this evening (I love season passes!!).

Michelle, duh, of course you're pooped out. A body can only handle so much before it is wiped. Btw, LOVED your dinner experience. Definitely a "business" dinner ;o).

Jennifer Y. said...

Just saw that I was a winner! Thanks so much!!!!

Rach said...

Jennifer Y, I completely missed that. Congrats to you and catslady!! =) What a great gift package =).

Manda Collins said...

Michelle, if I'd done about a tenth of what you did in the past month I'd be comatose! You get some rest, Bella, and give yourself a break! The sun will be there when you're ready for it!

That said, I am superjealous that you've got the new Pam Rosenthal...

Congrats, Jennifer and Catslady!

Waves to Rach, Julie and MK! Hey, Bellas. Happy Saturday!

Rach said...

Backatcha Manda!

Kati said...

Hi Manda! Hope you had a good day today!

Rach - Can you believe the weather here today?!?! Jeez, usually summer in DC is unbearable! I think I'm going to end up having to take the pup for a walk just to celebrate.

Michelle - If you ever need help slogging through that ARC stack, you know I'll be glad to help you out. I'm SUCH a giver!! ;oP

Julie in Ohio said...

Well, Bellas, sign me up for the I'm So Pooped Party. I took the kids to the rib off today and *they* had such a good time. :P

Hey, Manda! *waving vigorously*

MK, your generosity is astounding. :P

Rach, Busch Gardens sounds terrif. Soak up that sun while you can before school starts.

The weather has been really great here, too. I almost feel guilty being inside...almost. :o)

Jennifer and Catslady, a big congrats comin' at 'cha. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, I don't usually likes first person books, but for Moning I may attempt another. Please let me know how it is.

Stacy~ said...

Congrats Catslady & Jennifer Y. I swear, Jennifer, you must have a lucky star hanging over you - how cool is that? Enjoy your prize :)

Jennifer Y. said...

I am not usually this lucky Stacy! LOL

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh, and my find doesn't compare to Julie's (the old romances), but today my dad found boxes of books in the attic that belonged to my sis when she lived at home...lots of romances in them from the '90s. I haven't really gone through them yet (I haven't felt too well), but I can't wait to see what books are in there...I know there are a lot of Desires and other category romances...should be fun.

Rach said...

Ooooh, romances you don't have to buy for yourself. How fun, Jennifer! Let us know what's in there =).

Julie in Ohio said...

OOOOHH, Jennifer, mysterious boxes full of books. How fun!! Captain Jack Sparrow has nothing on you when it comes to buried treasure. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Rach, did you make it Busch Gardens last night? I hope you had a great time.

Kati said...

Feel better Jennifer! Hope it's nothing too serious. It's another gorgeous day here in DC! Woo hoo! I'm going to get some more sun today, I think.

I finished GONE TOO FAR last night. SIGH. I love me some Sam Starett. I also read RED LILY by Nora Roberts. It's another favorite, although I didn't love that trilogy, I love Hayley, and think she's funny. Michelle - How was interviewing her (NR, not Hayley! LOL!)? I read the interview and she gave some interesting answers. Was she what you expected?

Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend!

Rach said...

No BG last night. Little Bit is getting teeth and therefore outta sorts (I think).

MK it's gorgeous again here too. I'm lovin' it!! I just want to spend the day outside soaking up the rays =).

I'm off to go cropping (scrapbooking) instead. Maybe we can do it outside...

Stacy~ said...

MK, yes, Sam Starrett is soooooo, soooooo hot! Him and Roarke (from the In Death books) are my all-time favorite heroes. I can't wait til Tuesday. Suz is an auto-buy for me.

WTG on the books Jennifer. What a treasure...

Hey kids, kinda some fun news - my name is mentioned in RT magazine for my "compilation of Nathan Kamp covers". Here's the link to my collection (so far):

I told Lori's group I'll be signing copies at her June event LOL.

Rach said...

Ack, Stace, the whole link didn't come through so I couldn't read it. Oh, man.

Congrats though, that is most exciting news!! =)

Stacy~ said...

Hey Rach, this is just the link to my collection. The blurb is in the actual magazine, which I ended up buying cuz I still haven't gotten my copy yet. I'm thinking about offering it up as a contest prize at my blog...what do you guys think? Would you want a copy of RT magazine?

Julie in Ohio said...

Holy Moly, Stacy! That is an very impressive list of a very impressive visage. :P
Congrats on the kudos. I wouldn't mind having a chance at a copy of RT. I haven't read it before.

Rach, I'm sorry Little Bit is not feeling well. Whiskey on the gums worked for my kids until they began liking it too much. :P

Jennifer Y. said...

I would love a copy...I don't get it in the mail and only get it occasionally from the store Stacy.

I feel a little better today...had an awful migraine that I am still feeling some of the effects of and a flare up of endometriosis. I looked through the box some more and found some Precious Gem romances and a lot of Harlequin books....some by Cait London, Cathie Linz, and many authors that I am unfamiliar with. I also found one YA romance by Francine was part of a series called "Caitlin."

Manda Collins said...

Stacy, I just saw that in my RT (finally broke down and subscribed after years of thinking about it) and came here to break the news but you beat me to it:) I love it when my pals get a mention in the press!!!

Sorry 'bout Little Bit, Rach. Sending her gum numb vibes...

Ugh, Jennifer, migraines are non fun. Glad you've got some books to brighten things up.

Stacy~ said...

Rach I'm sorry for not noticing about Little Bit. Hops she's feeling better soon - give her lots of hugs.

Jennifer, I hope you feel better too.

Rach said...

Stacy, the RT sounds like a great prize =).

Jennifer, I'm so sorry. A migraine combined with endometriosis is not a good combo. Hoping you're feeling more like yourself soon.

Julie, whiskey you say? Sounds good to me--works as a sleep aid too, right? ;oP

Thanks guys for the good vibes =).

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, it's an all around good time remedy. :P

So I have a problem that I need help with. I just finished ATTN and need to start a new book but I don't know which one to pick up.


I'm leaning towards the JAK books because she guesting this week. Does anyone have an opinion?

Rach said...

Go with the JAK's. The NR's are good, and so are the JAK's. But, since she's here this week, that would be the best choice, IMHO anyway. =)

Julie in Ohio said...

Which one???

I've tried iny miny miney mo and came up with a dog. Don't ask...

Rach said...

PRIVATE EYE. And that's my final answer :oP.

Julie in Ohio said...

THANK YOU!! You don't know how I've agonized over this.
OK, maybe agonized is an exaggeration but I have decision making issues.

You are my hero. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

How's Little Bit feeling? Gotten her, I mean feeling better yet? :P

Rach said...

Oh, can't make decisions for myself, but always for others ;oP.

Bit is down and out for the count. Here's hoping she stays that way.

Julie in Ohio said...

That's good. I'll keep pushing the lullaby vibes at you. :o)

Geez, Jennifer, I meant to comment earlier (having a senior moment) but when you don't feel good, you REALLY DON'T FEEL GOOD. Sheesh, woman. Tell your body, only one ailment at a time please. I had a migraine once and it knocked me on my a$$. I can't imagine compounding it with a hang nail let alone endometriosis. I hope you get to be feeling better real soon. Maybe Carly's prize will help... :o)

Jennifer Y. said...

Thanks everyone...I felt a bit better today...the headache wasn't quite so bad and the other, well, it will stop hurting soon I hope.


Michele said...

I'm back from Maine. Looks like I missed a ton of action. Wow!
I missed Lisa Kleypas here, but I found her in Maine... her books actually. I bought 4 at the Chicken Barn and I tell you, I'm a convert. yep. I like her style. Her voice and her stories. So, now I have to play catch up and judging from the books I've seen, I have a lot to choose from. I like the Wallflowers. I read the second in the series and it was FUN!

Oh, Davy Jones was OK, he still would be better to kiss than ol' tenticles pictured **shudder**

Who is Ralph? He looks like the younger version of the bad French archeologist guy from the first Indiana Jones movie.

You are having JAK here? Oh. My. Goodness! She was my very first obsession!! I've read at least 60 of her books. maybe more. She is so like literary royalty. Oh Michelle, you will have outdone yourself having her... woot!!

And Lori Foster? The Winton Brothers Momma?? Oh boy **fans self** I'm over heating from excitement. Glad I took my vacation earlier and not later.

You rock, Michelle!!
But then , you know that.

Stacy~ said...

Hey Michele, was wondering what happened to you! I saw the pictures at your blog - hope you had a great time :)

Rach said...

Hi Michele! I was wondering where you had gotten off to! Welcome back =).

Michele said...

Glad to BE back. Thanks, Stacy~ and Rachd!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Bellas! Stace! Congrats on the RT mention. Is it in an article about Teresa Medeiros' next book? She said they were going to try to get an interview w. NK.

Sorry you've had "the headache," as they call it in the Regencies, JenY. I had them for a couple years, but had GREAT meds, that actually made having the migraines kinda fun once the drugs kicked in. But enough about my near-addictions.

Glad you're psyched re JAK's visit, Michele. The whole thing happened because of how kind Lori Foster has been since I first featured one of her novels as an Old Flame. Only seemed nat'ral to see if she and her pals would visit us.

They've got some cool stuff in store here, and over at RWQ, which you can link to from RBtheBlog index.

Rach, I so feel you on trying to get the baby down. I was a big fan of Benedryl and lullabye tapes. Mostly, my son didn't sleep through the nite til 13mos. we should have bitten the bullet and done the Dr. Furber thing sooner, but we were weak 1st time parents. So we just carried him around for the first year of his life, cause if we actually put him in the crib, he'd wake up and start crying.

Michele, Michele! Ralph Fiennes, big bro of Joseph F from Shakes in Love, was in "Schindler's List," "The English Patient," and an unfortunate role choice in a JLo romantic comedy, etc. He's SO flippin smart as an actor and, I think we've agreed here, definitely has some of that "beneath the civilised British exterior kink goin on." Or is he Welsh or Scottish, or Suf'African or something?

hoo doggy.

Kati said...

Michelle - Here's some stooopid trivia. Ralph and Joseph Fiennes' father is Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who was a very famous British explorer. He died not too long ago. He was featured on CBS's Sunday Morning about a year or so ago.

LOL! Ask me something math related, I can't remember, ask me something celebrity related, and I can recollect anything! Pathetic

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

NOT so pathetic. My sister-in-law is like that, too. She's like a TV maven. In fact, I asked her to GuestBlog for us and forgot til you wrote that.

I swear, she's so on top of the best new shows, even before anyone else is hip to them. You guys will get on great.

I didn't realize that about the Fiennes bros' dad. Although Ralphie does have that look about him, no? Joseph was always a little too pretty for me. Ralph's eyes just say, "you are gonna be so heartbroken when I leave you, but you're gonna have some freaky little memories to mull over on a cold winter's night in your old age."

Hmm. Getting the sense that maybe I shouldn't write and say absolutely everything that comes to mind.

Kati said...

Oooh! Do have her blog! I'd love, love, love to talk TV with her. (OT question, do I have to "love,love,love" everything?!)

I'm the same way. First of all, I remember all manner of trashy celebrity gossip and I kick butt at pop culture stuff. In fact, I've been having a blast playing "The World Series of Pop Culture" that's been going on on VH-1. I love that kind of stuff.

catslady said...

Oh thanks so much for the win and thanks everyone for the contrats!!! I'm looking forward to reading Cross My Heart :)

catslady said...

Okay I can't type today - congrats lol.

Jennifer Y. said...

LOL! Ask me something math related, I can't remember, ask me something celebrity related, and I can recollect anything! Pathetic

I am the exact same way!!! I loved "The World Series of Pop Culture." I was shouting out all the answers! I didn't do so well in the music categories though.

Jennifer Y. said...

Michelle: Did you get my e-mail about the contest win? Just wondering!