Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stella Cameron GuestBlog: IT Men From Madville

Ever since my husband gave me one of her novels for Christmas a few years back, I've loved Stella Cameron's voice, and her way with a sexy mystery.

I know you'll enjoy the treat she's got in store, Bellas, for this, Day 4 of " Week (and Two Days)!" Without further, well, you know -- please welcome, Miss Stella...

Stella Cameron here:)

Here where? Madville, of course, otherwise known as my office, the room where I can usually be found on all seven days of the week. The Deadline has me in it's claws. I'm finishing TARGET a Pointe Judah book for next year and since I can't get my mind off the story anyway, I've simply moved into the office for a few days. I do this every time I'm at the end of a book.

My current release is BODY OF EVIDENCE.

And here are sneak peeks at October and November covers for A GRAVE MISTAKE and A MARKED MAN.

I'm delighted to visit with you this week and to be with my good friends from and I look forward to chatting with you about my little poll. I do love a poll, especially if the topic is irresistible!


What is "It?"

People, in particular men in this case, have some mysterious "its" that have power over others (women in this case:). There are sensations, emotional and physical, that are evoked in us and not simply because someone is gorgeous. Often the person who demands our attention is physically plain, but there is something, there is "it."

I picked out a few men who are frequently mentioned as being in the "it" category. Your special McDreamy may not be here, but you should be able to find someone to interest you...

Can you can pick one of the gentlemen as your standout? Or do you have another entry?

Please let us know at -- preferably with an attempt to explain what reaction you have to him, and what his special qualities are -- as far as you are concerned.

The votes will be counted!

May the sun shine softly on you,


Choices from top to bottom, L to R:

Denzel; Johnny; Antonio; Christian; Russell; Val; Pierce; Brad; Tom; Isaiah. Oh, yeah. And Hugh.


Stacy~ said...

Stella, what a pleasure to have you here! I'm doing a drive-by as I have to head off to work soon, but I wanted to stop in and say "welome" and I look forward to returning later this evening for more excitement. Work takes away all my fun LOL.

Well I skipped over to the Quills blog, but no poll yet - boo! I liked the 2 choices you have here - Johnny and Denzel. I think a lot of their appeal is that they've taken on roles that are challenging and sometimes controversial, but that's the beauty of it. They are not just nice to look at, but men who are confident in their abilities and think outside the box. They are not pretty boys who are only interested in showing their best side but men who are comfortable looking or being bad or ugly. There's something rather sexy about that. And you know, both of these men are dads, and there's also something sexy about men who love children, and animals. It shows that softer side. Very hot stuff.

These men are quite "it".

amy kennedy said...

Hello Stella!

Stacy--you said...confident in their abilities and think outside the box--so important to the 'it' quality.

But isn't part of the 'it' quality an unknown value--sorry, I gotta quote French here--a 'je ne sais quoi' thing. You can't really put it into words--

An 'I know it when I see it' quality.

I'll check back to see if the poll is up at Quills.

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Stella!!

I agree with Denzel and Johnny. They just really have something special.

I would add Joaquin Phoenix. He is your hero or villain. He just has "that" look and ability that he becomes any role he is cast from beggar to billionaire. I think it's all in the eyes.

Kati said...

Welcome Stella! We're thrilled to have you here!

I'd offer up George Clooney. And here's why:

1- He's incredibly handsome and seems to be completely comfortable in his own skin.
2- His politics, he's not afraid to speak up for what he believes in, even if his sentiments are unpopular. (Does anyone remember his rant against the paparazzi after Princess Di was killed?) Also, he's not afraid to use his star status to further causes he believes in.
3- He's a humanitarian, look at what he's doing for Darfur.
4- He can act. He's equally funny and serious, and is smart about his star power. He did OCEAN'S 12 to pay for SYRIANA, which was a film he believed in strongly.

He's darn close to the total package.

Playground Monitor said...

I adore Denzel Washington. He's handsome, funny, serious, a terrific actor and you just don't hear any gossip about him.

I was never a Johnny Depp fan until I saw the first Pirates movie. Then he was a blip on my radar. After I saw "Finding Neverland" I developed a new respect for his acting talent. What a movie!

I think my man Matthew McConnaughey may become a new IT man because of the breadth of his work and of course his snaxy looks. I'm eager to see the film he's been working on lately -- "We Are Marshall" -- about the air crash that wiped out the Marshall University football team and how the coach (Matthew) rebuilt the program literally from the ashes.


Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, Val Kilmer! He is so underrated. I think he is fabulous. He takes varied roles, nothing cookie cutter (Tom Cruise?). Again I have to say it's in the eyes.

Kati said...

OH. I missed the rest of the photos. Sorry.

Of these, I'd pick Brad Pitt. He's a physical specimen, I mean, really. Also, he's a humanitarian (thanks, in part I think to his relationship with Angelina Jolie) and an environmentalist. He also uses his star power to do good. I find that very sexy.

I think Isaiah is also a renaissance man, he can act, he plays the trumpet and piano and writes his own music. He's extremely accomplished, and frankly, looks darn good with his shirt off.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buon giorno, Stella and Bellas! First, THE POLL is right here today. I was confused, then I couldn't get blogger to take the photos and had to write the html. Apologies, Stella.

BUT, now The IT Poll is HERE!!!

I, too, and a Joaqin fan, again, like Ralph Fiennes, he's got that kink below the surface, and is a good actor (Quills. Loved it) Denzel knocks my socks off for many reasons. Handsome and classy as heck and one of the great actors of our time.

Val Kilmer. Great in the Doors movie, Batman. Sexy lips.

Not a huge Brad fan, but when I first saw him on-screen in "A River Runs Through It," I thought he was beautiful and reminded me of Redford back in the day.

David Duchovny is IT for me, I guess, cause he's so flippin smart, has that imperfect nose, is so flippin smart. Menschy but sexy.

Mina Wolf said...

Johnny and Val, definitely. There's something so inherently sexy and smart in these two.

Michele said...

I add a "Welcome Stella" too and now I have to ask:

You mean I have to choose between Denzel, Johnny, Pierce and Val???
Clone me, please!

First I'll go with the physical basics - kissable lips.
Expressive, sultry, masterful and skilled. (reminds me of NK)

Eyes - mesmerizing - lead me anywhere you want but end up on silk please.

Smile - sometimes innocent, sometimes not - always potent

Acting ability - diverse, not afraid to take risks - chameleons all. Perfectionists and confident - look what Depp did for Pirates!

And Val can sing! And he swings a mean sword. *wink*

Eyes draw, lips entice, personality ensnares, talent and technique dazzle - wrap them up together and you make history.

Julie in Ohio said...

I think Hugh, Brad, and Christian are HOT (or HAWT) but I don't think they have that *IT* factor.
They can act and are a great piece of eye candy (I could stare at them all day) but I don't get much more feeling from them...

please don't throw anything at me, I have delicate skin...

Kati said...

I'm sorry, Julie, I AM going to have to throw something at you regarding Hugh. :WINK:

He can sing, he can do comedy and drama, he's gorgeous. He has a strong marriage and adopts kids from third world countries. He's been nominated for Golden Globes and won a Tony. He said one of his favorite things to do at home is read to his wife while she's soaking in a bath he's drawn her. THUD.

Plus he has a gorgeous 6-pack under his shirt.

I really do think he has "it."

Rach said...

Good Morning and welcome Stella!

Brad has never really done it for me. I can concede he is a good lookin' guy, but well, there's nothin' there for me. I would say Pierce or George Clooney.

My reasoning is as follows: When I consider "It" men I think of the legendaries, such as Bogey or Cary Grant. Those men had staying power and were sexy for YEARS. George and Pierce are headed in that direction. They are aging beautifully (in fact, George gets sexier the older he gets, IMHO) and have taken on some interesting roles in recent years.

Yeah, the younger guys are hot hot hotties, but these guys have been around and are back again =).

Julie in Ohio said...

Great definition, Rach! I was thinking Cary. I'm glad you mentioned him. He is the epitamy of sexy, IMHO. :o)
(*whisper* I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Brad.)
Pierce and George do get better with age.

Stella, are you sure we have to pick only one? I decision making problems... :P

MK, based on what you said about Hugh, in which I concede I did not know, I will mark him off my "he doesn't have it" list. Now put down that shovel and step away slowly... *wink,wink*

Kati said...

Rach -See my comments about Clooney above. I agree. Stella, I think you guys need to amend the poll to include Clooney. He definitely has "staying power." LOL!

Julie - See, all I needed was a shovel as a weapon to get you around to my way of thinking. Clearly I need to carry a shovel all the time!

There's no possible way I can pick just one. In fact, I could make a case for most all of them, except Christian Slater. I don't get that one. His voice annoys me and I still think of him as the kid in the movie HEATHERS. I also find Val Kilmer to be a bit creepy. Thus...I can't pick either of them.

Also, Johnny Depp smokes like a chimney. Those nasty french cigarillos. Not sure I could get over that. He's definitely one of the most brilliant actors of our time, but he's got the smoking thing that I'm not sure I can get over.

Vivi Anna said...

Welcome to RBTB Stella!

I'm sorry I can't possibly get involved in a poll without Viggo or Joaquin.

I remember Viggo from his first role in Witness as the Amish suitor to what's her name...

Loved him in GI Jane, the only good thing about that movie. Plus I loved the stache...

He's was great in A Perfect Murder and Walking On The Moon with Diane Lane..

And of course who can ever forget him as Aragorn...*la sigh*

I also like him because he paints, is a very good photographer, writes poetry, plays jazz and is very eccentric, I hear he hates wearing shoes....also he loves animals and bought the horse he played with in Hildago...

Then there's Joaquin *growl*, there's something in his eyes that makes me tremble with need...he always looks like he's going to either punch you a good one or kiss you until you soak your panties...

I love that in a man. ;-)

He's an incredible actor and shies aware from the media. Sometimes he's a little surly, but hey, I love that in a man...dark and brooding.

He's a Vegan and an enviromentalist...

I don't want to tame him, I just want to ride him for awhile... ;-)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

oh, SHOOT! George was in Stella's blog and I forgot him. I am so off my game.

Vivi. What can be said to follow you? They say in show business, "never follow a kid or a dog act." I've got to add, "or Vivi describing erotic fantasies about movie stars or anything else."

Kati said...

I don't want to tame him, I just want to ride him for awhile... ;-)

:MK wiping the spit take off her keyboard and monitor:

Great Vivi! I'm supposed to be acting like a professional here!

Rach said...

LOL, Michelle. There really is no following Vivi, is there?

Kristi Cook said...

Hmm, as far as the 'it' factor....Johnny. Definitely Johnny!!!! And how fitting--my word verification was ahfoxx!

Vivi Anna said...

ehehehehhehee, sorry....

Can't help myself!

Julie in Ohio said...

OMG, that was good, Viv.
I have come to the decision that there is nothing that Vivi says that will ever surprise me again...until next time.

OK, OK, OK...based on Rach's definition and everything that I know and like to look at, I think I have come to a decision...

My *IT* guy would have to be...(drum roll)

PIERCE BROSNAN - He has the looks (he only gets better with age), brains, acting versitility, sensitivity, and most importantly an accent. I could sit and listen to him read the dictionary all day...

Julie in Ohio said...

Is someone really going to try to muddle through all our indecisions and try to tally these?

Monica Burns said...

Welcome to the happening place, Stella. We bellas are so glad Michelle invited you here!

Vivi, I can always count on you sweetheart to liven things up when it comes to men.

So all I can say is that when you go riding, one must consider the artwork itself. We can only hope that it's not an illusion, but rather that it's an enormously, pleasurable ride filled with ripples that make the body shudder. *very big grin*

As for the it factor. A man with a hint of good tobacco isn't necessarily a bad thing for me. Johnny has my heart when it comes to his ability to become whatever part he plays.

I just watched Libertine last night. The man became the Earl of Rochester in all his debauched, crude, and yet haunting glory. His ability to deliver Rochester's erotic, decadent sometimes crude words was brilliant. As an actor he's fan-freaking-tastic, it's his intellect that attracts me, but then I'm a brainy broad.

Brad Pit is the it man when it comes to actual rides...or at least the man he was in Troy. With deference to Cannaro [sp?], sorry Michelle, Pitt's body in that one scene of Troy was to-die-for. It was the way God intended man to look. It was a frigging piece of artwork that made me want to jump bones intensely. THAT would be a wild ride! ROFL

How could ya'll forget GERARD!! Shame on you! Shame! LOL He's intense and runs the gamut of emotions in all he does, and you don't hear too much of him in the press. I like a guy who keeps a low profile, and stays out of trouble. Shows responsibility and I love responsible people.

Denzel he's it because his movies generally, not always, have an underlying theme of justice to them. I love that he chooses projects where he's an any man type of man. And it doesn't hurt that he's totally goodlooking, and it definitely doesn't hurt that his smile is the kind that melts your heart.

Oh MY! Oh MY! There are too many men, too little time, and only so much of me to go around. LOL

Monica Burns said...

Well Michelle is gonna have to tally the votes. LOL

BTW word Ver. otomsxys

Oh to many sexy studs! LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

ROTFLMAO, Monica!!!

I saw the Libertine. I agree with you about Johnny's performance. When I left the theater, I told dh that I was speakless about the movie but I thought JD performance was Oscar worthy. He was fan-freaking-tastic.
Wasn't it you that told me it was based on a real guy? I shudder to think...

Kati said...

Mon - I'll never forget the Washington Post movie critic saying about TROY that it was like "gay porn." Hilarious. Eric Bana's not bad to look at either.

All I'm saying, is I'd have gladly volunteered to rub all that oil on BP for TROY. I said after that movie, "If I were Jennifer Aniston, I'd seriously never let the man out of bed."

He is delicious. I get the feeling he might not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree, but he sure is pretty!

Vivi Anna said...

You know I don't find BP all that good looking...

I liked him in Ocean's 11

And I adored him in Fight Club

There's something about him that totally turns me off...not sure what it is...maybe he's not bad boy enough for me...

Jennifer Y. said...

Welcome Stella! Great group of men there!

Julie in Ohio said...

Here's my humblest opinion of Brad Pitt.
He is a great piece of eye candy but I can't imagine him being very good for anything else. He is so somber and not in a good way. He always seems serious. I like brainy. I don't think I'm completely superficial, but when he was guest starring on Friends and he was trying to be funny, I just didn't get it. I found it dorky and not in a cute way. I like someone who can lay down the one liners as well as have a conversation with.

Monica Burns said...

JulieO - yes that was me saying Libertine was based on a real person. The Earl of Rochester was actually quite brilliant, and I think probably quite tortured by his brilliance. His writings were witty in a lot of ways, and he was clearly ahead of his time in writing erotic and erotica works. *grin* If he had turned his head toward pursuits that didn't include drinking and whoring he probably could have been more of a philosopher and social commentator than he actually was.

Vivi - I agree with you, I wouldn't say that BP is all that handsome, that's not what got me in Troy where he's concerned (although I do believe he's an unappreciated actor - Seven Years in Tibet is a wonderful example of his talent). But in Troy, OMIGOD, the scene where all you see is him on his stomach. The muscles, etc are so beautifully outlined. He was gorgeous in that shot. Not his face, his body!! LOL

JulieO - I think it's quite possible BP is a true humanitarian, and is probably a lot brainier than the media give him credit for. I think that would account for the somber look. And I doubt he's a very funny guy. Of course, my history with men has been really bad as far as bad boys are concerned, so what the hell do I know. ROFL

Kati said...

Jules - I believe BP is an quite and accomplished architect. I know he recently sponsored a green architecture competition towards rebuilding New Orleans. I do think he's a humanitarian with a deep sense of social justice. I respect that. I dunno, I'm willing to cut him some slack, imagine having press and paparazzi in your face all the time. I'd imagine it would make you extremely suspicious of the press and really circumspect. I've seen footage of him with his kids and also with his buddies and he does seem like a big goofball.

Julie in Ohio said...

Is this gang up on Julie day? You really need to let me in on these things. I like to play, too. Nobody can lay it into her like I can... *kiss, kiss*

I don't have anything against Brad as a person. The media is hell. I'll be the first to defend celebrities rights to privacy. I know he does do alot of humanitarian deeds. Although to be honest MK's mention of him helping New Orleans is the first I've heard of anything he's done in the USA. I'm just saying he's not my cup of tea. I need someone with the whole package...looks, brains and humor. I don't get that with him.

And before you come after me again, let me add that I've seen him playing with his children so I know he is a good daddy...

Stella said...

I'm late, I'm late! This is what I get for deciding I ought to have a "normal" sleep schedule for at least a night. I did sleep. I did wake up horribly late. I am in a tizzy. But I'm thrilled to be here.

Glad the Marvelous Michelle managed to get all the photos up in one place. Aren't they an interesting bunch?

BUT, don't hesitate to toss in your own cindidates (hah, as if you would hesitate, you shrinking violets, you:)

We'll get a count done by the end of the day and see if we have a winner.

Cheers, Stella

Monica Burns said...

JulieO - oh sweetie, I wasn't ganging up on you! {{{JulieO}}} I thought I was just explaining what I saw differently about BP...You don't have to like him just cuz some of us do. Besides we love you, those of us who like him, only want BP for his body. *evil grin*

Julie in Ohio said...

Stella, you must be joking. There is no way to pin point just one.
They are all wonderful in their own way...

Can we give a top five?

Stella said...

Hi Stacy: You sound horribly busy. Sometimes I think that's such a curse, other times I wonder what some of us would do if we weren't kept out of trouble by "biz."

Now all the pictures (again, thanks to Michelle) are here, I'll be interested to read your final take, and any alternate suggestions.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Please, oh, please remember, my Bellas, that Brad Pitt is a Midwesterner. They are by nature pretty reserved.

I remember seeing BP in an interview when he was still w/Jen. I'd never "gotten" him before, but I found him to be earnest and kind. But who knows? This whole Angelina thing is scary. Can you say Billy Bob Thornton?

mmmmhmmm. (Swingblade reference, girls)

But I'm thinkin' IT now. What would that guy have to have to be an IT guy? One of the things that makes an IT girl is that women want to be like her. Who would guys like to be like?

Oh, this is kinda Viviesque, but have you ever played the game, "Who would be your lover?" If you were gay, who'd be your dream date. (Please, don't view this as insensitive to the g/l/b community. I think you know me better than that).

Anyway, I always choose Charlize Theron because she's so beautiful. My husband's choice? Brad Pitt. "He's a beautiful man," Dave always says. :)

Now, "who would be your lover" doesn't always go across well here in the Midwest. So introduce it wisely to your friends if you live west of Harrisburg, PA, I'm thinking.

Stella said...

Hope you found the whole poll now, Amy* Julie--I wish we had a photo of Joaquin Phoenix. Mmm--yes, I do.


Julie in Ohio said...

I was just thinking that my post was harsh. I know you guys didn't mean anything by it. I thought it was funny that you and MK just chimed in with comments at the same time.

We all like different things about different people.
What a boring world if we were exactly the same!!
But if you would like to come over to *my* way of thinking it would be OK. :P

aarrgghh, I love to hate the internet.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Stella! Can we just talk about your books for a second? What are you working on? What do you just love and want us to know about "Body of Evidence?"

Monica Burns said...

JulieO - JP is too young for me. LOL, and I confess that there's something about his mouth that doesn't turn me on. Although I confess I loved him Signs that Hershey Kisses hat scene was absolutely hysterical.

Yes, Stella you need to dish on what you're writing now!! Say what is you love the most about writing?? Inquiring minds want to know.

Stella said...

I've got to put in a word forIsaiah. One of the most sensual scenes I've seen--and not in any typical way--is the Grey's Anatomy scene when Christina has had an ectopic pregnancy and The Man walks into the hospital room He doesn't say a single word, just stretched out on that tiny bed and holds her. Touching, sensual, sexy. And he has repeatedly shown how wide his scope is by sucking all the air out of one sequence after another.

I don't know much about him outside his acting career.


Julie in Ohio said...

I'm sticking with Pierce Brosnan as my IT guy.

As for a gal, my date would be Drew Barrymore. She has it all...looks, brains, humor. Not to mention, she has done it all. She has fallen to the bottom and got right back up again. She's phenominal.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL - Monica, JP is too young for me, too.

Michele said...

I'll weigh in with the gal date with Ann Margaret. Very inspiring on screen and in private life.

Barbara Stanwyck was a strong and Classy lady.

More current would be Jane Seymour, one the the Bond girls.

I thought about it.. I'll settle for Val for the IT man.

Pierce was a runner up, but VAL as Mad Martigan was just yummy and his sense of humor in TOP SECRET still has me giggling even after all these years.

Kati said...

Stella - See? If I wasn't a fan before, I would be now. Just the fact that you watch Grey's Anatomy makes you a woman of rare and refined taste!

"Monica, JP is too young for me, too."

Mon and Jules, it's probably a good thing that he's too young for both of you, because I think Vivi is busy gentling him to halter. ;-O

Jules, I wasn't picking on you at all. From what I can tell, you and I agree on most everything. I was just playing devil's advocate. I think up above I said I wasn't sure he was the brightest bulb. I can find a good side to most celebrities (except, maybe for Tom Cruise, whose meltdown on Oprah was the last great celebrity trainwreck. I couldn't look away!) You know I love ya, girlfriend!

Stella said...

Writing (visualize a salute here) yes, indeedy. But I intend to deliberate over each post as the day goes on 'cause that's the way my mind works.

TARGET is my current story. This week I'll finish the book which only means I'll then hash and rehash, write and re-write, fuss, fume, cry and generally carry-on for days afterward.

This is the story of Nick and Aurelie (also Sarah, Aurelie's sister and Delia, the woman who brought all three up from when they were teenagers--and the rest of the crew from Pointe Judah, Louisiana).

Two women in love with the same man, two sisters in love with the same man. The three of them have virtually grown up together and are very close as friends.

And a man who loves both women, but only one of them with the kind of sexy obsession that's "killing him, but not quickly enough!"

Nick grew up in a California cult until he was sixteen. At that point his mother, who could feel the approach of evil, sent him away and had him take Aurelie and Sarah (two runaways) with him. Smart move on her part as you'll see when you read TARGET.

With him, Nick carried something his mother told him to give to her old friend, Delia.

That "Something" turns out to be dangerous, it turns out to be a killer . . .

TARGET is one of those books that doesn't leave me at all. I'm either physically writing or thinking about the story. This can be draining but I don't know any other way to live--or want to.

My schedule: I write every day. Probably spend up to twelve hours coming and going from the computer. I tend to have spurts of three or four hours. My most productive time is between ten at night and six in the morning. Not the most convenient thing when you have a family you love and you want to play an active part of their lives. We manage because we've got a lot of love and a lot of experience in compromise around here. I think you can imagine that the journey isn't always slick.

Cheers, Stella

Julie in Ohio said...

Michele, do you remember Val in REAL GENIUS? I will stop whatever I'm doing to watch that movie. He was hilarious. :o)

but I'm NOT going to change my mind... (Julie says while trying to convince herself)

Julie in Ohio said...

Yeah, MK, I wouldn't want to come between Vivi and her riding session but JP in GLADIATOR... ooohh, doggie.
I just love a guy in a toga...:P

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Stella! I wanted to give you the chance to talk about your books, to tease us a little. You had me at

"a man who loves both women, but only one of them with the kind of sexy obsession that's "killing him, but not quickly enough!"

Also wanted you to find us erudite, and with an eye toward the gravity romantic fiction demands. Then, I planned for us to go back to scammin on hot guys.

You sure know the way to a Bella's heart!

Vivi Anna said...

Yeah, he was so evilly hot in Gladiator...but the movie that solidified my affection and hots for him was Walk the Line...OMG, he was so damn sexy in that movie...

So I'm going to go with JP as my IT man...

Just because I have the tingles just thinking about him..

Now, for a women (I used to play this game at work, when I worked, all the time, I think we all had a top five list) my number one choice...

Angelina Jolie

I love her. She's a bad girl with a huge heart, and brains and determination to do what she wants to do...I admire and respect her and I think she's drop dead gorgeous..

My second pick would be Diane Lane, I think that woman is so freakin classy and timelessly beautiful it breaks my heart just looking at her..

Julie in Ohio said...

OMG, Stella, that sounds wonderful!! I can't wait for it to come out. I love teasers and yours was perfect. I'm just salivating... :o)

Your schedule is amazing. I don't know how you do it but I'm glad you do. :o)

Vivi Anna said...

Oh, and I just wanted to say to all the Bellas...this blog is my favoritist in the whole world! I LOVE blogging with you ladies!!

Julie in Ohio said...

Yes, Vivi, he was phenominel in WALK THE LINE. He is the only one who could've played Johnny Cash the way he did.

but I'm NOT changing my mind...(again trying to convince myself)

Julie in Ohio said...

There are other blogs???

Rach said...

Yup, Vivi, this is my favoritest of all too! =)

Poor Jules, they're all beating up on you today, aren't they... :oP But, I'm with you on the whole BP thing. I just really and truly don't get it.

My IT guy is Pierce. I've been doing some more thinking about this (between getting three kiddos ready for a photo shoot and all the rest of that kind of thing) and the thing is, those classic "it" guys were also classy. Again, think Cary Grant. Pierce is definitely the classiest of the bunch. Followed again by George.

Now, that said, this doesn't mean other hotties don't do it for me. I would say JP, but well, after Vivi was finished with him he'd have no energy left for me. I loved Val's sense of humor in those later flicks, and Denzel has always been smooth. Johnny does it for me too (well, except for that whole smoking thing--I'm with Michelle there).

So, while those are definitely some mighty fine men, they don't all necessarily fit every criteria of my definition. (Okay, feelin' like I'm a bit bossy here. Sorry!)

Julie in Ohio said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stella said...

Have to agree that Pierce Brosnan has something really special (that's one of those understatements that come so easily. Did anyone see George Clooney's photo on the front of the first issue of Men's Vogue. WOW! If you missed it, see if it's archived somewhere.

Vapid is the element that cools my corpuscles (?SP). "Nice" is just . . .nice. But the enigmatic, preferably saturnine face attached to a brain that works, and a body that also works--well, what more can I say?


Stella said...

Vivi: I think you are charming and your comment to your sister Bellas should make them feel good. I'm sure it does, they're just too excited by other things today:)


Michele said...

Julie in Ohio:

YES!! I HAVE Real Genius in my video library. Guys were NOT that cute when I went to college...darn. Or maybe good - I would have been "compromised" years before I was, LOL

Stella said...

Julie in Ohio:

You're so kind about the plot for TARGET. It's a challenging story but when I read I like all of my strings pulled so that's my aim when I'm writing, too.


Stella said...

Have I remembered to write that I think Johnny Depp is brilliant?


Rach said...

Stella, I totally agree with you on the JD front. The man *becomes* the character in any role. He is truly amazing and I adore him. But, not the IT guy...;o)

catslady said...

Unless I missed it, no one mentioned orlando bloom - my current hunk. But Hugh and Johnny are great too. I really have to like them off screen too which eliminates quite a few. Oh and men with accents and deep voices - such as connery and patrick stewart.

Vivi Anna said...

Stella, thank you for the compliment! :-)

I don't know about charming, but I have my moments....LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, I knew you would understand! :P

LOL, Michele! I do love that movie. I think I need to look it up at Amazon...

Vivi, we love ya right back!!
{{Group Hug}}

Stella, not to be pushy but when is TARGET due out?

Catslady, Orlando is one hot tamale!! I'm all about the accents... :P

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks Vivi and JulieO for the nice comments about this blog. Youz and all the Bellas make it fun to hang here (and make struggling with blogger-flippin-dot-com worthwhile).

Hmmm. Men with deep voices and sexy accents. I must say that does it for me, too. But we've already talked about those dangerous foreign guys and my boy, Ramon...

Yet, I also dig Boston accents: Boston Proper, Southie Irish, old New England not so much, but the others get me.

Stella, you are too kind to play with us today. Sorry I actually made you talk books when, clearly, you are a Bella at heart and just wanna talk men. :)

Vive les hommes d'IT!

Stacy~ said...

Hey kids, good to see everyone's having another great day. Aw, feel the love...for the men, for each other, even for other women LOL. We are all about the love. And the hotties.

I used to drool over BP, but as I got older, he lost some of his appeal. And I still don't like how things ended with him and Jenn, even if all we see is the media version. Irks my buns.

David D. is sa-weet! I admit that I got a tingle as his Mulder's private pleasures. There's just something about a guy who's a bit kinky that's really hot. And being smart is a huge turn-on as well.

Amy, yes one of the biggest attactions of the "it" factor is the mystery of it all, that elusive quality that shines through that everyone wishes they had. It can't be duplicated.

My vote for a woman? Hmm, I do get the Angelina Jolie thing - she's utterly gorgeous and so passionate about children and those in need. A very cool chick. I've always been drawn to Rita Hayworth. She was also incredibly beautiful, and had somewhat of a tragic life. It's something I can't relate to, but I find fascinating.

Stella, sounds like you needed to sleep in. I'm really enjoying your poll. Any excuse to talk about men LOL. I wish I would have met you at RWA this year. I should have been tagging along with BadBarb :)

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm not familiar with a Southie Irish accent. Sounds facinating... :P

I, too, love all accents, not just foreign. Southern, southwestern,'s all good.

Us yanks really got jipped when the accents got handed out... :(

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yes, smart with kink gets my vote every time.

Vivi Anna said...

Mmm, that's exactly what I be needing...

An intelligent man that wears a suit by day, has a very powerful and important job, adn at night, after he takes off the suit, he's looking for the cuffs and paddle...and me! ;-0

Julie in Ohio said...

So, Vivi, how's the date hunt going? :P

Julie in Ohio said...

Stella, thanks for coming by today. This has been fun. Please don't be a stranger. Stop by again...and again...

Julie in Ohio said...

I can't wait to find out who's on top...and who's on the bottom...

Stella said...

Grumble--I've been shut out of the comments for a hours--wicked,wicked Blogger.

Julie: TARGET is set for April '07. Thank you very much for asking.

I'm determined to make a tally and come up with a winner--not easy when the the post threads are, shall we say, joyfully abandonned? If things get too out of hand I shall just have to go all bossy and declare a winner.


Playground Monitor said...

Vivi mentioned Diane Lane. Oh. My. God. Did you see "Unfaithful?" What a disturbing story but the acting was superb. And Olivier Martinez wasn't bad either. Heck I even have a thing for Richard Gere's gray hair and frameless glasses in "Shall We Dance." But I digress. After the drama of "Unfaithful" she comes along with a romantic comedy like "Under the Tuscan Sun." Such fun!


Stella said...

If I ever suggest another poll, please remind me about the way the Bellas change their minds--by the minute, even.

There's enough energy here to fuel the next space shuttle and I love it.

Doing the best I can, Val Kilmer seems to have the most completely positive mentions. Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney are also "up there," but we knew that. Brad Pitt is a love him or hate him guy. You've talked about a lot of fabulous men and gone into character so much I'm impressed. You've shown you're not just a bunch of pretty faces with elastic libidos:)

I'll declare Val Kilmer the winner.

And you women are equal opportunity thinkers. A lot of kind comments about Angelina Jolie, poor, ugly little thing that she is.

So let's announce for Val Kilmer and Angelina Jolie. Hmm--wonder how they would be together.


Stella said...

Oops, forgot half the post.

Thanks to every one of you for joining in today, and for welcoming me as you have. I've had such a lot of fun and on a day when I needed to laugh and put life in perspective.

Please, those whom I didn't respond to by name, forgive me. I just got carried away reading, plus good old Blogger has done some post-eating along the way!

You are a fantastic group!

Hope I'll be forgiven if curiosity pulls me in for an occasional comment in future.

All the best,


Stella said...

PS: There really aren't any blogs other than this one, the Wicked--scratch that--I meant Wonderful Bellas. But if you have a teensy second to spare sometime, you will be welcomed at runningwithquills. Lori, Jayne, Suzanne, Susan, Ann and I may seem a little sedate on the surface (or have I blown my reputation today) but we can be whipped into shape:)


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well, Stella, if you have blown your rep today, you know that tidbit will stay right here with us. It's the Inet, for gosh sakes; it's not like anyone is paying attention...

But grazie, molto grazie, Bella Stella, for joining us through the day. You brought us something very enjoyable to mull over while going on with our workdays.

And we're all looking forward to reading about your new hero and which sister he's obsessed with. :)

Please come back to tell us all about him, em, I mean the novel, when it's out!

And you can be sure we'll pop over to!

In case you don't know, Bellas, you can visit Stella and her quillfriends from the RunningWithQuills link on the RBtheBlog index page.

Off to prepare Stella's friend, Jayne Ann Krentz', GuestBlog. Blogger ate it once already...

Thanks, Stella, again!