Saturday, August 05, 2006

Making Connections Contest *

Lots of us read romance, and hang at places like Romance: By the Blog, cause we want to make connections. Whether we want to find fellow romance lovers, or want to hook up with fascinating heroes who embody everything we n/ever thought we wanted in a man -- we pretty much belong together in the end.

Carly Phillips joins us Monday, August 7 not only to tell us about the connections between characters in her newest, "Cross My Heart," but also to ask us what is probably the most important question of the Inet age.

*And, one lucky Bella -- chosen from everyone commenting between 6am and 10 pm -- will win the gift set you see above. The books you'll receive will not be ARCs as pictured. They'll be gen-u-ine, autographed first-prints. And, heck, I'll throw in a copy of CMH for a second lucky Bella.

I really dig Carly; she's a tremendously genuine woman you'll want to get to know better.

Have you ever won a prize (besides the prize that is your spouse, of course)?
What was it, and how'd you feel about it?


Stacy~ said...

Well, I've won a few prizes (mostly books) but the best one was from you Michelle, when I won a box of books several months ago. I was like a kid at Christmas. You were so generous and gave me such wonderful selections - I treasure you for sharing your love of books and for feeling as passionately about romance as I do :)

yyybdmyg (word ver): yeah, yeah, yeah, books do make you grin

Julie in Ohio said...

I won the purse and book from Anna DeStefano, which my daughter has already tried to claim. :o)
And I won a prize pack from the Romance Junkies at Lucy's which included an ebook (my very first).

I am with Stacy, it is like Christmas. When I saw my name I screamed (lucky for you, you didn't hear me) and then bragged to all my family. :P
My kids get all excited too. They start racing to the mail box each day looking for it, so they can be the first person to tell me it's here. :o)
It is a wonderful feeling. I feel all giddy and happy.
It's like Sally Fields said "You like me. You really like me. " I know it's a random drawing but it doesn't matter. It just feels good. :o)

Rach said...

Oh, I love Carly's stuff! I found her with THE PLAYBOY and loved all three brothers =).

I am just about the unluckiest human being alive. No, really! I have NEVER won a game of Bingo. Ever. Really! I rarely win games, and I almost NEVER win prizes.

I did however win a prize from Kathryn Jordan and my mug and CD are fabulous. She got them right out to me and I have already listened to the CD at least 10 times. If you've read the book, the CD *really* goes along with it.

So, that's it. The story of my prize. Don't you feel honored now?

Julie in Ohio said...

Come on, Rach, aren't you being a little hard on yourself? It's a rule of Bingo that you have to be no younger than 75 years old to win. See, it isn't that you are unlucky, you just aren't old enough yet. :o)

Rach said...

Ah, is that what it is, Julie. I had always wondered...:oP

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm full of little known facts.

A couple of them are even true. :P

Rach said...

Oh, forgot to say how I felt when I won--very excited. See above post about how I never win anything...

Julie, I'll keep that info filed away for future reference :oP

catslady said...

Yes, I've won many books and prize packages and I'm thrilled every time. I especially love winning books from new authors.

Billie said...

Winning prizes for me is like a child in the summertime. I win prizes for a little while and I am totally excited about each and every one of them. And then it is time for school and all it can do is sit and wait to see when I get to have all the excitement again. I just received an oil lamp I won from michelle levigne and currently I am waiting for a gift certificate i won on anna destefano's blog. I love to win and I always get excited just like it is the first time.

Playground Monitor said...

The DH and I lived in Germany from 1976 to 1980 and he worked as a government auditor. The Consulate General's Women's Club had a raffle one year and I bought two tickets. One of them won a beautiful birthday cake, which I froze until my son's first birthday a few weeks later. The second one a round-trip airline ticket from Frankfurt (where we lived) to Berlin. All we had to do was buy the second ticket because baby flew free.

Now this was while the Berlin wall was still standing and it was a trip never to be forgotten. West Berlin was modern and bright and fun. East Berlin was dark -- both physically and metaphorically -- because they were still under the Communist regime. We went into East Berlin on a guided bus tour and one stop was the Pergamom Museum, which houses antiquities from the middle east. We couldn't take the stroller in so baby, who was 14 months old by the time we took the trip, had to toddle along or be carried by one of us. At one point, we went from one room to another and had to step up and then back down. The tour guide took one of his little hands to help while my husband held the other. I looked at the scene and literally saw him with freedom grasping one hand and Communism grasping the other. It was a wonderful trip and traveling behind that wall gave you a whole new perspective on things.

And just last night the DH and I attended a fund raiser casino night for the local children's advocacy center. For a $25 donation we got, amongst other things, $10K in poker chips. I played blackjack and parlayed that into $110K, which I redeemed for a bunch of door prize tickets and didn't win a darned thing. But all of us raised a lot of $$$ for kids who are victims of neglect and/or abuse. And we had a lot of fun too!

My bestest recent prize though has to be my baby granddaughter who is 8 weeks old and visiting this weekend. Oh Lordy she's so cute and snuggly and growing like a weed. We're going to keep her for a weekend next month while our son and daughter-in-law take an anniversary trip. I'm both thrilled and scared spitless. It's been ages since I tended to a wee babe.


Rach said...

Marilyn, I loved your story about Berlin! How fascinating to have been able to visit while it was still under communist party rule. Oh how I would love to pick your brain aobut it...

Congrats on the new baby granddaughter. =)My mom tells me grandchildren are God's gift for not killing your kids. ;oP

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, Stace. I agree, Marilyn's story gave me chills. The Berlin part, not the gambling part. Marilyn, you sound like quite the card sharp!

We're off for two days in the WI Dells, which is a kind of touristy area with lots of water parks and stuff. One of my best friends from back East is meeting us there with her family, then they'll head back here to stay with us for the rest of the week.

We're staying at a place called the Copa Cabana, which has, of course, a delightful cocoanut motif and is, I'm told, the Hottest Spot North of, well, Madison, at least. But perhaps not Havana.

Ew. I'm going to have to wear a swimsuit. But I will perservere and sacrifice for my children. Though I learned my lesson at RWA, perhaps a Mojito is called for. There will be other adult supervision after all.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Congrats, Billie! Anna is awesome; we love her here. I like to win stuff, too. And I get it about how cool it is to get books, Stace. Even though I'm inundated (sp), I still am thrilled every time I get a package with new ones. And I totally respect how expensive they are. Funny, as much as I adore books, I always felt guilty buying them. But I usually feel guilty about everything.

Welcome back, catslady. I have two, btw. cats. one is pretty sick right now, and I'm not sure what's gonna happen there. she's my favorite, my little stress sponge. I just have to be vigilant and make sure I don't try to extend her life if she's suffering. Her name is Norman.

The other one, Sophia, is about a year and a half. Not a lap cat, but she has her worth, I'm sure. Owns the place, but really digs the kids, which is why we adopted her, cause Norman only really trusts me and is a scaredy-cat. So the kids wanted a pet they could see once in a while. Go figure.

Rach said...

Michelle, have a blast!! Water parks are pretty cool--we live right down the road from Water Country USA and have a season pass. I hear ya on the bathing suit thing, but every time I go to WC I'm just as heavy as half the women there, smaller than some and larger than others. The thing is, everyone is so busy ogling the skinny chix with big boobs in the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis that no one notices the rest of us. Seriously!

I too have a kitty. His name is Guinness and is a source of constant irritation for my hubby. I think he's a sweety though. He isn't real thrilled with Monkey as yet. We're still waiting...

Julie in Ohio said...

What a wonderful story, Marilyn. Thank you for sharing. My dh was stationed in Germany after the wall fell. The only thing he remembers is the beer. Go figure.

Michelle, have fun! We took the kids to a waterpark a couple of years ago and lost my youngest. She decided we weren't going to her area fast enough so she ditched us. She was 2 years old at the time. Moral of my story: get a leash! :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

We have a dog and a cat who do not live in harmony.
Our cat, Oscar, is 10 years old. He got his name because as a kitten he always hung out by the garbage can. He didn't knocked them over, he hid behind them. Also, he is the biggest grouch you have ever met. He only likes dh. He will walk up to me purring then bite me. Hard. Lovely little (beep).

Our dog on the otherhand, just wants to be loved by whoever is available. Her name is Dixie and she is 12. She is a joy but has an overactive bladder. We won't go there.

Jennifer Y. said...

I have won several contests (mostly books). I appreciate everything that I is exciting to win something when you don't expect it.

Rach said...

OMG, Julie! Did you have an absolute heart attack????????? I would DIE!!!!! Yes, leashes are an excellent thing to have with active kiddos. I know people who cringe at them, but I'm not one of 'em!

Okay, so now I confess I have an absolute zoo. I have two silky terriers, Holly and Waylen who terrorize Guinness, two guinea pigs, Toot and Puddle, named for the Hollie Hobbie piggies, a French Lop bunny named Moose (he's 13 pounds and bigger than the dogs!!) and a rat named Monty. My mom thinks I'm INSANE--she may be right ;oP.

Julie in Ohio said...

I was OK with your zoo right up until Monty. WHY? WHY? WHY? I don't really need an answer, I'm just shuddering.

Yes, I had a heart attack and a nervous breakdown. When that was over I cried. But it all turned OK. When we found her, she was playing in the little kids tree house slidey thing and, of course, oblivious to the panic she had caused. That is when the homocidal tendacy hit. grrrr

Manda Collins said...

Hmmm, the last thing I won was Christmastime last year when I won the grand prize in Teresa Medeiros's monthly contest, an autographed copy of every novel she's ever published! I was tickled pink--especially because it was right before my foot surgery so I was trying to stockpile books anyway:)

Bellas, since we are such fans of UATW, thought I'd let yall know that Candice Hern's new book JUST ONE OF THOSE FLINGS has quite one. Not to reduce the book to UATW action, it also boasts a 35 year old heroine and a 29 year old hero and some darn good writing. And if the hero happened to spend some time in India and knows quite a bit about the kama sutra, well that's just a bonus!

I have two kitties, Max a long haired orange tabby, and Spike a lavendar point siamese/tabby mix. Max hates pretty much everyone but me, and Spike loves everyone. Neither one are very good watch cats--Max hides under my bedspread when strangers come over and Spike would just welcome burglars in and offer them all my stuff in exchange for a handful of Pounce treats.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Manda. Cats have no loyalty. Another point in favor of dogs. :o)

All of Teresa's books? WOW! That is quite a prize. What kind of bribe did you use? I'm always interested in others techniques. :P

That Candice Hern books sounds interesting. I'll have to look it up. I've seen her around but haven't tried her yet. Thanks for rec. :o)

Rach said...

Manda, thanks for the head's up! =) Sounds good to me *wink*!

Okay to explain Monty, rats typically are very sweet and make much better pets than other smallish rodents such as gerbils, hamsters, etc. Unfortuantely, Monty bucked the trend, killed off his sweet brother Jack (Monterey and Jack, get it??) and is just nasty. When he goes we'll probably get more. Besides, they keep the mother-in-law at bay...*grin*.

Rach said...

Um, yeah, about those TM books, Manda? Color me SO jealous!!!!!!!

Stacy~ said...

Manda you lucky girl! What a cool prize.

And I'm writing down Candice Hern...oh cuz I love those older heroines/younger heroes, of course ;)

CrystalGB said...

I have won several books and great prizes in contests. I am always so excited when I win something. It is always like Christmas.

Anna Destefano said...

Hey Bellas,

Peaking in after a week of RWA-catch up and back-to-school shopping (for my son and me, 'cause the sales were just too amazing and it was a tax-free weekend and all ;O)

Coolest thing I've won in recent years??? A gift backet of Harlequin Presents (my guilty summer-reading pleasures). You should have seen me rushing to the front of the room to snag my prize ;O)

Writers are such fans at heart...especially romance writers. And you should see me in line at booksignings (especially the free ones at RWA), waiting to meet some of my idols like Susan Elizabeth Phillips...I'm a needy Bella in those moments...if you see me, come over and whisper in my ear not to spook the author by squealing when I get to the front of the line ;O)

Billie, I just checked in with my shipping department (my sweet dh who has a mail room at his office and doesn't mind taking care of my blog mail-outs). The Borders gift certificates were supposed to have gone out late last week, after all the other prizes. But, alas, they lay cold and alone on his desk over the weekend. They're heading to the post today. You should have your goody in a few days...hope you find something amazing to buy and read!!!

Lori Handeland's latest Night Creatures is out...I'm going to have to get me some of that the next I can steal a few minutes away from my desk.

It was great seeing Michelle at RWA Nationals. Hope everyone else had a fab. time!!!

Anna D.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OMG, MAnda! I just had to write as soon as I saw you're Candice Hern comment. I'm featuring her new novel in a couple weeks.

YES! The book opens with the most arousing UATW scene I've read in ages! I immediately told my husband all about it after I'd finished the chapter.

You Bellas, you should all read the first novel in this series about widows who decide to take responsibility for their individual happiness, all the while embracing their sexuality anew.

I'm really excited about the series, incldng, Just One of Those Flings, and you might wanna loook into them.

robynl said...

One day hubby comes out of the post office with this gigantic box and it's addressed to me. He wonders if I'm expecting something from someone and I say no. I say it can't be mine but we proceed to open it and inside are 10 games like Monopoly, Scrabble etc. Here I had entered a contest and won these 10 games for 'family fun' and hadn't been told that I won until I received the parcel. I could not believe my luck!!!!

Tam said...

I have won a 20" color TV, Starbucks Gift Card & few books.