Monday, August 21, 2006

Lori Foster GuestBlog: About Those Sexy Books

She is one of the kindest women I've met, in or out of romance, and has been super-suportive of what I try to do. Her reader/fans love her, and I know you will, too (if you don't already).

In our final installment of "RunningWithQuills Week (and Two Days)!" Lori Foster is here to talk about my ab fave subject, and one we like to dish about often. W/o further ado, Bellas, please welcome Lori Foster...

Wow, there are a lot of super-sexy lines out there now, huh? Every publisher has at least one, or so it seems. Some of us enjoy the explicit sensuality, some of us don’t. But one thing is certain – it’s selling. What always strikes me is how many varying opinions there are on what makes a sexy book sexy.

So I ask you, what puts a book into the “super sexy” category?

Is it the number of love scenes? The risqué language used? Toys? Innovative positions or locations? Ha, I say!

Unless I know those
The single most important element that makes a book sexier is the characters. The author has to show the characters' sexual tension and maintain that tension by keeping readers clued in to the characters' thoughts and attuned to their feelings. Readers have to see and feel exactly how badly these two people want and need each other so that when they come together, it’s explosive.

Dialogue, risqué or otherwise, only adds to the sexiness if it’s part of a well-drawn characterization that gives insight into feelings and insecurities and even background. It’s who is using the language and in what situation that turns up the steam.

It doesn’t matter if there’s one love scene or twenty if we don’t care about the people who are having sex. Whether the characters realize it or not, as a reader, I need to see a growing emotional commitment between them, a building of sexual tension, and I have to know there’s something at stake.

Will throwing a whip into the mix make the story sexier? What if the characters “do it” in a place where they might get caught? What if one or the other is tied up?

Unless I know those characters and know how or why the extra factors matter, it won’t add to the sensuality. BUT... it could detract. When I read about two people getting intimate the first few times (or even for a lifetime) I want to know that they’re so in awe of each other that they need nothing else. Just being together should be turn-on enough.

That’s my opinion on sexiness in a book is that all you need are sexy characters who stay in character throughout the story. Your opinion might differ, and I’d love for you to share it!

So tell me, what do YOU think
makes a sexy book super sexy?

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Encore! Thank you, Elizabeth Lowell, for Friday's GuestBlog, and for taking time on your day off to come in to our Home Office! We loved having you and hope you'll visit again.

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Stacy~ said...

Yay, it's Lori! I've been up since 5:30am, and I am sooo not a morning person, 'specially on my day off, but for you Lori, I'll make the sacrifice *g*

What makes a book super sexy is the connection between the h/h, when they are so into each other, so attracted that you yourself sizzle from the sexual tension, then it amps up the sexy factor.

In case you didn't know this, Lori has these heroes that are just cursed to be good lovers, so their goal is to make it special for the woman, no matter what experience, or lack of, she's had. That's extremely sexy, no question. We need more men like that, dontcha think?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buon giorno, Lori! And a special one to early riser, Stacy, who may be the biggest LF fan here at RBtheBlog.

Am I wrong in saying that? Well, let us know differently if I am.

I agree with Stacy, first about Lori's heroes who are doomed to be awesome, sensitive lovers.

And, that the thing that makes erotic romance hot is the tension between the needs of the hero/heroine. Not just sexual, but emotional.

Then, at least for me, the conflict w/in the hero re whether he can get/have the girl and then, oh, super-sexy, how he is gonna have her when he gets her.

BUT that, as delish as I find it, never works if the emo tens isn't built first, or if the the language and imagery is instructional and cold (writer is uncomfy w/ writing sex or just not too good at this point).

Lori's guys always have great fantasies about what they're gonna do when they get the girl...

And isn't there something appealing about a guy who not only wants to get to know us, but wants to get to know us?

Janice Maynard said...

Mornin' Lori and Michelle (and Stacy!) -

For me what makes a book sexy is the feeling that the hero and heroine absolutely HAVE to be together in the end... each has what the other needs in terms of caring, personality, and sexual attraction. And I (the reader) am rooting for them from page one to overcome whatever stands in their way and end up all warm and happy in bed together!

And it goes without saying that Lori's books are absolutely wonderful in that respect... and it doesn't hurt that her wonderful men are very talented between the covers... and we'll let BOTH definitions of "covers" apply here. :)

Janice Maynard

Stacy~ said...

Hey Michelle, yep, I'm a bit of a fan LOL.

And definitely emotional connection is extremely important. Like Janice - morning Janice :) - said, when the characters "have" to be together, when their need for each other is so strong, yet at the same time doesn't make them co-dependent on each other, well, that just makes me sigh with happiness. Spot on about "under the covers" ;)

Rach said...

Good morning, Lori =). Your books were the first more erotic romances I had read. I picked a series of novellas, read yours and was *immediately* looking for more of your work!! Thank you thank you thank you =).

I agree with what everyone else has said about the character development, sexual tension, and they fact they *know* they will die without each other.

Otherwise you get what I've complained about before--a sex manual. It's all too graphic and I lose interest because I have no emotional connection to the h/h. For me that is a *must*!

And, Michelle, I agree with you on Stacy's status as the biggest LF fangirl. ;o)

Kati said...

Mornin' from Indianapolis, Bellas. I'm running a conference, so will be in and out all week.

For me, it's the "just do it already!" factor. If an author has done their job, they have built the sexual tension between the h/h to a point where every page I'm thinking in my head, "just do it already!" Linda Howard excels at this. It's rare for one of her books not to feature serious sexual tension. Lori is also a master at this. Also, Suz Brockmann.

Julie in Ohio said...

Mornin' Bellas. Welcome, Lori!!

For me it's definitely the characters who MUST get together before they spontaniously combust but something always gets in the way. When they do finally get to the bedroom/wall/floor...*BOOM*. It's all about the tension.
If they just jump in on the first pages, I feel jipped. I need to feel something for these characters before I can *see* them intimately.

That said, I do like creative positions and descriptions. :P

lamclane said...

I absolutely agree that it is the sexual tension that keeps us turning the page... the need to see these people finally get together.

It's funny that people who don't read romance feel the need to focus on the fact that love scenes are often explicit.... hello, it is a romance. The relationship between and man and a woman falling in love will at some point include sex. Leaving that out is like having a sundae without the whipped cream...I feel a bit cheated.

Speaking of whipped cream... I think that inovative love scenes are sensual and erotic and sometimes just plain fun but as Lori mentioned it has to fit the characters and the plot and not just tossed in.

Great question. I think that the sexier books are popular because women are choosing to read what they want to read ;-)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Brava, Luann! We're choosing to read what makes us happy in lots of ways, and men and women who fear or don't understand those needs and interests skewer us for them.

I feel so honored to have some of the crown princesses of erotic romance here today! Welcome Luann and Janice!

Whether the eroticism is secondary to romantic love as in erotic romance, or primary along with another strong emotion as in erotica it feels good to read about great sexual imagery. I like getting turned-on by what I read and welcome anyone else who does to hang out here.

I also celebrate an author's right to create novels depicting mild to outrageous sexual imagery and everything in between. I'm happy to support those authors creating quality works in the areas of erotic romance and erotica in the same way I promote authors who write another misunderstood sub-genre of romance called Inspirational.

I'll also say that I've read some Inspirational that was so innocently erotic I was nearly screaming, "God! Why can't this author write hot?" I guess I answered my question with the question.

Stacy~ said...

If anyone was looking for authors with similar writing styles to Lori, Janice and LuAnn would fit that description very well. They both write romances that are about the romance, but also are very positive about the sexual aspects of the romance.

That is probably one of my biggest arguments FOR romance - these books are wonderful examples of healthy relationships, and sex is a big part of that.

Now LuAnn recently has written some sweeter romances (Dark Roots & Cowboy Boots), but that doesn't mean she's left out the physical stuff. Nope, our girl didn't leave her h/h hanging ;) yet she added elements of humor and of a simpler place, and the story was both endearing and sexy.

Janice writes about fantasy - Suite Fantasy - and exploring your innermost sensual daydreams. Very sexy, and there's always the HEA. My kinda story.

Julie in Ohio said...

Stacy mentioned that Lori's heroes were cursed with being good lovers.
I am new to Lori's books. I've just read JUDE'S LAW, but if her other heroes suffer from the curse that Jude had, I am definitely doing more shopping. MURPHY'S LAW is already on order. :o)

Rach said...

Julie, Julie, Julie. You haven't yet met the Winstons????? Oh, honey, you gotta get them NOW!

Janice Maynard said...

Michelle - crown princesses??? Geez, lady - you'll have my hubby laughing his head off. :)

Just kidding... you are too kind, and I appreciate dear Stacy's unwavering enthusiasm, as well.

Being compared to Lori is a huge compliment! I read and enjoyed her books long before I ever knew her!!

Janice Maynard

Vivi Anna said...

Welcome Lori to RBTB!

I agree with y'all about the sexual tension...that is a must in a sexy book. And I think there is a difference between a book that is sexy and one that is erotic.

I've read erotic books that have left me cold. And I have read books that are extrememly sexy with having maybe one or two sex scenes...

It's definitely not the sex that makes a book sexy, but what comes before the act, the interaction between your characters, the almost theres, the near misses, the banter between's all good.

But I will add, if they are having sex, it better be inventive...I'm tired of missionary on the bed...let's get busy on the floor, on the kitchen table, in the shower, against the wall, out on the balcony, in teh backyard, on the stairs...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Julie, there's a fairly new Winston's anthology, "Wildly Winston," with all 4 novellas. It's the book with the Nathan Kamp cover that started it all for me.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

btw, LOL, Vivi! But not too inventive, ya know? Sometimes it seems like they're just trying too hard.

Julie in Ohio said...

I know exactly which cover you are referring to, Michelle. :o)

It looks like I'm off to Amazon. I think my hubby is starting to get suspicious of all the boxes. :P

Lori Foster said...

Wow. See, here's my excuse to all you early risers - my husband retired. Yeah so, you ask? Well, we used to be up by 4:30 am, but since he's retired, I'm sleeping in till 7am! Ain't it grand! For a change, I'm up AFTER the birds! LOL.

What fun to sign on and see so many generous, fun, and friendly comments. Thank you everyone!

Stacy - bless you. Wanna be my new best friend? LOL

Michelle, thanks for having me here. I'm thrilled!

Hey Janice! How ya been?

Okay, now to work my way through the rest of the posts. :::rubbing my hands in glee::: Can't wait!

Lori Foster said...

Hi Rachd! I hope I don't fall into the "manual" category. Heaven forbid my characters get involved without emotion. That is SO not my thing!

MaryKate, thank you for putting moi in a sentence with Linda Howard and Suz Brockmann. They are both mega incredible authors!

Hi Julie in Ohio! I'm not sure I'm too good at the creative positions. LOL. But I'll try to work on that. ;-)
You know, I never really think about the love scenes when I write them. And I definitely don't focus on TRYING to make the explicit or erotic.
For me, love should be shown physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. I don't get into the whole whipped cream thing (laughing) because my characters are shown at the start of their love, and that means (to me) that they should be into each other enough that nothing else is needed. I want them to be totally fascinated with everything about each other, not with "spicing" up the relationship. If they're spicing things up before the five year mark, I haven't done my job! LOL


Julie in Ohio said...

Vivi, I was with you all the way up until the balcony.
Maybe you could give us an example of what you are referring to. :P

Lori Foster said...

Vivi anna, you had me laughing out loud! Get busy, huh? I'm afraid my characters (more often than not) opt for a bed. ;-)

Michelle, Wildly Winston (with that yummy cover) is actually three novellas and a single title.
It's the Winston brother novellas with the single title Wild.
I loved that packaging!


Julie in Ohio said...

"For me, love should be shown physically as well as emotionally and spiritually."

That is very true, Lori. Seeing the entire spectrum of love is what makes a romance for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the exotic erotic but if it's a romance I need to be right there with them emotionally also.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks for the clarification, Lori. I was even thinking about how the last was longer.

"Wildly Winston," and your "Truth or Dare" collections are two of my favorite Page-through keepers, PTKs are books I always go back to when I have just a few minutes to read something fun. OK, ok, and sometimes I just read the really really good parts (cause all the other parts are good, too!)

Am I being way too much of a fangrl here, Bellas?

I think "Too Much Temptation" is still my fave Lori book, however.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

True, true, JulieO. Sometimes when I'm reading even the best hard and true erotica, I have to put it down after a while because I start to feel a little unhappy.

Jennifer Y. said...

Intimacy, sexual tension, attraction, etc. all make a book sexy to me. It is not necessarily just the sex scenes, but what leads up to it and the relationship between the hero and heroine.

amy kennedy said...

Yay! Lori's here.

Vivi, you who, "It's not the sex that makes a book sexy." So true. It's exactly what Lori was talking about--first you start with the characters. Then you add the lovely...drawn out...tension. And then--well we know.

Julie, think about being draped over an extremely safe balconey railing--or just the fact that you're outside--up high.

"God, why can't this author write hot." Michelle LOL.

Lori, I'm reading Unzipped right now--thank you very much. No really.

Kelley Nyrae said...

I'm proudly waving my flag that says I'm Lori's second biggest fan next to Stacy :)
For those of you who havent read her, you must! She really is phenominal!

Okay, on to the blog topic. I'm not big on straight erotica books. I love Lori's books because they are super sexy, but they invoke tons of emotions in regards to sex. That is sooo important to me. Each time I read one of her books my heart beats a little faster and stronger. Her characters ooze sexual tension and when they finally do have sex you know it is going to be somthing special. Even though the characters don't always know HOW special it is going to be, they have some idea. Their relationship grows first and by the time the do have sex, they need one another. Very sexy stuff!

Anonymous said...

okay, I have got to mention Sam Watson, from Lori's story in the anthology "Bad Boys on Board" that story was so incredibly sexy and hot. I think because of the overwhelming need Sam exhibited for Ariel. She drove him crazy and turned him on all at once. He was dominant and she so anxious in her secret desire to be with him...that 'it's got to be her and no one else will do' scenario is just HOT! Who am I kidding, all Lori Foster's Heroes are hot...LOL er, I think I went off topic.... :-P

amy kennedy said...

Luann--isn't it always so obvious when an exaggerated sex scene is just tossed in--it's all logistics and no emotion.

And sometimes I just don't *feel* it--my eyes start to roll and I sigh and say, "Yeah, yeah your #$%@ is hungering for his *&%$--whatever.

amy kennedy said...

Hi Kelley--yes, love the emotion.

Tami--we love going off subject, especially when it has to do with hot Heroes!

Julie in Ohio said...

"Yeah, yeah your #$%@ is hungering for his *&%$--whatever.

ROTFLMAO, Amy. So true. :P

Stacy~ said...

Lori, you mean I'm not already your best friend??? LOL. Hey, I can joke cuz Lori knows I'm really not a stalker, just a huge fan. Seriously. I don't even need meds. She's such a sweetheart - that's why you guys have to try to make the June event. I keep telling you, you will not be sorry.

Vivi, I totally agree (I love the way your mind works!) You know, when the h/h finally start getting busy, I have to say I like it when the christen every single room in the house. There's all this passion and lust and even when they go into the kitchen to get something to eat after all that exercise, they can't keep their hands off each other - wow, that's hot.

LOL Amy ;)

Yes, Tami, Sam Watson is an all-time fave of mine, as is Bram from "Luring Lucy". But Jamie Creed holds a special place in my heart....

Vivi Anna said...

I think for most erotica it's not about your heart going pitty pat, it's about your hoo-ha weeping with delight...

It's invoking strong emotions regardless of what they are. That's why a lot of erotica is not romance.

If you're writing romance, whether its erotic or not, that sexual tension NEEDs to be there...

Rach said...

ROTFLMAO, Vivi!! Too true! Great distinction between romance and erotica.

Lori Foster said...

Michelle, when asked, readers almost always cite Too Much Temptation or Say No to Joe? as their faves. Go figure. LOL

Hi Amy! You know, Unzipped is a reissue of a reissue of a... well, it's old. ;-) I hope it stands the test of time for you!

Kelley and Tam - Hi yas! Thanks for stopping by and for dropping in some kind words. You ladies rock.

Jennifer, hey there. :::waving!:::

Stacy, thanks for mentioning the June event. We HAVE to get Michelle there! I would love to add her to our group. :-D
And you know, Dianne puts up with me on a daily basis, so she has to keep that bestfriend status whether she wants it or not! LOL

Oh, by the way, Vivi! (I think it was Vivi) when Michelle mentioned Too Much Temptation, I remembered something - they have sex on the balcony! Just as you described, with the heroine sort of draped over the railing! LOL. I'd totally forgotten that. Shame on Noah for being so forward, and on Grace for letting him be that way. ;-)

This is way fun ladies, and you know, I haven't even opened my work in progress yet. It's after noon! Egads. I better get a few pages written, and then I'll pop back in.


Monica Burns said...

Welcome to RBTB Lori. Hi Bellas...playing hookey at work here. *grin*

Sexy books. Everyone's had such great answers here that it's impossible for me to top, but I thought I'd expand just a bit on the sexual tension piece. For me, there's nothing sexier than when two characters are across from each in a room with a ton of people around, and there's this sexual thing happening between them. It's in the eyes, the racing pulse, etc. It's that kind of tension, if done well, that can leave me spent with a raging desire for more. The more I get of that emotional need the higher the degree of sexual tension it creates.

Of course, I think descriptions go a long way to develop that too. You know a hot looking babe with fine arms, muscular legs, a hard, rippling torso and a pair of eyes that makes M&Ms melt in your hands. When my temperature rises that means the sexual tension is there. I refer to it as the "squirm" factor. *grin*

Vivi Anna said...

Good way to describe it Mon. that's how we should review books..

I give Jude's Law by Lori Foster, 5 Squirmies out of 5


Julie in Ohio said...

LMAO, Mon & Vivi!! :o)

Tabitha Gibson said...

I love the slow build up myself. I'm sure they can eventually fall in love if they hop right in bed on the first few pages, but the sweet torment of the tease before the bada bing! is the best. ;)

And I must chime in on another set of brothers? Buckhorn. Mmmm...

Lori Foster said...

LOL Monica and Vivi. Squirmies, huh? I'm glad my books rate up there! Thank you so much. :-)

You know, Monica, I did that "across the room" thing in my novella for "When Good Things Happen To Bad Boys," with the ultimate bad boy, Axel Dean. ;-)


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

By the love of all things holy, WHAT is going on with Blogger today? I think these posts are poppin up out of order, or at least being sent to my Outlook nest out of sync.

Oh, Oh! Axel!!!! Soooooo goooood.

Lori said: Stacy, thanks for mentioning the June event. We HAVE to get Michelle there! I would love to add her to our group. :-D

O. M. G! I am SO not worthy! [picture me doing embarrassing happy dance like I haven't done since, well, never. Well, I think I did it when I got the Nathan Kamp interview...]

Anywayz! HIYA! I'm so psyched so many of you are hanging and lurking today. Ain't Lori a doll?

Mon, you make so many food references in your posts, I feel hungry after. Sorta like getting the munchies, which I'll prob get anyway after all this talk of snaxy heroes.

Lori writes great Alphas, but she's got some really interesting things to note about why they're more than just pushy, guys who are Big in All Ways.

Welcome Tami, and good to see you kelley!

Vivi: I think blossoming flower of her feminity, petals all adew is much more appropriate for our fellow bloggers. Please try to keep my stringent code of decency in mind.

Lori Foster said...

LOL. Too funny, Michelle. All that purple prose is going to give me vertigo. ;-)

That was my one gripe when I first started reading romance - the goofy terms used for body parts. For heaven's sake, if it can't be called what it is, then it probably shouldn't be mentioned. LOL. And ya know, there are creative ways to reference stuff without evoking chuckles. ;-)

Okay, I've only gotten 5 pages written, and we'll be leaving for a baseball game in a few hours, so I better get back to it.

Happy Monday all!


Janice Maynard said...

Of course Michelle must come to next year's June event!!! It is more fun thatn a barrel of monkeys...

Now where did that odd phrase originate... hmmm... (would webster know?)


Stacy~ said...

OMG, Vivi, you have me in tears. Can you just see RWA giving out Squirmie awards???? Too funny. Thanx Monica for the idea in the first place *g*

You won't find Lori using much of the purple stuff - she sayz it like it iz. And dang, her men are supremely alpha but also the kind you'd find in your everyday life, which is what makes 'em so irresistible. Who wouldn't want one of their own?

Okay ladies, in case you need further enticement, this past June, in addition to Lori, Janice & LuAnn, there was Dianne Castell, Erin McCarthy, Toni Blake, Rosemary Laurey, Susan Crandall, Lora Leigh, Sara McCarty, Lena Matthews, oh my gosh and soooo many more. There are plenty of opportunities to just sit and chat with the authors in a very comfortable environment, just like old friends. Look at the fun:

Plus it's very inexpensive and you're helping a lot of good causes....and there was a rodeo bar, with real cowboys. Come on girls, sounds fun, doesn't it? ;)

Julie in Ohio said...
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Anonymous said...

Lori's Too Much Temptation was my first "erotic" novel too. I was blown away by Noah, and how "super-sexy" she wrote him! I'm not too keen on erotica that breaks out the power tools and equipment -- I much prefer the strong but sensitive alpha males Lori writes: they're always 100 percent male, but end up falling passionately in love with their girl -- and like others said, they're always pretty dang good in the sheets! I think I've had a "crush" on most of the guys Lori has written (and I'm DYING to read Murphy's Law!)


Rach said...

Aw, man, you go to Busch Gardens for the afternoon and the guest blogger goes back to work and a ball game. Poo.

Vivi, again, props on the "Squirmies". I'm so with you on the rating thing =). LOL

Good description, Mon. That's a nice elaboration on what we were all trying to say.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you 100%, Lori. No real emotional connection and the sex is out of place.

Just finished a book (historical) in which the author shows this very well. She showed that even when the protagonists "hated" each other, the sex was phenomenal because of the tangled feelings for each other. (Guy was drunk and woman wore disguise but she wanted to try it with him anyway.) Ok, that could almost make a point for non-emotional sex but she knew who he was and was willing to see if it would lead to anything, since she was desperate in a way. And wow, did it ever. And even though he was drunk, he slowly recognized her as being the woman he'd been intimate with. Great story. After all, they do say that hate is close to love.

Michele said...

***Waving my list of all Lori's books I've read madly while screeching I'm Here! I'm Here! ***

I hope I didn't miss everything!
I was so thrilled to know that Lori was going to be here and I was revved up. Alas, I couldn't come play until now.

So glad to see my favorites - The Winston Brothers - were already mentioned. (Zane's my fav) My first book I ever read of Lori's was Too Much Temptation. I was hooked and devoted. From then it was 'in search of' - every Bad Boy anthology I could get my hands on.
Mr. November was a great read too... What was the title of the last of the series of which Say No To Joe was a part of? Danged if I can remember the title (Iforgot to put it on my list), but I sure do remember loving the book and feeling glad that he got his HEA, even though it was like he was clueless and didn't expect that he would cuz he hid from everyone (he had his reasons). Mr. Mountain man, LOL. Loved his HEA and his family surpise. **happy sigh**

What makes a story sexy? What everyone already said. I'm not too partial to instant sack jumping..I like to work up to it until it gets to the part that Marykate said, "Just do it already!" I concurr.

Reading like a sex manual - yeah, I get that too. It's pictures.

Thanks for being here today, Lori!
I hope I'm up as bright and early as Stacy the next time you are here....there'll be a next time, right?

Thanks for some wonderful evenings spent reading your stories, Lori!

Julie in Ohio said...

Lori, thanks for playing with us today. Rach makes some mean margaritas and we'll save you some if you promise to come back. :P

(I'm all about the bribery...)

Playground Monitor said...

Sexual tension. Lots and lots of sexual tension til you're screaming at the hero and heroine and everyone around you thinks you're nuts. :grin: That, along with a hero and heroine you fall completely in love with, makes a book super sexy.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Jaimie. It's Jaimie, Michele -- the clueless mountain man with second sight whom women drool over even when he's lookin like he'd been up the mountain for too long. Glad you could make it with your list. Seems TMT is a fave among Lori's fans. There's a scene in there which I've described to my husband as my fave erotic scene of all time (and I've read of ton of erotic stuff, as youz have).

Hey, sras! Welcome. Love the scene you describe. Makes me wanna read the book. But you're classy, you don't hawk other authors while we've got a guest. I like that. But, please feel free to come back and clue us in tomorrow.

There's something really sexy about that scene, cause it's totally incognito, fulfills that fantasy of what would it be like to experience something outrageously erotic if we knew we could get away with it, it was safe, and nobody got hurt.

Rache, I suggest you do as I do, neglect your children and hang out at your computer all day. Really, where are your priorities? This is ROMANCE we're talking about, not raising up young'ns.

Hey, JackieJ, thanks for pulling that quote! You are so welcome here among the Bellas, especially cause we're always crushin on the heroes.

Thank you, Lori, for joining us. I know how disciplined you are about your writing [she says, trying not to let her jealousy show], so we really appreciate your taking time away from writing more of the sexy -- I mean, romantic romance we love.

Hope your team won!

Lori Foster said...

:::Sigh::: I'm soooo sorry that it's over! Dang it, I had so much fun. I want to stay. May I?
Whatdya mean I gotta go write!?
Well, okay. ;-)

I had such a blast, ladies. Thank you so much!

Stacy, you're great at hawking the June event. We really need to work on Michelle. I wonder from where she'd be traveling. How far?

Julie, I'll come back any time y'all will have me!

Michele, (with one "l") Yep, that's Jamie. For an intuitive sort, he missed a lot of his own appeal, huh!? Thanks for being so nice. Such wonderful readers really keep authors going.

Sras, it wouldn't have offended me at all if you'd hawked another author while I was visiting! I'd love to know the title and author. Sharing the titles of excellent books or phenomenal authors is a must!

Jacki, I am so, so, soooo hopeful that you and others will enjoy Murphy's Law. :::biting fingernails:::: Only a few more days! It's officially "out" (laydown date) on the 29th. Do let me know what you think, okay?

Big hugs to everyone! Thank you again to Michelle (with 2 "l"s) for having me here. It's been grand!

Lori - who only has one eye open after a late baseball game last night where the Reds won, so she's not checking for typos. Be gentle!