Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lisa Kleypas GuestBlog: From Zero to Hero

Dear friends,

What a delight it is to visit with you on Michelle’s blog! At the moment I’m reflecting on my latest historical romance, Scandal In Spring, as I sit waiting for a phone call from my agent to see if we made the NYT list. But no matter how the book ends up doing, I will always remember it as one of the most fun writing experiences I’ve ever had.

As some of you may know, my Wallflower books feature a group of four young women who band together to help each other find husbands. "Scandal," the fourth novel, not only shows a tender love story, but also shows the deep affection and trust that has developed between these female friends over the course of the series.

Exploring all the wonderful things about friendship, not to mention the challenges, was a big part of why I loved writing this book. The other aspect I enjoyed was my ugly-duckling hero, Matthew Swift. I spent a lot of time developing Matthew into a hero I thought would be perfect for the whimsical, romantic Daisy Bowman.

You see a lot of ugly-duckling heroines in romanceland, but not nearly as many heroes. So all Daisy Bowman remembers about the young man she knew in New York is that he’s awkward, gangly, stiff-necked and serious. She knows for certain she would NEVER marry a man like that.

But when Matthew shows up in England a few years later . . . he is a sexy blue-eyed, broad-shouldered hunk! He is a MacGyver-type hero, who always has pockets full of odds and ends, and loves to solve problems. And he has been secretly in love with Daisy for years.

I really identify with Matthew, because I was such a nerd in junior
high and the first couple of years at high school. Later I got rid of
the glasses and braces, and learned how to put on makeup. But I never forgot what it felt like to be so shy and awkward . . . and I think the swan in the fairy tale never forgot his ugly duckling days. Which is nice, actually.

Do you like ugly duckling stories? Were you a wallflower?
What are some of your favorite novels with this theme?

P.S. Dear friends, I just got the call and I'm announcing it here first--Scandal In Spring is number nine on the NYT list. Please go drink some champagne for me!

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Encore! Felicitazione, Lisa!


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buon giorno, Lisa, and congrats on your New York Times Best Seller List status! I'm raising my glass of ice water in a toast and wishing it were that yummy peach/champagne delight you served at the SquawkRadio pary in Atlanta!

Oh, my. I was definitely a wallflower, and have only recently come out of my shell. Still, if I knew then what I knew now...

I wish I'd had friends like your wallflowers. They helped each other carve out paths that were right for each of them, and supported each other in their uniqueness, rather than accepting that they were "outcasts."

OK, and I love that they end up with such great, snaxy guys. I think Matthew is my fave of all.

So, welcome, and thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule to visit us.

MsTypo said...

Congrats on getting on the Best Seller List, Lisa!! :D :D I'll be doing my part to help keep you there next week when i pick up a copy of your book when i get to Australia. I can't wait to read the wonderful book that everyone here keeps gushing about. :) :)

I was the ultimate wallflower/ugly duckling which is why i love reading books about these characters getting their KISA. It's one thing to overcome a horrible evil uncle who wants your fortune but to overcome that feeling within yourself that you're not really all that (let alone the bag of chips) that takes courage. :D And of course an amazing KISA to see beyond the glasses, braces and bluestocking tendancies. :p

MsTypo said...

I almost forgot! My favourite two books about ugly ducklings who are so much more than they seem:

"This is All I Ask" by Lynn Kurland
"Romancing Mr. Bridgerton" by Julia Quinn

(I'm sure i'll be adding SIS to that list soon!) :D :D

MsFlexie said...

OMG Lisa Kleypas anything but gorgeous?

Let me tell you that when my friends and I got in line to get Lisa's books at RWA, we were completely gawking at her... OMG Lisa Kleypas is totally gorgeous! OMG look at her skin!!! OMG look at her Ms. America smile with those perfect teeth!!

We OMGed our way up to the front of the line where she once again flashed that dazzling smile... Of course by than we were star-struck and acting like bambling idiots, but she was ever so kind and lemme tell ya ---WE LOOOOOOVE OUR WALLFLOWER HATS! I wish I could show you all a picture of these!

CONGRATS LISA for getting on the coveted list!

Also, here's a link to my pictures from RWA, in case anyone is interested:


Stacy~ said...

OMG it's Lisa Kleypas! Let me take a moment to do my fangirl thing, cuz I just have to tell you that you and Judith McNaught are my all-time favorite historical authors EVER and "Where Dreams Begin" is my absolute favorite story. Zachary holds a special place in my heart :) I love Derek and Logan too, and who could forget Justin...sigh....

Congratulations on the bestseller list - no surprise here :)

I was, and still am, a wallflower LOL. It takes me awhile to open up, but thanx to the sweet Bellas here, it's become a lot easier :)

I love the premise of "Scandal In Spring", and I have a bit of a bad memory, but a recent wallflower story that I enjoyed was "Devil in Winter". When Evie came out of her shell, she was truly amazing, and I really admired the woman she became.

I will wish you all a great day since as you know, I head off to work and probably won't be back until later this evening, so have fun, and I'm so sorry I'll miss out on Lisa, but I know you ladies will take good care of her.

Um, Michelle, for getting Lisa as our guest blogger - you TOTALLY rock!!!

Msflexie, I have to go check out your them!

Rach said...

Lisa, a wallflower? Ugly duckling???? No way, Jack!!! I just purely don't believe it!!!

Same goes, Queen Bella, Michelle. As if either of you two were ever gangly!!

Lisa, I have LOVED all the Wallflower books, especially the relationship between the girls. They are wonderful!

Oh, and Ms.Flexie, thanks for sharing your RWA pix =). They are fantastic and I can live vicariously through them ;oP.

Well, I'll be missing some of the party since I now have to bring Monkey home from NC. You know, I'm really starting to dislike roadtrips...

Lisa Kleypas said...

Dear friends--I just have to announce that Michelle is even more gorgeous than in her photo, and is so stylish and nice and has a great figure. It is difficult to be friends with such a woman, but we must try to overlook her perfection *g*.

Nairobi--thank you so much, and I agree, Romancing Mr. B was wonderful . . . but I've never read "This is All I Ask" and I can't wait to buy it! Yay for the suggestion!

msflexie--I was absolutely delighted to meet you, and I'm so glad you like your Wallflower hats. I wish I could see them on you--I'm sure you look adorable.

Stacy--you are SO SWEET, and I really appreciate your kind words because I have always admired La McNaught tremendously. Also, Zachary Bronson is one of my more overlooked heroes and I always loved him. I had this image of him in his streetcorner-boxer days, standing with his fists up and taking all comers . . . very much a tough guy who's a marshmallow inside *g*. Thank you, dear!

amy kennedy said...

Hello Lisa and congrats on the NYT. Wow. I'm almost done with It Happened One Autumn--a little late with the Wallflowers--and loving it. It's very easy for me to put myself in Lillian's place, espaecially when she'd in the arms of Marcus.

I was never a wallflower, but I would have been very comfortable hanging on the periphery, I just always felt I shouldn't.

And I was more of a late bloomer than an ugly duckling, I was the girl whom parents adored and boys could care less about, except for a good laugh. Then, like you Lisa, I figured out make-up, and what to wear, and how to flirt--plus I think my face came in to its own. Gee, that doesn't sound like it makes sense--but it's the only way I can describe it.

Well, enough about me. Yikes. You, Lisa, are gorgeous and we love your books.

Nancy J said...

Congratulations on you NYT spot!

I love ugly duckling stories. I think most of us went through an awkward teenage stage--only with some of us it lasts a little longer…

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I find it so wonderful to read about an ugly duckling becoming aware of his/her own strengths. Maybe if I had read these books when I was younger my awkward stage wouldn’t have lasted so long.

My favorite? That would have to be Suddenly You by…hmm…I can’t quite remember the author. Of course it’s Lisa K! Amanda is sure of her intellect and common sense, but she is not aware of her feminine strengths. Jack helps her realize her full potential just as she helps him realize his potential. I recently had to buy another copy of this book because I’ve worn out my first copy.

Congratulations again on SIS making number 9 on the NYT list!

Kati said...

It's Lisa Kleypas! Hi Darlin'! How ya'll doin? (Lisa's a good southern girl too!)Welcome to RBB!

I'm so thrilled that you're here with us! I have to say that Matthew jumped right up in my heart, especially since he used the same window McKenna used to get to Aline. SIGH. I know you put that in there just for me! For those of you who don't know, AGAIN THE MAGIC literally got me through one of the hardest days of my life, waiting for my dad's open heart surgery to be over. McKenna is my favorite historical hero of all time.

I just finished my first RE-read of SIS last night. I blew through it the first time, gave it to my roommate (who stayed up until 3AM to finish it) and then re-read it yesterday because I knew you were coming.

I simply love heroes that have held a candle for the heroine. I do love ugly duckling stories because I think we can all relate to them. I also loved that Matthew admired Daisy's mind more than anything else. I also love that you put so much humor into the novel. I think because we've spent so much time with the couples that we find their reactions so much funnier. I loved how outraged Marcus was that his child would dare to come early. LOL! Doesn't the baby know he's Westcliff for heaven's sake?!

My favorite ugly ducking story is GUILTY PLEASURES by Laura Lee Gurkhe. I love it because the hero puts his foot in his mouth in such a big way and then spends the rest of the book trying to redeem himself. I also love ROMANCING MR. BRIDGERTON, same deal.

Lisa, I'm so glad you're here!

Kati said...
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Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Lisa!! I am so excited you came to play with us today. :o)

I read SIS and loved it. Daisy was the understated Wallflower and I think she really did expect to be a spinster. I love that she found love where she least expected it.
I wanted to strangle Matthew, but I have that feeling with alot of heroes. :o) It drives me crazy when the hero doesn't think that the woman who loves him "just won't understand". Of course he did redeem himself to me and turned out to be a charming guy. I loved his 'Macguyver' pockets. He was ready for anything. :o)

I have heard you mentioned before that the Wallflower series will have more books to it. Whose stories will they be?

Julie in Ohio said...

MsFlexie, thanks for sharing your pictures. I almost felt like I was there. :o)

MK, I loved McKenna and Aline. I love for Lisa to bring them back to England for a peak at them again. (hint,hint)
I, too, laughed when Westcliff couldn't believe that Lillian was in labor. Really the nerve of some babies. :o)

I love Ugly Duckling stories. IMHO, it makes the characters more real.

I, too, was not the gorgeous woman I am today. :o) I was a real dork with the braces and glasses and we won't talk about the bad skin and crazy shyness...
Although I have a hard time picturing Michelle and Lisa as such (pictures?) I find it rather comforting. It gives me hope. :o)

Christina Dodd said...


But we're not surprised. You rock!

amy kennedy said...

You guys, don't we love ugly-duckling stories too because of the power the duckling finally finds.

I love the slow realization the the hero/heroine comes to, that there is beauty to be hold.

amy kennedy said...

That's BEHOLD--one word. Ha.

Julie in Ohio said...

Definitely CONGRATULATIONS!! I raise my cup of morning coffee to you. The champagne will come tonight *after* work. :o)

You are awesome, Lisa. I can pick up any of your books and know that I am in for a treat.

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, I absolutely agree with you.
I love it when they stand up for themselves that first time and the shock of their tormenters face.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Can I just say that I love Matthew, too? And there's a love scene that really made me lol because Lisa so didn't go for the same old same old when the virgin heroine tries something daring with the hero.

I just dug Again the Magic off the keeper shelf the other night to read before bed (because I had a few minutes and my husband was away on business...) and I love love love the story. McKenna, all that sweet altruism of youth turned into all that alpha resentment of adulthood. sigh.

Loves me some alpha. Especially Kleypas alpha.

Forgive my pointing out the obvious, but have you noticed that very few of Lisa's heroes are of the aristocracy? Nonja just love Derek and the other scrappers who dragged themselves up from the gutter? The Bow Street Runners?

Sheesh. My knees are week. Thank God I'm sitting down, where I should be finishing up my column.

Thanks for stopping by to say hi, Christina. We loved having you here the other day, too. We're such lucky Bellas.

Vivi Anna said...

Congrats Lisa on NYT!!! That's fantastic news.

I love those ugly duckling stories...I suppose I was one..I purposely made myself look 'ugly' with the multi-colored hair, facial piercings, ripped up clothing, heavy black makeup, but I never succeeded, I still had boyfriends up the whazoo...

;-) Yes, I meant to say that!!! LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

I have noticed that, Michelle. I think that is another thing that sets Lisa apart from others. Although, I'm still waiting for the fishmonger's story. *g*

I loved the Bow Street stories. Grant, Ross and Nick are three very different guys all heroes in their our right. Lisa broke the mold when she introduced Nick. I frankly don't think that England could take another one. *g*

Kati said...

OK, but tell the truth, one of the very BEST things about Lisa's books are the love scenes. She writes adventurous, yet tasteful (hee) love scenes. Even when they include raspberries! ;oP

Jess said...

I just have to delurk because it is... LISA KLEYPAS!

Congrats Lisa on your spot on the NYT Bestseller List! I bought SIS on Sunday and it is on the top of my tbr pile. I can't wait to dip into it.

I guess I love ugly duckling stories if the transformation is more than just physical. A lot of times confidence is the underlying issue and that has to be resolved for the HEA to be believeable.

I have no idea if I was ever an ugly duckling- I think we all go through periods in which we feel unattractive, unwanted, unpopular and unloved. I will say that I agree with you on the difference in my life once I learned how to apply make up. I can't live without my concealer, eyeliner and mascara now! What a magical difference those three little products can make. :-)

You wrote one of my all time favorite romance novels- Dreaming of You. I have always appreciated that you are able to write in a time period that feels very overdone and stale yet with your interesting heros and plots you keep it feeling fresh and unique. Bravo to you for that.

Best, Jess

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, MK. You are so correct. :o)

raspberries? Which book was that in?

Julie in Ohio said...

Lisa, I have to ask. How in the world did you keep a straight face while writing the good scene? I could barely hold the book still I was laughing so hard. I actually had to go back and re-read it because I missed so much the first time.

Kati said...

Jules - SUDDENLY YOU. It's one of my faves! Older woman/younger man. Another terrific story!

Julie in Ohio said...

I need to reread that one. I don't remember that scene.
It was the first older woman/younger man book I ever read. Totally terrific story!!

Playground Monitor said...

Talk about late bloomers -- I'm 55 (and a grandmother) and still blooming. But 'tis better to bloom late than for the bud to wilt on the vine.

I have one of your Wallflower hats and I totally love it! It's going to be my new gardening hat -- all pink and pretty and has flowers on it.

Congrats on making the NYT list!


Manda Collins said...

YAY! CONGRATULATIONS, LISA! Am not in the least surprised of course, but still glad when it happens.

I was definitely a wallflower--tall, skinny, a "brain"---boys were much more likely to ask if they could copy my homework than to ask me out. But college helped me come out of my shell, well mostly. I'm a librarian so I suppose I haven't gotten too far away from the wallflowerdom. But now I prefer to think of myself as mysterious rather than shy;)

As for other ugly duckling stories, I think Eloisa James did a wonderful one with Helene in YOUR WICKED WAYS.

Michelle, you rock--I think it says something wonderful about you that you are able to get such a diverse group of writers to guest blog.

Julie in Ohio said...

Manda, I like that. I'm mysterious not shy. :o)

Chasing Inspriation said...

Lisa - Congratulations on your NYT Bestseller list spot! #9 is a great place to be, and you are so very worthy of this!

I haven't read Scandal yet. I'm going to enjoy it this weekend with a nice pitcher of iced tea! Take care, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, huge congrats on making the NYT bestseller list.

I have SIS in my TBR, but I gotta tell you, I LOVED DIW. I'm a real sucker for a tortured hero *grin*.

In answer to the wallflower question... I always felt like a wallflower. I never saw myself as pretty or smart or outgoing when I was a kid, and for the most part, high-school was torture. But I think I came out of my shell a little in later years.

Rach said...

Back from the wilds of NC. Yay!

Jess was *never* an ugly duckling, Bellas. Don't listen to her =).

I agree with all of you guys about the transformation not being only physical. So often a person is truly beautiful but lacks self-confidence.

My favorite ugly duckling stories are SUDDENLY YOU (oh, yeah, major scene with the raspberries--Julie, how can you *not* remember it???) an ROMANCING MR. BRIDGERTON.

I think we just LOVE to see people blossoming and coming into their own =).

Me? I'm still an ugly duckling--just waiting for the inner swan to emerge ;oP.

Oh, and Lisa, I completely agree with all the great things Jess said =).

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, come on, Rach. I have never seen you BUT with girls as beautiful as yours are I have a hard time believing that. :o)

I'm obviously going to need to pull my copy of SUDDENLY YOU down and reread it. Then I'll smack myself on the forehead because it will come back to me. :P
I enjoyed the beginning of the book when Jack comes to Amanda's house and she thought he was her birthday present. :P

Rach said...

Thanks, Julie. It's their father's genes, I swear =).

And, when you get to the end of the book (that's where the raspberries are) you really will kick yourself. I still don't see *how* you could forget it!! =)

Manda, I just reread your comment and realized I had completely forgotten Helene! How could I??

Janice Maynard said...

Lisa - Super congrats on the NYT placement. I can't wait to read Scandal! I have always adored historicals, and the ugly duckling story is near and dear to my heart.

Brings back those angsty days of junior high school. Ouch!

Glad to have you guest blogging today. :)

Janice Maynard

Helen Brenna said...

Congratulations, Lisa!! #9 - Who hoo hoo!

And I love ugly duckling stories. They're so true to life, I think everyone can identify with them.

Manda Collins said...

Rach, you probably forgot Helene because like me you are salivating to get your hands on a copy of Pleasure for Pleasure...

Or it could just be me...

Rach said...

Yup, that about sums it up, Manda. =)

Kati said...

Manda, I think I'm being a ditz, but is Pleasure for Pleasure Josie's story? Has EJ admitted yet that it's going to be Mayne?

Julie in Ohio said...

I don't think EJ has out right said it yet. She keeps hinting around it.
You know these authors, if anything, they are tricky and enjoy torturing us. :P

Rach said...

I think Mayne gets a story within PFP if it isn't *his* story directly.

I think...

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, he had better! There will be an uproar is he doesn't get his HEA...and soon. Have you been to EJ bulletin board on her website? scary... *shudder*

Rach said...

I know Manda is over there, being a Bon Bon girl and all. Me, I can barely navigate the boards! :oP

amy kennedy said...

Yay! Jess, de-lurked herself. And yes, everybody at some time finds themselves 'un'-something. Thank goodness we eventually get over it.

Manda--I wish I could do the mysterious thing--I'm neither--too loud and when you want ALL the attention it's hard to be mysterious. Rats.

In lisa's book that I'm reading the H is nobility, but the Heroine is from NEW YORK CITY--rich, but no "manners" I love her. But I remember you telling me something about that Michelle.

Not to sound dumb, but what are the Bow Street Runner books, because I'm semi-obsessed with the whole BSR thang.

And Vivi, when have you not had boyfriends coming out your whazoo?

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, the BSR books are SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME, LADY SOPHIA'S LOVER and WORTH ANY PRICE. Awesome,Awesome,Awesome books!!

And in case I didn't make myself clear, I really liked them. :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Bellas! I gave myself such a nice little post-deadline treat today. I picked up "Again the Magic" and read for about an hour! God, McKenna is so exquisite! He's so angry! I remember now, the first time reading it wanting to wave the book under the noses of every Lit snob I knew and say:

Behold Lisa Kleypas! She uses the phrase Sturm und Drang, she went to Wellesley, AND she's a former Miss America contestant!

Take THAT!

Yeah. Lisa's novels are still ones I always know I'll sink into, ones in which I'll experience that romance rush. It feels a little like good anesthesia, but that may be TMI even for RBtheBlog. :)

amy kennedy said...

Thanks Julie for the title info.

Michelle, come on, even if we've never inhaled we understand what your talking about. And never TMI.

What the heck does Sturm and Drang mean?

Lisa Kleypas said...

Dear Michelle (and friends!) I've posted a couple of replies today that seem to have been eaten by blogspot--I'm hoping this one comes through!

I've enjoyed reading these comments SO MUCH--and Michelle, I especially love that you noticed my german literary reference (Amy, it means "storm and stress"). I also referenced the philosopher Hegel in "Scandal In Spring" . . . never let it be said that I underestimate the intelligence of my readers!

Someone asked about my next three Wallflower books : they feature the Hathaway family, which moves next door to Westcliff and Lillian! They are an eccentric and colorful family of four sisters and a brother . . . and in the book I'm currently working on, Cam Rohan (he was a minor character in "Devil In Winter" falls in love with the oldest sister Amelia. These books will all have the same Wallflower feeling--playfulness, passion and humor, and they are all set at least partly in Hampshire. And I've included some big surprises about Cam!!!

You are all so kind--I am just glowing after visiting Michelles' blog today :)

Lisa Kleypas said...

Julie, I have to tell you, I was really laughing as I wrote that first love scene with Daisy and Matthew, thinking about how he was going to get that key *g*

I also laughed because the parlor game scene was so silly, but I got it from a rare book on Victorian parlor games. I can hardly believe grown adults would entertain themselves with all those animal sounds, and I knew Matthew would HATE being a cow. LOL!

Julie in Ohio said...

You are in good company when it comes to blogger eating responses. If I had a nickel...

Big surprises about Cam??? Any sneak peak you'd like to share?

When will these be released?

Lisa Kleypas said...

Jess, thank you so much for your mention of Dreaming Of You. I was so lucky to have a wonderful editor named Ellen Edwards . . . at that time, NO ONE was writing lower-class heroes, unless they turned out to be long-lost aristocrats *g* . . . but Ellen let me write the character of Derek Craven exactly as I wanted to.

I actually came up with the idea for Derek after I had broken off an engagement with a man who always put himself and his own needs first . . . and I thought, "Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a hero who suffers and suffers because he thinks the woman he loves is too good for him?" LOL.

Julie in Ohio said...

I loved how Daisy took it upon herself to seduce Matthew. That was priceless. I'm proud of Daisy for following through.
The parlor scene was a stroke of genius. Matthew's response to being a cow was classic. I could see the bordom bordering on anger on his face. :o)

Lisa Kleypas said...

Dear Julie,

I am thinking so hard about what I can say without spoiling the plot . . . but it has to do with the winged black horse tattoo, and a big secret about Cam's identity :)

Lisa Kleypas said...

Julie--I'm so glad you enjoyed that love scene! What I love about Daisy is that even though she's sweet and romantic, there's a lot of mischief in her. So it made sense that once she decides she wants Matthew, she finds a very sly way to get past all his defenses.

Kati said...

Lisa, any chance we can get a few hints about your upcoming contemp? When is it being published? What the premise?

Julie in Ohio said...

MK, that is sooo funny. I was about to ask the same thing. :o)

Kati said...

Great minds, bella. Great minds.

Lisa Kleypas said...


Well, I knew that I wanted "Sugar Daddy" to be a sexy modern Cinderella story, but I also wanted to show a young woman overcoming real struggles and real problems, beyond the "I hate my boss" variety. So it's about a girl named Liberty Jones, who is raising her younger sister by herself, and trying to make a good life for the two of them. She is in love with an ambitious man, who, like herself, is from the wrong side of the tracks.

Eventually Liberty winds up working for a billionaire's family in Houston, and has an intensely passionate relationship with the oldest son. But then the man from her past comes back . . . and Liberty is caught between two ruthless alpha males who both want her.

I think the story is a fast but juicy read, and I hope Liberty will be a heroine many women can identify with. Actually, she's another ugly duckling character who blossoms throughout the story. (This seems to be a favorite them of mine *g*). The love scenes are very hot, but at the same time I think the story has a real sense of sweetness, and a VERY romantic ending. I can't wait until St Martins finishes the cover--from what I've seen so far, it is going to be one of the most spectacular eye-catching covers you've ever laid eyes on!

Julie in Ohio said...

OOOHH, Lisa, that sounds great!
Not one but TWO alphas? You know how to catch our attention. :P

Who decides your covers?
I have to say all of your books have the loveliest covers.

Stacy~ said...

I am definitely one who's looking forward to "Sugar Daddy". Just as J McNaught wrote wonderful contemps - "Perfect", Paradise" - I also see you succeeding in this genre. And of course the whole romantic ending sounds just irresistible. When is the release date?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

My gosh, I go away to read a little more an things heat up!

Lisa, we're so jazzed you're sharing your big NYTBS day with us, and spending so much time here. We love hearing from you.

Welcome all you Bellas who are, as Jess put it, delurking today. As you get to know me, Jess, you'll know there's not a cool term I won't benchmark (steal), but you'll always get full credit.

One of the reasons we love your novels, and you, is that you do treat us as thinking women. Thinking, feeling women. Truly, it's such a joy to reread ATM.

And I'm so excited for Sugar Daddy, although I must say, I wish I could I.D. with a woman who faces the dilemma of 2 sexy alphas fighting over her.

In my real wallflower life? Not so much.

But Lisa, and a lot of women have told me the same, I didn't shake the wallflower thing til I turned 40. It feels wonderful to feel the freedom that comes with liking one's self a bit more.

Lisa Kleypas said...

Julie, there is the most amazing cover artist named Olga Grlic (that's the correct spelling) . . . she has this really modern, bright, stylized design for Sugar Daddy. And thank you for saying that about my covers . . . I think the seasonal landscape looks for the last three books was very tasteful and pretty.

Stacy, THANK YOU!!! I can't imagine a greater compliment--I loved those McNaughts too! The release date for Sugar Daddy is March 2007, and I'm going to keep Michelle posted about book tour dates, etc. :)

Kati said...

And Lisa, you'll come back to spend the NYTBS list day for SUGAR DADDY too, right?

Can't wait to read it and A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS (Cam's story).

Stacy~ said...

Cool. I'll keep watch for it. Lisa, you are a doll :)

Julie in Ohio said...

Book tour dates? Just remember TOLEDO OHIO. :p

LOL, Michelle. I read your line about rereading ATM, and did a double take. I couldn't figure out being at the bank had to do with rereading. Talk about feeling stupid. :o)

Jess said...

Aw, it felt so good to delurk, I am back posting again!

Rach, you have never been a wallflower or an ugly duckling- you just believe yourself to be and that, my dear sister, is the problem. :-)

Ladies, she is a tall, leggy blonde with big boobs (which I don't have even though I am nursing a baby!)- she has nothing to worry about on the ugly duckling front!!!

Lisa, thanks so much for sharing how you created the character of Derek Craven. I think personal experiences influencing a writer's work must make it even more special for both the author and the reader who benefits from the author's emotions and experiences in bringing the story to life.

OK ladies, I am back to lurking (at least until another one of my favorite authors is guest blogging, lol!).



Stacy~ said...

I can't believe I forgot to mention yet another reason to love Lisa's books - our Nathan is on the stepback cover of "Scandal In Spring".

(My friend LadyB just laughs at me and wonders how I realize he's the guy on all these's in the mouth, and the way he holds his head. I spend hours memorizing these details, you know. It's important stuff *g*).

Kathleen Eagle said...

I'm coming late to the party to raise a cyber glass of bubbly to you, Lisa. Fabulous news about another NYT bestseller!

I'm a wallflower by nature. Ugly Duckling, not so much, but once a wallflower, always a wallflower at heart. I can't mingle worth beans. I try, but I'm not very good at it, and I'm excruciatingly aware that I'm trying and not doing well. I'll happily sit in one corner with two or three people and chatter away for the duration. I'm sure people think I'm being stuck-up--think I had that rep in my salad days.

My husband is a great mingler, and I lean on him shamelessly. My mother was good at it, too, but she couldn't speak before even a small group of people, and I can. Weird, huh?

Julie in Ohio said...

Stacy, I hadn't notices that but I only briefly looked at it. You do have a special talent at finding The Snaxy One. :o)

Kathleen, I am no good at mingling either. Any kind of small talk is out. I like sitting in a corner and people watch. Depending on where you are at, you can see some pretty interesting people. :o)

Lisa, thank you for coming and talk with us today. If you have any more secrets you want to spill about upcoming story lines or the like, we are wonderful listeners.

Yeah, I know. Christina didn't bite either. But can you blame a girl for trying? :P

Rach said...

Lisa, thank you SO much for coming to visit today! Especially on your NYTBS day at that =).

I'm anxiously anticipating Cam's story, and am so looking forward to SUGAR DADDY's release.

I'll catch you over on the Squawk blog =).

Aside to Jessie: thanks for the vote of confidence =).

Julie in Ohio said...

And, Jess, you don't have to be a lurker. We don't bite. Well, OK maybe Rach does but the rest of us are very nice. :P

Rach said...

Nice, Julie, rat me out!

Jess, glad the internet is back up and running.

Julie in Ohio said...

OOPS, are still there, Rach? I thought you had logged off. :P

Rach said...

Hah hah hah, Jules :oP

I'm logging off *now*, so now you can tell tales ;o).

Again, thank you SO much, Lisa!! You've been wonderful =).

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Lisa, for hanging joining us today! Not only was it great having your bubbly self here, it was so cool reading the little teases about what's coming up for Cam, and with Sugar Daddy.

You are most welcome any time.

Oh, my goodness. What if you and Christina were to GuestBlog on the same day? I shudder to think of what the Bellas might ask you. (Brace yourselves, a couple of them beg shamelessly for plot spoilers).

We look forward to Sugar Daddy! And, btw. None of us really buys you as a wallflower...

Lisa Kleypas said...

MK, I will definitely come back to visit when Sugar Daddy is released--anything for Michelle and her lovely friends!

Stacy, I didn't know Nathan was the SIS cover model--but I think it is the nicest stepback I've ever had, and I love the way his arm curls around her--very protective and sexy, n'est-ce pas?

Julie, I will specifically request Toledo Ohio!!!

Kathleen, I have never heard one person say anything other than praise about you--and having sat with you at a booksigning, I proclaim to the world that you are a warm, friendly and absolutely endearing person.

Rach, I'll see you on Squawk, dear!

Michelle, you are a joy . . . thank you for letting me visit this wonderful place you've created.

Stacy~ said...

Thank you Lisa for joining us here at Michelle's cozy home. You are definitely welcome anytime, and I can't wait for your next book. And yes, the stepback is gorgeous *g*

Btw, my friend Beth also loves your books, and I had her buy "Where Dreams Begin" while we were in Atlanta. She's saving it for an upcoming trip to Florida - that girl doesn't know what she's missing.

Julie in Ohio said...

Lisa, thank you SO much for visiting and answering our questions. It was such a joy to spend the day with you. I would be tickled pink to have you come to my neck of the woods. Toledo is a lovely place to visit. :o)

Michelle, who shamelessly asks for plot spoilers? We only try to give the guests special treats...for insider information. Is that wrong? :P

Stacy, I don't how anyone can hold on to a book for an *upcoming* trip. Especially a Lisa Kleypas book. She is a stronger person than I. :o)

Kati said...

(Brace yourselves, a couple of them beg shamelessly for plot spoilers).

Jules, any idea who Michelle is talking about??
:MK looking around innocently:

Julie in Ohio said...

I am without a clue.

:Julie ducking before the bolt of lightning strikes:

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on #9!

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed Scandal. I loved hearing how perplexed Thomas Bowman felt when Daisy would say something totally off the wall. She is such a great heroine. I can't wait to read your contemp. It sounds wonderful.

Deidre Knight said...

I am so late to this discussion, but delighted to read some of these answers. Especially about CAM who I adored and was sad to realize wasn't magically Daisy's hero (not that I was disappointed, mind you, b/c I've never once been disappointed by any of your books--and have read every last one of them.)

At any rate, any more teasers on Cam? I loved what was said about the lower class hero in the above thread. I think the single thing that I've adored in your books is that they're so refreshingly different--men who've come up the hard way, or are policemen or whatever. It always results in wonderful surprises for me as a reader.

Thanks a million! I just now have the newest book and will be digging in very soon.
Deidre Knight

Anonymous said...

LISA KLEYPAS is one of the best romance writer's unstoppably loved here in the Philippines. Devil In The Winter is one of her best book ever. Filipinos still hope for more books by Lisa Klepas. Congatulations!!! Scandal In Spring is already sold out here in the Philippines. Been looking for it in every major bookstores in the city by can't hardly find it...Great job LISA KLEPAS!!!