Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just Like A Big Girl

Last night I put on real clothes and stayed out til one in the morning! Dave and I had dinner with friends at a hip place in the city, then on to see Dixie Chicks.

Years ago, back when I was traveling every back road in PA to get to gigs as Miss PA, I fell in love with country music, then dug it for ten years or so. It was at the neo-classic time, when thwanging 70s Las Vegas sound was kicked to the curb, and simpler music and songs were being written by Garth Brooks, Shelby Lynn, the Judds, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Randy Travis, et al.

I'd forgotten how much I'd loved Country, and last night, the Chicks played a song I'd forgotten I'd loved called, "Cowboy, Take Me Away."

Gorgeous, sweet, romantic.
What kinds of music have you loved throughout your life?
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Stacy~ said...

I love all kinds of music. I cannot go through my day without having the radio on. Music plays such a huge part of life, being there whether it's to cheer you up, inspire you, or remind you of the special and defining moments in your life. My all-time favorite song is "Greensleeves", but I listen to anything from country - Garth, the Chicks, Billy Currington, Jimmy Wayne, Keith, Toby - to many other genres - Bon Jovi, White Zombie, Michael Buble, Toni Braxton, U2, Jack Johnson, Dion & the Belmonts...the list goes on and on. If there was one wish that I had, it's that I could sing well. Singing (in the car) is something I enjoy, but am horrible at. I admire those that have the ability.

Lori is one of the nicest and coolest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I will definitely be here Monday. Took the day off...not for that LOL, but it worked out great. Can't wait!

Rach said...

My musical taste is SO eclectic! I *have* to have music playing pretty much all the time, even in my classroom. In the classroom I'll play classical, Enya, Loreena McKinnett, George Winston, James Taylor, the Phantom of the Opera (with Michael Crawford), older Jazz/singers and standards, or whatever I happen to feel like on a given day. Sometimes I'll take requests from the kiddos.

At home I'll listen to just about anything it seems. My taste is all over the board. U2, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, DMB, Dixie Chicks, Brad Paisley, Bare Naked Ladies, Led Zepplin, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Cold Play, Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morisette, etc.

I grew up singing in the car with my dad. We sang anything and everything--hymns, oldies, you name it. Some songs that I remember particularly well include "Cherish" by The Association, "Under the Boardwalk" and "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay".

Isn't it incredible the way songs affect us? Not too long after my father passed away (I was 21) I was grocery shopping and "Cherish" came on the sound system. Boy was I a WRECK! Of course, now it just brings me fond memories. But music sure is powerful!

Sorry. I'm passionate about music and I got a little out of hand...

catslady said...

I too listen to all kinds of music and love all the ones that were just mentioned. Add Bocelli and Michael Buble to the list. And "Never my Love" by the Association is our song from over 37 years ago and they're still playing it.

Kimberly Raye said...

I LOVE Cowboy Take Me Away! This was the song that I had sung at my wedding and it will always hold such a special place in my heart. My hubby and I got married at a ranch in Welfare, Texas (a historic landmark) on the banks of a winding river with lots of brightly colored flowers. So romantic. I, too, love country music. I fell in love with it around the time that I met my husband (a real cowboy) and I've been hooked ever since.

Vivi Anna said...

My music tastes run all over the place too....from Enya, to Evanescense, Mozart to Eminem or Metallica. I like get all angtsy with Papa Roach, Sum41, and Offspring, or shake my ass to Rhiana, Cory Lee, Pink, Black Eyed Peas..

I have two favorite songs..

Melt With You by Modern English
Lose Yourself by Eminem

But when I'm writing, I can't have music playing. It has to be very quiet or I can't concentrate...


Michele Hauf said...

I'm not much into country, but I know the Chix have a song about 'Earl' that I like. And I do adore Wynnona. If I had to pick one band/singer that I could listen to every day, it would be Def Leppard. I've been a fan of those guys for over twenty years, and will be until the end.
My secret guilty pleasure song? "You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, right round, round, round." ;-)


Anonymous said...

Drat, I missed most of the Quills week and two days cause I was away on vacation.

Vivi, I'm with you on Rhiana, Black Eyed Peas and Eminem "Lose Yourself".

Rach, I love Under the Boardwalk.

Other faves: Stand By Me, Red Red Wine, the Cars stuff, old Queen, a couple of ACDC tunes, and dare I say this without being laughed out of here: old Michael Jackson stuff, LOL!

But like Vivi, I don't play music while I'm writing. Too distracting.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, All, and welcome, Suzanne!

First, like Vivi and Eve, I can't listen to anything while I'm writing. But I was thinking today that I might be missing out on a lot of pop culture stuff because of it. I think I need to start watching TV. So stop sending me your books, OK?

Just kidding.

Kimberly, that's a great story. glad you found your cowboy. Do you like cowboy romance? I mean other than with your husband.

Dave and I danced to a Shelby Lynn duet called "Very First Lasting Love I Found." Sappy story warning:

Couple months before our wedding, we were driving somewhere to get our very first pet. Not an important detail, but there you have it. Anyway, we were in separate cars.

When we met at the cat place (unfortunately we didn't adopt our first, but should have cause she was a devil cat,, purely ornamental and evil evil evil) and we both said, "hey, did you hear that song that just played on the country station by Shelby Lynn?"

So, that's the story. I, of course, turned that occurrence into a big, romantic omen. I'm sure my husband didn't even recognize the song when we danced to it at the wedding.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

ELIZABETH LOWELL is checking in at her post from yesterday, I think. So she'll probably be checking in for anything new you might want to ask...

Stacy~ said...

OMG, Suzanne Brockmann is going to be here 8/31! Squealing like a giddy fangirl here Michelle - I bow down to you and your infinite powers. Smooches!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Stacy: I'm so glad you'll be here for Lori! As you know, I'm a big fan, too. And, yeah, Suzanne B is going to be here. Very cool, no? She's taken an active roll in helping a real-life Navy SEAL who needs a bone marrow transplant find a donor match. She'll tell us all about that, along with unbelievable stories of real-life heroes. (btw, how did you find out? Did I say somethin somewhere? I so lose track of stuff sometimes).

Rach, your story about your dad reminds me is very intimate and touching. Thanks for sharing that. Music is so powerful, especially certain songs or tones. It's a great tribute to your dad that he imbued in you that love for music and language.

catslady, Andrea Boccelli flippin rocks, Bella! "Con te partiro?" I melt when I hear it. Not w/ Sarah Brightman, just him alone. sigh. And he's so handsome and such a good dad and husband.

Michele, yeah, baybee. "like a record baybee, right round, right rowund." Oh, yeah. Earl had to die.

btw, there are some songs from the 80s that can still make me cringe in embarrassment.

Rach said...

When we were in college, my roomates and I would play the "What is your soundtrack" game. Ever play it? I've discovered the older I get, the more life experiences I have, the more complicated it becomes to choose appropriate songs for my "soundtrack". It's especially difficult when you limit the number of "tracks" to say 10 or 12.

Rach said...

As I was sitting here contemplating the music thing, my dad became intertwined with it. Somehow my father and music are almost synonymous in my head and memories =).

Again, the power of music. It makes you think of that age old question--if you had to choose between losing your vision or your hearing, which would you choose? So often I think hearing beacuse navigating a world blind would be so very difficult. But what is a world without music??

Okay, apparently I'm trying to wax philosophical here. Just ignore me!

Michele said...

Wow! Another Michele with one L - cool!

Lori Foster? The creator diva of the Winston Men? My first Lori Foster heartthrobs is going to be here?

Like, I'm going to turn into gushing gussie again.

Country music? Didn't listen to it until I moved into the country.
And started watching Bull riding and buying myself a cowboy hat of my own and watching CMT which converted me. Now I don't get cable and I'm outta touch, but I still enjoy me some Alan Jackson and Joe Diffy.
Never lost my love for some Bull though.

Stacy~ said...

Michelle, that's very cool about Suz. I visit her msg board and am now trying to figure out a way to get a drive going for the bone marrow match. All it takes is a swab kit, pretty easy stuff for such an important cause.

Yes, yes, Andrea Bocelli. Give me the romantic stuff, too. Sure, everyone should have a little White Zombie in their life, but they need the romantic stuff....sigh....

Where's Lori???? LOL. I know she's an early riser.

Julie in Ohio said...

Sorry I was AWOAL this weekend. Busy before school starts crap.. :(

I love all music. Every kind. I don't like all musicians because like authors, each one has their own voice. You name a genre and I'll name a muscian I like. :o)

Country is a fav. Reba is Queen. She can do no wrong. I love her. :o)

Michele Hauf said...

It is cool to see another one 'l' Michele! Hey, we could gang up on that imposter with the two 'll's, hmm? :-)