Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jayne Ann Krentz GuestBlog: Like Ships Passing In The Night

So, my girlfriend turns me on to her fave romance of all time, "Rendezvous," and I'm, like, I have to get this Amanda Quick woman to GuestBlog.

But she's elusive. So, lo and behold, " Week (and Two Days)!" rolls around. Who should I find is a particular friend of Miss Quick? None other than the exquisite Jayne Ann Krentz, who's here today!

Okay, I don't know much about ships but I do know a little something about careers in the field of romantic-suspense because I've got three of them: Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle. I didn't set out to have three careers, honest. What's more, my three pen names are the worst kept secret in the publishing industry. There's a note in every single one of my Amanda Quick books that clearly states that I write as Jayne Ann Krentz and Jayne Castle. Ditto for my Krentz and Quick books.

But in spite of all that information I've somehow managed to develop three distinctive groups of readers and what's more, a whole bunch of them will read me under only one of my names. Very few will cross over and read me under all of my names.

I'm not entirely sure why this is. As far as I'm concerned I do the same kinds of characters and the same core story under each of my three names. My heroes and heroines hold the same values and the same world views in all of my books. Heck, I couldn't write any other kind! If you like the kind of people I do as Quick, theoretically you should like them when I write as Krentz or Castle. I do the same mix of passion and suspense under each name, too.

In fact, as far as I'm concerned the only thing that changes in the books when I switch names is the time period/settin
g. True, the three different worlds I create allow me to do different types of plots. But so what? Plots aren't that important. Nobody reads for the plot. What's important are the characters. Yet every time I do a signing it's a sure bet that some people will only buy my Krentz books; some will buy only the Quick titles and a small (but enthusiastic bunch) will want just the Castle books. (Believe me, I really cherish those readers who read me under all three names!)

So, in an effort to see if I can encourage a little more cross-over reading, I have come up with a special cross-over series: The Arcane Society novels. The first title in the series is my recent Amanda Quick hardcover, SECOND SIGHT. It introduces the mysterious Arcane Society, a Victorian-era group devoted to psychic/paranormal research. The heroine is a Victorian photographer who sees auras.

The next title in the series will be my January hardcover, WHITE LIES, under my Jayne Ann Krentz name. In it we'll meet some of the descendents of the Arcane Society, modern-day psychics who face modern-day problems. The heroine is a human lie-detector and if you think you can't get a decent date, just imagine how ba
d your social life would be if you knew for sure the guy was lying when he said he'd call you in the morning!

I'm not sure this project is going to work. It could be that time periods and settings are simply too important to most readers. But I'm hoping there will be some adventurous souls out there who will find the heroes and heroines of the Arcane Society interesting enough to risk some cross-over reading experiments.

How important are backgrounds and settings to you? Are you willing to cross-over between historical, contemporary and futuristic worlds? Or do you prefer to stick with one of the three?


Jayne Ann Krentz

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Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buon giorno, Jayne! So awesome to have you here. Seems you picked a topic that should keep us on the straigt and narrow, but I suspect -- especially after spending yesterday talking trash about guys -- we'll find a way to derail the discussion.

That said, I adore historicals, but have forced myself to read all sub-genres of romance. Why? First, I need to feature everything my viewers read, not just what I gravitate toward.

I've found that researching and reading as many subs as I can has given me appreciation and understanding for styles I never knew existed.

But that's my job. Still, even the Bellas can vouch for the fact that I've gone from fearer of vampire romances to somewhat of an aficianado.

Now, I'm studying and reading futuristic romances, because I have more difficulty suspending disbelief with those.

I'm just a romance reader at heart. Many of us need to try -- and try again -- new styles just cause it's fun to broaden our interests. Of course, if I were paying for all the novels I read, it wouldn't be as convenient.

That's fairly paramount in my mind when I'm looking at novels to feature at Romance: B(u)y the Book. :)

So, Welcome, Jayne! Hope you enjoy your visit...

Mina Wolf said...

I'm much more heavily into historicals then I am contemporary, but I actually starting reading your JAK books before AQ books. You're completely right though. It's about the characters themselves. I guess historicals are more interesting from a heroine's view point since being a strong willed female took more effort back then. Oh, and I LOVE the crossover idea.

Rach said...

Hi Jayne! Welcome! I think Mina said it best about historicals and being a female. I had never thought of it like that before, but she is absolutely right.

However, I read contemps and historicals equally. I grab up the JAK titles as soon as they are out! I love your work! =)

Oh, and the cross-over idea is very cool.

Kati said...

Welcome Jayne! I'm so glad you could join us. We really will try to behave today! No promises, but we'll do our best!

For me it varies. I read mainly contemp, historical and para (vampire) novels. My preference truly depends on my mood. I go on binges. Usually something will set me off. I'll be watching TV, and something will pop up that will remind me of a specific romance story line. I'll dig out the book and start reading. Next thing you know, I'm reading all of that author's historicals, which may lead to another historical binge of another author, and so on.

It also goes in publishing waves. For instance the summer and holidays seem to be when lots of romances are published, so I'll read what's come out.

I'm dork enough to go on once a month and make a list of all upcoming novels I want to buy and their release dates. I carry that list in my wallet and dig it out when I'm in the book store. That way I remember what I'm looking for. I also have a list (on the other side of the page) for books that people have mentioned to me that I need to try. It's all very anal retentive and organized, which I'm sure surprises no one.

As far as settings go, I'm not generally a big fan of Asian settings, nor am I huge fan of colonial times. I'm not really sure why, but I'm not drawn to them as much as other settings.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Good point, Mina. I'm pretty hero focused (shocker), but I guess the more alpha the guy, the stronger the heroine has to be to bring him to his knees. Very thoughtful comment. I think I'll always adore historicals first and foremost.

Mornin' Rach. Didn't know you were a JAK fan! Awesome. I like that you're not afraid to try everything.

I have to say that when I love an historical author, I do have to struggle to get into her contemporaries, not cause they aren't great, just because when I love an author I love her. Ya know? So I want her never to change, to just keep crankin em out for me.

But then I remember I'm a grown-up and so is she. So she probably gets bored out of her skull writing the same sub all the time.

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Jayne!!

I can say with all honesty I love most all kinds of romance.
I am all about the setting and love them all. I think my background in sci-fi (thank you, Star Trek) makes the futuristic stories easier for me to grasp. I LOVE historicals and contemps. I enjoy stories that are set in different countries. I just recently read one set in Egypt. I was amazed by the imagery. I like it when an author makes up their own worlds. I am always amazed my the imaginations of authors.

Jayne, you mentioned that there are alot of readers that don't cross over to your other identities. I just inherited some books from my dh grandmother. She was big with the romances and a big fan of yours. She had many books from Jayne Ann Krentz and also Jayne Castle. I haven't found any Amanda Quick yet but I haven't gotten through them all yet. I just wanted you to know that and because of her, I now have a chance to read Jayne Castle. :o)

Kati said...

I have to say that when I love an historical author, I do have to struggle to get into her contemporaries, not cause they aren't great, just because when I love an author I love her. Ya know? So I want her never to change, to just keep crankin em out for me.

Michelle - This is a good point. There is one author out there whose historicals I simply adore, but her contemps I don't like at all. I've bought two and didn't care for either one. She's a really lovely author and very friendly to her fans. It kills me that I don't love every single thing she writes.

Rach said...

I understand what you are saying, Michelle and MK, but I've never really had that problem--maybe I'm the strange one?

I guess that means you guys are going to have a tough time with LK's new one.

Oh, as for the stronger historical heriones--Michelle, an alpha absolutley MUST have a strong herione, otherwise I just don't see that there would be much of a story. Face it, when you read an alpha with a weak herione, you think, "What is he doing with her?? I would be a much better match for him!" And we all know as much as we would love to pop into a novel to be with the hero it's just not possible, so irritation sets in and before you know it you want to fling the book across the room. Er, uh, that's just me anyway...

Jayne Ann Krentz said...

Hi, everyone! I am thoroughly enjoying my visit to this delightful site. Great group! I am interested in all of your comments for obvious reasons. I do agree that one appeal of the historicals is that in that setting the social rules are more defined and that automatically makes for more elemental conflicts between the hero and heroine. Also, you can have an alpha male who doesn't have to be so dang politically correct!

But even in the historicals, I'm afraid that alphas have been tainted with political correctness these days.

That, of course, is why all the biggest, baddest, most over-the-top alphas have moved to the vampire/paranormal genre!


Michele said...

I can't believe you're here blogging today...!
I am , like, a TOTAL fan!!!!
**jumps up and down**

Not to sound like a total
gush-goober, well, OK, I am. But I have read So many of your books, 40+ and counting. You are an amazingly prolific writer - your talent has me in awe.

Your futuristics are fun - genius with the dust bunnies. Read Ghost Hunter last month. Adored visiting the gang again. I enjoy how you bring in characters from past stories - gives a feeling of community. When do we get to go back and visit again?

What was your inspiration for Vanza? It's been three years since I've read the first book you intro'd it, but there was one scene where you described the "bad" guy, who was also a practitioner, advancing towards the hero for their first "clash" - your words painted such a clear and concise picture of how that looked- the movement,the pace - it was incredibly impressive. I don't ever remember an author writing such a clear vision! I even hear a Bon Jovi musical score to the movement in my mind. They have a rip in the beginning of one of their songs that matches the image you've painted in my mind. After 3 years, I still remember.

Any hope of EVER revisiting Jonas and Verity again? ( Gift of Fire, Gift of Gold) I think they'd fit in really well with the Arcane Society - which, may I say, is a GREAT idea!
Yep, I read Second Sight too - And January isn't that far away. White Lies will be read by me,never you fear.
I'm going to pass the word that you are here today. This is like, so HUGE!!!!!

OH! Do you still write as Stephanie James too?

What inspired you for Game Master?

Oh and the trilogy - The Pirate, Adventurer and Cowboy - I remember how fast I read them, burned the midnight oil cuz I couldn't put them down. What was your inspiration for those?

And do you write to music and have your own "creative track" like many seem to?

OK, OK, I'm going a little overboard, sorry.
I am just so THRILLED you are here today.
**happy sigh**

Kati said...

RachD said: I guess that means you guys are going to have a tough time with LK's new one.

Nah, I don't expect to have any problem with her contemp. I've never read anything by Lisa that I didn't love. Likewise Connie Brockway (well, OK, I wasn't a gushing fan of As You Desire, but ironically, I think it was the setting that didn't do it for me). Some authors are autobuy, no matter what they're writing.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Michele, I can't EVER remember you're being this shy...

Jayne, as you see, we have many JAK fans among the Bellas. Ain't they smartie girls?

I just want to give props to politically-incorrect alphas. sigh.

If I'd wanted some over-the-top jerk in real life,I'da married one. But in my fantasies? Well we always push the I'm OK, Your OK Maxim here: whatever kind of romance fuels your fantasies is okey-dokey. Just cause we read it and like it, don't mean we want to act it out in our real lives.

Well, not all the time, anyway.

Oh! I love the dustbunnies, too. Ghost Story is wonderful, a para it was easy for me to devour. :)

Michele said...

*grin* Michelle, - I have three years of exuberance stored up for Jayne that I've never had an outlet for. So many questions and compliments are bubbling in my brain.

I enjoy her alphas and the women she's paired them with. I thrill to the the extraordinary situations that challenge them while at the same time the sensual tension grows and grows until the moment where they succumb to their attraction's passions. Jayne writes that SO well...*wink*

Another favorite thing are all the names she's chosen - Jonas, Croft, Ellis, Nick Lightfoot, just to name a tiny few. Where does she get them all? (notice I zeroed in on the guys names,LOL)

Yep, I'm REALLY shy today....:-)

Michele said...

I forgot,
Yippee! My choice for "IT" guy won!!!

Vivi Anna said...

Michele take a big deep breath....and let it out slowly...

Is anyone here a paramedic, we might need it to revive Michele!! :-)

Hi Jayne! Welcome to RBTB. I swear I will behave, but it won't make a difference, because I wont' see I'm missing the behavioral gene. It's a curse!

And a blessing...*snicker*

I'm a paranormal reader, and I love fantasy/futuristics. I've read a couple of historicals and found they were all right, but I was always waiting for the dragon to swoop down from the sky, or for the evil sorcerer to conjure a nasty spell, or for someone to reveal they were a vampire...

Hmm, I guess I'll just have to write those instead.

I don't read much contemporary either anymore. It bores me.

Now, that said, after all this gushing, I'm going to have to go on out and pick up one of your books Jayne. Because, I have to admit, I've never read one. *looks around sheepishly*

Anyone have any recommendations for my first JAK?

Jayne Ann Krentz said...

Hmm. So many questions, so little blog space. But I can deal with the Vanza thing here. The inspiration for a secretive group of Regency era martial arts experts came from my long-standing use of contemporary heroes who have some exotic martial arts expertise.

The thing about a hero who is skilled in some arcane martial arts philosophy is that it implies a guy who is centered and totally in control of himself. Those are prime hero qualities for me.


Vivi Anna said...

Hmm, I like the sound of that arcane martial arts society...

Do they take women?


Michele said...

*VBG* Vivi Anna!

Getting to put into type the bottleneck of words inside is the best therapy - no resusitation needed. Just patience with my sophmoric adoration.

Thanks for addressing the mystery of Vanza, Jayne! :-)

Vive Anna, since you like paranormals,as do I, perhaps the ones I mentioned above, Gift of Fire and Gift of Gold might work as a first. Contemporaries that involve a paranormal aspect and a hot relationship.

I know I'm not accurate in the spelling of it, but it deals with psychometry - touching something and knowing its past uses.

And don't be "sheepish", be excited! There are so MANY to choose from,to explore - you could read 10 a month for the rest of the year and still have not read them all.
Doesn't that sound amazing?

OK, I'll go play Gamecube now...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Vivi said:

Hmm, I like the sound of that arcane martial arts society...

Do they take women?


Yup. I'm pretty sure they take women all the time. (rimshot)

But I get what you're saying, Vivs. When I was younger, I always wanted to do what the guys did. Wanted to be on the football team (no athletic talent), tried to pledge the national music frat at my college (they decided not to accept women even though the Home Office said they could).

I always thought it was cause I have 3 older bros and was kinda a tom boy.

But I think what got me excited about those things --, and what still does about BOB series and male comeraderie (sp) -- is that they have options and develop these "I've got your six" relationships.

Men don't have to do the polite dances we women do with each other, don't have the "nice girl" emotional baggage. They get to play hard, love hard, then slap each other on the back after. I mean that figuratively here.

We have to separate everything out: friendship, business, leisure. They get to wrap it up in a big fun chunk and gain power while they do it.

Know what I mean?

Vivi Anna said...


In that aspect I wish women were like men...

But other than that, I think we women hold ALL the power.

Bobbie (Sunny) Cole said...

Thanks, Michele, for pointing me over here. Can't do anything but nod, though - agreeing with most of the comments. I love it when an author allows us to visit not only the present but the past, and vice-versa, with interconnecting families, settings, situations.

Your new series sounds delightful, Jayne. Can't wait to get the books.

Monica Burns said...

OMIGOD!! OMIGOD!! I'm sucking back the screams of joy here at work! JAK is here!! I'm am a closet fangirl coming out!

I can find no other writer in the world whose work I love better than you! I bought Mistress in a Kroger store one night (the cover was soooo great, that miniature carriage), then glommed the rest of your historicals in less than three months or so. They're ALL on my keeper shelf!!

Your historicals I love the best. I love how you have the spiritual aspect woven into the characters and pull that all together with your plot. It's totally awesome. I also love, just love, the fact that your heroines are so intellectual. That they've got brains like the heroes and they're not afraid to use them!

I've only read a couple of your contemps, not because I don't like contemps, I've just not had time to read since that point in time. More specifically, because you inspired me to pick up the pen again. I wanted to write a story that moved readers in the same way that your books have always moved me.

I've been wanting to try your Jayne Castle books too, but again time is so limited. But I will get there!

I love romance in any shape or form as long as the story is good and it resonates with me. I admit a stronger partiality to historicals and paranormals than contemps. I think that's primarily because I want to be totally swept away into a world that's unlike anything I see around me. You do that so well with your settings.

Is it possible for you to pick out one of your Jayne Castle books as one you love maybe just a tad bit more than others and/or do you have a recommendation as to the one that most resonates with readers?

What inspired you to start writing?

I'm so thrilled that you're here. Michelle isn't the only one having a total fangirl moment!!

I also have to admit that I love the way you and SEP tell other writers to take charge and not to let the industry run over them. I've taken notes and tried to implement those ideas.

Vivi Anna said...

Mon! I never knew you had fangirl in you, woman! :-)

Although I think we all do...I have my secret obsession authors too!

Rach said...

Hee hee hee, Michele and Mon are on the loose!! =) You guys are great!

Michelle and Vivi, I hear ya on the whole guys/girl thing. I was a HUGE tomboy growing up--growing up with eight male cousins will do that to ya--and find that women can be a pain in the rear at times what with not being all they seem. You see a guy, you see how he acts and that's pretty much how he is.

Oh, and Viv, I'm not sure the word "behave" is even in your vocabulary LOL! ;o)

Jayne Ann Krentz said...

Thanks, Monica. Yeah, the Susan and Jayne show does get a little wild at RWA every year. I blame Susan entirely. She's the one who majored in theater arts.

As far as my favorite Jayne Castle book, well, as usual, it's always the last one I wrote -- that means Ghost Hunter. I like it, in part, because it has a classic historical romance plot twist -- the runaway fiancee thing.

Monica Burns said...

I know, I'm always so logical here, aren't I? LOL

I'll admit that I almost didn't post because I know first-hand that some fans can make authors a little nervous. So I hope that JAK will forgive my enthusiasm, and know that it really is deep appreciation for her talent as a writer.

Michele said...

Gee, Monica, you were fairly rational and sophisticated compared to my over effusive gushing - I'm probably making her nervous, LOL

Thanks, Rachd. This is the most I've ever let loose here.

Jayne, with the volume of works you've penned(keyboarded) that you've done, What do you prefer to do to "replenish the well"?, to keep things fresh?

Julie in Ohio said...

I can not believe it. I am such a fan!! I totally loved FORBIDDEN PLEASURES! WOOO HOOO! :o)

You all are having fun today, aren't you? Work is crazy so I'm not able to comment much. :(

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Keep polical correctness out of my romance. I want to be swept away by a big bossy alpha who knows it all but has a heroine who will kick his butt if he gets too out of line, or at least puts him in his place.

LOL, Michele!! You are on fire today. :o)

Michelle, I liked your explanation on the guy/girl differences. That is so true.

{{Big Waves to all Bellas}}

now back to work... :(

Monica Burns said...

Rach - you're always soooo sweet. Fangirl moments aside, I wouldn't have had the guts to write that post if it hadn't been for the bellas.

Michele - thanks for the delusional thoughts that my post was rational and sophisticated! OH WAIT! Did you say that with your tongue-in-cheek? Wicked! LOL

Rach said...

Okay, so I was actually pondering the question. I read lots of historicals, regencies in particular. When reading a regency I *know* what the period is like because I've read so many.

Just like I *know* what the world is like while reading a contemp. The thing about contemps is they age. What was once current no longer is a few years down the road. Hence my shock while reading my Granny's 1970's era Harleqin Romances.

This is not to say I prefer one period over another, it's just another way of looking at backgrounds and settings.

Michele said...

*grin* Julie i.o.:
yes indeedy. **waving back**

I am SO surprised that no one made mention of that yummy and delicious cover model on Ghost Hunter!
You know, the wet look?
Slippin' ;-)

Hope you're having a great day at work, Julie i.o.!! Looking forward to seeing you here later ...

Monica Burns said...

JulieO - ROFL You are so in for it when I find the right opening for my rapier wit girlfriend!! LOL If you want to read a tremendous book, get Jayne's Mistress! It's from several years back, but it was my first Amanda Quick. I was totally transported. Witty language, and a super sexy hero with a heroine to match him!

Michele said...

Monica, now would I really do that? *grin*

Rachd, did I miss something?. What was the most shocking difference between 70's Harlequins and today that you found? I know what my opinion is, but I'm realy curious about yours.

Michele said...

Oh Vivi Anna, in answer to your question WAY back up there about women and Vanza ... read Lie By Moonlight. The answer is in there.

Anonymous said...

Plots aren't that important? Nobody reads for the plot? LOL! Plot is how Dan Brown sold a bazillion books! I need good characters and good plots, equally. I love the Amanda Quick books and particularly the Vanza aspect and the strong, usually quirky heroines. Keep 'em coming. But please continue bringing us the great plots, too!

Monica Burns said...

Michele, I get what Rach is saying. I think it's the culture, the way people think has changed drastically. When I go back and look at the older HQs, I find them dated. Women have come so far in the last thirty years or so.

Perspectives have changed. In the 70s there was still the residual "little woman" mindset. Women are now more open about what they want in everything right down to what we want in sex. THAT's a huge shift.

I believe Jayne might actually be able to address this better because I know she's in a book about Dangerous Men and....rats I can't remember the complete title. I'm at work and can't turn to the bookshelf.

Monica Burns said...

Hey I got so excited reading about Jayne's presence here, that I just realized that VAL Kilmer won the poll yesterday!! WOW!! That is an unexpected surprise. I like him, just surprised me a little! LOL

Now I'm going to try and go back to transcribing these boring meeting minutes. *sigh*

Kati said...

Awww! How cute are Mon and Michele with the fangrrl gushing? LOL!

Jayne - We really are very sane around here. Unless you bring up boys...or sex...or soccer.

Jayne - Here's my question, your heroines always have such unusual names. I know it's a big deal to find the right name. How do you find yours? Do you have a big book of names? Or do they just come to mind? Or when you meet someone with an unusual name do you think, "Note to self...good heroine's name>"?

Heroines are never named "Mary Katherine" (my name) except of course that Molly Shannon movie SUPERSTAR. But we don't talk about that.

Michele said...

I hear you, Monica. You're probably right about that being Rach's point.

I'm just so glad the Alpha Male is more a man with a mind and not an arrogant boob attitude anymore.
Remember he'd treat her like a soiled carpet and she'd lay there and let herself get soiled?
Only at the tail (tale?) end does he admit he was "fighting himself" and tells her he loves her.
That kind of lovin' causes more PTSD than anything else.
I always felt the woman should have, in the middle of his earlier tirades, look him in the eye and say, Hey, Bub, get over yourself. I'ma outta here!".
Alas, they never did and all but swooned into his arms in grateful lovin' at his final admission.

So I guess it's a long story to agree with your short synopsis - no more "little woman" mindset.
Thank Goodness!

Rach said...

Michele, Monica pretty much hit the nail on the head. It's not just the styles that are outdated, it's the mindsets. First, the heriones: they were bucking the trend if they were working in a position other than assistant to an older lady, nurse, teacher. They were very submissive and it was considered bold of them to question their lovers about anything.

The heroes were MAJOR alphas, even going so far as the smack the herione if he thought she "needed" it. That is most definitely dated!

Now, do I still enjoy rereading those old Harlequins? Absolutely--well, except for the hitting women ones. Those I just can't do. I don't like for my alphas to be too PC, but I draw the line at hitting women!

Rach said...

Oh, clarification--when I said "styles" I meant clothing and make-up as well as the style it was written. Think about how much time was devoted to dressing the herione for a night out with the hero. Pages and pages. Now I look a good description of clothing as much as the next gal, but those were a little more detailed.

Monica Burns said...

Thank Goodness indeed, and that's what I really love about Jayne's work the heroes and heroines are INTELLIGENT characters. They have conflict that keeps them apart that's logical and believable. BUT, it's their brainy aspects that appeal to me. You bellas know what a nerdy chick I am! LOL

Rach said...

MK, you are so right about the name thing! I have actually read a couple of "Rachel"s, but never one with her name spelled like mine--"Rachael". So, whenever I read the "Rachel" I always get hung up on the spelling and think, "Geeze, they keep spelling my name wrong!!" Yup, I'm lame!

Michele said...

**ahem**, no hitting? not even a little light teasing of BDSM? Shucks.

I like it that the trend is now a two way cuff and muff.
sorry, off tangent.

Rach said...

LOL Michele! =)

*That* kind is fine ;o). It's the kind that involves a quick backhand across the face that I strongly object to.

Monica Burns said...

Well Michele, it's important to note the word consensual here, and I know you realize that tongue-in-cheek bella that you are. There were some books in that era, not just HQ, were things weren't consensual. So it's really a matter of perspective.

I also thinks it's a little bit about variety too. I mean look at all the variety there is in romance today. The sub-genres are blowing out gaskets here. From inspry to man/man love, readers have a really wide field to choose from.

Speaking of which, has Michelle done a poll on what type of romance we all love to read? I'm just curious as to the makeup of our group. Not necessarily only one fav, but our top four or five ranked.

Michele said...

**whew** I feel better. Thanks Rach!

Hmmm, now that I'm a bit calmer and the stars in my eyes are back where they belong...I think I'll take a stab and parry at one of the questions.

"How important are background & settings ...."
I look for a balance of importance, I guess. I read one recently - which will go unnamed - where it was rich to the point of gluttony in its description of setting and background. Yes, the word choices were clever and at times unique. Yes, the author tried to remain true and historically accurate in all aspects, however, I found myself skimming after the first six descriptive lines with glazed over eyes.

I jumped ahead to the dialogue and words of action. Does that make me a minimalist?

Am I willing to "cross-over" to other genres? Absolutely. It's like visiting other countries. Each are unique and provide different perceptions and experiences. Humans can be limited in finances and situation but not in imagination - OK, they can be limited there too if they don't use it. But you know what I mean..right?

I'm an equal opportunity reader.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michele, you mentioned the delish cover model on GHOST HUNTER.
Bellas correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that is TSO (aka,NK). Nobody else noticed this? Am I at the wrong blog????

Rach, I can't wait to start reading grandma's old HQs. My reading history doesn't go back that far so I'll be interested in seeing the differences. :o)

MK, if you are looking for books with your name in them, see NR. She does alot set in Ireland and I know you were there at least once possible more. :o)

Mon, you know I tease because I care. My point was *everyone* loves a fangirl, so no worries and no embarrassment. I'm sure I've heard that said somewhere before...hmmm? :P

Michele said...

Ah! Monica - YES on the consensual.
Only the truly depraved deprive others of choice in that arena.

OK, so there are rape fantasies...common in the sex manuals I've *blush* skimmed.
Having them spelled out in black and white makes many uncomfortable. Myself included. Truly , in reality, there's nothing sexy or seductive about nonconsensual sex. There's NO love there. No Romance.
When a writer uses a scene like that, it had better be true to the character and absolutely necessary to the movement of the story. A true villain.
To have the hero do that and have us accept it, for whatever justification the writer explains, doesn't ever "float my boat" but sinks it quite effectively. That includes reading the book further.

For me, it's one of the top five ultimate evil actions.

Apologies for the dark content.

Julie in Ohio said...


Michele said...

LOL! Julie i.o., like I said , 'Slippin'

Ima liking my (our?) NK on the cover. Woot!

Rach said...

Jules, I think that is TSO. It's all about the mouth, right? Where's Satcy when we need her???

If not, the dude is still way yummy! ;o)

Rach said...

Michele, I'm with ya on the nonconsenual thing.

Kati said...

Oh yeah Jules! I think I probably own just about every book that NR has published. She's written 2 of my top 5 favorite romances, and Murphy Muldoon ranks in my top 10 favorite heroes.

Julie in Ohio said...

MK & Rach, I have to tell ya that I find it a little disconcerting reading a book with a name of a family member as the heroine/hero. I like to use me imagination to picture the H/H and if the name is a familiar one, it disturbs me because I picture them. For example, I read a book with the heroine whose name was Cassandra, that is my daughter's name. At first I thought it was neat. "hee,hee" But then it happened. I find it hard to "watch" intimate moments when I'm picturing my daughter. There is a serious EEWWWW factor. Same goes for my sister...
Me? I don't know. I've read Julia...Julian...Jules...but no Julie, so far.

Rach said...

I'm hearin' ya, Julie. Same thing happened to me when I was reading a herione named "Jessica". It was rather strange. I can only imagine if it had been one of the girls!

Julie in Ohio said...

No, Rach. You don't want to imagine...

Rach said...

LOL, Julie, I getcha!

Word Ver: WISE hm, interesting...

Julie in Ohio said...

You actually got a *WORD* in the word verif??? I really didn't think it possible... :P

my verif: gvmbtct
Give Victor My Basket To Catch Turtles. :o)

Monica Burns said...

JulieO - exactly WHAT are you going to do with ALL those turtles? Wait!! Let me go digging through that computer database of 15K recipes. I'm certain I can find a Turtle soup recipe.

Hell, I've got one for Haggis, which is WAY more info that I ever thought possible. LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

LMAO, Mon!! I don't know. Turtles are kinda cute. Haven't you seen Finding Nemo? :P

Julie in Ohio said...

See what happens when we don't have a moderator, we get WAY off topic...LOL :o)

Rach said...

Shhhhh, Julie, don't give Michelle any ideas...:oP

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, girlz.

First, Mon, I haven't done a poll here, but I have at RBtheBook, and Historicals were #1. I'll have to put it up again soon to see if viewership has changed.

Hey, Marys, welcome. I feel bad because I don't know which comment you're addressing re plots. I love em, and books ain't great w/o em. But I know that some readers enjoy books not so driven by a strong romance plot. For instance, they may enjoy a novel more geared toward drawing a certain emotion.

Erotica may or may not be an example of this, dependent upon whom you ask. Not all erotica is written to elicit purely sexual response in the reader. Often, there's a strong emotion driving the piece which ain't necessarily love. Could be anger, disgust. Yet certainly there are great pieces which are plot-driven.

That said, I also think there's a place for non-con fantasy depiction, because it speaks to some women and their fantasies. Doesn't mean I dig it, just think it's OK.

WELL! Fangrls abound here today and I say HooRAy! That's what this blog and my column are all about: hooking up fans with the best writers and vice versa!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, brace for my fangrl moment. I worship this collection edited by Jayne, and studied it when I first started researching romance and reader demographics. Below is my Old Flames review. 4.5 stars; 1 sensuality heart; Cheese-free cover:

'Dangerous Men And Adventurous Women: Romance Writers On The Appeal Of The Romance'

Published in 1992, this collection is relevant still to anyone who respects romance.

Editor Jayne Ann Krentz gathered from leading romance writers 22 intelligent, thoughtful, and entertaining essays pertaining to reading and writing romance.

It's interesting to note that we're still working hard to promote the novels and authors we love in a literate world that doesn't always get us. But this book was vanguard in spelling out what women on the front lines know best: why readers love romance.

As always, IMHO

Michele said...

UM, I'm going to ask a silly question. Where's JAK?
Did we scare her away?

We've touched on quite a few different areas and I'm curious as to her input.
Names - chosing and reading names you know personally
Sex - that always seems to come up, doesn't it?
Consensual vs Non.
evolution of how characters are written. 70's vs. today
Intelligence in character and plot

Did I miss anything?

Anonymous said...

Jayne, I should probably read the other comments before I comment, since you already know my view but I didn't know you "cherished" people like me. Awww.

And I'm not trying to suck up to you, truly. I'm just not made that way. I can't even tell someone I feel fine if I feel lousy.

Actually, I read all sorts of eras, just finished one set in Wales, a first for me, set during the aftermath of William of Normandy's death.

And I knew right after reading my first book by you as Stephanie James "A Passionate Business" that I'd found an author that I truly enjoyed and I haven't been disappointed yet and won't be unless you add "too" much sex or vamps. LOL I very much like your type of paranormal.

Too bad I had to find all your aliases in other ways, but I think I got them all and have all the books ever printed. Too bad you can't get back those two McFaddens listed somewhere but never published.

I admit that I go purely by author when I'm looking for books. Sometimes I'll branch out and read a different one on the strength of exceptional reviews or because I somehow got to know the author.

Someone asked about good JAK contemporaries. Some do have a paranormal aspect but it's the kind I like. I don't like vamps, etc. but Jayne gives some paranormal powers to some of her characters. Besides "Gift of Gold" and "Gift of Fire", a recent one comes to mind "Falling Awake". Other longer contemporaries as JAK: "Perfect Partners", "All Night Long", "Trust Me", "Grand Passions", the duo "Light in Shadows" and "Truth or Dare", the "Eclipse Bay" trilogy and what you'd probably call futuristic: "Sweet Starfire" and "Shield's Lady" originally written as Amanda Glass but reprinted as JAK.

I find Jayne's books don't become outdated for me. Her female characters have always had odd kinds of jobs even if it was selling antiques or being a florist. I can't think of a nurse or secretary among them.

And I've always found her characters to be intelligent as well as the plots, even when they weren't complicated.

Just looking through my booklist: horse breeder, journalist, matchmaker, head of a foundation, company director, caterer, guidance counsellor, jewelry designer, restaurateur, interior decorator, etc.

BTW, If you see a book called "A Restless Knight" by Deborah MacGillivray, have a look at the model. The author would dearly love to know who the model is. So far there have been no answers that I know of. Apparently, he perfectly fits what she imagined the character to be like but she hasn't been able to find out the guy's name.

And who did you think the model for "Ghost Hunter" was? Sorry, I'm not on the same wavelength as most younger people regarding abbreviations or initials.

Julie in Ohio said...

Ranurgis, the cover model for "Ghost Hunter", I believe with all my being, is Nathan Kamp. The only reason I believe this is that he is a fav of the Bellas. It isn't that we know all models. We just happen to like him alot. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

I am, almost without doubt, certain that I can not choose a fav kind of romance. I haven't met one that I have not liked. I about had a heart attack yesterday. :P

That said, I'm sure their are ones out there that I haven't read.

Jayne Ann Krentz said...

I'm back! Nope, you didn't scare me away. Had a lovely luncheon engagement with some other local (Seattle) area writers. Love the opportunity to share gossip about the biz!

Regarding my paranormal books, I should probably mention that I draw a clear line between the supernatural (vampires who live forever, magic, wizards, etc.) and the paranormal (which I see as an extension of normal human senses, i.e. psychic senses). I don't do the supernatural. I enjoy reading it on occasion but I do not like to write it. I do love to do the psychic/paranormal, however, and I have played with it a lot in my books over the years.

Thanks again for a wonderful blogging experience! I had a great time.


Rach said...

Thank you so much for coming, Jayne! Please come back and visit =).

Julie in Ohio said...

Wow, Jayne. That is an interesting distintion. I've never heard them classified that way. I will need to check out your paras. They sound terrific. To date I've only read your contemps but I'm making my way through the others. :o)

Thank you for coming to play. We enjoyed having you. We'll save you a seat so you can come back anytime you want. :o)

Michele said...

I Third the Thank You for coming today and I Second Julie's last sentence.

Thanks too for giving us the heads up on your exciting new cross genre series!

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how great of an idea I thought your cross genre series was. I really, really like it. :o)

Stacy~ said...

Missed ir! Oh you guys were awesome. I haven't read any JAK, AQ, JC books either, but I will pick up some recs. I think I do have a recent pb of JAK's in my tbr pile.

Yep, NK is on "Ghost Hunter".

I have Monday off, so I plan on being her for Lori Foster - can't wait!

Julie in Ohio said...

See the influence the Bellas have had on me. I can spot a NK cover from 20 paces and I'm proud of it. :P

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, JulieO. That was the first thing I noticed re GS when I got it. Only, it looks like there;s some funky airbrush thing goin on with NK's body. Why touch it I ask? It is so perfect to begin with, it brings tears to the eyes.

Thank you, Jayne, for spending so much time with us today. We learned so much from you, and each other. Plus, we had fun!

You are most welcome any time; we are honored to have you visit. Did you note how dignified we remained?