Friday, August 04, 2006

Goin Mediaeval on Cannavaro

I think SUSAN DONOVAN and I got wires crossed so she won't be with us today. But no fears, and all, cause I know she'll visit with us soon to talk "The Kept Woman."

On to the stuff weighing heavy on me: Fabio Cannavaro has left Juventus and is now with Real Madrid. While Spanish guys are very, very hot, and David "Becks" Beckham -- proto metrosnaxual -- plays also for Real, I still slept better at night knowing Canna was with my peeps.

Now, Barcelona (and I want you to think the name with a Castillian lisp) rocked during the renaissance, and did ok in medieval times, too. So, I'm wondering:

What's your favorite medieval romance novel?

Thank you. Thankyouverymuch. I just knew I could hook that transition. :)

Encore! At least Canna's still wearing numero cinque.
Encore due! Grazie, Bellas, for pretending you care about this as much as I do. You're very kind.


Kati said...

First of all, that just increases the "HOTNESS" at Real Madrid. I already think Becks is one of the hottest men in the world, so adding Cannavaro makes them the superpower of the futbal world!

Favorite medievil, so easy, A KINGDOM OF DREAMS by Judith McNaught. It's also in my top 5 favorite romances of all time. It was the first romance I read that I laughed out loud at. And the ending where the heroine publically aligns herself with her husband. Well, it's just the best.

La Karibane said...

There is no simple answer for me. I actually love two series of Medieval books. One is Madeline Hunter's "By" series and the other is Claudia Dain's series.

Both were great, IMO, even if I liked some books more than others. I miss both authors writing in that genre.

Julie in Ohio said...

"First of all, that just increases the "HOTNESS" at Real Madrid. I already think Becks is one of the hottest men in the world, so adding Cannavaro makes them the superpower of the futbal world!"

Well said MK!

My first fav would be Allegreto from Laura Kinsale's SHADOWHEART. If you are looking for a tortured soul, look no further.
My current favorite medievel hero would be Griffith from Christina Dodd's OUTRAGEOUS. I just finished that book and I adore him.

MsTypo said...

I am now an official fan of Real Madrid!! *pant* *pant* :p :P

I love medieval romances. There's nothing quite as romantic to me as a man with a sword fighting for my honour. *sigh* I'm not sure i can pick just one or two favourites...

"Bride of the Lion" by Elizabeth Stuart
Anything by Lynn Kurland is a Keeper
"Untouched" by Elizabeth Lowell (I'm on my 2nd copy of that one!) :p
I ove Jocelyn Kelley's new Knight series
Christina Dodd's medieval ones are wonderful
Ditto on Marsha Cahman

Dang i could go on for hours... LOL Instead i have to finish packing for my trip. So please share lots of great titles as book shopping is #1 on my list of things to do on this trip! :D

Rach said...

Say it ain't so, Fabio! I'm sorry Michelle, it really stinks for the home team. But, as MK pointed it, it makes Real Madrid one Snaxilious team ;o).

One of my favorite medievals is also KINGDOM OF DREAMS, MK =).

I know I have others, but I've read SO many regencies recently that I can't remember which ones they are!!

Rach said...

Typ0, we cross posted and you helped me remember some of my faves! Thanks, Bella =).

I loved Elizabeth Lowell's UNTAMED trilogy.

MsTypo said...

LOL Looks like everyone logged on at the exact same time. :D :D

Kati said...

Julei Garwood wrote some great medievils too. I love the one where the heroine warms the hero's feet. What's that one called?!?! I know her name is Madelaine and his is Duncan. SIGH.

This is Michelle's fault! She distracted me with the hotness!

MsTypo said...

RachD, i think i'll still be in there air when Elizabeth guest blogs here later in teh month. Please bug her for me to write Erik a proper medieval story of his very own! *sigh*

(Yes i read the one modern set one she wrote but its just not the same thing. *sigh*)

Rach said...

Ah, yes, Typ0, where are you off to next?

If I remember I will bug her because I agree he does need his own proper story. I was a little disappointed he didn't get one.

amy kennedy said...

Nairobi, have a great trip.

Yikes Michelle, I haven't even read a medievel since The Wolf and The Dove, my fave. And Julie, I didn't know Laura Kinsale wrote 'em--I love her.

La Karibane, I'm going to have to read the Madeline Hunter ones, she's one of those authors I keep meaning to read.

Rach, LOL, that seems to be all I'm reading too--with some snaxy paras thrown in as well.

Can we call paranormal romances snaxy?

MK, I usually agree with you on all things, but for some unknown reason Becks gives me the heeby-jeebies. Now Canna...

MsTypo said...

Thanks guys. :D We're on our way to Australia for 2 weeks. Hubby has a conference there and i'm tagging along... for moral support of course. :p See how selfless i am! :D :D

Kati said...

MK, I usually agree with you on all things, but for some unknown reason Becks gives me the heeby-jeebies. Now Canna...

LOL! It could be because he's a philandering jack*$$! And his wife needs to eat a sandwich. He's definitely too metrosexual for me. but dayum he's yummy. Except with the cornrows. That wasn't a good thing.

Rach said...

LOL, MK! Too right, as usual =).

Typ0, have a blast--I saw on your blog you are desperate for a change of scenery :oP. You'll have to let us know how Aussie-land is! (Oh, and color me majorly jealous!!)

MsTypo said...

Remember all our talk about Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile the other day? Well i was checking out one of my DVD websites and saw that they're about to get fancy new special edition DVDs at the end of August.

Two more for my must buy list i guess. =) =)

I'll be sure to keep you all up to date on my trip to Oz via my blog.

Anonymous said...

Honor's Splendor! That's the Julie Garwood where the heroine warms the hero's feet. Love that book. One of the first romance novels I ever read, sigh. Let's see, other good medievals...

The Last Arrow by Marsha Canham- the Robin Hood story, although Robin isn't the hero.

By Arrangement by Madeline Hunter- arranged marriage with a mysterious and totally yummy hero.

There just aren't enough medievals lately...I can't think of any more at the moment!

Vivi Anna said...

I have to confess I've never read a Medeival romance before. Now, toss in a knight in shining armor that is also a dark and delicious vampire, or elf, or werewolf, then I'm in!! LOL

Hmm, me thinks I'm getting a new story idea or two...

Kati said...

Write it Vivi! Write it! If anyone can do it, it's you!

Vivi Anna said...

LOL, thanks MaryKate for the vote of confidence.

OH, amy*skf go back to my won something!

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, I think the the books I have of Laure Kinsale are medievels.
FOR MY LADYS HEART and SHADOWHEART are the two that I've read. SHADOWHEART is my fav. :o)

Vivi, I would love to read that book. Talk about original. :o)

amy kennedy said...

Yay! I won. Thanks Vivi.
The anthology cover is so guys should go see it.

MK--I Know! She does need to eat a sandwich AND a bag of chips. Yes he is pretty to look at...

Vivi it is funny you mentioned the knight who could also be a vampire...MK's right, you should write it.

Julie thanks for the info--if these are like her other books I'll need to dig a hole and climb in for a week.

catslady said...

I'm also a Julie Garwood fan. Any and all of her medeivals are great. But you guys gave me a lot more titles now that I want to read.

Jess said...

How about Elizabeth Lowell's medieval trilogy, Enchanted, Untamed and Forbidden?

MsFlexie said...

The Warrior by Nicole Jordan

Master of Desire by Kinley MacGregor

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Alright, this is the fourth time I've tried to post. Hope it works.

Thanks for the support on the Canna thing, MK and JulieO and Rach. I know the rest of you are with me in spirit. I guess I just have to look forward to the next World Cup to see Canna and Totti et. al play for azzuri. Gosh, I hope they don't let themselves go before then. (Michelle, jumpin sexist)

Now, welcome LaK. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve medievals and Canham and Hunter are at the top. Hunter's "By Possession (my fave), By arrangement, By design, et" man, you can almost smell the times. And Canham? She writes these meaty (should I say muttony?), romantic, sexy medies with gritty, strapping alpha nights who've thrown it down on the battle field for William the Conqueror, or they're trying to save Elinor of Aquitaine, and they're scarred and rough and love it up against the wall.

But then they go and save a piece of linen from the heroine (who's strong, but not just a knight in a skirt -- a historical heroine who's been contemporized) and tucks it away in his gauntlet. Did I mention the heroes always win on the lists?

I, too, liked McNaught's medieval, love the arc the heroine travels. And I love a particular Amanda Quick that has a wonderful, sexy secondary love story with a knight errant and the heroine's sister.

love. me. some. medies.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Favorite medieval. That's a tough one.

Madeline Hunter's books. Marsha Canham's. Laura Kinsale's. And an oldie by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss: The Wolf and the Dove.

I've also read a couple of good ones by a new author, Jessica Trapp (Master of Pleasure & Master of Desire).

Kati said...

Hey Eve - I can ask now cause it's just us. Did someone from AI drop you a line to tell you that my review of HIS DARK KISS is up???

I loved, loved, loved it! YOu guys, this is one that's not to be missed!

Kati said...

Oooh! I loved Elizabeth Lowell's medievils! They're fantastic. UNTAMED is my favorite.

OK Bellas, I'm off to the NC beaches for a few days (back Thursday). Hold down the fort for me!


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

What, Eve? New, good medievals? Holy cow! You know, I'm offering jewelry from Tiffany's to someone who writes a really good Old School medie for me.

MK, I keep meaning to go over and read your review. I hear it's great. I think I'm still catching up from RT, let alone RWA.

Bellas, I got to have a little breakfast with our girl, Eve, at RWA and had a great time. SO much fun. Caroline Linden joined us and she is a total sweetheart, too. Eve and I were in cahoots about her next book, and Caroline showed us the cover of her next book, "What a Gentleman Wants." It's gawguss.

And, I agree, MK. "His Dark Kiss" is awesome. Eve is zoomin forward. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

MK, have yourself some fun. We'll miss you and envy your tan when you get back. :)

Vivi Anna said...

I can't wait to read Eve's next book...her first one Dark Desires ROCKS! Loved it! so dark and moody...creeped me out...LOL

amy kennedy said...

I guess I have to read me some Mdeline Hunter. And neither can I wait for Eve's next, love the creepiness, Eve.

And it looks like Michelle's gonna be reading some Jessica Trapp.

Maybe Jessica will be sporting Tiffany.

Manda Collins said...

Hey, Bellas! Sorry about Canna's defection, Michelle, but maybe he can get some extra publicity if he's on the same team as Becks. I mean even if Beckam is a jacka** he does get a lot of coverage...then Canna will get a movie role and come to the US and see you and fall madly in love--but you'll smile knowingly and tell him you're married and he'll be heartbroken. Poor Canna...

I must confess that I haven't read a medieval in years and years. I know I read Mary Jo Putney's Uncommon Vows and one of the Kinsales but I don't know which one. I've thought about this recently and I think medievals just seem too uncomfortable. The time period--not the people. I don't want to imagine myself there, therefore I don't like to read em. Though I recently bought the Madeline Hunter trilogy and will give them a try--esp if you liked them Michelle. You haven't steered me wrong yet;)

Word ver: ppfft

Too funny! It's a rasberry!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOLWASGOMF (w/a sheepish grin on my face)

Oh, Manda, it's getting so tedious, this constantly having to let down gently all the men who want me.

Yet against Canna's considerable, em, charms, I don't think my usually unflinching resolve would hold up particularly well.

Now I'm feeling performance anxiety here, Manda! I hope you won't be giving me the word ver after you read the Hunters. By Possession is my favorite.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, I have heard a vicious rumor. Can you verify the legitimacy of it for me?

Is Vickie Lewis Thompson guest blogging next week??

Manda Collins said...

Is giving someone the word ver like giving them the finger? Hehe.

Fear not, Michelle! It's Madeline Hunter--how could I not love it?

I too saw the list of future bloggers and all I can say is: Way to Go! Not that previous gues bloggers have been anything to sneeze at, but your dance card is filling rapidly, Missy!

Julie in Ohio said...

Alright, I need to do a little research before I ask dumb questions. Sorry.

I followed Manda's lead and went to RBTBook and saw the list.
WOW, Michelle. You really bring in the big guns don't you? That is an impressive list.

Long live the Queen!!

Manda Collins said...

Jules I totally thought I was following your lead! Oh well, so long as we know that the head Bella is raking 'em in;)

Julie in Ohio said...

Too funny, Manda. Actually I got VLT newsletter and she mentioned it. I didn't even think to check the list until you mentioned it. I guess I need to up my caffeine dosage today. :o)

Anonymous said...

MK, Michelle, Vivi, thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words. You made my day!

Rach said...

Wow! You take a little car trip out of town and the party EXPLODES!! =)

I know I missed MK, but hope she has a blast at NC. OBX perchance?

Jessie, great minds think alike, I too listed Elizabeth Lowell's UNTAMED, etc. =)

Amy--congrats on your win over at Vivi's place =)

Eve, I can't wait to get my hands on the book MK reviewed--sounds intriguing ;o).

Quick question, what does it say about me that even after being on the road for more than six hours I had to check in on what was happening with the Bellas?? It is so not gonna be pretty when I head back to work...

amy kennedy said...

Manda--did you see the caption for one of the pics over at squawk at RWA: Witty librarian conversation.

Says it all, don't it though--cause we have our very own witty librarian--and her shelving sidekick (psst, that's me)--I'm actually a public service assistant, but there's nothing funny about that. Anyways, you always make me laugh.

Julie, I go over to RBtB all the time and today was the first time I saw the list--I copied it down.

Rach--it's an addiction and the first step is realizing it.

Michelle, how do you say heartbreaker in Italian?

Eve, you deserve all of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks amy and rachd!

rachd - I know what you mean about checking on the Bellas, LOL! Just can't stay away.

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, there is a 198 step program to help. But really, is it worth it? :P

Amy won something from Vivi? I'm sorry I missed that somewhere.
WOO HOO!! Congratulations!! WOW! WAY TO GO!

It wouldn't be an ARC of INFERNO, would it?
Vivi, how do I get my hands on one? :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

rubacuori, Ames, is the best I can come up with. But I'm trying to get a better slang definition from my mil. Anyways, for now, let's just substitute Canna for heartbreaker, shall we?

You guys, I'm so psyched for the upcoming GuestBloggers, too! First, VLT's books are very special to me. And the Quills? Sheesh. I don't think I'll be able to sleep that week from the excitement.

I'm so glad you feel you like checking in here. I like the idea of the 198 step program. Hi. My name is Michelle, and I'm a Bella.

Stacy~ said...

I agree on Kingdom of Dreams. A lot of people don't like it, but I adored that book. I read it so many years ago, and it still has a place in my heart.

Eve, I can't wait to read your story. Right now I'm reading SIS by LK, and your's sounds sound spine-tinglingly delicous.

Congrats Amy - I'm so jealous you won Vivi's book :)

I'm sorry to say I haven't read any of Lowell's stuff. Have to draw the line somewhere, right? Right? Please don't disagree with me - my tbr pile is threatening death LOL