Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Christina Dodd GuestBlog: Princess Christina

Contest today! One lucky commenting Bella will win a copy of "Trouble in High Heels," Christina's ab fab new release!

Please welcome Christina Dodd, yet another woman to whom I owe much. And I just adore her books. Your Highness, if you please...

I know that somewhere, some place, there are writers who write deep, meaningful books wrapped around important themes, and they carefully choose each word, each sentence, each with the deliberate intention of driving their theme home to their readers.

My thirtieth book, TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS hits the shelves today, and as embarrassing as it is to admit, until recently, I didn’t even know I had a theme.

But I do. It’s family — finding family, keeping family, having family. To women, relationships are the most important thing in life, and TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS is the first book my new series, The Fortune Hunters, involving a family searching for their lost father and his fortune. I know I talk about my family all the time. I bore my friends to tears, so … heck, let me bore you to tears instead!

It took me ten years to get published (I was a slow learner), and when I did, my family went to DisneyWorld.

Honest, it’s not just for football players!

My daughters were eleven and eight, so when we were in Epcot and the street players in the Italian section called us over to watch the show and invited us to sit close, I leaped at the chance to get the kids where they could see.

Oh, yeah. They could see, all right. They could see everything, like the players casting the play in which I was the star — the Princess Christina, wronged by her cruel step-mother and in need of rescuing by her hero, Bill the chicken farmer. He was another sucker plucked (get it? plucked?) out of the audience, this portly man who was a lot more embarrassed than I was, mostly because he had the line, “I luo-uo-uo-uove you.” May I say, I did an excellent job being the Princess Christina, getting rescued, and marrying my true love, Bill. What can I say? Acting, especially over-acting, comes naturally to me.

To this day, my family calls me, “Princess Christina.” My kids, now responsible adults, still giggle madly when they recall their mom on stage. And I never sit in front no matter how tempting the street players make it sound.

So … what
embarrassing thing did your parents do that your whole family still cackles about? Or what embarrassing thing did you do that entertained your family so much they’ll never forget it — no matter how much you wish they would? Hey, even better, what embarrassing thing did you do on purpose that humiliated your kids (besides merely existing while they were teenagers)? Share the funny stories — because there’s nothing as much fun as laughing at your family!

La principessa holds court at ChristinaDodd.com!


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Welcome, Christina! We're so happy to have you here, especially cause we know you've just come back from the RWA national conference and are probably tired as well as swamped.

Embarrassing thing? Just one? I have three older brothers. One of them read my diary and told my friends all the juicy parts. Does it get more mortifying for an eighth grader?

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Your Highness!!

I love your Lost Princess series. I can't wait for Sorcha's story. The cover is gorgeous.

When I was little (1 or 2 years old) I would dance to the song "What'cha gonna do with a drunkin' sailor". To this day my parents still call me their little drunkin' sailor.
If you ask me, I think it's more embarrassing that my parents knew all five verses to the song and sang it loud and proud. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Christina, I have a question for you. I am in the middle of "Outrageous"(and loving it) but there are some phrases and words that are cracking me up that I haven't heard before; "Saint Dewi, preserve me" and "jingleberries" just to name a couple.
Are these actual phrases that were used during the 15th century? If so I have a new admiration for that time period. :o)
Or are these the product of your sense of humor? If so, it worked. :o)

Kati said...

Yay! It's La Dodd! Welcome to RBB! And congrats on the new release! I'm going to have to run to B&N (and since DC is in the midst of that vicious heatwave, that's love baby!) and pick up a copy at lunch today.

Embarassing things? Well, my parents have at their house a picture of me at the beach when I was 4. We had just come up on the deck of our beach house, and my mother, of course, had stripped me out of my suit and told me to take a shower in the outside shower. The picture is of a completely naked MK doing a perfect ballerina point with just my big toe being touched by the shower water. It really is adorable (now that I'm 35), but it's framed and has sat on a table in their living room since I was about 8 years old. Gotta love it when you're sixteen and your boyfriend at the time says, "So...your parents have a framed picture of you naked?! That's weird." SIGH.

Rach said...

Good morning Christina, er, uh, I mean Your Highness =). Like Julie, I too am anxiously awaiting Sorcha's story!

There are so many embarassing stories I could tell, on me and on my family that I'm having a difficult time deciding which to tell.

When we were teenagers, my sister was absolutely horrified by my mom when we were in public. So, when she would act out (as teenagers are wont to do), my mom would launch into a rousing rendition of "Help Me Rhonda" by the Beach Boys. My sister wanted to crawl into a hole and my mom had a most excellent time =). I believe Mom only had to employ this weapon two or three times ;oP.

My dad liked to boogie up and down the aisles of Wal Mart while singing "Bear Necessities" from the JUNGLE BOOK. Gotta say, this didn't embarass me, it just made me laugh =).

amy kennedy said...

Welcome Christina, Princess? Nay, Goddess. Alright, enough. In all honesty your talent astounds me.

My Mom would constantly sing in public places--we (me and my two sisters) would be walking in a mall--they had just been invented--and my Mom would belt out Good King Wenceslaus, we could hardly beleive the humiliation.

She's called Lala instead of grandma by many of her grandchildren, because she always sings. And she still will belt out some song or show tune, of course, we do too now, much to the chagrin of our own chidren.

Rach, it sounds like your Mom and mine would like each other.

Kati said...

Ah, now I do have to say that I used to take great delight in mortifying my pre-teen nieces. My cousin (who is my age) and I used to love to crank the windows down in the car when my niece was in the car and turn up the Backstreet Boys and dance and sing at the tops of our lungs. Oh yeah, she loved that! LOL! I tell her it's the great circle of life, I embarass her, one day, she'll embarass my kids. That's how it works.

Rach said...

Car dancing, MK? I LOVE car dancing!! =) Yet another way to SERIOUSLY embarass any tween and teen ;o).

Yup, my mom did *that* too! My mom still does these things but now I find myself joining in--why miss out on all the fun? The joy of being an adult--you don't care as much what strangers think.

Christina Dodd said...

Thank you for having me, Michelle! Great stories, guys! I firmly believe embarrassment is an intregral part of family life, sort of like quoting the same movies and cooking Thanksgiving dinner together.

The thing that brought this story to mind was -- I was the luncheon speaker at the Romance Writers conference, so Teresa Medeiros kept calling me, "Princess Christina." And of course I was responding without even thinking about it because I've heard it for fifteen years. Now she really is part of my family.

Christina Dodd said...

Oh, and we have a photo of a three-year-old daughter who will remain nameless playing the piano naked. But it's not framed. Yet.

marykate, I appreciate your sacrifice, going out of the airconditioning to buy TROUBLE. Personally, I think it's the best thing I've ever written -- not that authors ever know, but the reactions have been extreme. The review from Library Journal was my first boxed, starred review. The review from Publisher's Weekly was the most awful I've ever had (and that's saying something). Lisa Kleypas asked me for an arc, and you all know Lisa, she's the sweetest person in the world, but when she called me she sounded, um, sort of astonished and she raved on and on until she said, "It's like champagne, sparkling and sinfully delicious." And I shrieked, "Oh, oh, please, let me use that as a quote!"

Anyway, my point is -- no one has a neutral response. Everyone either loathes it or loves it. AND it has a money-back guarantee. Really. The publishing company guarantees you'll like it or they'll refund your money. I hope you're one of the ones who loves it. :)

Kati said...

Christina - Can you tell us a little about your writing process? How do stories come to you? About how long does it take you to write a story, do you struggle with it? Are the love scenes hard to write, or easy? Do you prefer writing historicals or contemps?

Also, you're talking to a big group of Black Dagger Brotherhood fangrrls, so if you've read LOVER AWAKENED(which I'm willing to lay money on the fact that you have), and want to share any tidbits with us, we'd be eternally grateful. ***Bellas, Christina is the one who turned me onto BDB, I'll be forever grateful!***
We shamelessly badger Michelle, who has also read it, but she's like a vault. No information whatsoever. Wench!!(said with all the love in my heart)

Christina Dodd said...

Princess Sorcha's story is coming in December. Have you seen the cover? It's not up on the bookselling sites yet, I don't know why, but it's up on my website. It's absolutely gorgeous, possibly my fav historical cover ever altho that's tough because I love BAREFOOT PRINCESS, too. I'll post an excerpt next month. Watch for it!

julie, how in heaven's name did you find OUTRAGEOUS? It's up for repackaging and has been for a while. I did make stuff up -- they swore very inventively and graphically in those days, and let's face it, four letter words were invented then and used freely. I wanted to give the flavor without offending anyone.

Rach said...

Psst, MK, I think you should butter Christina up a little more ;o).

Rach said...

Christina, if I know Julie, she found it on Amazon. Right, Jules? One of those boxes that arrived while hubby was golfing? :oP

And, Christina, I love inventive swearing--it makes me LOL and my hubby gives me these strange looks and asks what the deal is. =)

Tam said...

I remember years ago when I was in high school out on a date one time. I always wore a bra that had a clasp in the front. This particular date was at a restaurant and as we sat down at the table my bra popped open. I'm not sure if he could tell, but I could sure feel it. As soon as we ordered I excused myself and went to the bathroom to fix it.

Christina Dodd said...

My process -- sure! I've got FAQs up on my website, and one of them covers how one idea came to me, so:

The best way I can describe the process is to tell you about the paranormal series, THE IMMORTALS. I watched one of my favorite movies of all time, Fiddler on the Roof, and wondered why it appealed to me so much. I was pretty sure it was Tevye’s dedication to his family, his God, and his traditions, and it was fascinating to watch as, slowly, everything he believed in was overturned by change. Everything, that is, except what mattered the most — his family and the bedrock of his faith. Then I wondered what became of the family after they moved to America, and I began to plot a series of books about the displaced children of the family, their close ties to their parents, the process of adjusting to the new life, and the terrible occurrences that could tear the family apart if they let it. At the same time, I was reading paranormal romance, which I love (A WELL FAVORED GENTLEMAN was my first paranormal) and analyzing why vampires worked so well as romance characters. I decided vampires are the ultimate alpha hero. They only mate with the woman who is their fate, and they can either give her the best sex of her life — or kill her. They are completely in control of the relationship. At this moment, something happened … hm, that’s a little vague. There was a blinding flash of light J, the two ideas meshed, and I had the concept for the series called THE IMMORTALS. I was absolutely enthralled as I figured out the epic battle of good and evil that is the basis of the mythology, and I plotted each book in a fever of excitement, taking care to make the romance between my immortal hero and my very mortal heroine the heart of the story. I knew I had to write this series, so even though my writing schedule was full, I decided to write another book a year (and man, am I busy now!)

But each of my stories when two or three or four ideas collide, there’s a blinding flash of light, and my heart races as I realize I have another wonderful book to write.

Christina Dodd said...

JR and I share the same editor (and I met her at the conference! -- she's gorgeous and TALL!), so yes, I've read LOVER AWAKENED.

Spoilers? Sure.

It's good. Really really good. The best yet.

BTW, I'm getting the arc for the next book soon.

Fleeing back to my work now.

Playground Monitor said...

Hi Princess! I loved your speech at RWA and the whole sidewalk analogy is terrific. I'll admit that I've not yet read any of your books but that's going to change after hearing you speak.

I was such a painfully shy child that I never did anything that could remotely be referred to as embarrasing. And as an adult I spent most of my years being just as shy. I did sorta embarrass my kids once when I pulled a vase of roses from a dumpster. Hey... I wanted that big, beautiful vase. From their expressions you have thought I was a bag lady or something.

And I had my chance to really get back at #1 son last year. He got married and his future mother-in-law wanted photos of him through the years for a slide show she was putting together. I was MORE THAN HAPPY to provide them. *gg* There was nothing too bad but a couple pix got a good laugh from the crowd. Isn't the goal of parenthood to live long enough to embarrass your children?


Kati said...

Well, that's just mean. LOL!

Julie in Ohio said...

AH, Rach, you know me too well. Yes, I got OUTRAGEOUS at Amazon. SHH, we aren't suppose to mention all those boxes, remember. :p

Christina, I marvel at the way your brain works. The dialogue is superb. I am really enjoying it.

What do we have to do to get a little something extra about Sorcha's story? You want my first born? She makes killer brownies. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh well heck, since I'm begging how about TROUBLE, too.

We encourage spoilers here. So if you have anything you need to get off you chest regarding any book you have written or ARC you may have read, feel free to share. We are excellent listeners. :o)

Unknown said...

Hi Princess Christina!

See, I knew you were royalty all along lol!

As far as embarrassment, my Mom had this horrible coat when I was a teenager. Now I know, you think "It was a coat, how bad could it be?". However, this was a full-length quilted coat. I do not mean lightly quilted either. This thing could have been used for a floatation device. I think it may have been inflatable or something. To top it off, it was crimson red. I think she knew how much I hated that coat, and wore it even more to tease me lol. She also seemed to have the uncanny ability to capture every embarrassing thing I ever did on film. This photographic evidence was saved to show to every high school boyfriend I had. I do love that woman, but her coat on the other hand, met an unfortunate demise lol.

Rach said...

LMAO, Julie =). Spoilers indeed. If it's children Christina wants in exchange for info, I can trade her Monkey who does an excellent job redecorating. She could surely do a number on that amazing new house of hers ;o).

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Rach. I definitely think Christina needs a mural painted in various colored nail polish in her living room. :o)

Kati said...

I don't have any kids to offer up, but I do have a mostly housebroken miniature dachshund that I can let go for a cheap price!

Julie in Ohio said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Julie in Ohio said...

Yes, it is true...we are shameless, and also hungry for any morsel we can get our greedy little hands on. *g*

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

JulieO, you are shameless! Shameless, I tell you! But, really, JR Ward is tall and pretty. It was all I could do not to trip her. And I still won't tell you anything about LA. But JR did tell me she's really excited about her upcoming GuestBlog with youz...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

My son is only nine, but already I can turn him glassy-eyed with fear by threatening to dance in any public place.

Julie in Ohio said...

My daughters are eight and ten and I can tell you from experience it is gratifying to see her face turn red from embarrassment. After all, she has made mine turn red enough times when she threw a fit in the grocery store or threw up on someone at church...etc.

I'm waiting for my turn with the four year old. She hasn't made it to the point where I can embarrass her yet. :o)

Kati said...

Psst...Bellas, totally off topic, but head over to people.com for one quick second. You'll know what I'm talking about immediately.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Hugh.

Rach said...

Oh, I just remembered a Monkey embarassing me story. We were in B&N, I was in the Romance section (DUH) and suddenly Mon announces in her very LOUD three year old voice, "I don't like that black man!" HUH??

I turn towards her and see a tall, handsome African American gentleman staring--beginning to glare quite frankly--at us. We have NEVER said anything like that, nor do we feel that way. I had no idea where she came up with it. I was mortified! I asked her to keep it down, but she repeated herself, this time pointing!!

Embarassed beyond anything I have ever experienced, wishing the floor would open and swallow me--immediately, thank you very much--I looked where she was pointing. And there, in the stack of calendars right next to the gentleman, was a picture of Darth Vader.

I tried to save the situation, but all said and done, it was too late. Kids, sheesh!!

Rach said...

MK, you are bad bad bad bad bad!! I almost shorted out the keyboard from drooling on it! ;o)

Kati said...

LOL Rach, I'm just saying...that's a d*mn fine man!

Oh, funny embarassing kid story...another niece (I have 6, so I have lots of stories like this) was in the midst of potty training. She and her mom were at Wal-Mart, where they had a giant, beautifully arranged stack of training potties in the middle of the kids section. Well, Baby R. had to go potty and while her mother's back was turned, walked over to the mountain of potties, flipped up the top on one of the potties and did her business. LOL! My SIL had to call someone over to help her dismantle the mountain of potties and then, of course, buy the pottie that the business had be conducted in. But what are you going to do? Yell at the kid when she did exactly the right thing? Hah!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Rach. I could barely breathe while I was reading that story. How spectacularly mortifying. There was just no way that was going to end well. I really feel for you.

My daughter is Chinese -- and we are decidedly not -- so you can imagine the things we've heard. We always try to keep a laid-back attitude so people don't feel stupid for making embarrassing comments. But, then again, I'm not wearing the skin, so it'll get stickier for her as she gets older.

Unknown said...

Rach D,

That story is so funny! I had a situation like that with my four year old son. We were in a restaurant when a very tall and rather hefty man came in. He was a real Paul Bunyan type, big and brawny. I realized that my son was staring at the man a second before he started yelling "Look Mama he's a giant, he's a giant!". Everyone in the reastaurant turned to see what was going on. I was so mortified. I explained to my son that it was not nice to call names, even if you did not say it to be mean. I apologized to the man, who was thankfully laughing. The things kids say lol!

Christina Dodd said...

Oo, I have a kid stories like that. My youngest was about a year, we lived in Houston, we were shopping at a grocery store, waiting in the check-out line, I was holding her and she said, "Hi, Daddy!" I turned and there was this young, handsome, tattooed, pierced black man in a leather jacket with studs all over it, a real tough-looking youth -- and he turned white. Poor guy. His friends were there, and I know he never heard the end of that little blond-headed white girl calling him Daddy.

Then there was the time in the post office when she announced for the whole line, "That woman has press-on nails!" The woman was not amused.

So -- no, I'm not taking your kids, because my kids, like Elvis, have left the building and that's the way it's staying.

Christina Dodd said...

And the only good thing about the potty story is you can tell it to her boyfriend later.

Playground Monitor said...

These stories are simply priceless. #1 son did the "press on nails" thing once, but fortunately it was with a childhood friend of mine who had kids too and she understood (and told him that no, they weren't press on but the real thing).

When #2 was potty training I had to make a drive from here to the Florida panhandle coast. We had the potty chair in the trunk cause we were going to be staying for a week with daddy who was on TDY at the air force base there. At least once an hour #2 son announced he had to potty and I'd find a gas station or fast food joint and pull in. We got into south Alabama/north Florida and he made his announcement and there was nothing anywhere. So I stop by the side of the road, pull the potty chair from the trunk and sit it beside the car for him to do exactly nothing. But whatcha gonna do when they say they have to go??? That normally six-hour drive took about eight hours that day. *groan*


Rach said...

Ah, man, you think you can swap your kids for a good novel and the author won't bite. Man!

Funny kid stories everyone--I know they make *me* feel better, anyway. Thanks! =)

Christina Dodd said...

You know what arc I got in the mail today?

WARLORD by Elizabeth Vaughan


Julie in Ohio said...

I have to share my kids-say-the-most-horrible-things-at-the-most-horrible-times moment.

My four year old likes watching a cartoon where there was is a character called "Big Mama", and she has begun calling her dad "Big Daddy" (I will NOT let her call me Big Mama).
We went to one of my eight year old's soccer games, and walking across the field was a rather large woman. In a loud, we-are-outside-so-I-can-scream voice, she says "whoa, look at Big Mama". Like Rach, I wanted the earth swallow me up. I was so embarrassed. I apologized to her but she wasn't nearly as understanding as a mortified mother would like her to be.

LMAO, MK, that is a hilarious story. I bet your niece will never live that down. :o)
Thank you for a pic of a wet Hugh. Michelle has taught you well. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Now, Christina, you are just being cruel.

Any little crumb. We really are not picky...well...not *too* picky.

Rach said...

Cruel I tell you cruel!

Julie in Ohio said...

I can't wait to get me hands on TROUBLE. I tried to find it earlier but I guess I got the date screwed up. *sigh*

If I happen to miss you later, I just want to say, thanks for coming and I hope you come back to visit soon. :o)

And if you change your mind about the kids, let me know... :P

robynl said...

Congrats on the 30th book; wahoo!!!
I wished my family could forget the incident where I dropped the kettle containing most of our meal on the floor-cabbage, cream and sausage all over with nothing left but the potatoes that were safely on the table. I can't forget!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'll see your "Warlord," Xtina, and raise you Madeline Hunter's "The Rules of Seduction."

amy kennedy said...

I love the "Hi Daddy" story. And you two--yes, I mean Christina and Michelle have got to stop torturing us.

And Julie, Rach, Marykate--any one else--I don't want spoilers.

Anticipation. Anticipation. Anticipation.

I love me some anticipation.

Rach said...

Stop it! You two--Michelle and Christina--stop it right now!! *g*

amy kennedy said...

I've just re-written two comments--I have too many embarrassing things.

I'm sure it's made me a better person.

Christina, I became excited when I read your description of how the idea came to you for THE IMMORTALS.

Deb's Book Nook said...

Hi Christina and Michelle! Great meeting you both in Atlanta!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Deb! Same here. Deb was so nice and gave me a pretty Chinese fan so I could cool myself in style while waiting in line for luncheon. You see, I'd had a few glasses of wine at dinner the night before and was, as you Southern Bellas say, feeling a case of the vapors coming on, bless your heart.

Yes, yes, I'll stop the childish flaunting and taunting. But I suspect Xtina would toss out that she, too, has read Teresa Medeiros' next, "The Vampire Who Loved Me." That's all's I'm sayin.

But let me say THIS about "Trouble in High Heels." It's so cool, and it's got an Italian hero! [picture me all giggly and stuff].

I started reading Christina's historicals -- "A Well Favored Gentleman" being my favorite. It's the only novel I've ever cried while reading (forgive that construction). Of course, knowing me, you know I love the title. Yes, he's a BIMBaW, but oh, so much more. Love me some Celtic lore.

Anyway, I was pretty floored when I realized she wrote contemporary, too. I completely enjoy all of them, but TiHH has such a hip, edgy feel, I was totally diggin on it.

But, if La Principessa might deign to write us another medieval with, oh, I don't know, say an alpha warlord hero and a shy, virginal heroine, I wouldn't hate it. Couldja, Christina? Just one more for us Old School girlfriends?

Manda Collins said...

Awww! What a great party here today! Welcome, La Dodd! Congrats on book #30! Do you still get that frisson of excitement when you see yourself in print or is it old hat now? Heard your keynote address was a showstopper!

Michelle, trying to contain jealousy re: the new Madeline Hunter. And don't get me started on the J.R. Ward. Man, there are some good things coming out these days...

There is a particular incident in our family involving me, a white outfit, one of those playground merry go round things, and a large mud puddle. My aunts call the park Mandy's park...

Christina Dodd said...

Michelle said, "But I suspect Xtina would toss out that she, too, has read Teresa Medeiros' next, "The Vampire Who Loved Me." That's all's I'm sayin."

Ya know, you think you have a friend, then you find out she sends out arcs. But not to me. Noooo. Not to her best bud.

Off to make a phone call ...

amy kennedy said...

LOL Manda. Were you a grown-up or a kid? I missed lots of it too--don't you hate the way work gets in the way of everything?

Christina, how much harder was/is it to write two books a year? Do you have any time off? Sheesh.

Our Michelle loves her old school Medieval.

When my middle son was younger, we'd be in Target looking for school clothes--he a few racks over from me and I'd holler out,"Joey, do you need underwear?"

I swear I did not EVEN realize I was doing this and apparently did it often, because my daughter finally said, "Mom, you have to quit yelling out to Joey if he needs underwear."


amy kennedy said...

Ooooh, Teresa's in trouble.

Kati said...

Well, first off, I did tell Baby R's boyfriend. LOL! She was mortified. Hey, it's the price you pay to be in my family.

So, Christina is also the person who turned me on to Elizabeth Vaughn, so the fact that she's bragging about having the WARLORD arc, well, it makes her a little teeny, tiny person (and not in the complimentary way).

BTW, Christina, I went to BAM today to pick up TIHH, and the guys told me they originally had nine copies and I got the last one. How cool is that?!?! He was like "I've sold six of these today." Also, it was shelved in fiction not romance so I had to go asearchin' I'm not complaining, just telling.

Manda Collins said...

Well, Amy, I was thirteen--young enough to still like that merry go round thing, but old enough to feel really embarrased when I flew off into the mud. Ahh, the tender teen years!

I know, Amy! If only there were some way to work and blog at the same time! Some days I can, but we are undergoing a merge with IT so it's been Nutso! Exciting new job is more excitement than I bargained for!

Manda Collins said...

I didn't mean to be all Amy this, Amy that. Sigh. My communication skills deteriorate as the day waxes on.

catslady said...

Oh such great stories and I'm totally blank at the moment. Just wanted to say I have The Barefoot Princess and to thank you for a great book.

Rach said...

Ooooh, Teresa's gonna get it...;oP

Manda, I once fell face first off a swing into the mud puddle beneath. Should I have been swinging over a mud puddle? Does it really matter when the end result was so catastrophic to my fragile 12 year old ego?? *g*

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm not looking forward to going back to work and missing all the great parties here. =(

And, Manda, I'm so glad the new job is so awesome =).

amy kennedy said...

Manda, I certainly don't care if you're all--Amy this and Amy that. But I know what you mean,I can only blog on my breaks or if no one is watching me ahahahaha.

Rach, were there witnesses?

Christina, I just realized, your theme for THE IMMORTALS must also be family too.

They grows 'em smart in Minnesota.

Catslady--yes, The Barefoot Princess is wonderful and not just because she had my name.

MK, how cool you got there before they were sold-out. And how cool for you Christina.

Christina Dodd said...

Deb, it was great to meet you at last! You were just as wonderful as I imagined!

amy, I'm so excited about the paranormals I'm hypervenilating. I'm writing the first one now. Whoa. It's hot. It's ... well, I'm keeping my poor husband busy. ;>

Michelle, thank you for the kind words about TIHH. I really love the book, and it's mostly because of Roberto. Well, and Brandi. And I loved her mother with all my heart. What can you say about an unabashed gold digger?

I'm definitely planning on writing more historicals. I love them. And medievals are my first love. I'm taking two years off to write the paranormals and the romantic suspense series, then I hope to go back to historicals.

Christina Dodd said...

Michelle and crew, thank you for having me. It's been a delightful day and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I'll pop back by as I can, and please come to visit my site, watch the TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS video, read the excerpts, and drop me a line.

I hope you enjoy TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS! I love you all!

amy kennedy said...

Christina, I meant to tell you how much I love the cover of TiHH. I just love legs and shoes covers.

Don't know why, probably because I covet the ankles that are always shown. And the shoes.

amy kennedy said...

Wah! I posted at the same time--oh well.

Rach said...

Amy, of *course* there were witnesses!! Lots of very cute older (read: 14 or 15) boys who were friends of my cousins. It was humiliating, really *g*!

Xtina, I'm so excited about the paranormals! I can't wait to get my copy of TIHH--Amazon is taking *forever* to deliver it!!

Rach said...

Xtina, thanks for playing with us today! Great topic =). Now all embarassing secrets are revealed (or not in my case). =)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Embarrassing non-family story:

So, I'm in NY for an interview while I'm Miss PA and I'm thinkin I'm all the stuff, cause I've got this stylin amethyst suede, yes, suede fitted dress on with these killer heels. I'm at this restaurant, and this totally snaxy dark-haired, dark-eyed guy is looking me up and down, and I'm thinkin, holy cow, I really must be HOT today.

He starts walking toward my table, and I mean he is NOT taking his eyes off me, and is, in fact, staring unabashedly at the rather unremarkable swell of my breasts. I try to give him what I think is a sultry smile when he steps next to my table and says: You've got a kind of greasy spot your dress.

It was salad dressing.

OK? Beat that.

Rach said...

Ooooh, Michelle, that's a good one.

Not sure I can top it. Give me a minute or three to think about it. But, I'm such a klutz I'm sure I could come up with something...

Julie in Ohio said...

Salad dressing on suade, Michelle?
Ouch!! I've got nothing that tops that.
My daughter yelling "Is it over yet?" in the middle of church just doesn't seem to even qualify.

Yikes, Rach. Aren't you glad you are only young once?

Thanks, Christina, for coming to play. I'm glad you are going to write more historicals but I'm excited about the paranormals. :o)

Rach said...

Okay, Michelle, I've given it LOTS of thought, and I'm afraid I have to concede. You win. So, did the salad dressing come out of the suede? :oP

Unknown said...


That is so funny. That sounds like something that would happen to me.

I have one that is not family related. When I was in my last year of nursing school I was to demonstrate how to do a head-to-toe physical assessment on a patient to a small group of first year students. When I reached in my uniform pocket for my pen light to check the patient's eyes, instead I retrieved the spare tampon I was carrying. Everyone got a good laugh out of it, but I was so embarrassed. So much for appearing competent that day huh?

Michele said...

*sigh* missed all the fun. And it was fun reading all the comments.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Bbelle, I think you win. My mouth dropped. Funny in retrospect, though, no?

Michele, I'm sorry you missed the day, too. I'm guessing you have a couple stories you might have shared?

Thank you, Christina, for joining us today! You really got us going, talking about those silly things that are mortifying at the time, but fun to talk about later. :)

And now you've got us hooked. Please come back to tell us all about your paranormal when it comes out.

Now, about that warlord/virgin novel...I'm wondering if a little trip to Tiffy's might interest you...

Unknown said...


Yes, it was mortifying at the time, but now just very funny. Thanks to you and Christina for the entertaining blog and wonderful prize!

Thanks to all the Bellas for making me laugh so hard!