Monday, July 10, 2006

Ti Amo Fabio Cannavaro e Italia!

Ti Amo, Italia!

Grazie, Bellos!

Sure, at times it seemed like they weren't doing much more than defending and falling to the ground in the dramatic agony footballers do so well.

Still, with Canna and Buffon shining, Italia played 90 minutes of grueling, aggressive, and admirably clean soccer.

As my mother-in-law put it, "they're such good boys. And so handsome."

I must say, at times I forgot there was a match going on at all, so distracted had I become with Horacio Elizondo, the ref for the match.
With Canna-like definition to his hot, 42-year-old body, the Argentinean Elizondo was oh so masterful as he gave France's most revered player, Zinadine Zidane, a red card, eliminating him from the game for really bad behaviour.

We may have to see more of Elizondo in our post-World Cup coverage. Out of a sense of balance, of course. Canna's 33, and the average age of the World Cup footballer is 29. But I suspect Elizondo's extra years of maturity tend to make up for, em, youthful exuberance. Although he is awfully fit...

Which are sexier and why, younger or older guys?
How do you feel about "much older guy" heroes, especially in historicals?
Encore! The cover of Italy's "Sports Gazzette" reads: It's True! They're the Champions of the World.


Michele Hauf said...

Both! I'm starting to notice the confidence older men have just being in their bodies. It's awesome. Nothing like those aggressive, machismo younger guys. As for the younger dudes... I often find myself noticing the 'future babes' amongst my son's friends. They're all at that awkward geeky stage, hair in their eyes, tripping over their own feet as they wrench their necks to view a pretty girl. They're goofy, silly. And yet, I give them makeovers in my mind, and add ten years to them, and they have potential.
Just wish I had that ability to find the ones with 'potential' back in high school! :-)

As for romances, I think I like them a little older, but not graying. :-) Thirties is good for me.

Kati said...

I say it's about the man. And you know how you just know by the way they move, carry themselves, dress themselves? You just know.

Like Viggo Mortensen. You just know that he's AMAAAAAAZING in bed. He's all intense and lean. But then again, look at someone like Taye Diggs, he's younger and built like a brickhouse, but I guarantee you he knows what he's doing...and he can sing...and he's delicious.

So, I'm an equal opportunity oogler. If you're hot or have that certain something, I'm noticing it and admiring it and well, thinking about it!

Monica Burns said...

I'm gonna have to go with MaryKate on this one. EOIB (equal opportunity in bed) ROFL

As for Elizondo, I'm already won over by his stance in the photo. I mean, Zidane is standing there pretty passively and Elizondo is WAY masterly in his posture. And look at his ARMS!! Are they not some of the nicest looking arms you've seen! They look strong and muscular. Just the kind of arms to hold you tight when you're enjoying a little snippy conversation before you get kissed into silence. *grin*

I would LOVE to see more of the amazing Elizondo!! And I do mean MORE! LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Julie in Ohio said...
As long as he's not dating a 16 year old, I'm OK with it. It's probably because I have three girls but I can't stomach older men with girls underage, even in historicals where it was permitted.
However, if there were a 38 yr old going after a 22 yr old, I'm all for it. Age differences don't bother me as long as they are consenting adults.
My own husband is older than I am by five years and I wouldn't have it any other way. :o)
9:12 AM

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Nairobi Typ0 said...
I don't mind when the age difference is around 10 years or so, esp with historicals. After all, it was the norm for men to marry much later in life then. But when we start the book with the heroine being referred to a "girl fresh out of the schoolroom" and our brooding hero is "a rake with as many mistresses under his belt as years" then it gets a little... Weird.

Plus if i really click with the romantic leads then i don't want there to be a huge age difference because then i start thinking about how he'll die and leave her a lonely widow. (Maudlin senimentality from the expat wife... Who knew!?)
10:32 AM

Michele said...

Older. They are more in control of themselves - their hormones, life and goals. When they take those and hone them into tunnel vision for their babe of choice, she is the recipient of a masterful wooing.
I can't think the word "Masterful" equates with a younger man - unless he's seen too much of life already and is hardened - like the folks of yor.
My DH is 6 yrs senior to me, and I revel in the difference. I'll ALWAYS be the younger woman, LOL.

In books, historicals,it is believeable.

MsTypo said...

The guy should be a little older in these books... Otherwise how could she have falled for him when she was still a little girl making her the only one who truly knows his darkest torment.

Here's a thought: what about those books where the heroine falls for her guardian? Admittedly she's usually more or less of age when they finally admit it to eachother but still... Sometimes it works (Lord of Ice by Gaelen Foley) but occassionally it just seems... icky. (Can't remember the title but the Catherine Coulter where he's also like her half brother or cousin in addition to her guardian.)

Word Verification: drcoq Who sets these?! LOL heheh

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Sorry: published today's blog twice, so I copied JulieO's and Nairobi's comments again. Sorry, bellas.


Yaaaaaay! Hoorayyyy! I'm so happy Italy won. It was very excititng to watch. People here in Boston were going crazy, even late last night. Everyone was riding around waving large red, white, and green Italian flags, yelling "Forza Italia." And, shut up, who cares?" Ya gotta love Bostonians.

RACH!!! I wish I'd checked in before you left for your interview. I know you did great and can't wait to hear the deets. Did we know you were looking? Funny, you never notice the signs until they start looking elsewhere...

Nairobi! Welcome, so glad you're here and offering such great stuff. Agree with you on the age thing, guess that's why there are all those young widows who end up heroines. Candice Hern's got some great ones, especially her last and next novels. And, hey, if an ex-pat can't be maudlin, who can be?

YES, Mon, YES! The arms, the arms. You can already tell I'm back with the Italians cause I'm repeating myself. Isn't that a great photo? I chose it because it depicted Zidane as he should have been. Something very Shakespearian about it in the great man bringing himself down. But Elizondo. Sigh. Holy cow. Good cover, btw. :)

Marykate. EOO. I like it. One of these days I'm gonna compile that RBtheBlog lexicon with all the great acros you all come up with.

Michele, I see the same thing in teen boys and giggle to myself over it. Very sweet. But I'm beginning to appreciate the appeal of older men. Wonder how many men my age would say the same of older women? I've read articles with younger guys who profess to dig older chicks, but it always rings a little insincere to me. We need to blog about older women/younger man romances. Monica has a good one.

Kati said...

I realize it's hypocritical of me, but I have such different reactions to older man/younger woman (ie: Tom and Katie --ewwww, that's gross!) VS. older woman/younger man (ie: Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher -- You Go Demi!)

I can't help it. It's probably because I'm a 35 year old single woman, I want men in my "age range" to go for women my age, not the kittens. Whereas I'm all about women my age dating/marrying/hooking up with younger men.

It's probably a deficiency. ;oP

Julie in Ohio said...

We understand, Michelle. You just got over excited. :o)

I never cared for the younger man/older woman scenerio because I like my men "in charge" and older always said to me "in charge". Then I read Lisa Kleypas "Suddenly You" and that really did it for me. *g*

Manda Collins said...

1. Yay Italy! Glad you are riding the victory wave, Michelle! Bet it's fun to be there among the peeps for it:) I listen to an online radio station out of Martha's Vineyard so I'm always hearing about goings on in Boston and Mass in general and am desperate to visit all the places they talk about...

2. Rach, wish I'd checked in earlier so wish you luck on the job interview. Sending good vibes in your general direction.

3. As I get older (32's not old right?) I notice that I am becoming more comfortable with older heros. But also also very comfortable with older woman/younger man scenario also. My best friend who's a couple of years older than me married a 26 year old last year and they are soul mates.

3. Monica, I read Love's Revenge last weekend and enjoyed it immensely. Meant to tell you last week but forgot:( Too much going on I guess. As for the cover, no wonder your husband was so eager to show it to his buddies;)

Rach said...

Hi Ya'll! I'm back, I'm sure I blew it, but hey, it's over =).

Here's what's up: In November we moved to a new city. My job (teaching for those not in "the know") was in the old city, about a 45 minute commute down one of the worst interstates in Virginia. Add to that the fact my oldest begins kindergarten in the fall and wanted one of us to be close to her should she get sick, etc. I decided it was time to change school systems. Now, they just have to hire me.

Okay, the interview was okay. There were five of us there, and I felt completely out of place. I felt I was wearing the wrong clothes and I was too old. You see, the College of William & Mary is here and all those young babies are out to get hired as well. Grrrrrr. I did my best, answered the questions to the best of my ability and now feel like an idiot. I had one of those "Why did I say *that*???" moments as I walked out. I'll call Thursday and let you guys know what happens.

Now, as for Elizondo, I too was distracted by him yesterday. I saw him and was thinking, "WOW!" He is mighty mighty fine!

I was commenting to a girlfriend the other day that I find my tastes in men are aging as I age. I can look at the young hotties and appreciate them, but I'm really groovin' on the older ones these days.

Rach said...

Okay, that should actaully read, "I'll call Thursday and find out and then yet you all know what happens."

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, this pessimistic vibe I'm feeling from you, Rach, is my song. Unless you want to pay me royalties, I suggest you turn that frown upside down. *G*

I'm sure you did wonderfully. Of course, you are always your worst critic. So I'll be your cheerleader.


Rach said...

LOL Thanks, Julie! =) And, thank you guys for all the good vibes =). It's funny, I'm such a Polyanna unless it applies to me. Go figure.

I've been mulling over this older guy thing, and I have to say I like it when the hero is older than the herione. Not too much older, maybe ten years tops, and she needs to be at least 22 for that scenario. But, I also really enjoyed LK's SUDDENLY YOU. I guess I'm not sure what this says about me.

I will say this. There is something inherently unfair that guys hit their sexual peak around 18-20 and women don't hit their's until their 30's. And, while society as a rule will ignore/accept older man/younger woman (often younger *girl*), they have a fit about older woman/younger man.

Kati said...

Rach - I just know it wasn't as bad as all that. But I know what you mean about younger "competition." My industry has lots of "audibly-12" girls in it. Thankfully, they're generally in hotel sales rather than in meeting planning. You have to have hutzpah to be a planner and that usually means a more "mature" woman, like say myself! I know you did great though and am waiting with a big "I told you so" when we hear you got it!

Valeen said...

I'm all about the younger guys - not younger than me but just under 36 or so I'd say. At my age, older than that is making me think of my parents even though they are 10 years above that.

In a romance novel I usually start to cringe if the protagonists are any older than this. And I read a book just awhile ago where the heroine was 23 and the hero was 40 or 41. It didn't work for me. Not at all. I had to keep imagining him younger.

As for the woman being older, that doesn't work well for me either, especially when its a big age difference. I have two friends both of whom there are 12/13 years difference in their parents. The mom is 62 and the dad has just turned 50 --- to me that's a big difference then. He's going through mid-life crisis and she's way beyond that and its causing many problems.. Ugh - sorry, I'm rambling.

Manda Collins said...

Rach, I had that feeling after the interview for the job I'm in now, so that's not always an indicator. (Of course in my case it could just mean that the applicant pool was bad:(

Anyway, I'll bet they'd prefer someone who knows what they are doing rather than a newbie who needs to have their hand held. There's no substitute for experience.

Re: unfairness of sexual peak! I think about this all the time. Okay not all the time. But it is mean that we start thinking about sex more when we are starting to worry about our bodies not being as svelte and perky as they used to be. Though it could be by this time we also start having more self confidence and not giving a damn what we look like and loving ourselves for ourselves. I go back and forth on that one.

BTW--I did the Monday Puzzler over on Eloisa James' BB today if yall want to check it out. Someone puts up a passage from a romance novel and the other guess the title. This one is a favorite of just about everyone, I think...

Rach said...

I hear ya on teh body thing, Manda! Oh, and good puzzler ;o).

I'm sure you were hired because you are awesome, not due to lousy applicant pool. You silly!

Keeping my fingers crossed over here. I know in school whenever I felt I had BOMBED a test I usually wound up with an A or B. Here's hopin' the same holds true for job interviews. =)

Michele said...

""We need to blog about older women/younger man romances""

LOL - on MySpace I've been delightfully propositioned by younger men who think age is but a number and that older women are hot,sexy and know what they want ... namely them, I guess. *snicker*

At this point, I can't recollect the title(s) but I have read some where the woman is older - it was fun!
Wait a minute - didn't Lori Foster do that with one of the Winston Brothers??
That was yummy ...!
But then again, All the Winstons were...;-)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. I've ranted about this before. Women hit this great hormonal sexual peak in early 40s and men, as you said, late teens, early 20s. And what do they do with it? Well, you remember. Or perhaps, it was easier/better forgotten.

I gotta say, I'm lovin this decade so far.

Valeen, I get the creepiness factor. It was a diff time period, but sometimes I just think, Youth and Familiy services would be called if some of the romance heroes started going after such young girls today. though I dig the 10 years older guy in the romances. Robin Schone also has 40ish heroes with late-30s heroines which is cool.

the older woman is a tough sell for me cause I think about women aging. I think within a loving relationship, especially if the woman remains confident, the guy will still be sexually attracted to her. The old: when your the only naked woman in the room, honey, you're the sexiest thing he's ever seen.

Monica Burns said...

Glad you like the cover Michelle, it's the best one yet! Thanks too for mentioning my older woman/younger man story.

Mandacoll - I'm glad you enjoyed Love's Revenge. I only wish I'd made it into a full-length book. I think it could have been much fuller and richer if I'd done that. Hindsight is always 20/20. And yes the cover is HOT! LOL

As for older women/younger men I married a guy five years younger than me. I wanted him alive when I got up there, ya know? LOL

There are advantages and disadvantages to the May/Dec romances. I personally don't have a problem with it no matter what the difference is, well if it's more than 25 years then I would probably cringe, but I figure it's the coupld who has to deal with the issues not me. While researching my book Mirage, I came across the story of Jane Digby who married a Sheik 20 yrs her junior. It was a pretty solid marriage apparently, despite Jane's rather tumultous personality. Rebel Heart is the book I read about her. It's non-fiction, but an EXCELLENT read!

As for sexual peaks, man you spring chickens don't understand that the peak is only beginning for you, it's gonna keep escalating to a peak you never dreamed about!!! LOL

Rach - As soon as I read your bad thoughts on the job interview, I thought...hmmm, she's totally clueless that she has the job. So I wouldn't worry too much over it. I believe it's in the bag. I'm visualizing you getting introduced to staff as we speak! {{{Rach}}}

Rach said...

LOL Monica! =) Thanks!

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Well...I've gotta say that as far as reading a story or watching a movie goes, it all depends on how the characters are portrayed. It's what the hero's got going on the inside and how he deals with the heroine that makes me love him or dismiss him in my mind. :) Age can impact that can age differences, but in a really good story...they're either a plot point of importance in their own right or purely incidental. :) At least to me. LOL

And Rachd...good thoughts your way on the job interview! I think we all have those doubtful moments, but here's hoping it's meant to be!

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd just make a short comment too since we have a lot of Italians here in London, ON. We've had a lot of honking going on all during the World Cup as supporters of mainly Portugal drove down the main drag of "little Portugal". But yesterday, I found out who won by having Italians honking and cheering all the way to the Marconi club. The place I'm living in is owned by Italians. So I asked one of the guys, who'd been so sure that Germany would beat Brazil for the Cup, what he thought now that his country was in the final. He told me that for one thing, he wouldn't watch the game at the Marconi club. Too much criticism and too many armchair coaches there. He'd stay home to watch the game and then maybe drive to the club to celebrate. Since he was off work in the beauty salon today, I don't know if that's what he actually did. His older brother used to coach the Italian soccer club here in town.

Anonymous said...

Talking about older women, younger men: my grandmother was 5 years older than my grandfather. My oldest girl cousin had a daughter from a previous liaison. Her husband was right smack-dab in the middle between the two in age when they got married. He's a brilliant physicist who came from Germany to study and work at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA. She's a doctor and they have 3 daughters. They're back in Germany but going to an American school in Berlin. The oldest of the three will be staying with my sister here in Canada and going to school when it starts again. Just following her mom and older half-sister. The marriage seems to be working very well.

Anonymous said...

Hi to Michelle and all you gals! I am new to this site. I was searching Cannavaro (because I can't get enough of him!) and clicked on this web site. SO glad I did, because not only did I get an eyeful of Cannavaro, I found a truly interesting site! Thank you, Michelle. I'm pazza for the Azzurri and extremely happy for their victory! Now, as for that question re: older or younger men...I've always been attracted to slightly older men, but lately, I can't get enough of younger men. I just want to look and look and well, that photo of young Fabio makes me think of way more than just looking! I love Elizondo's face structure, though. That's the look of the "older" man in my dreams, even if we're the same age! Thanks Michelle again for the great photos of those belli azzurri.

Stacy~ said...

Age really is relative, and it depends on the person. I had a crush on someone 21 years older than me. It was a platonic crush because he's married. We are friends and I don't see him too often, but I feel so at ease with him and enjoy talking with him, and the age thing doesn't even come up. So age really can be a state of mind.

Overslept this morning so my brain is not fully functioning...sorry if I missed any intellectual dicsussion...

Unknown said...

For me it's not about the AGE difference so much as it is about the maturity difference (hence the TomKat thing gives me the willies cause she always looks like some lost little doe caught in the headlights). I’ve dated older men (up to 15+ years) and younger men (up to 10 years). It always boiled down to a meeting of the minds. If the two people make sense mentally, than I don’t CARE about the age difference. If one of them is an adult and the other is simply pretending to be one, the ick factor gets triggered.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Welcome, ranurgis: What terrific descriptions you give of where you live and the people you know. I hope you continue stopping by. When we're not crushing on handsome men, we often talk about romance novels. Please visit again! Btw, during the Olympics, we argued who was hotter, CA curling skip Brad Gushue, or the American skip, Pete Fenson.

Annabee! I love it, "pazza for azzuri!" What an exciting time it's been. I'm 41, and I sometimes feel a little creepy about how attractive I find those nice young Italian boys. But I'm so glad you agree about Elizondo. He is the quintessential older guy, no? The salt/pepper hair. So determined and unafraid to be unpopular. Will you come visit again, also?

Ah, Stace. I think I remember your talking about him before. I had a crush on a prof once who was much older. I'm over the daddy thing now, but I'm starting to dig the guys my own age. Well, I mean as fan crushes. Well, I think I'm starting with Elizondo. :)

Brava, Kalen! The "ick" factor. Perfect description. Don't our psyches mature at different rates? I think that's what you're saying, and it's a great point. I'm so glad you stopped in and hope you'll come back.