Sunday, July 30, 2006

Take Away Reason And Accountability...

Hey, Bellas! Came back from RWA tonight to my family and a very special surprise from my husband. Very nice homecoming.

Saturday night's RITA awards were exciting and entertaining, thanks to funny and well-produced movie montages of films depicting the writers' life, including "Romancing the Stone," "As Good as it Gets," and Hugh Jackman's debut, "Paperback Hero."

Am I the only one who didn't realize romance writers worship "Romancing the Stone" like I do Cannavaro?

Thanks to Playground Monitor for these links to RITA winners and Golden Heart Winners .

The event was packed, everyone looked spiffy, and the after-awards party was tons o' fun. I spent most of my time trying not to think about how badly my feet hurt in my swank heels, while hanging out with lots of our RBtheBlog/Book pals, and the awesome folks from Dorchester Publishing. Shouts out to Janice Lynn, Brianna (our NK connection), Brooke, Chris, et. al. for including me in your good times.

Special thanks to our friend Sari Robins for lending me a hand when I started to feel a little faint in the crush. And special hiyas to Bellas Anna DiStefano and Eve Silver, with whom I got to spend a bit of quality time. They send their love...

Love you some "Romancing the Stone?" Howz come?


amy kennedy said...

Hoorayhoorayhooray! You're back.

You can't just say you came home to a lovely surprize from your husband and then not tell us what it was.

Well, I guess you can.

I love Romancing the Stone. She writes romantic adventures and she ends up living one. She goes from looking like a stereotypical writer to a romance heroine--she takes chances and becomes brave.

It's over the top and I don't care.

amy kennedy said...

Surprise. Apparently I felt a surprise should have a 'prize' in it.

amy kennedy said...

Right. Let me make another comment.

Faint in the crush? All's well now?
Glad Sari was there for you.

Playground Monitor said...

What amy*skf said. Joan Wilder was an ordinary woman who became extraordinary due to circumstances. She put aside her own fears to rush to the aid of her sister and in the process met her own handsome hero, Jack T. Colton (who ain't cheap, but he can be had). Whether swinging across a deep river gorge (however unintentional) or unraveling a treasure map only steps ahead of the bad guy, she became the woman we all wanted to be. Oh gosh I love that movie.

Of course now I'm scouring the internet to find a copy of "Paperback Hero" cause it just looks so darned cute.

Just what WAS that surprise from hubby?


Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Michelle. I'm glad you are back all safe and sound. I'm going to take a guess and say the family's surprise was, they did the dishes while you were gone...but left the laundry. Well, we know nobody knows how to do laundry but Mom. :P
Sounds like you had an awesome time. I can't to see the pics. :o)

I'm with Amy & Marilyn on the whole writer-becomes-a-heroine-fit-for-one-of-her-books theory.

However, I need to add another reason to love "Romancing the Stone"...the mud slide scene. I laugh everytime they go for the ride down the mud slide and Michael Douglas ends up with his head between Kathleen Turner's legs.
Let's be honest, how many of us have wanted *that* Michael Douglas in the same position? *g*

Stacy~ said...

Welcome back Michelle! I really wish I oould have met you, but you were obviously very busy setting up interviews and mingling with all those amazing people. I was more on the outside looking in *g*

I admit, I never watched all of "Romancing the Stone" - just bits and pieces - which makes no sense cuz I love the premise, but I do have to agree with Julie about "that" Michael Douglas LOL

MsTypo said...

I loved Romancing the Stone. *sigh* A quiet author gets to live the lives she has always written about. And she gets the guy and sailboat! :p Perfect!

So what was the surprise from your husband?! Now yo've totally piqued my curiosity!! :D

Oh and what athe the Golden Hearts exactly?

Rach said...

Okay, Michelle, dish on the surprise already!!

I too am a RTS junkie =). It's such a romance novel for the screen. I haven't seen it in AGES and now I have to go and find my copy. =)

I'm so glad you had a great time everyone.

Kati said...

I love me some RTS! What a great movie! I just watched a special on Kirk and Michael Douglas' relationship and one of the things Michael said was that he was legally separated from his wife while filming, and he and KT canoodled and carried on the whole time. You can really tell that they had an absolute blast making the movie.

It's one of my favorites because it's like a romance novel come to life.

Michelle - Welcome back Bella! We really missed you and are thrilled you're back!

amy kennedy said...

Julie, I have to agree as well on "that" Michael Douglas.

Marykate, yes, you can see the chemistry--I never knew that about the film.

Marilyn, what have I heard about Paperback Hero? Was it a straight to video?

Rach said...

MK, that explains quite a bit about the movie ;o).

How many of you Bellas have seen JEWEL OF THE NILE? Not nearly as good as RTS, but still enjoyable. Why do tv shows, movies, etc. lose it when the sexual tension is removed?

Janice Maynard said...

Hey, Michelle - I'm bummed that we didn't get to sit down for a Coke or coffee! I had two chunks of time free -an hour on Friday and then an hour on Saturday, but in both cases, I think you were tied up... schedules didn't mesh. Anyway, it was great to see you even if only briefly.

Count me in as a huge fan of Romancing the Stone. My hubby and I quote lines from that movie all the time. :)

RWA was great, but I am pooped... sitting here looking at the pile of "still-packed" luggage in the foyer. Oh well.. back to reality.

Janice Maynard

MsTypo said...

The book for JOTN is much better than the movie. Not to mention (although i will) much, much steamier!! :D

I think the reason that we love sexual tension is the same reason we keep coming back to books that, as my husband often mocks, "always end the same way: the girl gets the guy."

We tune in each week to see how that happens and the pitfalls along the way. (Evil cousin who kidnaps our heroine, Evil Other guy who kidnaps our Heroes etc). Once our Hero wins teh girl and the horrible Uncle (aka new Wisteria Lane neighbour) that they didn't know about has attempted to ruin the wedding at the last minute but failed.. We're happy.

We don't mind an epilogue (Or two please Ms. Quinn!) but we don't necessarily want to tune in each week to see them be blissfully happy like we wanted from the 1st chapter... er... episode.

Michele said...

Why do I like Romancing the Stone and watch it repeatedly?

It encompassed all the elements that make the best romance stories - and it had Michael Douglas, LOL

Seriously, when she changes into that skirt and they go dancing, **sigh** - pure romance

When he makes a decision as to what kind of female she is when they first meet and watch him get wowed by her while you see and watch him "fall for her" as their adventure unfolds...*double sigh*

independent handsome alpha male, intrigue, danger, exotic locale, beautiful heroine, adventure, humor and an HEA - All in one movie.

What's NOT to like?

amy kennedy said...

Janice, I love it that you and your husband quote lines from the movie. And Nairobi typO, I didn't know that about the book JOTN--because I didn't enjoy it as much either Rach.

Remember the show Moonlighting--when they finally got together it just lost so much--and of course it was what we all wanted--them to get together, and when we got it, we were done with it.

Kati said...

A lot of shows lose a little something when a couple finally gets together. Of course, others do it well. Josh and Donna finally getting together on THE WEST WING was cathartic for me. I'd been wanting them together for seven years and when they finally delivered, I was screaming at the television set.

I'm worried about my McDreamy/Meredith on GREY'S ANATOMY. They started off circling around each other, got together, broke up in such a painful way and are now circling again. I'm worried it's not going to go well (from a writing standpoint) and I'll be disappointed. But then again, this is one of the few shows that's well written enough that I can be completely furious with a character one week and two episodes later be rooting for them again. I should trust more, right?!?! Does anyone else watch GREY'S?

Rach said...

Okay, funny, hubby and I quote from RTS as well.

Typ0, you are definitely on to something. I think we like to have our heros/heriones suffer, we want them to have their HEAs, but we *really* don't want to watch them in the HEA. I guess it's because so many of us know what actually does happen we don't want the illusion spoiled.

Amy, you are absolutely right about MOONLIGHTING. What about Ross and Rachel on FRIENDS? They had to split them up again because getting them together changed the dynamic of the show so much.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buon giorno, Bellas! OK. So, the surprise isn't the surprise you're thinking, cause, really, after being away for like, five days, that kind of surprise is really just no surprise, ya feel me?

Anyway, --and Amyskf will really dig this cause she knows me and has seen the craziness that is my office/room-- my husband had beautiful, cool bookcases and draperies and lamps and stuff installed in my work room. It's unbelievable. I've been putting it off forever, and now I don't have scores of books piled everywhere on the floor.

I was so inspired, I actually unpacked my bags and put stuff away last night. That's huge, cause I usually don't unpack for about a week.

Hey Typ0! Golden Hearts are awarded to best manuscripts submitted by authors who've never been published. Many famous authors have been GH winners. Kathleen Eagle, for instance. I'm with you on the HEA description, too. You mentioned JQ. I interviewed her and it'll be posted some time in the fall. She loved youz guys and says thanks.

Stacy: why did we not make plans to meet? I had hunks of time, as Janice said. I'm so disappointed. Going to Dallas next year? I'm really hoping to go to OH for Lori Foster's gig next year, too.

Hey Rach! Good to be back. I'm with you on finding the video. Haven't seen RTS since it was at the movies, as we used to say.

Hiya Julie0! Can I tell you that this place was totally in order when I got back? My FIL has been here for the week, so nothing got messy, cause he's always on top of stuff. He's retired and is so great with the kids. My son was really bumming that he (fil) left yesterday; the kids had been with him for 3 weeks, two back in Boston). Happy/sad day yesterday.

Hi, PM! How'z things at the Playground? Thanks for the crayons, the best defense of restaurant boredom for kids, the parental crayon offense! :) You've got me psyched to see RTS!

Hey, MK! I've been using your "love me some" phrase a lot lately. Also picked up the Southernism to be tacked on to any ladylike soft slur, "Bless your heart..." As in, "That style looks so good on you while you're waiting to lose that baby weight, bless your heart..." But I'm sure you're too nice to be even sweetly mean like that.

Ames: I didn't get to eat dinner and forgot I interviewed someone through lunch, and ended up feeling lightheaded around 10ish. Sari was talking to me when it happened. And in what was the only not so nice experience at RWA, I tried to push a jacket aside on a chair so I could collapse into it and, as I said to the woman next to it "I'm going to pass out," she said, "well, that seat is being saved!" So I found another chair and Sari totally took over getting me fruit and water and stuff. It's so amazing how we end up making friends here, isn't it? But I'm great now.

MsTypo said...

Even shows where we know more or less how its going to end we love seeing them get there. Think about LOIS AND CLARK or SMALLVILLE. Mythology and comicbook history tell us that CK and LL are going to end up in the HEA zone. But we kept tuning in to see if and when it would happen on L&C. And on Smallville half us want CK to end up Lana and the other (smarter!) half with Chloe even tho we know his destiny lies with Lois.

We want to see how and if it will really happen. Even though we think we know how it ends.. There's always that small chance that something different will happen if you tune in this week.

MaryKate, i love Grey's! Living abroad, i'm about a season behind but i totally keep on top of everything online through spoilers and the like. Love me some spoilers! :D Oh and my goal is to see Izzy get her HEA. *sigh* She's my girl!

Rach said...

Michelle, another good phrase to add to "Bless her heart" is "God love her" as in "She sure did make a mess with her head having her hair frosted like that, God love her."

I refer to it as "Two-faced Southern B!@#h Syndrome". One of the joys of living in the south. We will be so very kind to your face and slam you as soon as your back is turned. Nice, huh? ;o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Michele! You're right. I actually peek at GA while I'm writing and my husband's watching in the next room. I think you can rely on the writing there. Let's keep the faith together.

Josh and Donna got together? I have been so out of the TV loop. I'm ashamed of myself. I wanted it to happen, too. I LOVE Josh. That show was awesome in the beginning.

What does it mean that youz and your husbands quote RTS and my husband and I quote "A Few Good Men?" He did hide romantic cards in my briefcase for me to open on specific days at RWA...

And may I compare our feelings about characters getting together on TV shows -- the letdown when things are consummated -- to the way guys are when they've chased a girl, finally had her, then moved on? Is it fair to say we can be fickle, too?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, Rach! So gorgeously passive-aggressive!

Kati said...

Michelle - I am in NO possible way too nice not to throw down a "bless your heart!" I use that one all the time! I wish I'd been at the RITAs to lay a sweet southern b*tch slap down on the woman who was "saving" a seat. What a wench! Grrr.

Sounds like your hubby get's a "Hubby of the year" award! What a wonderful surprise! You've trained him well!

MsTypo said...

That is an awesome gift from your Hubby, Michelle! I am so jealous. *sigh* Do you have a training course that we can send our Hubbies to?

Oh things to quote with Hubby: Simpsons :p

Manda Collins said...

Michelle! So glad you had Sari to come to your rescue. Bless her heart, that woman who wouldn't let you have the saved seat is probably suffering from b@*chitis...

And can I just say that your husband is a dreamboat? Forget leaping tall buildings in a single bound--the man who buys and installs bookcases for his wife is a superhero.

We missed you like crazy. Glad you're back in the fold to tell us of your adventures.

Rach said...

MK, I'm with you. We could have had a Bella-posse and kicked her a$$ for being so "kind". She doesn't even rate a "bless her heart" or "God love her". Grrrrr.

Michelle, your man is an AWESOME kinda guy, you lucky Bella you! Notes in the suitcase, new bookshelves and other decorative items? WOW!! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

Just to throw my two cents into this cyber-lynch mob-- You have to wonder how a woman can be so uncharitible as to not give up a seat (in which is was NOT sitting in; she was SAVING it) to our Queen Bella in a setting where authors and others in the business have given their time and energy to be available for her entertainment. grrrrr

That has to be the longest sentence ever.

Michelle, what a wonderful gift dh gave you. He is definitely a keeper. :o)

Vivi Anna said...

I love RTS. A great film...

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle, and let me tell you she is an absolutely gorgeous genorous woman...and if I had to have a Vivi sandwich with any would definitely be with Michelle!! :-)

Rach said...

LOL Vivi! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

LMAO, Vivi!!

Kimber said...

Huge Ackman = rrrrrowr!
Michael Douglas = *shudder*

Still, I remember really enjoying" Romancing the Stone" when I saw it. I remember my mother walked by the street where they were filming the last scene and she came home and said, "There's a giant yacht parked on 86th street." That's New York for you.

Janice Maynard said...

Michelle - What a fabulous surprise! Your hubby is a keeper, that's for sure!

I'm so sorry you had a bad moment, but I can sure understand how it happens. The pace is frantic, and some events were very crowded and overly-warm!

Glad you are back to normal!

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Kimber! I will agree with you shudder on the MD of today, but the MD of yesteryear I would say "oh la la". How funny is that that your mom saw the yacht. I always wondered how they managed that. :o)

So, I had an extemely crazy weekend. I won't bore you with the drama but I did get SIS and AYD finished. I have to say "OMG. GIVE ME MORE" for them both. AYD was fabulous. Although at one point I was going to strangle Harry. I didn't know how I was going to do it but I was going to do it. And Desdemona was terrific. I loved the fact that she would tell romantic stories in her head dealing with whatever was happening to her at that moment. Overall, LOVED IT. This is the first story I have read that was set in Egypt and I found it facinating. :o)
I've rambled enough for now so I'll save my thoughts of SIS.

Michelle, how's those pictures coming? No pressure. Just wondering. :o)

Kati said...

OK, so Julie - Now get going on ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. Cause wow! You really, really need to read it!

Also, Rach & Michelle - When do we get to talk about THE WINDFLOWER?! Now that Michelle's back, I wanna talk about it!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Vivi! You SO know I take that as a compliment. I'm imagining the scenario has to do with either our makin that sammich, or not getting a taste of the man. Pass the condiments, please.

Thanks youz guys for making me feel better about the meanie with the saved seat. :) I'm bettin she didn't understand what I was saying; the chair looked awfully comfy, and I'm sure she didn't want her friend to lose out on its cushiness.

That's wild, Kimber. You see it all in NYC, no?

Julie in Ohio said...

MK, What's THE WINDFLOWER? I wanna talk, too. :(

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. My copy of Windflower never registered or whatever, so I just got back in touch with the site and ordered it again. Haven't got it but will read it then we can blog it.

MK, Rache, youz describe it, cause I can't.

Julie0, Honest. ta. God. (sta God). As You Desire is wonderful and I'm glad you like it, too. Try Loretta Chase's "Mr. Impossible" for another ab fab Regency in Egypt. LC is such a flippin good writer, too. But wasn't AYD sexy? And I loved that the heroine was a genius but made up romances in her head, too. Harry's a great hero. I told Connie Brockway we were talking about him and she said thanks, Bellas.

Julie in Ohio said...

I actually have MR IMPOSSIBLE on my TBR mountain along with MISS WONDERFUL and the other one that goes with the set. I can't think what the name is. I haven't read LC before so I am anxious to do so. I have heard only great things about her. :o)

I did love AYD. It is on my keeper shelf. This is the first CB book I have read but not the last. I have ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT waiting for me, also on my mountain. :o)

So many little time.

Kati said...

Julie - THE WINDFLOWER is, IMHO, one of the best romances ever written. It's by Tom and Sharon Curtis and is a pirate story. It has everything, an innocent heroine who becomes smart and fiesty as she goes along, a DOMINANT alpha hero who is cagey and brilliant and a cast of secondary characters that are colorful and fun. I'd give my left arm for two of them to have their own books!

Fair warning, it's out of print, but you can get it from Amazon or Mostly Romance for between $10 & $15. Please believe me when I tell you that you absolutely will not be disappointed!

Julie in Ohio said...

I don't know, MK. You said that you didn't like AYD. I don't know if I can trust your judgement.


I love a pirate story. They are so swashbuckling. Maybe my library has it. *fingers crossed*

I haven't seen any pirates sailing in lately. I think that is a theme that needs to come back with a vengence. :o)

Rach said...

Jules, sorry the weekend was a bit on the lousy side. On the bright side, you read two kick a$$ stories--well, I can't speak for certain on SIS, as I STILL don't have it (long story)--and fell in love with Harry ;o).

WINDFLOWER--gotta get it finished--is so wonderful (so far).

Okay, Bit is screaming her fool head off in the 'saucer and must be rescued. Dinner and all that jazz.

amy kennedy said...

Michelle--I am so excited for you. I have to tell you, every time I see cool bookcases I think of you. Thank God your husband did it, because I know you wouldn't. Bless your heart.

Marykate and Nairobi--I love Grey's Anatomy. And Izzy--you have to love her.

Michelle, my H and I quote A Few Good Men too! Also, Little Shop of Horrors--one can only guess. "Sorry, Doctor!"

Julie, I'm reading AYD and It Happened One Autumn--how weird is that? Loving them both by the way.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta was a blast! I'm thrilled to say I got to spend some time with our Michelle, and she is gorgeous, charming, and sociable.

I loved RTS. One of my favorite movies of all time, along with pretty Woman (I know some people are gonna groan at that one!).

Julie in Ohio said...

Groan at Pretty Woman? Are you crazy, Eve? I have to see it every time it comes on TV. It's one of those movies that if I am channel surfing and spot it Ihave to stop and watch. :o)

My dh and I don't have that one movie we can quote together. We are polar opposites when it comes to movies.
My sister and I can do it to Dirty Dancing. Does that count? :o)

Vivi Anna said...

Oh, there's Eve! Another fantastic woman I met at Nationals. You should have seen her Thursday night...WOWSA, she was HAWT!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Does everybody realize the title of today's blog is a quote from "As Good As It Gets?" Jack Nicholson is asked by his publisher's cupcake assistant, how he gets women so "right" in his romantic novels. He answers something like: I start with a man, then take a way reason and accountability.

Lotsa girls love Pretty Woman. Remember? Doesn't matter what you fantasize about, Bellas, if it makes you happy.

Julie in Ohio said...

I haven't seen that movie, Michelle, but I remember seeing that in the previews.
I don't think I like him very much. :P

Rach said...

Michelle, as soon as I read the title, I pictured Jack in those shades saying that line to the pretty chickie ;o). And, Julie, his was a hard character to like at first.

I think PRETTY WOMAN is a favorite of TONS of women. Who wouldn't want some rich guy to come, sweep them off their feet, and then pay for an all-out makeover with MAJOR shopping in Beverly Hills?? Sign me up!

As far as movie quoting goes, hubby and I quote BETTER OFF DEAD *all* the time! What does this say about *us*? =)

Vivi Anna said...

I liked As Good As It Gets, but couldn't understand her motivation to be with Jack's character...I thought he was an awful person, and a lot of what he did, despite his condition, I could never have forgiven.

Julie in Ohio said...

I've had an issues with Jack Nicholson ever since I saw The Shining. I don't think that I've ever gotten over seeing him peeking through the splintered door. *shudder*

Manda Collins said...

For movie quotes I can pretty much recite all the Austen movies by heart. Austen, is to Scorcese as Persuasion is to The Godfather...

I can also do quite a few bits from Office Space. Anyone who's ever encountered a recalcitrant printer should have some Office Space quotes handy.

ViviAnna, I felt the same way about AGAIG. I know love is blind, but it isn't stupid! His character was so awful. Though Helen Hunt's character got on my nerves too, so I guess it doesn't matter, really.

Julie, you must have been flipping channels this weekend when A&E was showing The Shining for the millionth time.

I had to catalog the book last week and entertained myself by saying in Willie from The Simpson's voice "The Shinnin'" every time I saw it on the cart next to my desk. Oh the glamorous life of a librarian...

Stacy~ said...

Oh yes, please give me historicals! I'm just about ready to dive into Scandal In Spring and feel bereft without any follow-up plans. I feel like a dork here, but which book is AYD??

Michelle, I hope you and some of the other lovely Bellas can attend Lori's event - June 1,2,3 - in OH. Janice will probably be there - ain't she a sweetheart?

My fangirl side shone through when meeting Vivi, Monica, and Eve. All gorgeous and confident - they really do make romance writers look glamourous, yet are also so approachable and likeable. Yep, I'm a total fangirl geek (is that an oxymoron?)

I only kinda get the Jack appeal, but I'm totally lost on the Woody Allen thing. Give me a Hugh, or a Gerard, or a Clive anyday. Now those are my kinda sandwiches ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only Pretty Woman fan.

Vivi, I agree about Jack's character in AGAIG. I couldn't find the redeeming qualities. But I did like the movie anyway. I'm not a huge Jack fan, but I'd say my favorite of his was Witches of Eastwick.

Urrrgh... I think I'm having conference withdrawal!

amy kennedy said...

Stacy, if Woody Allen ends up having a relationship with Scarlet Johansson's (sp?) character in Scoop--I will have to pluck out my eyes--better yet, his eyes. AYD is As You Desire, written by, Connie Brockway.

Or for you Manda--Brockway, Connie. Did anyone hear you? I would have loved to hear you. Except, is it stuck in your head now.

Eve and Julie, I'm the same way if Pretty Woman is on tv, I have to watch it, at any point in the movie--I don't know why, because parts of it actually make me mad--but I love it. Huh.

Vivi, my favorite thing about ASAIG is Greg Kinnear's character. Michelle, it was bugging me all day--I couldn't think of where I had heard it.

Julie in Ohio said...

Eve, I liked Witches of Eastwick. My favorite part is the end when old Jackie boy gets his butt whooped by the girls. :o)

Yeah, Stacy, I'm lost on the Woody Allen appeal, too. It must be a $$ thing. That is the only reasoning I can come up with. *shrug*

Gee, Manda, I didn't know that The Shining was on.
Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. (she says with sarcasm dripping from each letter of the thank you) :P
The first time I saw that movie, I was in high school with my boyfriend in broad daylight. I still couldn't sleep at night without hearing that little boy with his "red rum" line repeating in my head. *shudder*

Stacy~ said...

Thanx for the AYD heads-up. I haven't read this one - I think I'll have to pick it up.

Julie in Ohio said...

Stacy, you won't be disappointed. :o)

Vivi Anna said...

Stacy, it was fantastic to meet you too!!! And I'm a huge fangirl fan! I think I'm MORE excited than the excited people that come up to meet me...LOL

The lit signing was great. I sold some books, but I guess when I went running around gushing over my favorite people was when I had a lineup...when I came back, the lovely woman beside me were like go away again, maybe you'll get a line up again....

Maybe I'm too intimidating and noone wants to meet me... ;-)

Julie in Ohio said...

*waving hand vigerously* I want to meet you, Vivi!!!

I read HELL KAT last week (while everyone was at nationals and I was left all alone at home by myself) and I have to say Kat was a kick a$$ heroine. I have read strong heroines before but nothing like your Kat. Is there going to more of her? She was left on the road again so I was wondering if you were making her a series type. :o)

Anonymous said...

It was so great to meet you again in Atlanta - at both the TKA party and the dessert reception after the awards ceremony. You were as beautiful and fun as ever. Remember, one day someone will publish my up-against-the-tapestry scene! LOL!

~ Leslie

Lucy Monroe said...

Michelle! So glad you are BACKKK!!!! RTS? the romance/heroine changing premise. Cringe at the depiction of romance writer. Like no one sits there while her editor is reading her book - not even Nora Roberts (though I'm betting her editor reads hers *right away*). LOL Sersiously, yes - I've got it on DVD and have watched it several times. And the mudslide scene cracks me up every time, but so does the scene on the bus. She's just so out of her element.

Hugs to all,
Lucy :)

Unknown said...

PAPERBACK HERO is an Aussie movie (1999). I don't think it was released in the U.S. (and it's still not avaiable in the right format for our DVD players; so unless you have a universal player you still can't see it).

Vivi Anna said...

Yeah Julie!!! LOL

Yes, there is another book called INFERNO, and is due out in December.

Come to my site and you can read an excerpt for it...

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks for the excerpt, Vivi!
I'm marking my calander for December. :o)